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VMS 2018 - Discover details of Subaru Forester 2018

VMS 2018 - Discover details of Subaru Forester 2018 - Opponents CX5 and CRV

Well when it comes to Subaru, surely we car lovers are thinking of the holy battle between Subaru WAS STI and MistubishI. But Subaru is a Japanese car, not only known for the terrible CRV cars. It's also like a high-powered car that has the same level of experience as this one, and we're standing next to the most advanced Subaru Forester. Will be distributed in Vietnam from the end of this year until early next year. Subaru has never been so famous in Vietnam before, because they are carpool companies in Vietnam, they will buy cheap brands or luxury cars. So mid-range cars like Subaru aren't really popular, but that's an injustice because CRV cars are family-friendly cars.

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We think of the Mazda CX5 or the cars that really bring the experience. It's not really that much. Forester is a versatile vehicle, a car that actually costs more than its one of 1.66 billion but this version is expected to import in Thailand it will be cheaper. Somewhere around 130 million heard that the total price was much lower, and the car was much closer to the family. But the car that it is from family quality says that but this car I want to talk about first is its engine. Now let's take a look at this Forester, yes, for any car, the engine is the most important component. It is like the heart of the car so take a look at it yourself, maybe I didn't say you already realized. This engine block is extremely low compared to the road surface with my observation, it is much lower than other cars and obviously this is a high undercarriage car that roars about 20cm of this 2.5 engine block it only 256 horsepower only, but the special feature of it is the cylinder layout. We have 4 opposing cylinders here, that is what they call a boxing engine because the opposite of these 4 cylinders is like Materson's 4 hands.

VMS 2018 - Discovering details of Subaru Forester 2018 1It's like this, this kind of arrangement of the cylinder is like that every cylinder at the upper dead point, its lower die extremely vibration. Because this example of the cylinder it collapsed, the 4th cylinder it countered that force, and created extremely smooth. Unfortunately, I don't have the key today, so I can't open it for you to hear the smoothness of this car. But if you put the water tank here, the water tank will almost vibrate, which is a special thing of four opposing engines. 4-cylinder or 6-cylinder boxing engine block this is already low, it lowers the center of the car down it makes the car feel driven, different from the high I4 engines or the low-center V engine like this. As one of the first factors to create a different Forester experience when compared to CRV or Maza CX5. The second thing is that its 4-wheel vibration system is 4-wheel vibration, it is always proactive and fully receives the traction of the engine hundred percent anytime and anywhere. The quick, organized distribution of 50-50 force is always maintained so that it is different from the four-wheel drive.

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VMS 2018 - Discovering details of Subaru Forester 2018 2Of the example of CRV sold in foreign countries sold in Vietnam only about 1 million only, but overseas CRV version has 4-wheel drive look like that kind of four wheels. I call this because why, in a situation, the force that pulls the engine only sends the force down to the front wheel, and when the computer sees that the front wheel is sliding, the moment the force is transmitted. After that, so when going on difficult terrain, CRV is not equal to Forester's 4-wheel engine. Those are two of the three factors that make this Forester different. The third difference now I will show you now is to look at the glass here, you will see that the two cameras here have seen a difference that is not different from cars around 2 billion yet. These two cameras are part of Subaru's renowned two-size system, but this Subaru system has a cruise control and structure that can follow the front of the car. It can self-brake and it can adjust the foot of the brake pedal if the driver has to stand in front, the accelerator will automatically activate the race car for the best stopping car.

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Maybe this hia size system is the next difference of the Forester of the CRV example or compared VMS 2018 - Discovering details of Subaru Forester 2018 3CX5 for example. I started to see that the one-and-a-half-mile price tag was worth the money for a car that was different, so we should try other cars of the car that were worth about one and a half billion. I can see this car is a bit crowded, it gets a lot of attention so let's try the trunk first. Actually save time for the guests, now I will open the trunk for you to see if this car really serves the needs of the family or not? It opens the trunk very wide and you can observe me standing up to show you the reference. It is really very wide according to Subaru's introduction, this horizontal section can reach a gold stick horizontally not much on the car, even in many segments many caves can put a stick gold horizontally like this, the gold set will be about as long. This is very, very, very comfortable and when you encounter this second row of seats, the trunk capacity is larger than 2000 liters, more than 2000 liters.

VMS 2018 - Discovering details of Subaru Forester 2018 4It must be very large if my family has three people, this trunk can hold enough for family to go for a week, and this trunk does not have to be cleaned. We have a great language here, but it's clear that the mid-range level of money we enjoy in luxury cars is clearly over 2 billion. I started to see the Forester look so good, now let's try to go into the interior of the car to see really I did not expect a car like Forester to attract so much attention. We have to choose the time when the least number of customers, but now the guests are watching the car. So let's see me talking about other details. It was interesting and I will close the trunk to introduce it, even to this trunk movement it is also very fast compared to the car of a billion dong, the small details show that it contributes to the experience. It is different from the other models as I mentioned before, apart from the 4-wheeler basket of symmetrical boxing engine, two-size engine. So small details like these electric folding rear seats like this quick-close trunk, it creates something that is really costly for you more than 100 million compared to buying CRV, buying CX5 obviously you have to hear something different later.

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VMS 2018 - Discovering details of Subaru Forester 2018 5The specific parts of the Subaru's car lights correspond to the daytime running lights, just like this car the sensors feel that it reduces the metal box it carries a bit of Subaru quality it makes it fast more quick and it has a better quality. Of course this is just a city car is the main but obviously in a bad case, the CRV, CX5 is not a rival of Forester we have a full 18-rim rim. As recently I shared online stories about cars with beautiful designs by 18 19 nails. But the inside look very slippery, look at this disc in the back is also very good, but obviously this is a fully equipped car with nothing to cut at all. Subaru clearly determined that they couldn't sell as much as CRV. So they will provide the most convenient vehicle if you dare to spend 1.5 billion to choose Subaru. Now, let's try to ask this customer to try to see the interior of the car, sister, let me turn away, and let's try to explore the second row first. I will sit here that is really comfortable, very comfortable at the top, the first part of the skull will only try to see if I look 1.7 meters tall if 1.8 meters or more, just like this, It is clear that the space inside is very wide.

The trunk is already very wide and the second row is equally wide, please see my leg roomVMS 2018 - Discovering details of Subaru Forester 2018 6 This wide I like the way the car designs this part. The recline of this chair is no substitute for comfort, and the armrest is also very solid, and I like the way the armrest is as soft as the leather. This is the part that my hand touches, or the thing that touches my skin like this. The more it enhances the experience, the better the money. I have experienced these 3 cars at the same time CRV, CX5 and Forester, the leather parts of Forester is obviously the most convincing. Yes, and the front seats are empty and I can't wait to share with you my experience on this race track. Yes and now I am in a compatible position as my share is that I have experienced it at the same time. At the same time, this Forester of CRV and CX5 was on the track, then on the highway in Taiwan it was obvious on the track that it would be fine if the car pulled in, and my mistake. is experience this one first, then CRV, CX5.


The ones behind it made me feel extremely down. This is really a car that likes to drive a car that selects a person who likes to drive, but also must have a family and often go away, it is clear that Forester is more suitable for more popular cars. For example, CRV, like CX5 let's just look at the steering wheel. So we see how this car is full, look here we have automatic throttle. It can adjust the trailing distance on the front and a lot of extra buttons, wireless voice control buttons and a half-gear shift sequence equipped with CVT, but it has 7 simulated numbers. by the.

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