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Breaking A Car At The Discovered Center Of Saigon

Breaking, stabbing, cutting and cutting in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City with just a simple set of equipment and a few manipulative tricks, a group of people make millions every day like breaking motorcycles of people on the road.

Nguyen Hue Walking Street on October 25, 2017. After many days of tracking, Thanh Nien newspaper correspondents have identified a car patch at the corner of Ton Duc Thang and Nguyen Hue intersection where car demolition and chopping. This patch was set up by a man named Hue. A young man's car was immature, he was invited to patch the car. Mr. Hue seemed to sit side by side, but turned his back to the customer. Pay close attention to this is the way he broke the intestine of the young man. At first, like everyone else would patch, he opened the valve to let out his breath. Then Mr. Hue pried the tires to get the intestines. This is an important trick to destroy a vehicle when he deliberately forgot to loosen the valve screw before prying the tire. According to the profession, if you do not loosen the valve feet, the risk of breaking the valve foot is very high. The act of prying the tire was not noticeable until he reached the valve. Mr. Hue used all his strength at the age of 52 and plunged deeply into the valve that was attached to the wheel. This stab's purpose is to break the valve leg. The thrust was so powerful that the tire pruning tool was thrown onto the road. And it seems that a sharp stab was not enough to make him feel comfortable. Mr. Hue decided to add 1 more blow to the leg. After the tire prick is the new intestine. At this time, Mr. Hue opened the valve screw and it seemed that the two double-knots of the tire had not made him happy. He decided to jerk the intestines a few times to make sure the van legs only broke. After a few manipulations to pretend to check the tire with a nail inside, Mr. Hue finished his sabotage by forcefully breaking the valve foot to completely break.

After only a few minutes into Mr. Hue's hand, the car's intestines from premature had become broken valves forced to replace the new intestine. Next, Mr. Hue called customers to come and inform about the car's condition. “This gut has 3 pieces already. It turned the nozzle. Yes I understand, understand what I mean? As the second one, my intestines are so worn out that I have to change for better business. Right? Then sit down and do it. Sit and think. Reasonable always. ” And this is Hue's new car for the customer. No brand no manufacturing location. This car even has horizontal lines connected together like recycled gut. According to a reputable car repair shop owner in Ho Chi Minh City, this is a low quality gut. This type is thick but the little rubber components are often sold to curbside repair shops for between VND15 and VND20,000. Meanwhile, good tires are usually thinner and more flexible. It is possible to distinguish the two types of intestine with the naked eye by looking at the colored lines on the body of the intestine. Good gut types usually have a blue thread that sticks together from start to finish. And after a few minutes, customers have to pay 120 thousand VND for the sabotage behavior of Mr. Hue and a small car. What a mercilessly slashing hand.

On the afternoon of October 26, another young man with a wheeled car drove to Mr. Hue. Seeing the car driver coming to pay close attention to Mr. Hue, he could not break the valve foot as usual, but he still had another way to make customers have to change their intestines. Pay attention to Mr. Hue's kit: a hand-pumped tube, several intestines, some types of tools and toothpicks. After inflating the car's intestines, Mr. Hue put a sharp toothpick into the old patch with this procedure. Not stopping after bringing a bucket of water to color, he again stabbed another toothpick for the car's bowels were completely broken. And this is how he copes with customers when he responds, "You are old and you are not going to cheat my hole. No, I didn't mean it because I had it once. This one just patched me up. You are not like other places to make a lie, I do not understand you say no. He is old. Now I have given him 100 thousand uncle did not take the home uncle follow his conscience. When this person asked him to cram his intestines to go to another nearby car repair shop to patch, Mr. Hue gave his winged words to his colleagues: That boy, he said that he really is a villain like him. It is real to you.

Around this area, many people say that Mr. Hue is not a car mechanic. His main occupation is breaking cars and strangling customers. In addition to his job of breaking cars, Mr. Hue often had the heart to lead Western customers to the road and begged for wages. With his destructive tricks, he earns millions every day. He said it all the time: I really told you now you do 2 million. I only drove the car 10 thousand alone and I'm still healthy. My money is the sweat of your money and your money is the scam. It doesn't know that. That gut is 19 thousand. With the intestine, Mr. Hue replaced the victim to a car repair point on the corner of Pham Ngoc Thach street in Turtle Lake area to ask for inspection. Everything continued this man also used the same tactics as Mr. Hue had used to damage the van foot of the car. However, he was more benevolent, he replaced a better one of Hue's better tires. “Hey, my tap is broken. Gutsy, look is known. Take a look. Here, the intestine is broken. Witty huh! Look at this gut is known. Doesn't it look different right? This change is always 120,000 dong. Casumina ah, and this guy instead of you is his gut, witty gut.

Broken car in the middle of the road has long become an obsession for people living in Ho Chi Minh City. No one is sure whether a car mechanic will repair himself with a professional conscience or sabotage for self-seeking purposes. Stabs to the intestines of people like Hue are those that stab people into the faith of people who miss the road.

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