The Most Discounted Car Models In "Month of Souls"

The most discounted car models in the "soul month"

In Vietnam or in many countries in the region, people always abstain from buying products of great value in the holy month. However, this is a golden time with a series of attractive incentives that consumers can save hundreds of millions of dong if they know how to seize the opportunity, according to a recent market survey. car company In the country, car prices have been and have started to reduce car prices to attract the shopping attention of consumers, with various promotions with a value of tens to hundreds of millions of dong. Some homes can offer incentives. up to 200 million VND for customers to buy cars. In addition, the incentives also include accessories, insurance with extremely attractive insurance.

Ford Everest

One of the leading cars in the sale this month is the name Ford Everest With the highest reduction of VND 200 million, specifically, the Ford Everest discount program at the dealer side and the manufacturer side combines with the form of giving away 50 to 100 fees in front of the table. Add 1 million VND to the price of the car, but these models are only suitable for the Everest version of Titanium 200L AT 2.0WD in 4 and bring the price of the car when subtracting the promotion to 2019 billion 1. For the Titanium 199 version L AT 2.0*4, Trend 2l AT 2.0*4 has an adjustment of 2-20 million VND depending on the version selected by the customer in the strongest car group. 

Mazda CX8 or CRV

In the 7th lunar month, Mazda's CX8 is definitely indispensable, specifically in the spirit month, continuing the price incentive program in the X8 series to prices ranging from 150 - 200 million VND, applied directly to payment. On the other hand, the 2.5 liter Premium 2WD, 2.5l Luxury, and 2.5l Deluxe versions all have an adjustment of 150 million dong, Premium 2WD alone reduces to 200 million, from which the actual selling price of Mazda CX 8 in 4 versions with the corresponding selling price is 1 billion 249 million VND for the 2.0l Premium AWD version, 1 billion 149 million VND for the Premium version for the 2WD version, 1 billion 049 million VND for the Luxury version, and 999 million VND for the Deluxe version. Buyers who buy Mazda CX8 version get an extra year of material insurance depending on the version worth 1 million VND and some genuine accessories included.

nissan terra

In order to attract customers during this period of time, big Nissan nationwide are applying a new price discount for the Terra version, specifically the Terra version. nissan terra The most advanced 2.5l V4WD 7AT is discounted by 128 million VND, this is the actual selling price after deducting the offer, which is only 870 million VND instead of 998 million VND as before, for the remaining 2 versions including Terra 2.5l 2WD 7AT and Terra 2.5l 2WD 6MT were also adjusted down from 50 - 70 million, from which the actual selling price of the car after deducting the promotion was 825 million and 795 million respectively.


Besides the cars with dramatic price reductions to hundreds of millions above, many other models also adjusted their prices significantly such as Hyundai with a policy of reducing 10-30 million or Kia from 30-60 million. Customers who buy Kia cerato or soloto cars at this time will immediately receive a discount of VND 30 million in cash. For customers who buy MPV Sedona model, the promotion is even bigger and reaches 60 million VND.

hyundai kona

Refusing to play like Korean compatriots, Hyundai only applies a discount of 10 to 30 million for car buyers, typically the Kona model, with a direct discount of 20 million applied to the 1.6 turbo version. For 2 versions 2.0 AT standard and 2.0 AT special, adjusted from 13-15 million, besides, dealers also give additional accessories or maintenance services to customers buying cars with a total preferential value of up to VND 30-XNUMX million. up to XNUMX million.

In addition to the above-mentioned direct cash discounts and free service accessories, customers who buy locally assembled models this time will save a large amount of money thanks to the preferential pre-sale fee of the company. government.(For a better understanding of the correct driving skills and techniques, refer to the sharing on Safe driving techniques Best).

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