Just Over 3 Billion Buy Mercedes V250 AMG Experience Business Seats Almost Like Maybach

Just over 3 billion buying Mercedes V250 AMG has had a business seat experience similar to Maybach

Mercedes V250 AMG
Mercedes V250 AMG

A model that is only a little over 3 billion has the same experience as Maybach's cabin, today we will learn about the V250 AMG. This car is equipped with the AMG line package, a sporty designed Limousine for only 3 billion 185 million.

Mercedes V250 AMG

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The grille is true to the AMG style, the logo is very valuable not only in terms of the brand but also in terms of the value it brings. The smart LED systems are extremely beautiful, the air intakes and the lower bumper are all AMG Line style. Mercedes cars have very high quality and finishing, commensurate with the 3-pointed star brand. The vehicle has an overall length of about 5,5m. The car is equipped with a very high quality 360 camera that provides a true viewing angle.

Mercedes V250 AMG
Unique 7-spoke wheels

Set of 7-spoke dual-color contrasting wheels, creating 3D effects, Continental tires. The wheelbase of this car will be 230mm longer than the regular AMG version, which means the overall length is 3430mm, which is very long. The dark glass panes are beautifully designed. The storage space of the trunk is extremely large, the compartments are smartly designed and made from plastic and felt materials.

Mercedes V250 AMG
Mercedes V250 AMG business seat

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The new interior space is the most valuable thing on the car, Maybach-style seats. The car's glass is soundproof and heatproof, the occupants of the car can comfortably observe the scene outside. In terms of equipment, the car has 15 sets of Burmester speakers, memory for independent seats, seats with heating, drying, massage functions, etc. The headrests on these Mercedes are very soft and smooth.The chair is upholstered in high quality leather with delicate stitches. This car has 6 completely independent seats. For a family, the entire row of seats can be adjusted to create a non-communication atmosphere. Even the third row of seats has a very spacious and comfortable sitting space, with armrests, Burmester speakers as well as air-conditioning vents and reading lights. Those are the conveniences of a limousine-style car. Both sides of the driver's seat shop are no different from Mother's sedans or SUVs.

Mercedes V250 AMG
Interior inside Mercedes V250 AMG

The dashboard is made entirely of carbon-textured plastic, the turbine-style air vents are very typical on AMG cars. All the conveniences that communicate with users such as the MBUX system on the V250 AMG, you have 4 methods to use: touch, check back, buttons on the steering wheel, voice. The 360 ​​camera on the Mec series is generally rated as top quality. The engine is only 2.0 but the capacity is 211 horsepower, 350Nm torque, which is very reasonable to help the car operate more stably.

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