TOP 5 New Car Models That Cause Storms In Vietnam This Year

TOP 5 new car models that cause storms in Vietnam this year

Hello friends, the auto market in Vietnam 2020 is forecasted to have many changes, new models will be released this year, which will make price competition and products more and more fierce. are 5 new car models that will warm up the Vietnamese market in 2020.

First, immediately mention the Ford Escape 2020

Ford Escape 2020

The model mentioned in this list is a very serious competitor from the US Ford Escape sounds strange but familiar in the Vietnamese market, this model is sold in our country but cannot compete with Honda CRV, Mazda CX5 so declared since 2014. However, until now, the US has restarted from scratch when returning to the country for the 4th generation of Ford Escape, through the new generation Ford Escape 2020 has completely made a spectacular makeover when it has a youthful design. and more modern, the crossover was first introduced in our country at the 2019 auto show and was noticed when the public liked this car. At Ford Escape, it was tested at the company's factory in Hai Duong. completed the final stage before opening for sale, information about the engine is still a secret in the US market.

Ford Escape 2020

The new generation Ford Escape also chooses engines such as Ecoboost 1.5, 2.0 and Hybrid with the most likely 6-speed automatic transmission Ford Escape and the new generation to be sold in Vietnam as early as May 5. That makes Mazda CX2020, Hyundai Tucson, Honda CRV to be wary.

2nd place Honda City 2020


Honda City The new generation was officially launched in Thailand at 11/2019, the 2020 version of City with many changes has a cleaner, more rounded design and is considered a miniature version of the Honda accord senior besides not Interior space is reasonably designed, spacious and comfortable for both driver and passenger. 


Notable equipment includes an 8-inch advanced touch screen with Apple Carplay and a series of multi-function steering wheel control HFT bluetooth systems and automatic air conditioning, multi-information display MID display, especially in the interior. Class C sedan segment 1.0 3-cylinder turbocharged engine for an output capacity of 122 horsepower and maximum torque of 173 N/m, this engine is not only more powerful than the previous 1.5 table, but the raw material level is also impressive. 4.2 liters / 100km besides that behind the steering wheel we have gearshift paddles to bring a new feeling to the driver. 


Currently, Honda city has not been determined to launch in the Vietnamese market, but the appearance of Vios with more options or like the name Kia Sorento with extremely attractive selling girls will make the race in this segment more exciting. These pressures force Honda City to upgrade to avoid falling behind.

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In 3rd place, Mercedes Benz GLB

Mercedes Benz GLB

The German automaker has shown its ambition in sales in recent years, focusing on the small mid-size car segment, at a reasonable price for first-time car buyers, especially in Asia after the success of GLC in Vietnam. 2020 Mercedes Benz Vietnam is more likely to introduce GLB below GLC.

TOP 5 New Car Models That Cause Storms In Vietnam This Year 2

The GLB is more square than the GLC, reminiscent of the previous GLK, Meanwhile, the interior of the GLC 2020 is equipped with the latest equipment of luxury cars from Germany, for example, the MBOX information system first appeared the new A class model equipped as standard on the GLB with a pair of screens. The large model also has the most advanced driving technology on the Sclass on the mercedes Benz to GLB, in the US market, the mercedes Benz market has a starting price of 36600 usd or only 880 million in Vietnam, a priceless price. same attractive but that is the price in the US only.

In 4th place, Nissan Livina

nissan livina

The small MPV segment with the price range of 700 million VND always promises to be heated up in the coming times with the all-new Nissan Livina rookie developed before Mitsubishi Spander, a very hot model in the Vietnamese market. The dealer believes that this model has been ordered and will be delivered in February 2 

nissan livina

Similar to the Xpander, Nissan Livina has a 4-liter 4.5-cylinder engine with an output capacity of 103 horsepower and maximum torque of 41N/m and comes with a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission is currently unknown. What features will Nissan Livina return to Vietnam with the selling price and amount, but according to the fee calculation price list before the new version not long ago, Nissan Livina adjusted not long ago, Nissan Livina appeared. 739 million dong.

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5th place, Vinfast Lux V8

Vinfast Lux V8

According to Vinfast's plan to launch a high-performance SUV Lux V8 this year, this model first appeared at the exhibition, this is a special version of the Lux SA 2.0 SUV and produced in limited quantities Vinfast Lux V8 Owning a set of 22-inch large sports tires, high-quality aluminum fisheye grille, splints on both sides of the body on the roof and on the front are painted with high-quality carbon coating material of Lux interior engine compartment. V2 is also raised to a new level compared to the regular version.

Vinfast Lux V8

Vinfast Lux SA 2.0 when combining high-grade suede with carbon fiber compound, completely made of carbon-coated leather, handcrafted by the world's leading artisans, Lux V8 version is equipped with a powerful engine V8 with 8 V-shaped cylinders, maximum capacity up to 455 horsepower maximum torque 628 N / m . In addition to the huge Lux V8 model in 2020, Vinfast will release a new model to compete in the Vietnamese market.

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