Should I go to a company to change car parts in Vietnam? Should not!


Should I go to a company to change car parts in Vietnam? Should not! first

Hello everyone! Nice to see you again in my latest video today, in today's video I want to share with you the problem of replacing motorcycle parts, and how to replace spare parts. Motorcycle it's cheap but it's quality? Is it necessary to go to the dealer when replacing your car's parts?

The reason I made this video today is because one of you, you commented and asked me to make this video about the price of spare parts. Why do you replace a Bin-pot SH 2016 that costs up to 470 thousand, but when you go out to consult the market, the price is only 170 thousand, then why is there such a big difference? Then what is the difference between the goods outside and the goods inside the company? Well, now I will share my opinion and also ask your opinion, do you often change parts outside or in the company? What's the difference between the spare parts outside and the spare parts in the company? Then, in my personal opinion, it's like this, if a motorcycle like this is Sukiakolo goes by Suki, then if not, Suki will produce all the details and spare parts on this bike. , for example, the brake disc brake of this car is from Mitsubishi, the front and rear covers are from You-Co-Ha-Ma, then the battery is from Riet, and then the fuel tank shrinks to the air filter to the oil filter or the pot set in another brand, then it has a second brand, a certain second brand.

But Suzuki buys that product and installs it on his car and assembles it into a product and sells it to consumers, so because I think so, the spare part of this car is not necessary. The company bought it new, there are also outside. Why do I think so? Because for example, the brake of this car is from the Mitsubishi company, then the Mitsubishi it is a famous brand, it sells to many different brands Honda, Mazaha also has it, Suzuki also has it, it does not sell it. Not only does it sell to car manufacturers, but it also sells to distributors and parts dealers, then the distributors and dealers of spare parts it sells to the new auto repair shop to reach consumers. for that reason the mustache accessories win, martial. Then, when replacing according to you is not necessary to enter the company, you go out to the store to replace the parts you buy, the price is more reasonable, and the goods are also of good quality, guaranteed by the spare parts store. decent, when you go out to buy, how do you replace it? Usually at the parts store, there is a car repair shop next to it for customers to change, for example, if I buy this tire, I will go to the parts store to buy the correct tire. my car number, for example a 7 ing hammer, the shell is a gutted type, its width is 375 ing. For example, what company's? For example, Maha, Canda, and Kendu all have them. So is it cheaper than entering the company or not? Much cheaper.

In the company it sells this, it's already more expensive than the dealer, it often says you don't charge it because it's too expensive. For example, the brand ... this shell I buy if it's the correct Zikazama shell, the Inlu shell of Honda I asked is 290 thousand, but in the company it can charge you up to 350 -> 370, and see the price difference. very well kept, especially the scooter cover, when you change the scooter's clothes to the company, it's very expensive, like the one you just changed to the Bin-pot kit, went to the dealer. up to 470 but outside the price is only 170, especially when you enter the company and you are the ones who usually deliver cars to the company or are women for example, I don't pay much attention to this the car, just go to the company instead, then change what you know, just calculate how much you pay, then those people when they enter the replacement company, they will be cut by the company very beautiful, very sweet, It's also partly because of your psychology when you just bought a car, often your mentality wants to change into the company's own clothes.

I think those spare parts are only available in the company, it's more secure in the company, so I just go to my company instead, so I just stumble on it and it cuts me pretty, then it's a good brand. a commercial establishment, it must be profitable, how much is the rent in terms of labor? Then it imports these parts for it to sell, then it imports 7 it sells 10 or it imports 6 it sells 10, it makes a profit in it. The company, in addition to the profit from the sale of the car, also has a part-time profit, maintenance fee, and usually when you enter the company, it often invites you to go into that air-conditioned room to watch cable TV. , drink coffee, drink something, outside here, he starts checking, usually he paints all kinds of things, replaces everything, the brake is not worn, it also calls for replacement, then the cooling water also calls for it, then lures me clean the frame needles, then he lures me in all sorts of things, dumps carbon sulfur and in general all sorts of drawings because he wants to make my money.

He tried to ask me how long the car has been running, started it running 20 thousand without cleaning the frame needles, it is very harmful, it consumes a lot of gas, then your car's shell is very worn and it is not dangerous to replace it. dangerous… that… or the car he drove for 30 and then replaced the borium, while his bori was still usable….vv…vv…and a lot. Entering the company is a lot of gold, the staff always recommends you to replace it, never… very little repair. Even though it's still usable, it keeps telling me to change it, instead it cuts beautifully, then when should I go to the company instead? Only when your car is damaged too badly or there are spare parts, parts that are not sold outside, you have to go to the dealer, for example, engine block, heart, cardboard, silver something etc. ...vv, it's also rare outside, when it's out of stock, I go to my company instead, I accept to give it to her to cut, but like me, I usually buy it at the sub-stores, haven't I, because I know that the parts on this car are manufactured by another company and it is not only sold to the company, but also sold to the parts stores.

For example, the oil filter I bought at the parts store, it also has a stamp labeled Suzuki, this item is still in normal use, the Zamaha Suzuki oil port bought at the parts store also has it, its goods are also guaranteed. decent quality, decent warranty, the company's employees often go to the spare parts store they buy ... out of stock... buy it and they assemble it for customers too, I always see it when I go to buy this is normal, this air filter, this air filter, the basic things these mustache accessories are available outside the parts store, nothing is missing, don't always think about it the company, the company, the company, it's always beautiful, then the oil is too, the oil is Honda, Zamaha, Suzuki, it doesn't produce oil, it hires a ... the oil factory to process the product. products for it, that is, make a lubricant product and then print its brand name.

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But you know the oil of the Honda, Suzuki, and Zamaha brands, the oil is mineral oil and its API is only Sg, Sh only, rarely SL, SN. Its anti-static index is just MA, there's no MA2 there... that's it... in short, its quality brand oil is not as good as the usual lubricants outside, that's the share of the company. About the problem of replacing parts, how do you change it to give it the cheapest price, the goods it has quality assurance, however, the spare parts store, you should find a reputable place, a place where If you're crazy about this or that, you'll often get stuck with fake face products, and then you'll be tired again, so I advise you to limit going to the company as much as possible, only go into the company instead of the ones that are outside. no, but for example, the father wins or the front cover is the back cover or the battery or the lamp should be replaced outside, cheap but quality assurance.

It is not necessary to join the company, what about you? Do you often go to the company to change clothes? In your opinion, is there a big difference between the quality of the brand and the outside? And those of you who have been in the company, have been slashed or not, please join the commet below for our brothers and sisters to discuss and exchange with each other, give an experience of using the car so that it is effective. give it the most economical… that…. Then thank you for watching the video clip, if you have any ideas, please comment below the video so that we can discuss with each other.

Thank you guys, if you enjoyed the video, click like or share it with your friends, say goodbye and see you in the next videos, bye!

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