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Discover how the Chinese Zotye Z8 is made?

Chinese Range Rover 700 million - Zotye Z8

Discover how the Chinese Zotye Z8 is made? first

Zotye Z8 is a car that is attracting a lot of attention from Vietnamese consumers, it is not a super sports car or a supercar, but it is equipped with a lot of The features and technology, equipment of an expensive luxury car but the price is only about 700 million and includes registration fee, it can only be a Chinese car.

With the Chinese car brand, the Vietnamese people must be a bit afraid, a bit of a fake, indeed the word "copy" here is clearly depicting products like this. Visually, this car has a lot of similarities with luxury cars, especially the Range Rover, a lot of similarities even small points like the diamond steering wheel also mimic the cars of Mercedes Benz.

Discover how the Chinese Zotye Z8 is made? 2

Under the hood of this Chinese car is equipped with Mitsubishi's 2.0, turbocharged Japanese engine, it is very strange that this car is equipped with Japanese engine, Japanese engine characteristics are durable and energy saving. The chassis of this Zotye Z8 is the unibody chassis that Mitsubishi manufactures. Chinese brand but Japanese engines and chassis make us a little more sympathetic about this car. Looking at the engine drills, it is truly remarkable why the Chinese can make such a boring engine drill, with an extremely beautiful lid similar to expensive luxury cars like the Range Rover, and others. Japanese cars, not Lexus, don't get this nice engine drill.

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Regarding paint, it can be said that it is glossy, it looks a bit like it is quite high-class, not too Chinese, if compared to the naked eye compared to the cars assembled in Vietnam, this paint is not inferior. What a car is assembled in Vietnam, even if it is said not to exaggerate a little bit more to say that is very beautiful it is impossible, but obviously with the naked eye we can accept it. Front lights, Chinese made very nice, full led lights, prozeter glass spheres are very beautifully arranged.

Discover how the Chinese Zotye Z8 is made? 3

Chinese people can do whatever they want including the most beautiful headlights like this, of course, it looks like it has something of a hybrid of another company, which is inevitable. off, but it's clear that the finish of this car is also quite meticulous and it doesn't get too Chinese, this is another plus point. The steering wheel surface is a bit bad logo, like a piece of leather and has the word Zotye, while the diamond image on the steering wheel is a bit like a Mercedes car and it is not very eye-catching on this car. The area under the steering wheel, which should have been the air inlet, was decorated with the frill pattern of ancient Chinese houses, but many of the locations on this car used flowers. this text. At the front of the car is also equipped with a front sensor, a 360-degree front camera system, Chinese cars will certainly have all the options for toys, if not, then certainly not Chinese cars.

The body, perhaps we will immediately realize that it is as fast as a Range Rover vehicle, even if the A-axis A painted in black, it is very similar to Range Rover. The door is breathed for all four doors, and when opened, a step up and down protrudes out exactly like a good car, but the point is that the 19-inch rim is not too small but it A little bigger will fit this car. Tire is a Chinese brand, the pattern of the rim is too simple like an old car.

Discover how the Chinese Zotye Z8 is made? 4

On the body of the car, there is a fake air outlet area painted in silver that looks pretty and has lights here. The rearview mirror is nice and equipped with a camera on the bottom to handle the 360 camera for the car, the mirror is also very clear but this is not a anti-glare mirror. If a good German car such as Mercedes Benz, a pair of mirrors like this one has an unlucky camera that is damaged, or lost, you will have to spend 150 million for those mirrors even if for Range Rover or those other luxury brands have to spend 200 to 300 million for a pair of mirrors that have to wait a long time to buy but these mirrors only have 8 million and are available when you need them because in the dealership they have so many because it is too cheap.

At the rear of the car is really too similar to a Jaguar F-Pace full small LED lights look very similar, actually the LED lights of this Zotye Z8 are also extremely beautiful. There after sensor, reversing camera. Tires only need to kick and automatically open or close with the push of a button, and also resistant to jam. This car is equipped with almost the full option of a luxury car but only for 700 million.

Discover how the Chinese Zotye Z8 is made? 5

Furniture. In the driving drill of the Zotye Z8 is a technological paradise, a paradise of luxury cars and sports cars. The steering wheel of the car has buttons, shift switches of Mercedes, need gauze, turn signals, gauze rain, ... of Mercedes. The front speed display of Volvo can adjust a lot of content displayed inside. It is very technologically, although it is a bit of a hybrid but actually it is very beautiful. The screen is identical to the screen of the Volvo car located right next to the 2 air vents in the vertical style of Volvo, but it also made a little different, this is a screen running Android's operating system and it very sensitive as well as a good car at all. Right below the screen, there are a few hard keys (physical keys) instead of cars with large screens and having to press directly on the screen, sometimes it will be a bit inconvenient when you want to press a function. Right away, this car has learned from it and it has shortcut keys for air conditioning, ionizing air, adjusting PM2.5, and a number of other functions.

It has a gearshift knob just like a Range Rover, it is made of steel metal and diamond-shaped milling, besides the buttons there are many different functions. There are 360 cameras but not very sharp. Trunk on the lower trunk just press it can open. The top cover area is made of leatherette material. Perforated leather seats, sewing thread very standard, sitting very smoothly. The covered roof is very well felt. Panoramic sunroof wide to the back seat. There are also LEDs in the car that change color continuously. In terms of equipment, it is quite complete. The back of the car is quite wide, but there are some slightly cumbersome details such as ashtrays. In this second row, it looks too much like BMW, there is a darkened glass door from the second row and back to prevent glare. The inside handlebars are also leather. The level of finishing is quite good compared to the price range like this. This car is also equipped with safety features such as electronic balance system and a number of other features. In the car is also equipped with 6 airbags.

Discover how the Chinese Zotye Z8 is made? 6

When riding in the inner city, the steering is very light, the engine is quite quiet, the 2.0-horsepower 2.0-liter engine is not too strong. When the acceleration is not bad at all, do not know if the steering wheel has a speed sensor or not, the feeling of the steering wheel is a bit heavy, this car has a thicker and heavier chassis, it will probably be tougher but there is It will probably use more fuel. If you drive this car, with this engine and with this 8-speed gearbox is no different than a Japanese car.

When you ride this car, you will not have the feeling that riding in China is like the old days when the Chinese wave was born, it still has something not as perfect as Honda's genuine car, this car is not Like that, it still has a smooth, smooth even soundproof is very good. When walking in the inner city, the sound of the car's sensor is loud and not very polite. In terms of operation, it was alright in the first kilometers. When out in the countryside, step on the accelerator pedal to accelerate, the engine is quite loud, but there is no problem, the turbocharged engine is too reasonable, more than 90km / h but the engine is still smooth, luxurious Very smooth numbers without any jerk. If this car after 3 years of use, we should rethink a Chinese car, going 100km / h and it is still good, still quieter than a Japanese or Korean car. The Zotye Z8 car brings many surprises at a price of just over 700 million including registration fee.

Discover how the Chinese Zotye Z8 is made? 7

Zotye Z8 has dimensions of 4,748 * 1,933 * 1,697mm, wheelbase of 2,850mm, 2.0 Turbo engine, cylinder capacity of 1,997cc, maximum power of [email protected],500rpm, maximum torque of [email protected],400-4,000rpm , airbag system is 6.

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