20 Score Score Questions In The A200 A1 Motorcycle License Test Set Of XNUMX Questions

In the list 60 question marks updated, the latest addition is available 20 points list intended for test set of 200 questions for the A1 motorcycle license exam. And below is a full list of 20 list questions for you to refer to in a more specific and accurate way. And have to memorize the following 20 questions and answers so you don't want to fail your test.

20 Score Score Questions In A Set Of 200 Questions For A1 A2 Motorcycle License Test XNUMX

1. Question 1*/ Is it prohibited to drive a road vehicle with narcotics in the body?

1 – Prohibited

2 – Not strictly prohibited

3 – Not strictly prohibited, if there is a light drug, you can drive the vehicle in traffic.

2. Question 2*/ Is the act of operating a motor vehicle exceeding the prescribed speed, taking the road, or recklessly overtaking it?

1 – Prohibited on a case-by-case basis

2 – Not strictly prohibited

3 – Prohibited.

3. Question 4*/ At the pedestrian crossing, on bridges, bridgeheads, highways, narrow roads, ramps, at the place where the road intersects at the same level with the railway, is it possible to make a U-turn or make a U-turn? are not?

1 – Allowed

2 – Not allowed

3 – Depending on the case.

4. Question 5*/ Are drivers of two-wheelers, three-wheelers or mopeds allowed to use the vehicle to pull or push other vehicles when participating in traffic?

1 – Allowed

2 – If the vehicle is towed, the push has less mass than its own vehicle

3 – Depending on the case

4 – Not allowed.

5. Question 6*/ When operating a two-wheeler, three-wheeler, or moped, the acts of letting go of both hands; using the vehicle to pull or push another vehicle or object; Is it allowed to use the vehicle's kickstand when the vehicle is running?

1 – Allowed

2 – Depending on the case

3 – Not allowed.

6. Question 7*/ Can a person sitting on a two-wheeler, three-wheeler or moped when participating in traffic be allowed to carry or carry bulky objects?

1 – Carrying, carrying depending on specific cases

2- Do not carry, carry

3 – Carrying, carrying but must ensure safety

4 – Carrying, carrying according to your own health.

7. Question 8*/ Can a person sitting on a two-wheeler, three-wheeler, or moped when participating in traffic be allowed to cling, pull or push other vehicles?

1 – Allowed

2 – Being caught in case your vehicle breaks down

3 – To be pulled, pushed in case other vehicles are damaged

4 – Not allowed.

8. Question 9*/ Can people sitting on two-wheeled motorbikes, three-wheeled motorbikes or mopeds when participating in traffic, can use umbrellas when it rains?

1 – Used

2 – Only the back seat can be used

3 – Not used

4 – Used if a raincoat is not available.

9. Question 10*/ Can drivers of two-wheelers or mopeds ride in a horizontal line; ride on the roadway for pedestrians and other vehicles; use umbrellas, cell phones, audio devices (except hearing aids)?

1 – Allowed but must ensure safety

2 – Not allowed

3 – Allowed depending on specific circumstances and conditions.

10. Question 11*/ Is the act of transporting bulky objects by motorbike or moped when participating in traffic allowed or not?

1 – Not shipped

2 – Can only be transported when securely fastened

3 – Only bulky items can be transported on motorbikes if the distance to home is shorter than 2 km.

11. Question 12*/ Is the act of using a motorcycle to pull or push another motorcycle that has run out of gas to a petrol station?

1 – Tow only if gas station is visible

2 – It is only allowed on roads that are empty of vehicles participating in traffic.

3 – Not allowed.

12. Question 13*/ When going uphill, can a person sitting on a motorbike be dragged along with the person operating the bicycle?

1 – Only allowed if both are wearing helmets

2 – Not allowed

3 – Only allowed on empty streets

4 – Allowed only when the cyclist is too tired.

13. Question 14*/ According to the law on prevention of harmful effects of alcohol, which of the following subjects is prohibited from using alcohol when participating in traffic?

1 – Driver: Car, motorcycle, bicycle, moped

2 – The person sitting behind the motor vehicle operator

3 – Pedestrians

4 – Both point 1 and point 2.

14. Question 29*/ When is the car race only done?

1 – Takes place on a street with no passersby

2 – Supported by the people

3 – Licensed by a competent authority.

15. Question 30*/ Using alcohol while driving, if detected, how will it be handled?

1 – Just being reminded

2 – Being administratively sanctioned or possibly criminally handled depending on the seriousness of the violation

3 – Not being criminally handled.

16. Question 35*/ When operating a two-wheeler, three-wheeler, or moped, what behaviors are not allowed?

1 – Let go of both hands; using the vehicle to pull or push another vehicle or object; Use the vehicle's kickstand to wipe the road while the vehicle is running

2 – Let go of one hand; use a vehicle to carry people or goods; let your feet touch the ground when starting

3 – Wear a helmet; drive at the prescribed speed and obey the road traffic rules

4 – Carrying passengers under 16 years of age.

17. Question 58*/ When must a person sitting on a two-wheeled motorcycle or moped wear a helmet with properly fitted straps?

1 – When participating in road traffic

2 – Only when traveling on dedicated roads; freeway

3 – When participating in traffic on provincial roads or national highways.

18. Question 76*/ How must a driver handle when looking ahead to see a pedestrian crossing the street at a pedestrian crossing to ensure safety?

1 – Slow down, go slowly to pass in front of pedestrians

2 – Slow down, can stop if necessary before the stop line to give way to pedestrians crossing the road

3 – Increase speed to pass in front of pedestrians.

19. Question 90*/ While driving a motorbike and a car, if there is a need to use the phone to text or call, how should the driver do it in the following situations?

1 – Slow down to be safe with the vehicle in front and use your phone to communicate.

2 – Slow down to stop the car where it is allowed to stop then use the phone to communicate.

3 – Speed ​​up to get to the car behind and use your phone to communicate.

20. Question 97*/ When driving a scooter down a long, steep slope, which of the following actions should the driver perform to ensure safety?

1 – Keeping the throttle at a suitable level, use the front and rear brakes to slow down.

2 – Release the throttle completely, turn off the engine, use the front and rear brakes to slow down.

3 – Use the front brake to slow down in conjunction with turning off the vehicle's electric key.

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