Manual two-wheel drive vehicle

Manual two-wheel drive vehicle

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In today's show, let's learn about the powertrain and how you can see we are driving the 2019 Mitsubishi Triton for a fairly good four-wheel drive system. 2H mode bridge is a fast bridge, 4H two fast bridges, 4HLC are two fast differential locks and 4LLC is two slow-locking ball bearings, for each bridge mode like this, how do we use it? Today listening to share.

In fact, 2H and 4H are just the structure for high-mode vehicles on roads with good grip like asphalt and especially good in case if 4H is good in case the asphalt road is raining, 4H can be interpreted as a model. full-time four-wheel drive vehicles still have 2H as normal vehicles.

Ford Everest 2019 Titanium 2 Bridge and Titanium 1 Bridge

And 4HLC here I understand it is a two-bridge mode but only take the guise when 4HLC locks away from the center is understood to be completely free of the center differential it will slip when making bends on the roadbed is smooth enough eliminating the slippage of the vehicle does not affect the drive system because of the limited durability of the sprockets if we do not notice on the top of the truck the position of this. the driver of a tight curve was slipping on something.

Two quick-lock differential differentials always show Gravel, the mode of going gravel road to another mode of mud road or another mode of sand road, switching to hold the same accelerator can feel the engine gearbox. but this guy is different from other bang trucks with 4H and 4HLC.

4H is a two-wheel drive differential mode that is quite similar to the one mez mode but when switching to 4hlc we clearly go on gravel road if it is on a long road, it breaks something when we go too high speed too much.With a very special driving maneuver on this model 2H and 4H you can run on the asphalt road at relatively high speed but for the car line Other pickup that 4H mode does not have the center differential lock does not turn out completely should not run 4h in high mode on flat roads.

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4LLC on this vehicle is always switched to 4LLC rock climbing mode, which is understood to work differently from terrain vehicles or vehicles that require large traction because on cars often equipped with auxiliary gearboxes like two floors each. the floor has 6 levels of auxiliary gearboxes which is the maximum work to sacrifice the maximum speed to get the pulling power like a fast bridge, for example, if I run 40km / h, then I install it on the slow bridge to 20km / h because it still has one half the maximum speed, it doubles its drag so it is twice as strong, but it doesn't run 200km / h but only 100km / h.

In fact, what is this slow bridge running, the slow bridge I ride on the clutch gear box, the fact that I install the slow bridge reduces the load on the clutch system by half if I go back to the automatic transmission, I will see the gearbox Auto also has a load that can be reduced by half or left, usually with this model I have to stop VN and switch to 2 slow bridges but when the car has just slid away, I can close the two slow bridges that are my handcuffs. New brake wheels have to be used without new wheels from slow-moving bridges to new-life cars that require standing still.


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