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Under 600 Million Buying a Used Car Is Worth the Money?

If there was a long-legged lady over here, would you see that if you wear a miniskirt like this (it's thighs, thighs), is it dangerous?

Hello everyone, today we are back to our used car column with second hand expert Kien Civic. Today, I have borrowed Mr. Kien to get a car that I love so much that I used to own that was the Ford Focus. I wonder how much price Kien is selling this car, I think it would be reasonable, right? How much money, Mr. Kien? This car is being sold for 580 million (not very cheap, right, because in the past I miss this car somewhere 700 or 6xx). Then I remember wrongly, at the time of 2016 this car was 899 million unregistered, and additionally registered 130 million more. More than 1 billion equal to the Mazda 6, wow why was the price a bit wrong back then? That's right, so until now the market where the old Focus can be transferred is very small because the new price is quite high.

Under 600 Million Buying a Used Car Is Worth the Money? first

No wonder back then the sales were not as good as expected (yes) so now they don't seem to sell Focus anymore or something (why), because it's not very successful in the market. Even though this car is a very delicious car, I really like this car. If I choose, I still choose because it is the best car in the segment that I have ever gone, the best, the gearbox engine. Personally, I think it is very high in the same segment, in the C segment there are very few cars with turbo engines. But at the time of 2016 without the turbo engine you remember (no, not at all) with the Mazda 3 2.0 being the highest, the Cerato 2.0 being the highest. After that, there is the Civic turbo. At the end of 2016, the new Civic was imported as a turbo engine, but at that time the Focus was one step ahead of the market. And this engine is really a lot of technology and it must be said that the engine runs extremely well, 180 codes, the gearbox (Select Shift) several levels, I forgot, 7 speeds must. This is a gearbox that has completely changed compared to the previous one, the previous one is the Powershift, that gearbox, people will hate the old gearbox that it is jerky (it is a bit faulty), right then must be controlled by electronic circuit. Up to 2016, the Focus has returned to the 6-speed gearbox and uses the Select shift gearbox is very delicious, very smooth, much more delicious. But it must be said that in the past 899 there are sea now that 580. That's right, a number called devaluation.

Under 600 Million Buying a Used Car Is Worth the Money? 2

For me, today it is not necessary to lift the balls for Mr. Kien, but for me, personally, this is a good deal because there is no car in this segment of the ride like this one, everything even Higher life, higher segment is the Mazda 6 or Camry the things it runs can not equal this child. This one must say it is an American car, but with the German style, it is only regret that it is the front bridge but the rear wheel cannot be criticized. This one has an RS version (S version, Titanium version and RS version), not in foreign countries but in foreign countries there is an RS version with Eco-boost engine with a feature called Drift which is always great, but Forget it, I came back to this in Vietnam, this car is a car for me. If anyone likes to drive, it is extremely good. But saying that is not all compliments, but it has its shortcomings, then Kien and I will show you in a moment why it is not popular.

Now my brothers and sisters say that, for me, perhaps this design is a bit too conservative, it is not as flattering as the Mazda or Kia. Mazda or Kia cars are always beautiful and beautiful, the driver may not be able to match this one, but it is eye-catching, most consumers today prefer eye-catching (yes) . This child, it is the very solid chassis, the safety can be said to be No. 1. American cars in general and Ford's cars in particular in terms of safety, the airbag and the extremely sturdy chassis are not on the table. About this motive is the 1.5 engine, I and Mr. Kien shared it already, later we will experience it or surprisingly, it's very good, extremely happy. Technology is also very good, Mr. Kien, I wonder if you noticed that it has radars here that self-brake (yes). When people go below 50 km / h in the city and activate this system, when there is an obstacle ahead, the brake will stop. At the beginning of 2016, I was startled, I was startled, I said, oh, why am I getting entangled in a branch or something like this but I drove in front of me, I didn't see any branches, I didn't read That technology and I jumped into the car I drove. Later, I knew what I was dead and got caught under the ground, so I had to pull into the road right away and look down to see if it was okay, it turned out to be the distance brake. One more thing, I know what or not the key set up for you. You can install everyone, it's very nice in the key that you can set the speed limit (volume) exactly two of which are very smart of this Focus.

