Note when using a car in the summer

The first note is that tires, a very important part of our safety, tires are very vulnerable in the summer. But often car owners forget to check the safety of tire pressure, this is especially harmful in the summer, when the pressure drops, the tire is destroyed in a short time, on the contrary, the tire is too high. Tension causes wear and tear in the tire slots and in severe cases it can cause a tire blowout.

Tires are a very important part, it is especially important when a vehicle is operating on the road, here there are a lot of tire explosions on the highway, most of them do not care about their tires especially. especially tire pressure, with tire pressure and hot season like this, we have to make sure it's always within the manufacturer's standard, and the standard in the tire is written on the side of the car, for the summer. or winter, the best tire pressure is still to follow the manufacturer's standards for each vehicle.

Air conditioning system

The air conditioning system on the car is an extremely important part, especially necessary for countries with hot and humid climates and smoky environments like Vietnam. strong or weak, cool but not deep, no unpleasant smell when changed at maintenance centers, usually the air conditioning system is periodically maintained every 1 months.

Nguyen Duc Tai - Service Manager of Renault Vietnam: “There are a few notes when using your car in the summer, when you feel your car is a little hotter than usual, first check the filter system. After cleaning your air filter, but the temperature in the car is still not up to your requirements, you should check your refrigerant in the car, if it is lacking, it needs to be added. If it is missing too much, you should check to see if there is a leak anywhere, I check the leak, then pump gas in, so then the air conditioner will definitely work better, if not, then have to check a few steps deeper.”

Always be careful when using a car to buy it

Like the air conditioning system in the home, we should not let the temperature be too low compared to the outside environment.

“Do not let the temperature difference in the car and the outside temperature be too large, first of all affecting your health. When I'm in the car, I step out suddenly changing the temperature is not good for my health, the second is when the temperature is too low, my air conditioning system works too much, it works at full capacity, will not be good for the life of the air conditioning system”

Having to bask in the blazing sun behind the windshield is really uncomfortable for all drivers, black and damaging to the skin sitting in a heated car, the air conditioner has to work harder and consumes more fuel than we can. immediately visible. Using more heat-resistant glass stickers is a method used by many car owners to minimize the above harms

Nguyen Anh Tuan - Technical Manager of Auto Spa system: "The main effect of glass stickers is to prevent heat, standard insulation film can reduce 70% of the heat from outside into the car and at the same time block 70% of the heat. heat from the inside escapes to the outside, the second is an anti-UV insulation film that will protect the people in the car from skin cancer and protect the accessories in the car from fading, the third is the insulation film to reduce the heat. Heat makes the air conditioner work better and saves fuel, and the fourth is the insulation film to increase the privacy of the driver to avoid unnecessary eyes from the outside.”

Some incendiary items on the vehicle

There is a very important note that gas lighters, reducers, perfumes and some chemicals containing gas are very flammable, especially when driving in extreme weather conditions in the summer when the temperature is high. In the car can be up to 70-80 degrees, there have been cases where the fire extinguisher on the car exploded even when not in use or strongly impacted from the outside, this case was confirmed to be caused by the user placing the extinguisher. fire in the rear tapno and leave the car directly in the 40 degree sun, store flammable items in a storage compartment where it is not directly affected by sunlight.

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