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VMS 2018 - Discovering details of Nissan Terra - SUV 7

VMS 2018 - Discover details of Nissan Terra - spacious 7-seat SUV, rival Fortuner

Hello my friends are present at Nissan's booth during the Vietnam Moto Show VMS 2018 exhibition in District 7 Saigon and right next to me this is a very hot product and it will be a rival. competition is very formidable in the segment of 7-seat SUVs in Vietnam. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Nissan Terra. This Nissan Terra has just been brought to Vietnam and has received orders during this time, the specific price is probably not disclosed or maybe I do not know. I'll have to ask later. So you can see with cars like Fortuner, like Tralazer, like Everest, and so on and so forth, the Terra that comes out at this point will meet a lot of heavy opponents, but guys. As you can see, a lot of people were interested in this car, because I am convinced that it is a durable car, a reasonable price and more, it is a Japanese car, a brand. Brand can say is durable and reliable.

VMS 2018 - Discovering details of Nissan Terra - SUV 7 1

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Well then, now we will learn about the exterior first. The exterior of this Terra is also based on Nissan's Vmotion language throughout many of its recent products such as the X-real, such as the Nisaan Tana, and so on. Well, it has a very thick chrome plated V here. Well, the Nissan logo on this Terra is big, big, because why? It's a 7 seater and and the size is not small at all. The LED daytime running lights here are very bright, it's a hybrid of Tianma and sorry Navara, the headlights are logicter and white light, white light is the led light it will give a light very bright. Those 7-seater Nissan cars always give a light that cannot be complained such as the Nissan X-Trail, for example this is the Terra, for example, the light that you do not have to worry about. like other cars such as the ford ranger or other cars, the lights are a bit disgusting, this Nissan car is always good, always good. Also, there's fog lights here, sure.

VMS 2018 - Discovering details of Nissan Terra - SUV 7 2That lower part of Terra also has a number of quicker roads to give it a healthy appearance, that. However, pay close attention to the fact that the camera will not be able to see clearly what the white paint of this Terra is very impressive. This is worth mentioning, this is a mid-range car only but the paint it has approached the paint of high-end cars, that's very good. Under this bonnet, the current display is a petrol engine, a 2.5-liter petrol engine somewhere with 166 horsepower is not too strong, torque is more than 241Nm is also normal for a car As big as this I would expect it to have a more powerful engine, of course that engine can still run on this car but if the diesel version is somewhere 2.8 if I remember 2.5, its power will be better, torque will be better, it will pull heavy car like this, it will be more stable, more loading. We try to open the bonnet of the engine what it looks like. Then, you can approach the car to see this bonnet when flipped up, what the engine will be like then. Ouch, the bonnet is heavy! Here, this is a four-cylinder Nissan petrol engine and mounted vertically, ladies and gentlemen, here, that's 166 horsepower. Then look pretty good, actually have to run again, we will have a detailed review after this car officially sold in Vietnam. Then shall we go over here to look at the bodywork? Um, can I ask you a minute?

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Well, with a body like this, it's certainly going to have to match. Then setVMS 2018 - Discovering details of Nissan Terra - SUV 7 3 This rim, you see here, is an 18-inch rim and a relatively thick, thick set of tires like this will make it quieter. 18 inches, but compared to the opponent is not bad at all, not bad at all, the tray is quite standard. This mirror, you will easily realize that it is very similar to the Nissan X Trail mirror, but it has added a blind spot warning here and here. If you notice, all the Nissan from X Trail now is Terra it comes with a lot of options! It is a car that can be said to be affordable, so-called affordable. But the option is so much compared to the segment plan that is a lot. This is a 360 orang, wrinkled on the mirror, chrome door handles! Oh, hey, this is the sound of this door closing, what's that? Ok, but the only thing is this car, the door's border is not chrome, it's black, maybe this is Nissan's style but the axle doesn't paint the color black, this color is standard! The car feels like it is longer, this place is a bit more black here is better, of course like this it looks long gone. Car school, right? But look at this U-axis, this one is also fine, this mound of this part here and this mounds this area creates a tendon here that looks muscular, looks at the car It looks healthy, thanks? But is this a seven-seater car? I have to open it in there later.

