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FAQ about Tips to turn on the air conditioner in the rainy season

FAQ about Adjusting Air Conditioner in Rainy Season (P1)

Hello all of you. Today I will continue to respond to all of your comments about air conditioners in the rainy season. Just made a clip, but you guys are still wondering, I think it's a omission, today it's ready to rain again.

FAQ about Tips to turn on the air conditioner in the rainy season 4

Dear friends, there are 2 guys running camry called to ask: why is it sunny but the windshield is still foggy. At that time, I immediately asked if the wiper ran out or not, he said it was over, that was one case. The second case is that he ran a camry in Tay Ninh, he just took the car back to run. that meal was 1am, 2pm it was raining at night, running a little bit of the glass was all blurred, the front glass, the back glass, all around were blind, I just asked him a question, would you wipe the water for me? That guy just said cheat, then it's over for a while and then he's blind again. Those are 7 cases with the same cause. But it happens in two conditions, one is sunny and the other is rainy. Now let me explain it to you

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First of all, you understand that the air conditioning system is very simple because we rarely use it or have not used it, so we do not know, it is related to the problem of wind and wind direction. Regarding the wind direction, it is due to automatic or manual ventilation, but it has the same principle. I will make it for you guys in this Antis car with manual air conditioning and I will run the automatic air conditioning camry.

You see, with the Antis I've got it set up. the wind speed to maximum, the direction of the wind I am putting on the glass, and the glass begins to sweat. Fog has closed from this area down. if i kick the wiper one it stops, after a while it will re-fog again. when you put the wind state on the glass, in this position, the wind not only goes up on the base of the glass but up to the window here, you see there is a window here, there is a louver here, when you let it The wind on the glass door does not blow out at the door, only blows at the window, the purpose of the door design is at the base of the glass and this place is to in case of heating the glass, steaming. But because I used the wrong time, I put the direction of the wind up there, so it was foggy, inside the car is cold, the outside is steamed as simple as you put a cup of coffee on the table inside, there are ice cubes, the outside is steamed. steam, sweat only, in this case, I immediately understand the reason is to be in the wrong position, then I just need to turn the direction of the wind, with the air conditioner, I look at it one by one, like this is just the wind in the face okay, and here is a share that is both face and foot, here only down to the feet and here both on the glass and down on the feet and here it is all on the glass, then you bring it back for sure it will be over. However, it will not go away immediately, in this case, please note that even if it is sunny, if you let the wind be wrong like before, it will still dew normally, this case is not because your air conditioner is damaged or not. nothing at all, only the car is too old to remove and remove to the evaporator many times, it gets tired, in case of less than 3 years of use, the evaporator has not been removed, the reason is due to the wrong wind direction, you should pay attention just turn the wind to the right direction is going to be.

FAQ about Tips to turn on the air conditioner in the rainy season 5

The second case is to freeze the glass around, if you bring the wind direction to the right direction, that is, only blowing in the face but all the windows are closed when running in the rain, because it is raining outside. already low, you can distinguish whether this is a big wind or a small wind, and this is a lot of cold or a little cold, for example, in the case of the car being closed with all the fog around, the reason is that you use the cold too deeply, the In this case, it is recommended that you keep the temperature moderate, for example, with a mechanical air conditioner without specific parameters, we turn it slowly, if it feels still cold, turn it down, this is to increase the temperature. In case you want to heat the glass, or want to warm up, I bring it here to get hot wind to blow, in case of fogging, you try to wipe the wipers, see that the fog is gone, proving the fog If it is closed outside, the cause is because we adjust the wrong direction of the wind, and if you don't wipe it all, use the glass heater first ie because of the reason for steaming inside the glass, if steaming inside the glass, use your hand to wipe it. there is a stripe. At that time, I moved the wind direction to the picture with the symbol of the heater fan up so that I could blow the wind up to take out all that breath.

A few more notes for you related to this air conditioner, for example, what level of cold we should use is appropriate, for example, we are based on the outside temperature, the difference between the The temperature outside and inside is usually no more than 10 degrees, it will be good for health, for example, when it rains, the outdoor temperature is about 25 degrees, you adjust about 22 degrees is appropriate, in case you go in the sunny season, it is also important. important, for example, outside is 35, 39, 40 degrees, when you go to the house about 5 minutes away, you lower the temperature slowly, it tells you the outside temperature. If the outside temperature is high, then give a deviation of 5 degrees, for example, if the outside temperature is 7 degrees, you turn it up to 40, 30 degrees. I personally have a way to use it is when I get close to home, I take advantage of the cold that remains in the car, I turn off the AC, so that the temperature when I step out of the car is not too different from the hot sun outside, no shocks me, the second is that the evaporator will be blown dry, and thus my evaporator life will be increased. Because many people come home, they always turn off the machine, because there is sweat in it, the indoor unit is in a wet state and soon, it will rot after a long time. The second thing many people say is that when you get in the car, turn off the air conditioner, turn off the wind and then start the engine like that, then this is really not wrong, but it is cumbersome and unnecessary. Explain to you that about the principle of electrical control on the car when you start the engine, all electrical equipment such as case machines, lights, modern air conditioners now cut off that power during the touch switch process. up the starter button, to focus the power on the starter button. When the engine starts, it automatically lets other devices work, so it's okay, that's not wrong but it's not necessary.