Under 600 Million Buying a Used Car Is Worth the Money? 3

Ford is the car company that owns the most patents in the world, ladies and gentlemen, so technologically many cars today are not equipped, expensive cars are not equipped too, okay? Ford already has it. Automatically back into the barn and back the parking point. From the years you remember 2013, the Focus S2.0 at that time was a technology that you kept trying to look at this 2012 Altis (stripped of all) 2013 Mazda 3S has nothing, Civic also has nothing , being in the same C-class segment, Elantra E5 has no name in the market, Cerato 2013 is also nothing, at that time Cerato was much but Focus it had a reputation. It has always been a vehicle that is equipped with a variety of technologies with top-notch safety technology. Actually, in the old days, when equipped with a Power shift gearbox, it was a gearbox that changed completely, at that time it was 4 levels, after that, it was 6 levels, but Ford was ahead of Power shift. always, Power shift is actually an improved engine and is something that is very modern. You try to imagine controlling a gearbox with an electronic chip, it is something Americans have always been, people do not hesitate to change but if they change wrong, they will fix it again.

Actually, the gearbox is like this, many people say that if it's an error, it's not really, I am the owner, I would like to excuse a little bit. That gearbox, if you move abroad, it's extremely preeminent, why does Kien know? I move in the city with many red and green lights, if I go a little while braking, the gearbox is not suitable (yes), that gearbox goes a long way but goes as far as the foreign road. then it's amazing, my car used to go like that. And when I move in the city, I also know how, which means I always run a little and if I know how to bait it will help (yes I know how to bait), but there are times when I meet When the red light is too much, it is generally ... If you ride a car with a shock, you notice that when you change the gear, it will blow a lot, but if you know it, you will know how to bait, exactly called bait. .

Under 600 Million Buying a Used Car Is Worth the Money? 4

And now my brothers and I went to this side, this car had many good things since then it had such features as smart door opening (yes, no need to press anything) from the time. 2012 is already there, let alone 2016 like this. Then the 17-inch wheel, this one I don't really like, I prefer the previous one. Yes, it is very beautiful, flower rim. That's fine, but I prefer the previous model, and the glass door is very smart that when you press the button at the key, it automatically opens, closes all the sunroof windows, so much technology. such. That's right, my brothers do what's called after 4-5 years looking back at the so-called ones from the previous clips I became the child ... and in this clip I remade the Focus to show everyone that it was from that time. and there are cars that are good in price but that are forgotten. People don't know how, it's not how people don't taste. Just like no one advises, for example, now I have 600 dollars, but I ask people around me to go, let me be the Cerato or dear old Mazda 3. But everyone is like that, I tell everyone when people go to buy cars, what do people have to divide, what do you buy for? If we buy it so that we can enjoy it, we have to choose according to our point of view, but if we buy from the majority with little loss, little maintenance, and follow the majority of the crowd, looking to help us to avoid misleading, then buy according to the majority. If I go happy, I have to choose according to my opinion and criteria.

If I personally drive a good run, the Focus like this is the best in the segment, there is no car even a 2.0 engine, even up to 2.5, running happily with this child. What's even better is that this one in the past has a reduced price version of the Focus Charm which is also very reasonable. Too cheap in the price range, at that time it was 555 million Charm copies, there was no one for 550 million but the 1.5 turbo engine 180 horsepower, at that time the customer who bought me had to stand and tell the customer that it was not me to lift the ball. Ford, if you count me, you know your personality is very straightforward and good, you praise it well, or not or you criticize it. But I have to stand and explain to the customer that 180 horsepower, if you spend 550 million dong for you to buy, why would you have to buy Vios, I beat Charm for you, it was me advising customers to buy a car. new, not buying a used car, I also buy it for you because I buy it for me to use for 5-7 years, not if I buy service or if I buy and run after the masses. I have to use a 1.5 Eco-boost engine, everyone has a 1.5 engine but the fuel consumption rate is amazing. If everyone is on the road, it is only about 6 liters, but if you go with this mixture it is about 8-9 liters, with a 180 horsepower engine like that is too good. This animal is too delicious.