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Come back here! Come back here! Electric doors are always smallSlamming your hand, shut it down, then sesame, close the door! Look, hey, what the taillight is, a long led end, that's beautiful! This impressive led wire! I appreciate the design of this car, the taillights of this car. Not over yet! The regular chrome part here, usually the glossy chrome, is made of a lumpy chrome, which is really lumpy! Faintly looking is also very personal, also get that result, that fruit also. The sensor around the car is, this is the V version, this is the V version. Oh, wait here, the cold sensor, the latter sensor is actually plastic but it falsifies the carbon look with the eyes. It's usually like real carbon, it looks good, it looks good, but the exhaust looks like a hose! Having this is also a small detail because it is also hidden then it does not matter much.

VMS 2018 - Discovering details of Nissan Terra - SUV 7 4Now we are going inside the Terra to see how I want to open the trunk, what do I want to open the trunk for? The first one is to see if the trunk is wide, the second is that I will pull up the third row to see if it is okay. Here is the trunk, the trunk that is wide into this third row is not it. let's discuss Now if you lie, you can't say anything but lying here is fine, lift this up here, this is a drawer here, there, this drawer here can be a some tire, somehow, tire below, there below. Now I'm going to pull this row up, yeah, I'll pull up, oh but maybe I have to pull another one that looks a bit stiff, that it has to be like this, continue, it is like this then it is new This is wide but if you pull it up like this, your suitcase, it will be a little entangled, it will not be vertical here, it will have to lie down, if you want to vertical it is like this, then you have to build this up. a little, that, it's not too bad here, it's not too bad, it's not too heavy, it's not too wide, but not too bad, see if the door is jam-proof, close the door, close. very slowly.

A, there is anti-jamming, there is anti-jamming, obviously then the door without anti-jamming, then buy it for what to do? Right? VMS 2018 - Discovering details of Nissan Terra - SUV 7 5Now I go inside to see what it looks like but I think it's too crowded then, it's okay I asked, I asked, I asked, I asked, I opened the door, I opened the door I asked, Bro ! Can I have a video, please? Already. Oh, you're Hung Lam. Yes, thank you. Can you open this door for me? I, I, I, I asked you a little, then, let me take a picture, yes, please allow me to take a picture with you, then I thank you, let me shoot, ok now go If you go into the interior, you will see the electric seats, will this place adjust the electric? this side corrects muscle and this side adjusts electricity, the skin is very high, this skin is always okay, not bad at all, except that there is no key, no key.

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Yes, this side is this plastic, this plastic panel, very sturdy only the fact that I have not seen very satisfied that the window is the only door on this side is to open automatically, the rest is still to be kept. all turn on the power, and on this side there are buttons on this side that open the trunk, turn off the anti-slip system and open the fuel tank cap VMS 2018 - Discovering details of Nissan Terra - SUV 7 6this and so on and so on and so forth this side you don't need to look, it's just a few buttons but when you look at this steering wheel you will see that it is similar to Nissan X Trail, here The steering wheel is identical to the Nissan X Trail, this steering wheel is a leather-wrapped leather, but the hard leather is identical to the Nissan X Trail always summed up the same steering wheel, only the watch has it. The design is a bit different, it's been designed a little differently, so you'll look at it a little differently, this part of the circle and the screen in the middle, it still looks like It looks like this watch is bigger and it looks more like this car but this middle part is what I like only the thing I like right now doesn't have the key to turn it on. .

Dude, can I borrow this key? No, it's okay, thank you. In short, what I like now doesn't have a key but I can't borrow it, it's a screen, this screen if compared to Japanese cars in general, this screen is a curtain. The image is fine, it's big and it has something that fits the design of the car. You see it pretends to be standard, right? but it's not a square that I put in but obviously this is a proper calculation, I don't know if it is sensitive or how it looks because there is no key to open it is the screen, the screen is large, the touch screen is also under the air conditioner, two independent areas automatically adjust the power, there is always a display of the temperature of things here, then, have not found the device where do you fix the seats. This is the mode VMS 2018 - Discovering details of Nissan Terra - SUV 7 711:21 means turning on the indoor unit at the back, I can turn it off if I carry a few people, I turn it off so it saves fuel if it's crowded, then I turn it on behind it, locking the differential. The rear axle supports downhill and downhill, and this car is a part-time four-wheel drive and can be attached to a bridge, a wheel when we are moving, here runs one, two quick and when you click and switch to these two magnets, you can install it like a Navara, in addition, this is to turn off the sensor here and then fold this chair

