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Flipping Your Entire Personality Through The Car

Flipping Your Entire Personality Through the Car 1

Do you believe that just the car you are going to express your whole personality? It is also logical, not fortune telling, or telling the truth. Because the personality of the person is shown by the way they choose to buy an item, and like why you choose to buy a car and so on ... And more specifically:

What Does The Car Say About You?

 Based on research by the University of California Davis has shown that:

+ Small car: Kia Morning, Chevrolet Spark, ...

Flipping Your Entire Personality Through The Car 2

+ + Owners of these small cars are often young, active people, living in a crowded urban environment.

+ + They are people who often go away and are not addicted to work or like to show off their wealth.

+ + They want to reduce the impact on their surroundings and seek a certain convenience.

+ Medium size cars: Toyota Camry, Chevrolet Malibu, ...

Flipping Your Entire Personality Through The Car 3

+ + The owners of these models are not people who like to travel. They show little personality and do not have to move much, move far.

+ + Can compare their cars as ready-made clothes because of their usability and nothing outstanding or superior in features as well as exterior.

+ + In the US, midsize cars are often chosen by women and home workers and they have a relatively low income compared to average, they prefer to be stable and they are satisfied with their current income and life. at his.

+ Luxury cars: Cadillac, Lexus, ...

Flipping Your Entire Personality Through The Car 4

+ + People prefer to stabilize the greater part

+ + Often go to work or move in the distance blocking the distance

+ + Masculine and mature, they are usually elderly or retired

+ + Highly educated and high-income

+ + They are "successful" - They often work hard, work very well and their principles, they do not like to be dependent on anything.

+ Sports cars: BMW, Porsche, Audi, ....

Flipping Your Entire Personality Through The Car 5

+ + People with hobbies and adventure.

+ + They often lose their temper quickly before something.

+ + One thing that is amazing is that the income of the majority is not too high, in decent form - Particularly for this statistic only happens in the US.

+ + A person who likes to live virtual, their financial children are often unstable and like or impulsive.

+ Family car: Minivan / Van

Flipping Your Entire Personality Through The Car 6

+ + Calm and not alone

+ + They like to enjoy trips away from noisy places with family and friends every weekend.

+ + And most people who use these cars they live in the suburbs, not in the inner city but not in the majority.

+ + Women and people who work at home like, or choose this family of cars.

+ + The age of the owner, choose this model is those with a family price of about 41 to 64 and they often have children.

+ Pickup truck

Flipping Your Entire Personality Through The Car 7

+ + Dynamic likes to work

+ + Sometimes feel tired with life.

+ + Often working full time on a career related service.

+ + Relative income.


Flipping Your Entire Personality Through The Car 8

+ + Little attention to environmental and surrounding issues

+ + Like to travel short days

+ + Often living in the suburbs

+ + Under the age of 40

+ + A large family

+ + May have children

According to some surveys in the UK, the color of the car usually represents the most characteristic personality of each person, each individual

+ Black: Active personality and likes to rebel

+ Silver color: Cool, calm is usually like solitude.

+ Green: Flexible, active and youthful

+ Yellow: Idealistic and idealistic

+ Blue: Inward, cautious, quiet

+ Red: Energetic and charismatic

+ White: People like to settle down, like to make friends

+ Cream color: Discreet, likes to control everything around you at hand.

So are these problems that can look at your car, can you guess your personality? With the car you choose and the color of your car you decide to buy it reflects a certain part of your personality. But this is not entirely true, because it only partially expresses your personality but does not indicate so peace of mind, to be honest, no one can catch your personality completely right through Your car is often looking at something about you.

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