Brothers and sisters go back to see what's behind it? Sensors are complete, but many Japanese cars today are rarely equipped, not all cars have. Clop, open hands, have cam back only. You noticed that the trunk is very solid. The American car in general and the Ford car always offer certainty, everything is solid even closed (yes). Ah but only, if you say that then you praise too much, you have to consider this, go behind you sit.

Under 600 Million Buying a Used Car Is Worth the Money? 5

Here, ladies and gentlemen, why is this one of the reasons that many people don't choose the Focus, I think this is also a pretty big reason that the rear seat is a bit tight. The distance is only half a phone, no rear spoiler even though there is a sunroof, the Vietnamese like something that is spacious (right for family). Did you notice that the ceiling is low, the back sitting on it is very uncomfortable even if you push this up in a very stiff shape. It's a little bit confined. Cerato or the Elantra you sit on it will relax a little like this. Japanese cars that even the B-segment around like Vios are happier sitting, and City is immense. This is one reason why the Focus is not popular because serving a large family it will be a bit inconvenient for the rear seats (this child is happiest for the driver). But let's say again why is it like that, because although the size is the same, but this Focus car they made its head longer to make it safer, and the trunk is also. Relatively many items, relatively large, that is why they sacrifice the second row.

Why is that? Because overseas, especially in the US, it is one car per person, so the rear seats are rarely used, each person is the main vehicle so even abroad they do not use location memory. electric seats or seats because my car goes, my wife's car goes, your grandparents' car, your children's car (yes), one car for each person so they don't care too much. they care about safety, about the safety of the Focus in terms of chassis, in terms of distance is extremely secure. The second is in terms of full airbags (a lot) but they sacrifice this, but Vietnamese people like this, Vietnamese people just have to sit in the back so they have to swim in the back. After, it must be Honda City or Toyota Vios you recognize? Or is it that even Korean cars are very spacious, up to Elantra or the sitting things are also very vast you recognize? I just regret that in this car, they make this compartment the most criticized at this point, there is no air-conditioning door and the rear seat is a bit confined. If the height of our brothers is about 1.6m or less, it is acceptable, but if we go long distances, it is not ok. I sit it hard my head. Sitting like this is only 5-10 minutes, a short distance, but sitting long distances, I will be very tired. Did you notice, my back has a sense of something it's a sports car, that is, it sits for everyone to re-position, not sit so I can sway. Curiously, this is a sports car, when people put this seat belt on it almost sit down like this. For example, if you go fast and brake quickly, this chair will have the effect that it will pull back, but sitting to comfortably rub it is not (in short, it is not reasonable for family).

Under 600 Million Buying a Used Car Is Worth the Money? 6

And I think that the product positioning at that time was too high, you noticed that with the money, at that time you could buy a Mazda 6 (Mazda 6 bought it, but this car was positioned as 900 million at that time) it was quite high at the time of 2016, after it was reduced and by the end the price was 720 which meant that compared to the previous buyer, it had flown more than 170 million. That is flying according to the listed car prices and before the old car price, at that time, after 5 years of looking, this child has already lost half? You see half as lost in German cars, not even half. He remembers that the 2015 car registered in the past was a little more than 1.5-1.6 billion, but now it sells for 1 billion, which means going to class C but flying the price by German car, it's clear obviously it is a way. That is my brother to analyze to let everyone understand why. Although the experience is very good, but now it is a bargain to buy a used car. Buying a used car is called good in the price range, that is, I spend 600 million dong on the value I get back, which is different from the value that I buy by the majority, for example, if I buy 600 million, I can only buy a City copy. Only old 2020, but if you use this one, it is too much.

