Summary of the experience of buying used cars that need to be equipped immediately

What To Pay Attention To When Buying Used Cars


Hello friends, today my car driver will bring you something that we think will be very useful in the upcoming Tet holiday, with the current car price, it may not be very suitable. With the income level of Vietnamese people, buying a used car I think is quite a popular choice nowadays, and now we will introduce you to simple and useful tips to discover a new car model. How old is it called quality?

Summary of the experience of buying used cars that need to be equipped immediately 7

First, I want to mention the exterior of the car, the front of the car is an area where collisions often happen and we can find out through that whether this model is used a lot. or not? Then does it have heavy bumps or not? The first point I want you to pay attention to is that the veins, the ridges like this, after the collision and the car owner recovers, it is often difficult to pull this tendon back to its original state. Like the original, besides the scratches or the areas that need to be coated, need to be repainted, the paint will usually be thicker than the adjacent areas, you can detect. By observing closely, then, gaps like this are also where the impact traces left quite clearly, after recovery, often these gaps are no longer even. , that is, there will be places where the gap is wider, but where the gap is narrower.

Next are the articulating parts, such as the car lights here, the car lights here like the model you are looking at, probably the car owner has also repaired a lot and removed it. installed many times, thereby making this headlight no longer really match the front of the car, it will have very wide openings, sometimes the gap is narrow, another area that I want you to pay attention to is the front bumper of the car, the front bumper of the car is where collisions very often occur, and similar to the hood when it is necessary to protect the atit, the surface Its face will no longer be even, in addition, this front bumper is also the part that manufacturers usually do not make too hard, and therefore when we have a strong impact, reinstalling it also there will be no more matching, it will probably be rickety like this, then the very model you are observing here, at the end of the car, I want you to check out the body.

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Similar to the front of the car, the body of the car also has ribs like this, these are the areas that leave the signs of the collision quite clearly, in addition, if you pay attention to the slot the door here after a heavy collision, the car owner will often have to remove the door to ... to recover and after re-installing these door slots it will no longer be even, the front door slot, the back door slot the gap , it is no longer evenly spaced or the top and bottom of it are no longer even, which is a sign that you can detect that this car may have been in a serious collision or been in use for a while. take a long time and need to be disassembled for repair. In addition, with the bodywork you can also discover many other details on the inside of the car door, similarly, check out the ridge lines here, the embossed mark here. . After the accident, when these roads are restored, they will no longer be as sharp as the original, besides, there is an area that people often ignore when injecting, that is the inside of the door like that. hey, you can open it to check if the welds here are still original or not.

Another area you can also find traces of repair, is the door screws here, the door screws here are painted the same color as the body and if it is affected. , removed, the brain will lose its paint color and that is an indicator to find out that this car has been repaired a lot, after the body is finished, we will check the rear of the car.

Summary of the experience of buying used cars that need to be equipped immediately 9

Yes! At the rear of the car is also an area where you can check the same details as the front of the car, that is, the openings, the ridges or the joints here, those are the where … if the car has had an accident or has been repaired a lot, it will leave traces that are irregular gaps, edges that are no longer sharp, no longer original, paint parts may be thicker. The area next to it is either the joints here it is uneven, the entrance or exit is wide or narrow, after the rear of the car, now we will go to check the interior space of the car. . The first thing when checking the interior I want to introduce to you is that we park the car in the sun, remove the artificial scents like the essential oil here, for example, after a while. Close the door and wait for us to open the door and get in the car, then the models are flooded or have strange signs it will be very clearly shown through the smell coming from the leather or seats. from the floor of the car.

The second point is that let's check the surfaces that will usually get a lot of friction, for example, the gear lever, the knobs or the light control lever and then control the wipers here, there. These are the areas where the age of the car will show very clearly, like the model you are seeing here, the car owner probably uses the light control lever quite a lot and so the plastic part here it is more glossy and has lost the ... lost the original paint colors, besides, like the very model you are observing here, the gear lever part is probably used too much and Therefore, the owner of the car has replaced a completely new gear lever cover, these are the signs for you to ask questions about a model with an old age. In addition, the leather seats or the armrests here are also places that often rub and leave very clear signs, like the hand rest here, the gloss is very high, which proves to be the model. This car is also old, the leather seats have also been completely replaced, continuing a questionable sign of the age of the car.

