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Under 900 Million Choose Santa Fe Gasoline Or Tucson Oil

Looking closely, we saw that if we were just beautiful, it was delicious, but if we go delicious or not, let's slowly. That's right because not everyone has many experience opportunities.

Under 900 Million Choose Santa Fe Gasoline Or Tucson Oil 1

Hello everyone, today Hung Lam and Kien Civic will present an interesting video with the same money but which car to choose? A car that looks bigger, a little smaller car but with the same money, then which car to choose? Mr. Kien can tell you what are the two cars and how much is the current price. This is a Santa Fe full 2017 petrol engine, the current general price of the market is a car ranging from 900, I'm offering 880. And this car is a Tucson 2.0 engine oil 2018 also offers around 880, that is equal to money. But this child is 1 year lower, this one 2017, this one 2018 (right) so which car is the same with money, whoever chooses which car to comment below. Now, Kien and I will argue which car we will choose?

Under 900 Million Choose Santa Fe Gasoline Or Tucson Oil 2

For me, I protect Santa Fe because I like to be big, with a year difference, it's not too much. Looking at the new level, I see that there is not much difference, at most this one goes more than about 1-2 thousand. Then it's bigger, it's more majestic. That's right, this is a standpoint that depends on the individual (taste). For example, I can look back, refer back to the new price of this child in 2017 is 1.02 billion (let's say 1 billion round), this child was 950 times, there is a clear difference of 50 million. It is not too large a number. Until now, when the old car price is down, this one is less than 1 year and this one is 1 year higher then it will be the same, then this will depend on the needs of each person. For example, I was very young and moved flexibly in the street, I chose Tucson, first because of its youthful style, secondly it was compact, third was an example of oil engines like that. Now, as you know, it remains under 10 thousand.

Under 900 Million Choose Santa Fe Gasoline Or Tucson Oil 3

But your diesel engine will make it noisy, then maybe it will smell, I know Hyundai's diesel engine is great, but the full 2.4 petrol engine is also delicious. But for yours, there are only 170 codes somewhere with 175 codes, while mine is 185 horsepower, small car with 185 codes, I actually said it was fun, but I can't feel it too much. This is we bring to you the choice for you in the same price range, let's dissect the same price range. Please comment below to see what car we will choose and why, our preferences like? But the fact that these two are really the first criterion is probably because of my hobby, if I love this one too much I choose. Tucson and Santa Fe are two very good selling cars from Hyundai, including new cars and old cars (golden eggs), and i10, generally Hyundai can say in the past few years this is a great success in the market. Vietnamese school.

Tucson, for example, do you remember the video you made two years ago? Two years ago this child was terribly virtual, and somehow kept the price like that. Exactly, if people searched the history of what he had done with Hung Lam 2 years ago, Hung Lam was also startled at why Tucson entered that time for 850 million. Do you know how beautiful the 2016 car is imported now, it still has to be 800 not cheaper. 2 years and a loss of 50 million? That's right, that moment was a time when two years ago, the price of Tucson was generally quite flat. Another point is that when Santa Fe has released a new version, suddenly this form will become an old form and will be devalued, and Tucson is just the Facelift version, which means a little more improvement but otherwise the price will higher up again. For example, at the moment when he buys 2.0 2020, somewhere around 850 million, it is clear that the reference to the old imported Tucson is still high. So I build used cars, I still feel that I don't understand why Tucson keeps the price, because this is the market positioning, we are buyers of people who are bored selling to people who need them, people who need people are willing to buy at the rate. That price, plus our profit margin, we have to buy from people at the other price, because when buying too cheap, people don't sell, buy, but sell too low, people also suspect they don't buy. Just right with needs.

Under 900 Million Choose Santa Fe Petrol or Tucson Oil 4

The styling is as clear as you can see the Tucson it will suit young people (it's younger) under 30. It doesn't matter if this one is older, it is also young, but it has something that is a little more sophisticated, it is not really as young as this. This one it still has something a little more compact. The lights are the same, in the middle of the headlamps, there's also a roaring light system. But do you feel like two brothers (it's a compact version, but to say it's very different, why not, the same mother, the same design language, the same). And these two have been on the market for at least 3 years, it's not something new, but our brothers here are analyzing for everyone the needs. But it is fair to say that Kien has recognized that after 3 years Hyundai Santa Fe and Hyundai Tucson it still brings beauty and youth, but it is not called an old model too bad, even the new Santa Fe model is very good. beautiful but looking back on this model do you acknowledge to me it's still pretty? Yes, it is still very beautiful, as everyone knows that the liquidity of these cars on the market is very high, they can be bought and resold very quickly, very convenient.

Under 900 Million Choose Santa Fe Gasoline Or Tucson Oil 5

For example, do you remember I did praise for Outlander in a long time, but Outlander running or not selling well (the liquidity is not equal) cannot be equal to Santa Fe. So this is because of hobby as well as in Vietnam there is a car that is very strange, the Nissan X Trail, the Nissan X Trail is the No. 1 sale in the US, Americans are extremely popular but in Vietnam. Even if the male is flat, like the CX5, it cannot be sold overseas, but in Vietnam, it is noisy. So this is due to the market and Vietnamese tastes that people like it. But when we looked closely, we saw that if we were just beautiful, it would be delicious, if we go delicious or not, just slowly. That's right because not everyone has many opportunities to experience all the models, for example, if you do review, you can drive the X Trail, drive the Outlander, drive the XLV, drive Santa Fe, but there are first-time buyers. Seeing that when the neighbor bought it, we would buy it, or if we saw it, we also bought Tuc, which is a so-called mass demand, so personally I think. Seeing that my friend also found it delicious and delicious, he said he could run well, it was beautiful. But in the price range around 1 billion, both San and Tuc in this old time are reasonable choices.