Now, how do we get in line on the bus? In the above row, you will see that this full sunroof, voice command is the Ford's SYNC operating system that is exclusive to Ford developed exclusively for Ford by Microsoft, this is very interesting and clever. You can command to adjust the temperature and order everything is fun, but this one is not available to everyone, because in English not everyone can use it, so much When the technology is too good, but it brings to Vietnam it makes it difficult for Vietnamese consumers. Besides you and you can see Hung Lam, if there is a long-legged woman here, if wearing a short skirt like this, is it dangerous? Well, Focus does a bad job of the back seat like this. For example, if my girlfriend is 1.7m, for example, sitting like this there is something difficult for the driver, do you see if the knee you touched up here is something bad. Well, it is a downside that the Focus space has always been narrow, but now I adjust all the back, then the back does not sit. If you leave me with this comfortable leg, it is clear that you sit like just now and your girlfriend is 1.7m in short skirt, I can't concentrate on driving, just look to this side. is annoying. At that time, I just held the gear lever, I couldn't drive, right? Right. If you find it safe, you will lose space and this is a trade-off, but it will be great to drive. Now, me and Kien will experience what it is like to drive this car.

Under 600 Million Buying a Used Car Is Worth the Money? 7

Then now, Kien and I will re-experience the Focus car for a long time and it's still the same, Mr. Kien, although it's been 5 years, but look here, this is the sporty feeling on a popular car. You see. Do you still remember the day when we spent time in Dai Nam racecourse with a Civic turbo? The Civic turbo has a degree of acceleration it is a bit late than this one, right. This is an engine in the segment that I can drive the best, but in the past I just regret it sold too expensive, I liked this engine at the beginning so why oh my car sold 899 million. how to approach it right (yes, too difficult in the C segment). Driving is good, there is a lot of technology but the price is high with a bit of tightness, but back then, I only needed to sell 750 or 780, the best segment. Did you notice that if in the segment of the same grade C with the majority of the Focus will be used by Saigonese, Saigonese people like to drive and people will be more important to the value of the product than the price. money, of course it has to be worth it. So he noticed that Ford in Saigon would be more likely than outside of Hanoi.

In fact, this car, if anyone likes to run, people will not mind, at that time it would be a whoosh because there was no engine in this segment at that time it was this good. If you want to be like this, you have to buy a German car, buy a BMW, you don't have a car like this one. Anyway, it's still a pretty affordable price for what you get, of course up to BMW, Merc doesn't say, but compared to the other cars, it's more expensive but but Its technology and engine are too good. A bit wasteful but now, the old car is back to its real value, which means it suits what you spend money. I don't want to say it's too good and it's great, but for the money and with the great things this engine and gearbox offers, is it worth a try? Does Mr. Kien recognize it worth a try for someone who likes to run, and someone who likes to travel widely with family but tall is not suitable.

Under 600 Million Buying a Used Car Is Worth the Money? 8

For someone who loves speed and is important to increase fast, you run from a while recollection of the feeling that 4 years ago it was soundproof, do you think it soundproof great? Great. The soundproof of the Focus is something that is always different in the C-segment. I like it again that maybe a little bit to praise a lot is the chassis of the Ford in general and the chassis of this Focus. run a sporty track on the track, I used to bring in HAPPY LAND, bring it to Dai Nam to run and it sure. In short, we are the people who used to drive the car and call this car a German car, but with the American logo, because of that, this car deserves it, runs very well, the only thing was that they sold at a high price back then.

But until now still many people still cannot imagine how it runs or how well, of course, personally, I am also someone who rarely PR for anyone and praise anything (because I don't have a job. I have to PR for anyone, but what is good and I call sharing to let those who have the same interests as me (if we like it, our brothers will talk). That's right, I'm on the stance of car experience and car passion, ignoring all the so-called sales PR, a car review for everyone to feel. . Because not everyone has many opportunities to buy used cars and get a feel for old cars. Then the Focus S version 1.5 turbo Eco-boost engine is currently sold for less than 600 million, a little less than 600 million. At first I was a little startled to say that in the past 899 million it was terrible, but all the intact of a car or like it here, it still lies here.

