Basic Techniques When Traveling by Motorcycle

Basic Techniques When Traveling by Motorcycle

  1. Do not squeeze the clutch when cornering

Basic Techniques When Riding Motorcycles 3

Control the speed and return to low gear when cornering, the habit of squeezing the clutch when cornering is very dangerous because it cannot handle unexpected situations, the car loses traction and easily slips.

  1. Slow down when going through a bad road

In case of bad roads, you should slow down and return to low gear and brake with gear.

  1. Should relax people to avoid fatigue

You should relax your body and two hands to avoid straining your hands or being stiff when driving, which will make you tired and lose flexibility when driving.

  1. For backbone cars, you should clamp the fuel tank when driving

Should clamp the fuel tank tightly when encountering bad roads, remember that your fulcrum is the fuel tank, not the handlebar. When running 100km, you have to stop to refuel. If lost, stop to look up maps and GPS devices or meet people, ask for directions and look at road signs.

Basic Techniques When Riding Motorcycles 4

  1. Do not pass the guide

If traveling in groups, it is necessary to assign the most experienced person to lead the group when running, absolutely not overtake the group leader, in the situation of overtaking a truck or a bulky vehicle, you must pass on the same side as the group leading vehicle. pass both sides of the truck at the same time, so be ready when your teammates ask to pass, drive according to your ability, do not follow your teammates, so remember that when driving slowly, there are still people waiting in front.

  1. Reset Odo clock to 0 km

Reset the odo clock to 0 km when preparing to start when there is a problem, just tell your teammates the number of kilometers your teammates will know where you are. If you are tired and exhausted from driving, you should not continue but stop and think.



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