20 A1 Motorcycle License Test Exam Grade Score Questions

In the list 60 questions fierce The latest updates and additions are available 20 paralysis questions intended for Test set of 200 exam questions for the A1 motorcycle driver's license. And below is a complete list of 20 questions for you to refer to more specifically and accurately. And must memorize the following 20 questions and answers to avoid being unable to complete your test.

20 Examination Score Questions in Test Pack 200 A1 Motorcycle License Test 1

1. Question 1 * / Is it strictly forbidden for the driver of a road vehicle to have drugs in his body?

1 - Prohibited

2 - Not prohibited

3 - Not strictly forbidden, if there is mild narcotic substance, can control the vehicle in traffic.

2. Question 2 * / Is the act of driving a motor vehicle speeding over the prescribed speed, winning the road, or overtaking it?

1 - Prohibited depending on each case

2 - Not prohibited

3 - Prohibited.

3. Question 4 * / Is it allowed to make a U-turn at pedestrian crosswalks, bridges, bridges, highways, narrow roads, or ramps? are not?

1 - Allowed

2 - Not allowed

3 - Depending on the case.

4. Question 5 * / Is the operator of a two-wheeled, three-wheeled motorcycle or a motorcycle allowed to pull or push other vehicles in traffic?

1 - Allowed

2 - If the vehicle is towed, the weight of the vehicle is smaller than its own

3 - Depending on the case

4 - Not allowed.

5. Question 6 * / When driving a motorbike, two-wheeled motorcycle, motorcycle, or a motorcycle, the acts of letting go of both hands; using a vehicle to pull or push another vehicle or object; Is it allowed to use the car's kickstand on the road while the vehicle is in motion?

1 - Allowed

2 - Depending on the case

3 - Not allowed.

6. Question 7 * / Can a person sitting on a two-wheeled motorcycle, a three-wheeled motorcycle or a motorbike in traffic take or carry bulky objects?

1 - Be carried or carried depending on the specific case

2- Not allowed to carry or carry

3 - Be carried, carried but must ensure safety

4 - To be carried and carried according to their own health.

7. Question 8 * / Can a person sitting on a motorized two-wheeled motorcycle, a motorcycle three-wheeled motorcycle or a motorbike in traffic stick, pull or push other means?

1 - Allowed

2 - Staying in case your vehicle breaks down

3 - Being pulled or pushed in case other vehicles are damaged

4 - Not allowed.

8. Question 9 * / Can a person sitting on a motorized two-wheeled motorcycle, a motorcycle three-wheeled motorcycle or a motorbike in traffic use a car when it rains?

1 - Used

2 - Only the rear occupant can use

3 - Do not use

4 - Used without raincoats.

9. Question 10 * / Can an operator of a motorbike or a motorbike ride in a horizontal line? ride onto pedestrian and other vehicle crossings; Using umbrellas, cell phones, and audio equipment (except for hearing aids)?

1 - Allowed but guaranteed to be safe

2 - Not allowed

3 - Allowed depending on the specific circumstances and conditions.

10. Question 11 * / Is it allowed to transport bulky objects by motorbike or motorcycle?

1 - Not shipped

2 - Only transported when carefully tied

3 - Bulky objects can only be transported on a motorcycle if the distance home is less than 2 km.

11. Question 12 * / Is it allowed to use a motorbike to pull or push another motorbike that runs out of gas to the gas station?

1 - Only towing if a gas station is visible

2 - Only done on roads with no vehicles in the same traffic.

3 - Not allowed.

12. Question 13 * / When going uphill, can the person sitting on a motorcycle pull the person riding a bicycle?

1 - Only allowed if both helmet

2 - Not allowed

3 - Only allowed on very empty roads

4 - Only allowed when the cyclist is tired.

13. Question 14 * / According to the law against harmful effects of alcohol and beer, which of the following subjects is prohibited from using alcohol while participating in traffic?

1 - Operators: Car, motorcycle, bicycle, motorcycle

2 - The person sitting behind the motor vehicle operator

3 - Pedestrians

4 - Both idea 1 and idea 2.

14. Question 29 * / When is the race only done?

1 - Take place on a street with no passersby

2 - Supported by the people

3 - Licensed by a competent authority.

15. Question 30 * / Using alcohol or beer while driving, how will it be handled if detected?

1 - Just be reminded

2 - Being administratively sanctioned or possibly subject to criminal penalties depending on the seriousness of the violation

3 - No criminal action.

16. Question 35 * / When driving a motorbike, motorcycle, or motorcycle, what actions are not allowed?

1 - Release both hands; using vehicles to pull or push other vehicles or objects; Use the vehicle's support to wipe down the road when the vehicle is running

2 - Let go of one hand; using the vehicle to carry people or goods; Let your feet touch the ground when departing

3 - Wear a helmet; drive at the correct speed and obey the road traffic rules

4 - Carrying passengers under 16 years old.

17. Question 58 * / When a person sitting on a motorbike or motorcycle must wear a helmet with proper straps?

1 - When participating in road traffic

2 - Only when traveling on specialized roads; freeway

3 - When in traffic on a provincial road or national highway.

18. Question 76 * / How should a driver handle when looking ahead to see pedestrians crossing the street at a place with a pedestrian crossing to ensure safety?

1 - Slow down, go slowly to pass in front of pedestrians

2 - Slow down, stop if necessary in front of the stop line to give way to pedestrians crossing the road

3 - Speed up to pass in front of the pedestrian.

19. Question 90 * / When driving a motorbike or a car, if you need to use a cell phone to text or make a phone call, what should the driver do in the following situations?

1 - Slow down to ensure safety with the vehicle ahead and use the phone to communicate.

2 - Slow down to stop the vehicle in a place where it is allowed to stop then use the phone to communicate.

3 - Speed up to exit the car behind and use the phone for communication.

20. Question 97 * / When driving a scooter down to a long, steep slope, which of the following actions should the driver do to ensure safety?

1 - Keep the throttle grip at a suitable level, use the front and rear brakes to slow down.

2 - Release the throttle fully, turn off the engine, use the front and rear brakes to slow down.

3 - Use the front brake to slow down in conjunction with turn off the vehicle's electric key.

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