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Get the Car Rake Key and Ceramic Deception

Get the Car Rake Key and Ceramic Deception

Hello everyone, today we are in a car care area. Recently, a lot of polishing services, spa beauty services for cars appeared. 

Let's try to divide the capo into 2 parts: one part is coated with relatively expensive high grade ceramic, the other half has not done anything. 


When spraying water on a ceramic coated surface, the surface will not stick with water and just go fast on the road and the wind will remove the water. But with the area not covered with ceramic, the water will run out of water. 

With the Meguiar ceramic wax vial is a glossy finish, making this side exactly the same as the ceramic one but in a very fast time and with extremely low price, the shelf life is about 1-2 years. Once coated, the surface on both sides looks very similar, in terms of effect, the same, but this bottle only costs about 550,000 VND. 

ceramic Wax

If you use high-quality ceramic, you must maintain it once a month to maintain its shine. But with Meguiar ceramic wax bottle you can use it regularly at home and it is significantly cheaper. 

ceramic Wax

Do not think that ceramic coating is scratch-resistant, just by brushing the branches of the tree will of course be scratched. So using this ceramic wax bottle is very reasonable for the gloss as well as the waterproof effect. 

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