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VMS 2018 - The beauty of Honda Civic Type R - The enchanting Hot Hatch

VMS 2018 - Helpless before the beauty of Honda Civic Type R - The enchanting Hot Hatch

Hi everyone and my friends are present at VMS 2018 and at Honda's booth and right next to me is a super product of Civic Type R or Type R, many people call it but I call it Type R. Then this car cannot be touched, must stand outside to know how. Bro, can I touch a little bit? begged. Let me touch a little, please. Don't touch, don't touch. Aah, man, what are you doing? Touch the thief. There, now, now for now, shelves. No one has seen it and now I recommend this car.

VMS 2018 - The beauty of Honda Civic Type R - The enchanting Hot Hatch 1

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This car is a high-performance Civic version of the Civic Type R. The engine in it is 2.0 but its capacity is up to somewhere around 310 HP, 310 HP. On a child, this P cup is very strong. Torque somewhere ... don't remember, come out and look, it's 400 N meters. Thank you, Mr. Huy. 400 N meters, this is a car that can be said to bring the feeling of driving it is very happy of course, you have to try it if you just stand, look and drool more like this ... then no know. But it is a very nice driving car. You can watch foreign videos so I just researched them. I have not had the luck to drive directly. I was just a rival version of this car is a Ford RS then Ford RS, Ford cut RS. Foreet Type are two opponents that can be said to be extremely hot extremely hot.

VMS 2018 - The beauty of Honda Civic Type R - The enchanting Hot Hatch 2One of these, one of the cars is worth a drive, is well worth driving. For those who like to drive sporty style in general, this Civic Type R is the same as the Civic car sold in Vietnam with 1.5 engine. The positions such as lights and concrete, concrete, Form, it is the same. But in terms of detail is the front bumper, front bumper, black paint. The front bumper is carbonized below it, and it is a lot of borders. Why does it make the front bumper with this sharp hand, this color is because it will cut the wind. It was just being protected by the security guard for SML too, no, I didn't touch it just now. I just pressed it lightly. Which is okay. So this car, it does so to increase the sports aerodynamics and sport for the car a lot more because this car is high power, it goes very fast.

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This car makes it a gearbox and a six-speed gearbox, so it requires a lot of skill, not a dream driver, but to drive a car. You don't have to be so skilled, you have to be skilled. A lot of people in Vietnam buy Civic often to make this Type R very nice. Actually, the body kid only looks very beautiful already, look no it is already beautiful, but also owns a body kid who also combines the engine like this is perfect, perfect nothing to say. You look at the area VMS 2018 - The beauty of Honda Civic Type R - The enchanting Hot Hatch 3this area. The wheels of this Type R are very large wheels, somewhere about 20 inches, I remember correctly, exactly 20 inches. Y-shaped wheels, but that's still not as important as the red in the red there, the red in the brake is Ranble. If you want a high-performance brand car, you must have good brakes. But a car that goes fast without good brakes is very dangerous, Ranble is a brand of brakes that Type R uses.

And the brake disc has holes in it to help it dissipate heat better, showing high-performance wheels. And yet, about the body kid of this Type R, it has holes here, here, here to go here, from here, from here it will come in, through this way, then it will come out from here. this. That's it coming out from here. It is aerodynamic, it has both lost the brakes and released aerodynamics, it is called ecoaremic from English, now it is difficult to translate Vietnamese. And next is the lower part of this Type R wing which is also black carbon fiber. With no to hate thanks, do not touch the real hate. Introducing a car that was not hated inside could not be touched VMS 2018 - The beauty of Honda Civic Type R - Hot enchanting Hatch 4outside, not touched outside, no problem. Yourself chem. The wind is used, it's okay. Then below it is carbon and also to cut wind, to aerodynamic only. You can see that all the wheel panels have been made differently, this is also different. It's like a white body, it's not like a whitebody. It's just a little bigger. That's it, but actually ... oh this is one of the logos, you can easily see that the red logo on the shaft end is red, that is not naturally it's red, but the There it must also be if the purchase to the Type R is the degree.

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I forgot to say, this Type R ring is similar to the hardback version which means tail end, not SIDA. If there's a Type R logo, it's a red Honda logo. The nice thing about this car is that the exhaust is, it's terrible, it's three big exhaust pipes, but two, the big on the sides and the middle is small, and the stars are small. Well, then I'll find out in the video later. As for the rear bumper, it also has these spoilers, there are spoilers for what to do so it drains the wind better, the car will be more balanced and stable. That's all, up there it has a very big wing to downford which means increasing the compressive force down the road when running at high power. That's it, uh ... I'm not allowed in so I just went out and give a light slash. A little more thanks, if you tell me, I would like to look at it. For example, standing here, you'll see the shift lever ... you probably won't see it, the gear lever has a six-speed manual gearbox.

VMS 2018 - The beauty of Honda Civic Type R - Hot enchanting Hatch 5

Well, now come here, the fastest way is to come here to read. The gates are sports doors. Sorry, the suede-style sport seats, red and black are always very nice and look. And now look here, I will read for you the information that you need to know but I can not remember all. That engine 2.0, 306 HP is equivalent to about 310 only. Depending, depending on the mode can be up to 400 range, this is easy with Honda, direct fuel injection, torque model is 400 N this meter. There is anti-skid, micro-skid GSD, this Rangble brake has a six-speed transmission. That's it, in short, it is like that. Hopefully if any of you have Type R in Vietnam and let us borrow to tinkle a little, it is lucky and honored. Hopefully if anyone has a Type R, please lend it to us. But now to look more thirsty and not to be touched. He wrestled, you know why there is a black line, if you know, then leave, it is true that in this situation, you will leave, I have already struggled, I have struggled so much but I cannot touch the memory Me too. Now watch it and remember Sursprise YouTube channel of good car. And press the bell button and now hello and see you in the next video.

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