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Should 1 billion Toyota Camry 2.0 buy or not

Should 1 billion Toyota Camry 2.0 buy or not

Camry 2.0E | Toyota Vietnam

Hello everyone, after experiencing the Camry 2.5 Q, I would highly recommend to you the cheaper version, 2.0 G version for only 1 billion VND 29 million. So what's the difference, here I will show you.

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6-speed automatic transmission Gasoline engine 1,998 cm3 | Toyota Vietnam | Holline: 1800 1524.

The first difference is that the lamp cluster, it does not have the led light here, but it divides the cavity, a bit different but still has full day positioners and LED lights. Next up is the side, so instead of the 18-inch wheels, it's going to be 17-inch wheels.

As for the overall facial cavity, if you look ahead, there is not too much difference just the eyes alone, all are identical. Of course, this is a version of the engine rather than 2.5, we will experience later whether this car has enough power to use or not with this body.

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In the body of the car, there will be a slight difference is that the mirror has no blind spot warning. Coming to the rear end, we will not make much difference except the lack of a exhaust on the left, this car has only one exhaust on the right. Personally, I still prefer having both exhaust pipes because it will be more balanced.

And the taillight cluster, it has less led then, back lights and turn signals are just normal halogen lights only. Remaining full back sensors, reversing camera, the same design, still the same lamp. And the white of the Camry really impressed me, including this 2.0 version, this pearl white is still very beautiful and very eye-catching.

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Entering this 2.0-liter interior compartment we will see that it has reduced some of the small details, as if we look at this steering wheel, we will not have a cruise control. The screen instead of the 8 inches we will have is 7 inches but the overall design is still the same, we will not have 3 driving modes like 2.5 Q version, we will not remember the seats, but overall it still exudes a high-class and luxurious look, it is not too low-end compared to the searched version and it brings a very high-class and luxurious feeling in the absence of this feature.

The screen in here is a bit smaller but still displays colors very nice and clear, no sunroof anymore. That's one of the things that has been omitted, the rest still has electronic handbrake, still auto hold, there are still all the beautiful things such as the part The tiles are very smooth, the thread is just checkered The smoke is very beautiful, especially the skin on this version was chosen as this cream color really looks very luxurious and bright.

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Especially we have this seat in version 2.5 also. For example, if you want to adjust this chair, then you just need to press here that it will erect or move forward, the button in this area is very convenient, even the driver can still adjust and Even the one behind can adjust it. You see how the chair moves, it's very simple to fold up.

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And there is a very small point that I like in the new generation Camry is that the A axis, the A axis it no longer mirrors mounted, it has separate mount on the bottom and the A axis area is very open. even the coolest of all cars I've ever driven.

It is surprisingly clear, although this is only a very small detail, but you absolutely will not have a bit of blindness at all, very wide, a glass plate immediately without partitions, nothing. This is my favorite detail. In addition, when it comes to visibility, we will see that the lambo cover of the new generation Camry is made about 1 inch lower, which means that it is 2.5 cm from the plane, it will provide more visibility and socks. However, the coefficient of wind resistance is also better.

The rear of this version 2.0 Camry is spacious and comfortable with no difference from version 2.5, it will cut off the curtain here and the controller features temperature and back and fall. There is also no air-conditioning for the third-row seating area, but it still uses the same temperature control system at the top meaning that there is only two independent air conditioners instead of three independent zones. up like the Camry 2.5Q.

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In addition, this car also does not fold, do not fall down as 2.5 Q seats and also no border as 2.5 Q version, a bit more momentum. And now we will experience this 2019 Camry version 2.0, I want to go to the inner city as usual gentle, affectionate. We will think this 2.0 version will be weaker, obviously weaker than version 2.5, but for me 2.0 version is reasonable if going in the inner city, going like this is gentle, emotional, smooth .

It must be said that the new Camry soundproof and smooth and the suspension is very good. So does the steering wheel, the steering is more agile and it's sportier, just like the 2.5 version I used to drive, it was delicious. I have not seen anything to blame at all, really very reasonable.

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I will try to back up to see if the back camera and small screen is as sharp as version 2.5. Actually, it doesn't seem to be as sharp as the 2.5Q version, that's just my feeling, maybe it's because it's dark today too. But this is still very sharp, very good, go.

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The visibility of the new Camry is very good, we have a slightly lower bonnet, a clearer view and especially this A axis as I said, it makes the blind spot almost zero. I'm going to the highway to see what it looks like. Does this 2.0 lumber, speed up.

Not very happy, of course not equal to 2.5 already, it still has a slight slight drop but obviously the throttle lag is more because it doesn't have a sport mode, you have to and come here to return numbers to usy. Despite the manual number, but the throttle lag is still, Toyota is always like that, always keep what is persistent, very economical so the sporty and powerful it does not have much, version 2.5 is yes.

This 2.0 version is a bit extreme, it won't have that extravagance, it will prioritize fuel economy and be more durable. On the road, the soundproofing and noise levels I find it even better than the 2.5 version, just feeling but can say the stability from the road surface, soundproof, outside noise is very good. The new Camry does very well that, really very good, if you do not believe go to the dealers to drag a new Camry to the road with 120 km / h to feel.

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When buying a car you should feel it, do not turn up the music to listen to the speakers, you will not feel it. Take the car to the road at high speed, you will feel and Camry it does that. The steering wheel is very solid, smooth and stable, sharp.

It still has the same sporty steering wheel as the 2.5 Q. The fact that today is still a huge compliment to the new generation Camry with a lovely steering wheel and over-steering system, it's no longer boring and tedious when the steering wheel of a Camry, many people in the past thought that the Camry was to drive to drive, but today's Camry is different, to pleasure, to feel, to enjoy, very good .

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Practically speaking, we step on the gas pedal to let the engine call it, and when we hear it, we will still have a relatively good thrust to overcome the other cars. Anyway, saying version 2.0 is nothing but bullshit, this 2.0 still has a bit of power to help this car satisfy your desire to pass, it's not like it's forever undercarriage. Yes, and of course experience a car, we can not lack the safety.

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VAbout this Camry, I said the suspension is not undercarriage and is very stable, but I want to push it a little more test, that is the slalom test, which is zigzag test to see how stable it is, How is the electronic balancing system, whether the suspension is really stable, whether it is too stacked or not. Right now, we will test. Of course the first part we will test at a moderate speed, reasonable 60 km / h. Starting to accelerate, the gas pedal is still a bit late. 60 km / h is still good, no problem at all. Then now we will accelerate to 65km / h. I heard zigzag.

But this sound is very smooth, or really, still very stable. Okay, now we will go up to 70 km / h to see how. Acceleration! Wow, very reasonable, the new generation Camry is better, the chassis system is more rigid in terms of twist, the suspension is extremely stable, it offers smoothness but the elegance is still very reasonable. , it's not stinking, keeps the car stable and the electronic balancing system I see it doesn't work too much, I don't want to push it up 75-80km / h., 70 km / h is too good already , like this to me is reasonable.

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In summary, with Camry version 2.0 today I experience at a price of VND 1,029,000,000 compared to the same segment sold in Vietnam at the present time, especially the Mazda 6 that people are still feeling is Mazda 6 is young and good, I dare say this Camry is equally young, of course this is the feeling of each person, but about the driving feeling, the feeling of noise, the smoothness, I must say that the session The current Mazda 6 doesn't have a door to compete with the Camry even with this 2.0 version, certainly. The new Camry is sturdier, more stable in chassis, suspension, more mechanically escaped, accelerates happier and is far more soundproofing.

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