And in fact, if anyone does not believe, then come to Kien KZ.vn, the first is for everyone to experience the test, everyone will know for themselves, it is not necessary for everyone to listen to you, right? I heard it was part of it, but I will invite everyone to try it out and even bring the Sport on for a one-shot ride to see how well this car feels, then it's worth seeing. What's more important, when getting in the car is a car or what is it like? The first is soundproof, the second is safe, the third feels like driving. Do you admit it, I spent 700-800 million in a car, but the feeling of driving was bad. All three things Kien wanted it to be in this car. Still missing one more, actually I don't want to PR for it, praise too much, but I do have to praise it, because I often drive alone and rarely drive a lot of people, or run alone, important to the car. Yes, it has good soundproofing because when I run it it is tired, the second is the feeling of driving. A car that feels like driving, when we go, we do not have to go fast, but exactly in every turn. The other thing I really like is the speakers of this car, do you know this car is equipped with 9 speakers and Sony technology it is terrible.

This is to share with both Mr. Kien and you that in the mid-range car segment that means popular cars, Ford is always the brand that has the sound quality I see if you praise too. a bit redundant but I think it's best, best, most reasonable. For the whole Sony speaker system like this, you just try to get on more than 1 billion Japanese SUVs, sometimes when you hear that you are a bit unsatisfied, then getting on a Ford car always makes me feel satisfied. That's right, because I ride that car every day, I feel it and I shoot it so it has to give me all the best things, such as soundproofing, driving feeling, sound. bar. When he is tired, he listens to a good song or when he plays a sublimation he plays a hot DJ song feeling it will reset himself with positive energy. For me, it takes a lot of positive energy to work, sometimes you open a strong song, a good song is immersed in it, of course, it is safe to be number 1.

Oh, it's hot like this, but happy. To be honest, you can't find a car like this if you can pay for a car like this. If you put it right next to the 2016 Civic in my store, do you know that you have to spend at least you sell reasonably about 730, with a difference of 130 million with the same engine, the same year of production, the speaker of the Civic never been equal, and the noise level of the Civic .. although I was called the Kien Civic which meant I played too much and felt too much, but the Civic is much more spacious. trendy beauty but to talk about soundproofing and noise canceling .. in terms of engine, a 9 to 10 cannot be felt because two children have 180 codes. But in terms of noise-canceling sound insulation and driving feel, I respect the Focus more about this, and the intelligent entertainment system.

Under 600 Million Buying a Used Car Is Worth the Money? 9

That means you can give voice commands, 9 Sony speakers, the airbag system is always the most in the same segment, with distance brakes, with reverse .. automatic, there are too many things on the car. too much technology). So sometimes, from a personal perspective, I ignore me as a shopkeeper, that is, if you let me be a user, with such a price range, I will choose. Why do I still go to the BENZOLIO since 2009 because it makes me happy, the important thing is to spend 400 million (I served myself) without buying by the majority. I do not buy according to anyone who says anything, come and feel to use the right things I spend, I am happy, but do not go to make others happy. Why our brothers today ignore all the PR and the things .. this is completely practical experience and called the experience after riding many cars, we will conclude something. Because as you know you get to drive a lot in the C-segment almost all, but not every car like in the past when our brothers were Mazda 3, Elantra, which ones or which ones were bad is to know all.

Well now do not know you see this Focus for that price and with what we share today, how it is like, comment below for you to discuss more. If you want to have something more curious, go to Kien KZ.vn for a test drive and to force it. Test drive is the most important thing before you decide to buy a car, and if you are going to get down the money, you have to test drive a bit more, even out the highway, the gas is a bit stronger. To feel the safety, the rigidity of the chassis and the engine, does that gearbox pamper yourself? It pampered yourself - people who spend money buy it, don't pamper others. Well then, let's go to KZ.vn for us to experience. For now, goodbye and see you in the next videos about old cars with Hung Lam and Kien Civic. Good bye and see you again.

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