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Hello everyone, it's nice to meet you again in my latest video clip today! In the video clip today, I will talk about the classification of passenger cars in the Vietnam market as well as the World market, mainly I only talk about Vietnam market, my friends. the classification of passenger cars is based on the following criteria, the first criterion is the body structure, engine compartment, passenger compartment, luggage compartment, the second criterion is structure the chassis, whether its chassis is removable iron or the suspension it attaches to the frame, the third is the height of the chassis, and finally the drive system.


The other is the number of doors, the number of seats layout like? Based on that, people divided into Crossorver, Hatchback and pickup lines, how do those cars distinguish? So today I'm going to talk about that issue, the first is the Sedan, the Sedan is the most popular tourist car on the market that you can see it running full of roads, the sedans it has characteristics is it has a body divided into three epidermal compartments, that's the engine compartment, the passenger compartment, and the rear compartment contains the trunk, luggage compartment, three compartments, ladies and gentlemen, and its undercarriage usually less than 20cm, it usually has four doors then it usually has four seats or five seats.

Then there are popular Sedan cars in the market such as Toyota Camry, Vios and Altis and Honda then Honda City, Civic, Ecosport, Hyundai have Accent, Elantra and Sonata, and Chevrolet has Aveo, Cruise and Mazda there are Mazda 2, Mazda 3, then Mazda 6, such cars are called Sedans, then the Sedan, its advantages are that it is luxurious, sleek, and it is used for that purpose. There are few people in the family, for example, a couple, two children, it is either a private car, anyone who works often needs a car that gives people a luxurious image of themselves. That transaction is, people often use this Sedan a lot.


Next is me about Hatchback, Hatchback is a car with a tail, which is a variant of the Sedan, that is, it has no trunk in the back, but instead has a fifth door, this door is the one that the luggage compartment will be combined with the passenger compartment, which is the tail-end Hatchback line, it has the characteristic that it is low like a Sedan, the second row of seats we can fold down to increase the size. more storage space, so it's a little more convenient than the Sedan, I can carry things that are longer than the Hatchback, so this Hatchback has three or five doors, sitting it has four or five seats, the Hatchback line in Vietnam such as Ford Fiesta, Toyota Yaris, KIA Morning, Chevrolet Spark, Daewoo Matiz, Mazda 2 Hatchback version, Mazda 3 Hatchback version ... etc ... Those are the Hatchback cars that are famous in the market.

Next, I introduce to you the SUV line, the SUV line stands for Sport Utility Vehicle, which means sport utility vehicle, this car is also quite popular in Vietnam, especially the car. Toyota Fortuner in the South people buy a lot, it usually has seven seats, high roar, its chassis structure is a removable iron, iron and then the body itself up, the suspension mounted for xi xi so the chassis is tall, the machine is strong, it is usually equipped with an oil machine, which usually drives four wheels, but there is also a two-wheel drive, its styling is square, masculine, just like Hatchback it does not have a trunk, it has a fifth door at the back, opening up a common luggage compartment with a passenger cabin, Vietnamese SUVs such as Toyoto Land Cruiser, Toyota Fortuner, Ford Everest, Mitsubishi Pajero, then Land rover, Lexus LX570 and Ford Explorer, these are SUVs.


So this SUV can go on a terrain where it is a little rough and comfortable, then I can be a little flooded, it is the characteristics of the SUV so it is very popular Prefered in Vietnamese terrain, because it can carry a lot of people, it usually has seven spacious seats, then roar it high, this machine is strong and often diesel, so it is quite economical compared to the gasoline motorbikes. other, the next is the Crossorver line is the hybrid car between the sedan and the SUV, the Crossorver is also known as that CUV, it is ... its characteristic hybrid model is quite similar to the SUV but it is small a little more, and the undercarriage is not as high as the SUV, but it is lower than the SUV, which is slightly higher than the Sedan, and what distinguishes it from that SUV is that its body does not have apart, there's no removable iron, the suspension is attached to the body, so the Crossorver line creates a neutral style between the Sedan and the SUV, it's a bit smaller, like shape c Its softer and more refined, it can be said to be a bit nicer than the SUV.

The roar is higher than the Sedan so I can move in the ... street or I can go a little bumpy road also ... ok. The popular Crossorver line in Vietnam, it is divided into popular segments, such as Ford Ecosport, Kin-ai-go 20, middle-class segment such as Honda CR-V, Mazda CX5. , Mitsubishi Outlander, Nissan Juke, then Toyota RAV4, luxury segments such as Athens, Crazy-Germany-X5, X6, Au-di-V3, V5, then Cross- ri-sì-sen, the world's first Crossorver model, was the first Toyota RAV4 introduced by Toyota in 94 in Japan, then in 95 it was introduced in Europe and in the US, gaining popularity. in the US, according to their compatriot ie the Honda it out the ... its opponent to the CRV to compete and also very successful in the US market.

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However, in the Vietnam market, the Honda CRV has not been very successful, recently due to its low price, so last month it sold more than 1,300 units of that Honda CRV, the characteristics of the Honda CRV the tail posted after it. arguing that it is a bit more restrictive, the Vietnamese people criticize me. Next, I introduce to you MPV the model that is also known as Minivan multi-purpose model, then this MPV line stands for Multi-purpose Vehicle, which means many different purposes and uses. carrying people and carrying luggage, comfortably, the main feature of this MPV is that it is usually 5 to 7 seats, it usually has three rows of seats, the last row is usually smaller and when needed The device can be folded to increase the luggage volume in the back.


