Reveal the trick of selling speed signal equipment

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"One minute fast, a lifetime slow". The saying is not new, but its meaning is never old. And to ensure traffic safety on many roads, speed limits are often prescribed and traffic police forces check and handle violations.

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However, in response, many subjects have sold equipment advertised as being able to detect speeding devices of traffic police, so that drivers can have more peace of mind when speeding. on highways.

An e-commerce website, the traffic police's speed signal detector is still openly for sale like other common goods, with the quantity up to more than 1000 units.

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To attract customers to order, this website details all types, models and accompanying features. Even continuously offering promotions and the price after reduction, only ranges from 300.000 VND to 800.000 VND for each product.

  • Do you sell speed signal detectors?
  • Yes, yes.
  • If I order now, when can I get it?
  • Yes, my delivery time is from October 27 to October 30.
  • Until 3 more days?!
  • Yes.

It took less than 3 days, the staff delivered the goods to the correct transaction address as scheduled. This device does not have any documents to prove the origin, quality assurance.

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Not just for sale on the internet. At the flea market in Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi, it is not difficult to find this device in auto parts stores.

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On the surface it looks like a toy, but according to the seller, this handy device has a special feature that many long-distance car drivers have sought to buy. “It warns of this lane encroachment, this speed warning, this speed wave warning. If I run it properly, this machine will analyze it and it will tell you if you understand. 500m advance notice.”

In order to create trust for customers, the seller also enthusiastically instructs on how to use and firmly affirms the accuracy of this device, which can detect all types of traffic police speed signals. “It is already in there with all the systems, sensors are okay. For example, in the city it regulates how many trees it is available in here.”

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From the internet to business shops, it is difficult for anyone to calculate how many speedometer devices have been sold in the market to deal with traffic police forces on daily traffic roads.

The fact that drivers buy equipment to detect speed gun devices is actually a response to traffic police forces because of the use of these devices, potentially causing a very high risk of accidents.

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While this device is not authorized for sale, it has not been tested by any agency to ensure quality. To find out about the true quality of this item, we bought a signal device for a price that is not cheap, 800.000 VND to check its performance.

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This type of device has the same structure and features as most devices being sold today.

Ladies and gentlemen, as advertised, this device has the effect of detecting traffic police speed gun signals.

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But how true this advertisement is, today we coordinated with officers of the traffic police team No. 6, the traffic police department of Hanoi city police, to conduct an experiment. check.

Directly plugged into the car's power supply system, the device immediately works, emitting a sound for users to choose from city or high-speed mode.

However, the results showed that, through two times of experimenting with speeding through the speedometer area, the machine did not emit any sound or warning signal. Continuing to disassemble the plastic shell part to check, the reason why this device does not work to signal the speed of fire has been answered.

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This device only receives radio waves, does not have the optical receiving part of the laser beam, so it does not receive the optical receiving beam of the laser gun. There is no effect of warning traffic police speedometer signal, meaning this sale is just a scam. Because of greed, every day these device dealers openly advertise in stores and on e-commerce websites to deceive users like this.

The device detects the signal of the traffic police force, but in fact does not detect the signal of the speed gun.

During the actual penetration process to learn about this story, many long-distance drivers revealed to our reporter that, because of the passing of each other, they had bought this type of device to use. .

However, the drawback of this type of item is that every time it passes through a transceiver station, or an automatic electronic device system, the machine also emits a distracting signal. Moreover, many attached vehicles are also speeded by traffic police. So many vehicle owners have removed it.

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