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With 900 Million Should Buy The Old Kia Sorento 2017?

Hello today, we will take a look at how the used car market looks, thinking that in this moment, many people want to find a car for themselves according to their needs. we only have one hundred million dong but we want to meet this hobby is this high, healthy, full-sized car, but how do we think about it?

Today I will introduce to you a Kia Sorento, next to the car next to me is the 2017 Kia Sorento and this car has met the needs of high ground clearance and looks The car is very good, we see the car is quite strong and strong and first let's explore what it has.

With 900 Million Should Buy The Old Kia Sorento 2017? first

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The first part is the grille or bonnet and the Kia Sorento's linen side is very prominent before now, the tiger nose and the very strong surface of the cab because it runs along and connects the surface of the corn which is this dimmer headlight cluster. it includes a hybrid jute led on top and a quick turnlight, a Borosicter and a Halogen bulb, the nice thing about this model is that it has an extra wash This lamp helps us to prevent dust and dust, it shoots dirt, this lamp wash is very useful in this case, V2 under the lamp and under the lamp is divided into two floors.

Upstairs and downstairs, and I guess the lower light is the fog lamp that the car has been in for a year and the upper part doesn't have the same reflector as the one below and it goes down, it's basically not like that. Below this, there are sensors around the vehicle. This Kia sorento uses the version and this is the 2.2 liter engine oil version that we can think of its fellow sibling model Sanhtaphe and the heart and heart of Kia sorento it is almost similar. because it runs the same engine the same only difference with both Sanhtaphe is that this Kia sorento also has a new version but it is still after its elder in this 2017 version, the Kia sorento's gearbox is 6+ gearbox Let's explore the original Kia Sorento equipped with exactly 9 inches, with a very stylish feature of the cart, often they make the rim of it very highly aesthetic and beautiful. from the tone and with this masculine car the rim makes the car less stiff and softer.

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Next is the car mirror that should be with a big picture like this, this mirror seems to be a bit smudged compared to the charcoal image here I think will be the limitation of this car but it is still equipped with turn signals on the side of the mirror this is a plus point on the minus the door of this mirror and in the front and rear trunks, there is nothing special, but still very big making the veins of the car like this helps the car to be big and full and it looks very athletic and this car is the door handle for its former owner to have called is covering the protective brace so that when we open the door it won't get scratched in this part and this door has something quite convenient and this is a smart door opener, we only press the button when the door is opened will lock and press the button, the lock will open like that.

This is it now. The rear part of the car also has this lamp, it seems that it is designed a little more moderately and that is more rhythmic than the previous generation version, the car lamp is square like this and the generation. This is neatly trimmed here and it looks good and looks good.

With 900 Million Should Buy The Old Kia Sorento 2017? 2

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The bottom is not black, but the bottom is just a reflective plate when we go to the dark, the car, at the rear, it detects that there is a car behind me, it also has feelings. the part behind the back panel is later sanded plastic and the rough layer is also placed underneath it is somewhat limited is the profile of this tire, when we go into the stone, the stones kick and scratch all the scales inside the layer and like this, the layer placed on the bottom of this layer will make this layer lessen because we see it is not hidden inside but is exposed outside a little and this 2017, the part of its exhaust is not showing off so the compatriots from Kia's compatriots often often see it often it has exposed exhaust pipes and is beautifully decorated eyes and chrome wrap.

As for the exhaust of the Kia Sorento, it is placed down here and that is a glimpse of the overall shape of the car with the required price, which is great for me, and I am temporarily acceptable. This shape about the original tall design that I gave and now let's explore the interior to see what it has inside. When I walked into the interior, the first thing that impressed me was that this door was closed quite firmly and smoothly.

From the very beginning, when I held the door handle outside, I felt the certainty that the car brought about the interior layout, so maybe I could make my own personal comment as the layout. This is not very nice, but it is quite complete and the material can be seen that it is a combination of plastic and skin. made in a vein pattern and this part is no different from the skin if only seen with the naked eye without touching and below it is also a little more sophisticated that it is covered with wood that is wood veneer that I do not know this is real wood or wood grain plastic here and this is a plus point for luxury cars in turng center also has the screen and this screen should be about 5 inches only that only DVD player, watch electronics and conditioning is the air conditioner only two independent areas have front and back glass and then below.