For example, can you see if you can not see 880 million and only look at the glasses, this one is still very delicious running 2.8 thousand km, this one only runs 1-2 thousand. Obviously at this time buying a used car it is something soft, even as we personally work in the profession we also feel the market has a slight drop. Before Tet, I bought this one, it must be over 900. So whoever needs to buy a car, try to buy it during this season, not to lift marbles for the guys who sell cars but the You just go for reference now is the time to buy the most reasonable price. Yes, it makes sense because when the translation comes back and the market is active again, it won't be as plausible as this, it will be a little different. In the old car market like this year, it will be a year that both new and used cars will be difficult, not easy at all.

Under 900 Million Choose Santa Fe Gasoline Or Tucson Oil 6

How does Kien feel about driving these two children? I like the Hyundai oil engine, I really like the diesel engine, although outside we can hear quite a noise, but inside I still feel a certain smoothness. As I experience this child, I am actually a car salesman, but I always have the experience of selling my car so that I can advise customers, not that I cut around. This car actually with 185 horsepower is quite impetuous when people go on the roads need to accelerate. On the contrary, as you said it will be noisy and will slightly foul, so those who run a lot and run in an open environment, we can choose oil engines. Actually, when I advise people whether to buy oil or gas engine, if you buy for your family and run your family and go for 5-7 years, it is best to choose a gas engine then it will first is easy maintenance, second is smooth, third is clean, and fourth i know for example this Santa Fe gas engine but it doesn't cost too much, 2.4 engine it will fall about 12 liters. It doesn't cost anything, although the capacity is a bit smaller than this one but it is insignificant (not perceptible everyone), myself if I am a consumer I go everyday this child I still see It was so delicious, enough to use it, but I didn't have to hurry and brake quickly, I need to go safely and I need to go it sparingly. The majority of consumers need to be safe and economical, right? That's right, like you can equip almost two crossbreds, with electronic handbrake, with Vietnamese map system.

Talking about equipment, we probably don't need to talk much about Korean cars, because Korean cars are always very spoiled for consumers. That's right, and it rolls over to 3 years, when users feel better than their brothers, the main advantages and disadvantages are consumers. Of course, we are not complimenting that there are still bad points, for example, Santa Fe after a period of work, I see a Santa Fe phenomenon that is .... Tires, a lot of people have this error, which means the tire has a bad tire jolt. Tucson has weak points such as air-conditioning, and the air-conditioning of the Tucson, it still has the cars it is bad. After about 3-5 years, it starts to deteriorate, it is not like Japanese car, especially Toyota, still delicious 7-8 years. And the Tucson plastic is inferior to the Santa Fe, that's what I complimented, the most plastic thing is the dashboard of the Tucson it's easy to scratch and it's easy to color, those are the situation that cannot be avoided. Especially with cars that often have to be kept outdoors, if the cars are stored indoors and less in direct sunlight, it will be much better. One more point is that both the Santa Fe and the Tucson, the technology and the equipment are not discussed, these are things that people are not too worried about, just within our price range. No one is heavier than any other. I walk in the street, I only need 5 places. there is nothing

Under 900 Million Choose Santa Fe Petrol or Tucson Oil 7

In short, today we put these two cars here with money, this one is 2017, this 2018, the difference is not too much. Which car you choose, it is clear your preferences and usage needs, but if anyone has more detailed analysis, you can comment below we will discuss more about why you choose this car, Why can you choose the other car? Even with that money, you can buy a car that is selling in Vietnam a new car, $ 880 million, but if you buy a new car, luckily we can buy the lowest version CX5. The lowest version CX5 I can't buy because the CX5 price I can only buy the Cruze or the Xpander or is, but it's not possible .. (so can't get on a line like this) everyone always has One ideological struggle is buying a new car or buying a surf car.

Buying a surf car is always the same, people will accumulate something at least about 100 million, but if you buy a new car, everyone .. Actually, I still advise everyone, I am a used car seller but still advise everyone that if you have the conditions and plan to go 5-7 years, people will buy new, because of the depreciation. its will decrease gradually and of course it will be better to ride a new car (banging the box is always better). If you save money and costs and are fickle, you change once a year, you go very quickly, you want to experience, the men and brothers too are very much experience, very craving. cars (car, car, version, version), if we like to change, we will buy surfing (more reasonable) and choose good cars. If you buy a new one, you must accept that it will be depreciated and it will not lose money, that's the advice I always advise everyone, it's like that.

Then you guys from 880-900 million will you choose which car? Santa Fe car of this life or Tucson of this life, or any other car commented below. Anyone who wants to buy these two cars will come to carz.vn to meet Mr. Kien to cut his neck like that. Goodbye and see you again in the next videos. Bye.

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