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Do B1, B11 Driver Licenses Automatically Drive a Floor Number?

Recently with new regulations on the addition of driving licenses automatic transmission causing many people to be confused B1, B11 Get driving a manual transmission.

First - what is the biggest difference between a B11 and a B2?

+ License B11 - Autos driving cars with up to 9 seats, trucks with automatic transmission, maximum payload of less than 3,500kg, not professional. Understandably it is not allowed to engage in business transportation and to drive an automatic transmission only.

+ B2 license - Driving cars with up to 9 seats, trucks, tractors and tractors of a tonnage of under 3,500 kg and class B1 vehicles. Understand simply that it is possible to run both the floor number and the automatic transmission of cars with 9 seats or less.

So women should study with B2 or B11? Consider the examination process:

+ Rank B11 - training - testing on automatic transmissions - with 11 consecutive sajams.

+ Rank B2 - training - testing on manual transmission - with 11 consecutive sauces.

==> So that - study and take B11 exam a lot easier study and take B2 exams.

==> VTo the majority of women: Should learn to drive automatic number B11 - just easy to learn, easy to test, and use for practical needs.

And driver's license B1 How many types and functions like? And truongdaotaolaixehcm.com Find out right here:

Do B1, B11 Driver Licenses Automatically Drive a Floor Number? first
A holder of a BPL of a B11 class must not operate a manual transmission car ...

In the type of driving license system (GPLX) in Vietnam, B class driving licenses include 2 types B1 and B2. This is the type of driver license for cars with less than 9 seats and has a load of less than 3.5 tons and is also the most popular type of car driver license today.

As cars equipped with automatic transmissions become more and more popular and widely used in our country, the need for an additional type of driver's license for automatic transmission has arisen. Therefore, from January 1, 2016, the automatic automatic driving license officially added and applied by the Ministry of Transport.

Do B1, B11 Driver Licenses Automatically Drive a Floor Number? 2

... only automatic transmission

However, the GPLX automatic number is classified as B1, easily confused with the old B1 - the type that still allows control of a manual transmission. In order to distinguish between the two types of license, the Ministry of Transport has agreed to name the automatic driving license is B11. As follows:

B11 class driver license: automatic numbers issued to non-driver drivers to drive the following vehicles:

- Automated automatic cars carry up to 9 seats, including seats for drivers

- Trucks, including automatic trucks, with a design payload of less than 3,500 kg

- Cars for people with disabilities.

Class B12 driver license: to grant non-practicing drivers to drive the following vehicles:

- Cars carrying up to 9 seats, including seats for drivers

- Trucks, including specialized trucks with design tonnage of under 3,500 kg

- Tractors pulling a trailer with a design tonnage of under 3,500 kg.

As such, the holder of a BPL of a B11 class must not drive a manual transmission. Meanwhile, the GPLX class B12 is allowed to operate manual cars. Both types of licenses do not allow driving practice.

A driver of a GPLX of class B11 driving a manual transmission vehicle shall violate the error "Having a driving license but not suitable for the type of vehicle being driven". According to Point a, Clause 7, Article 21 of Decree 46/2016 / ND-CP, this error has a fine of 4-6 million VND.

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According to Ngoc Anh - Traffic newspaper


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