Hey, this is the place where the phone has a USB, AUX port and a 12-volt charger, but for electricity, it also has a round mark, so I think about Vietnam it has cut something here. well it doesn't matter very much and hitting the driver in front of this steering wheel.

With 900 Million Should Buy The Old Kia Sorento 2017? 3

This steering wheel is quite similar to the car's appearance, this is a lot of buttons and comfort is quite complete, including this control control that hears and calls this phone to adjust the resolution system. the volume and the most impressive thing on this car is probably this central tiger bronze this turntable dashboard is a little bit technological because that's what you see in the middle of this light is it doesn't do analog mechanical anymore like usual but it does electronic meter and the electric meter is exhausted and the electronic clock also controls the parameters and controls with the button on this steering wheel on both sides of the handcuffs And the speed and petrol shift indicator are still a normal analog clock and this car also has an auto light then it wiped the rain to see if the steering wheel swings in the directions but it is still a mechanical adjustment, and on the two sides of the door is a glass door. This power adjustment and electric glass doors on both sides of the front row of seats, then the seat down section, the front seats are both electrically adjustable and have h Anyone who remembers when I entered I meant that when I started the engine, the front seat automatically pushed into the position I had moved before, which means it was more comfortable than it was when I turned off the engine, I noticed if it was pushed back, let's take a look at the seats, the leather seats are used for more than a year, but the leather is very good new oil does not understand wrinkle or wear even though the skin color is very easy to dirty, this shows that the previous car owner is very pedestrian, the leather hand inside the trunk is also for nothing special, these are two The good thing about the goblet like I said earlier is this car

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6+ gearbox however, with such a big and strong roar we expect something about the operation and the feeling of driving this car is missing it doesn't have the modes driving this way and that and that, for example, and it has a mode that helps us through that adjusting the softness of the steering wheel because this steering wheel is an electric steering wheel and This is the steering mode of the steering wheel. We have the mode at this button. This is the steering wheel button. This is the death of the steering wheel. This nomor means this normal steering mode. and next is the surport mode which is the higher one and we will try the garden mode and this comfort mode, I guess the lightest mode and running it will be very comfortable and overview. is that so oh well there is half more and I look up, I see this car has a very wide sunroof that pulls from the beginning x echo to the car is always a plus point but however in the Vietnamese market With a sky gate like this, it will raise the temperature a lot or in other words it will be hot, but there is nothing more than nothing and now we will go back to see how wide or how tight it is. .

The Kia sorento is a seven-seater high-rise car but it still belongs to 5 + 2 only.I saw the second row first with the row then two with the second row then I adjusted for my first row. most of the driver and after I sat in the second row, my first feeling was extremely spacious although my height also fell to about 1 meter 8 or

With 900 Million Should Buy The Old Kia Sorento 2017? 4

a bit closer to 8 meters and you can see that the distance between the ceiling and the front of the seat is very wide, the seats are comfortable and the seats are full of leather so the seats are quite like and generally, but It's also full of amenities and here is the plus point is that the air vents here and I really like this air-conditioning vents and the air-con vents will keep us cool on both sides and the fathering center doesn't it's cold and feels like its temperature is dropping or rising even more evenly than it is and on the center it only has a 12-volt jack and a small storage compartment with nothing and the pedestal in the middle I only have one cup like this and how I try to sit in the middle and sit in the middle, I have a feeling that the vertebrae of this central column is cozy and the seat is a bit hard and tighter because this is It's understandable because every car is the same and it's not wide on both sides and now let's look at the two rows of seats that are considered plus points of the SUV and the third row and see if the row is wide enough. i so we can carry more people in the car over the long distance or not, let's take a look and there is an opening here to help us into the third row easier than it is not very comfortable because we I have to open two stations and wait a little bit I will open the third row up here and the third row pulls up on the rope like this already, when I pull up the second row, then I enter the third row It is very difficult