The chassis is taller than the Sedan and the Hatchback is lower than the SUV, the Cabo is quite short, this cabo is quite short, the body of the car starts from the tip of the long elastic to the back, the car is usually long elongated. the tail behind it is square, these cars are popular for example in Vietnam, such as Toyota, Innova ... there are also other models such as Mazda, Fi- radios, then Nazis, and then KIA Cerato and KIA Rondo are small, medium-sized MPVs such as Toyota Zace, Mitsubushi Zuli and Toyota Innova, KIA Temporarily, Mitsubishi Bing, large MPV models such as Toyota 7-seat Toyota, carrying people very spacious, recently in Vietnam like to experience that much is KIA Xi -en-à 7 seats, and the electric door it pulls behind, hey, the Honda O-Di-Xi model is also the electric door that pulls on both sides and 7 seats is very spacious and comfortable.

The advantage of the MPV is that its seats are also more spacious than the Sedan and Hatchback models, it has 5-7 seats and can fold up the seats to increase the luggage compartment you can carry comfortably, and the price its more comfortable, it's lower than the SUV line, its price is lower, flexible, its size is not as big as the SUV I can use more flexibly in small, variable areas of the larger MPV line, also called passenger mini vent, such as 9-seat Hyundai Starex, Toyota 2S i.e. Shark, 16-sea Shark or 16-seat Ford Transit, 16-seat Mercedes Benz Sprinter This is a passenger car, people often buy on business, it has a shelf life of about 20 years.

Lastly, I would like to introduce to you the Pickup truck which is a pickup truck that has been very popular in Vietnam recently, the Pickup line is very recognizable because there is a box behind it. used to carry luggage, cargo, it is often called that Pigpen, it has 3 compartments, the front and engine compartments, the middle compartment is the passenger compartment, it usually has four or five seats, the last one is the cargo compartment is separated, this Pickup has a similar chassis structure to that SUV, i.e. removable iron, the rear wheel is usually that suspension, often close to That's the truck, so it's pretty shocking, and the machines are usually equipped with strong machines, usually the oil engine, it looks quite bunker, and especially it suffers from a low position, like a truck. so its price is also very affordable and also has a very convenient freight.

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So recently it is very popular in the Vietnamese market, the Pickup lines you know already, such as Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger and Nissan Navara and Mitsubishi Triton are pickups in Vietnam is very popular, next I tell you about the classification of a car by size, by the length of the car, you often hear the cars A, B, B C, D class, E class, F grade should be distinguished like? A-class cars are referred to as Mini-cars, which means that cars shorter than 3.6 usually have 2 or 4 seats such as ane-Romantic, KIA Morning and Chevrolet Spark then Hyundai I10 ... etc ... small cars, toad cars are class A, and class B is a little bigger than they are called Small cars from 3.6 to 3.9 meters long such as Toyota Vios , Ford Fiesta, Hyundai I20, Toyota Yaris and Hyundai Aventer Chevrolet Aveo then Mitsubishi Mirage are B-class cars.

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The next class C is a medium-sized car called Mediun Cars from 3.9 to 4.4 meters long, for example, pho-pho level then Honda Civic, KIA Forte, KIA K3 already Chevrolet Cruze and Mazda3 and Hyundai Elantra are all C-class cars, the C-segment usually has a front door, rear air vents, and it's quite convenient, while A and Class segment. B, it only has air conditioning in the front seat, but the back seat does not have it, the A and B class we use a taxi is much with the small family, the cost is low, while the C class with D class is a little higher, are the ones that people like the comfort of it, spacious, comfortable and it has air conditioning in the back then use the C and D class.

Class D is a large vehicle that people call Large Car from 4.4 to 4.7 meters long such as Ford Mondeo, Toyota Camry, Honda Accord and Mazda 6, Hyundai Sonata the cars in it are very wide. comfortable, especially very popular in Vietnam is the Toyota Camry and Mazda 6 again, the seats we recommend, the high and comfortable ceilings, and the air-conditioning vents in front and behind it are full, often fitted is very complete, in Vietnam I often mistake this D-segment for a luxury car, a luxury car is different, followed by an E-class car called Ich-Xiu-Qin-cars long from 4.7 to 5 meters, for example, Mercedes E Class and BMW Xeri 5, Audi A6.

And finally, the F-class means that the luxury car they call Luxury Car is from 4.7 to 5 meters long such as the Mercedes S Class and BMW Series 7 and Audi A8 ... that ... etc ... That's how to divide The type of car according to length is Grade A, Grade B, Grade C, Grade D ... So I just told you about the different models of cars in Vietnam, it is not enough, it still lacks a wallet. For example, Mui Tran and Coppo. Well, I always say that the Coppo is the one that has two doors, usually has two seats or two more small seats in the back which are the Coppo cars, and the convertible of the road called it I forgot, but that model is very rare in Vietnam, my Vietnam is mostly the same cars as before, I said it was a lot.

Nowadays, motorbikes are also in the saturated phase, guys, now everyone is pursuing, they all want to buy a car for themselves, especially in the upcoming 2018. in Vietnam can return to the level of 0% when importing from countries of Southeast Asia, Asean and especially in Vietnam has just opened the car factory of Win Phat Group which is very hot online. , so you also ... like me, I'm starting to care about what it is about cars. Then structure its characteristics like? Then what car should I buy for it ... its price is reasonable, it's convenient and it has to be a bit luxurious ... etc ...

So my "Car and Travel" channel is also very happy to talk to you about motorbikes and cars, in the future I will make more video clips about the car, so ... because there are some of you who wonder why you don't make car clips and see all the motorcycles, then in the future I will make car clips too, so I hope that all of you will support making car clips, so ... if you see the information you are practical, please click the like button, comment your comments, or share with your friends to watch the video clip together, and finally click the subscribe button to continue watching my next video clips, goodbye and see you in the next video clips, have fun online, bye bye!

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