Next, I want you to check out the floor and the undercarriage of the seats, these are the places that when the car is flooded or an old car will also show up very clearly, with the floor of the car, they we have to ignore the second floor that the car owner has added and need to lift the plastic part in this door tank and check the original car floor, the original floor here is felt and from here they are Can we find out if this model is flooded or not? Through whether the metal part under the floor of this car has rusted or not or is the felt here it is flat or not? Those are signs of water damage and repair. Besides, under the seats here is also a place where flooded cars show quite clearly.

The corrugated iron under the car here is not made by the manufacturers to make it weatherproof and so any car model that has been flooded with water will usually rust. . After examining such interior parts, now we can go through a little check in the engine compartment and proceed to a simple test run, with the engine compartment, the first thing I want to mention That is, please check the engine cover carefully, the engine block will show the age of the car through the metal details whether it has rusted, has it faded. ?

Summary of the experience of buying used cars that need to be equipped immediately 10

Has it darkened yet? In addition, as you can see here, this engine is quite problematic when it has the wetness of running oil, this is a sign that the engine is no longer good, In addition, in the engine compartment, you can also easily see the manufacturer's welding marks, these are the welds that private manufacturing facilities will not be able to repeat when the car has a collision. If the power has been affected to the engine compartment, the parts that we restore to this weld will not be as beautiful, it will no longer be as intact as the original.

Of course, when we open the engine compartment cover, you should also start the engine to listen to the engine sound in the galvanic state, whether it is even or not? Then when we throttle up, how does the engine react? Is it smooth or not? Let's try it now, as you can also just hear is the start of the engine, as soon as it is started, the engines are as old as the car we have witnessed. here it has shown an anomaly, the "click" sound that can be emitted from the cora wire indicates that the engine is also old, in addition, during testing it We should also step on the gas to see if the engine sound is even, and then when the gas is down, will it be out of breath or not? There are simple signs that help people detect whether this engine block has… had serious problems or not? Then, if we buy this car, do we have to take the car for maintenance and spend a lot of money on it? Of course, after checking through the details like just now, it is indispensable that we will need to run, to check the performance of the gearbox or the performance of the steering wheel. the detail, the other bumps on the car.

Let's discover now, test driving is very important in the process of finding a good used car, you should operate the car in all gears to make sure that the transmission is smooth. tru, still smooth, because usually when we test an old car, users will often have the habit of only testing for a short distance, then low speed, not using all levels. number.

In addition, in the process of using the car, we will also be able to know if the steering wheel of the car is still ... still firm enough, accurate enough or not? Like the model I'm testing now, it's probably quite old, so the dirt is large, similar to when I tested a car before, we can shake. the steering wheel is like this and the car is still going straight, without changing direction, besides during our test drive, we should also check all other details, other content such as Is the light for example, or is the air conditioner here to see if it is still working properly? Does it cause a gas leak? Can cause infection….

Summary of the experience of buying used cars that need to be equipped immediately 11

Duplicate the engine down or not? Other details such as plastic or mirrors and buttons….vv…. On the car, it's also easy to show its longevity when we go on bad roads, to check that, I recommend you go on roads ... brick roads or concrete roads. and then make cornering swings at a relatively high speed a bit so that these plastic details are more visible, the creaking sounds of the old interior will be more obvious.

With the content we provide just now, we believe that you can choose for yourself a relatively good old car model, but to be more sure, my final advice is to bring All used car models that you are interested in check out at a genuine dealer, because some specialized car manufacturers such as Nate-xe-Det or Au-Di for example, or have machines it can Read out potential errors or check the real speedometer of the car, and if the content we provide it is not enough to satisfy you, do not hesitate to comment below, we will to help you learn more, don't forget to like and sop-roai for our pet and in addition any car model you want to learn, please also comment below. See you in the next program!

Summary of the experience of buying used cars that need to be equipped immediately 12

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