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but sitting down let us consider whether it is comfortable to sit in the third row and I leave the position the same as it was at first oh this is a bit hard to open a bit ok hey here I went over here a bit as you can see, with the height of my body, it seems that the third row is quite tight, extremely tight because I have to sit like this and the third row. making it only for small people and children makes more sense and sitting long distances is also uncomfortable because the ceiling is not very high because I am still being touched here and my foot has to be pressed like This way, I can only sit and in this third seat, the only advantage is the air-conditioning door and this is the air-conditioning door, and especially, the door is also controllable, not like the normal air door. like the models and it is the plus point of the third row and now we go to the trunk of the car to see that when we carry the full body of this trunk, how much is left of me n hold this 3rd row its trunk is almost nothing so it is very short and small like this I think when we go crowded with a small trunk like this then surely we can not go very far because the trunk is very small and there is not much left in the third row but when the 3rd row is folded down like this, the back trunk becomes wide and relaxed. the roof is good and there are still lots of seats and the width and the rear trunk is still the trunk, but there is no reversing camera on this car, so this car cannot get good points and there is a reversing camera with sensors and this is a diesel engine and this is a common santafe engine ok and now let us try to see the driving feel of the 2017 Kia sorento

which is how the car is used after a year and how it feels because it is still intact or how it is degraded so let's experience together on this car and now they Let's experience in this car wearing a seatbelt, and then start the engine. This is the smart start button. Can you see the seat, put itself in the original position for the most comfort? If I were to install the steering wheel now, let's go together and the initial feel of this car I think is a common feature because I think this is the oil motorbike of the countries At the beginning of the water, the sound of the engine bouncing a lot and then I went here and there and went a little faster to see what it was like and now this time, apart from the part of the engine that hit the old engine, I can see that the part the noise from the road surface also echoes, I can also feel the noise from the road surface a little faster, the car is much quieter and especially considering this is x You roar high, so our view is wide open

Kia sorento or a car that many people often call it a scalloped car is also quite sure that there is a little bit limited. This pillar seems like it is bigger and thicker. its observation is limited and just like what I first observed this mirror is actually smaller than a car this tall and its observation part is not very much I will try the steering wheel mode first, comfort mode try the comfort mode of the steering wheel, the steering wheel is very light as long as the red rose is always held by one finger. to the nomor, the nomor seems to be stiffer, although the strength of the engine is the same, it differs from the softness of the steering wheel only because this steering wheel is an electric steering wheel and to see the Kia sorento how hard and hard as oil powered car is always very hard and so for this mode, let's try running at high speed it feels for the car it is stronger than it is not stalling it, reassuring that it operates, the car basically, it only has to be so that's what the car brings in this price range of only a hundred million dollars in this car. segment competitors or other competitors, it seems that in terms of aesthetics, the exterior first to exterior, I think this car is more of a man-oriented car, which is very masculine but but going into that interior, it seems that it is a car with a sense of aesthetics for the most even though its comfort is very high in terms of comfort, it is a little bit better than both Models of the same segment

In terms of spaciousness, this car is very large compared to the same segment, this is a very large vehicle because why it also holds two more rear seats, which is terrible. If you go for 7 people, this car can meet, but it is still only a short distance, can not go for a long distance because sitting is very uncomfortable, the passing point, I think for me personally. This car is a car called a car launched to give you a reference between the consideration of the car in the segment at the price of hundreds of millions and specifically here is about a hundred million compared to with this 2017 Kia sorento.

With 900 Million Should Buy The Old Kia Sorento 2017? 5

 The car is used after more than a year in general, in terms of performance, it is still stable about electric equipment, it is stable and has no problems at all and so I had the Preliminary review of this Kia sorento 2017 and thank you very much Huy auto for lending us your car and please press the bell to follow and update the best and latest news about the car market thank you very much See you next time and we'll see you next time.

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