Regarding the topic of using air conditioning causing difficulties such as closing the fog, I think that through this clip will help you drive without worrying anymore, like this is closing the windshield fog, you just need to switch windshield wiper. If it doesn't go away, it will be foggy inside, just now I accidentally turned off the AC sitting in the car talking, so I got a foggy wall inside, now let's try again. The wiper ice is still not gone, the engine is still running, first turn on the air conditioner, then turn the wind speed up to the maximum, and put it into glass heating mode, do you see it gradually clear, clear immediately, Very fast, only a few seconds.

Thank you guys.

FAQ about Adjusting Air Conditioner in Rainy Season (P2)

Hello friends. To completely solve the problem of adjusting the air conditioner with fog causing difficulties in driving, with this clip I show you guys on cars equipped with automatic air conditioning control panels. Here is the Altit with the engine running. This car is at 2nd wind speed, the temperature is also average, the wind direction is on the glass, the AC is bright, the outside temperature is now 25 degrees, the phenomenon is frost on the glass. We check if the dew is inside or outside, kick the wiper once, then it clears, so it's closed outside. The reason is that the wind direction is wrong, now have to adjust the right direction to face or to the foot, the question is with the car air-conditioned only, what about the automatic air-conditioner, now go to the camry. .

FAQ about Tips to turn on the air conditioner in the rainy season 6

With this Camry, what is the difference between the 3 control knobs in the other Altit car, let's see. And this is the temperature adjustment, we click on auto, the auto light will be on, and this is the wind in the outside wind, it's up to you, let this mark be the inside wind, this car has 2 independent zones, this is 24 degrees, this is 20 degrees, in case this car is steamed like before, the wind direction is wrong, that means someone pressed this button, and we see this button falls into a bright state, causing visibility and If the wiper is gone, then we see here, the wind direction button will light up or someone has adjusted this, directing the wind to the face, pressing the other button is the direction of the wind down to the foot, further adjust it both in the face and down the foot, this is also is a sure wind on the base of the glass, leading to steam from the outside, leading to uncomfortable visibility, even when it is sunny, we observe this window, there are many ways to adjust as long as the icon is not displayed. Heat the glass, make sure to wipe the wiper a few times to finish, but if this icon is lit, the wind will be on the glass and the glass is still cold, it will close the fog.

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In case we want to solve the phenomenon of internal fogging due to steaming, we turn off this work to get the outside air to balance, if you want to be faster, lower the glass a little.

So the story of closing the fog outside but the wipers are all annoying, then it's just a matter of adjusting the wind direction. Ready to sit on the camry, I will show you, the 2-zone air-conditioner feature on the camry car, on any car there are 4 air vents on the caplo, 1 left door, 1 right door and 2 central doors , calculated from the 2 central doors from the right side of the side, from the middle to the left of the driver side. And 2 independent regions also come from there. First of all, think about where these two features come from, from the story that there can be 2 people in a car with different cold tolerance, if a high-class car is calculated for each person and person sitting. If the driver's side has good cold tolerance, the temperature will be reduced, the person on the right will have a different tolerance.

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Usually, new high-end cars have 2 independent air conditioners. If you don't like it, you can turn it off, at the double button, the financial side will be fine with the side. The next concern when you use the air conditioner is to simply turn off the air conditioner, then click on auto, 24 degrees if it feels okay, just keep running, it will automatically calculate the speed. how much wind, what is the right wind direction, automatically calculates for you, and in case you don't like it, you adjust it as you like, you see that on automatic cars, it's adjusted by a button, due to traffic. The interface is more luxurious, with a screen for you to monitor and a more sophisticated design, for easier buttons, especially the temperature, with the Altit car on the other side is a blue bow and a red bow, and this side has information. For specific numbers, in case your glass is steaming or the rear glass is foggy due to snow or rainy season, your operation is simpler than mechanical air conditioner.

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If you are steamed from the inside, just use a single action and you click here, it will automatically adjust the wind direction and bring it up, I do it again and you guys observe, first turn off AC go, I press the Front button to heat the glass first, will the AC work, is it working correctly, if you are too cold, you can adjust the temperature, but you must have AC, the air conditioner must do work, only when the AC is bright will the wind blow on this glass, that is the dry wind, the dry wind meets the moisture to balance, that's why, when there is fog on the glass out of sight, you have to Open the wind direction there and then press AC, in case there is AC but it is still slow, you slightly lower the glass, let the inside and outside quickly balance, the glass quickly inside, and of course get the outside wind.

In short, when the car is foggy, the wipers are not clean, that is, the fog inside, you only need 1 operation to press the front button, in case the rear glass is blind, you just need to press the REAR button. , when this work lights up, it provides electrical lines to the rear glass, measured as heat lines, its principle is like electric pen, mayxo wire, when the button is pressed, power is supplied to these lines, electricity is 12V, the lines swell, and the glass clears again.

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