A! Press this button and the chair folds down. Good, good, good. Everything is plastic, a plastic can be said to be formidable, formidable. There's also a dashcam here, the dashcam is always ready, this is good. It is true that Nissan has always equipped you with all the options of a car that the same segment like this and the price like this do not. Wait a little while let me ask this price, my friend this price is currently about how much thanks? Well, this version is priced as knowing that one billion 226 million, one billion 226 million petrol version is so much cheaper than Fortuner somewhere that doesn't fit that much but Nissan is also from Japan not bad. , not bad, that, that, that, that, that. Now wait for me to adjust this chair to the position, the position where I drive, the position where I drive it will be like this, it will be like this, and here there is a button to explode so it does not need Don't spin here, this one, this is probably the one that I don't like very much, which means that the gear lever, the one with many brake pads has changed to electronic handbrake, for example is a Mitsubishi Pajero Sport but the Ford Everest is still more billions than the billion but the 13:27 is still expensive as usual, Nissan is not the 13:29 new side.

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VMS 2018 - Discovering details of Nissan Terra - SUV 7 8Go to the back seat to see how, then now I go to the back seat, I see if the back seat is wide? Bro, can I ask you to ask permission for a minute or two. Yes, it's in Vietnam because it's simple. And now like this, the back seats like this are too wide, to see if they can be towed? I can pull it, oh, this is how to push it all up and then push it all the way up and still be this wide, somewhere around 10, 10 inches, 10 inches is fine, not as bad as this chair. leaning out so much thanks, just now, let's see if this doesn't look like this is a bit secretive, this is like this, like this it's okay this second row of seats is like this is okay, sitting in the middle , sitting in the middle, the back is a little stiff, the back is a bit stiff because it has a handrest here but the butt is smooth and it is still wide enough, with air-conditioning on it but I do not I like the way the air-conditioning door goes straight into the face like this if it's a little farther away or if it's at this calf post, it'll stop hitting me in the face, better than then have to vent straight down here wait it has this, two more here, but oh, then the door is boundless, no worries, no worries, no worries, no worries.

This armrest, armrest, but the thing that I'm most worried about now is the row of seats, the backseat, here and here let me put it down, and then just touch it down immediately, here is the chair Hey, I've been sitting very wide already, very wide, chances are that I come down here and it won't be very wide. Oh, a beat! Beat up! Time to go! This time, this time, this is always different, it's different from Fortuner, Fortuner is that I sit it like this, I sit like this, this guy is like this, duped well, it seems that Nissan Terra is a bit cheating, but making the rear compartment is wide, wide and wide, of course now the rear compartment will be a bit silky, now I will pull it up one Let's go see it, even if I put it up a little bit, then it's okay this time, this air-con door is air-conditioned, air-con ventilating door is always here, this cupboard is based on this headVMS 2018 - Discovering details of Nissan Terra - SUV 7 9 oh! Like this, Nissan Terra is also an extremely formidable opponent in terms of spaciousness!

If not to say it is one of the cars, one of 2 cars, 3 cars something wide, widest segment. Hey, there's nothing wrong with my knees like this, here, here, here, here I sit here and there is more than this, but sitting like this, I'm ready to sit from Ho Chi Minh City to Da Nang or to Dalat simply go back to Dalat This third row of seats is not a problem at all, the seats are okay. To see Terra see if it is beautiful and we will review in detail, very carefully the performance of this car as soon as possible, you subscribe to XE HAY's youtube channel and don't forget to click. Click on the bell button to watch the video regularly and now be ready to make videos about the next car.

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Please take a look again! Oh, right now there is no key, there is a key for me to borrow, here, there you go to the driver's seat I will show you, that's right, here and then invite Guys, here I am going to show you the 360 camera with me, the 360 cam of that Nissan car is not the best camera but the problem is it has in the segment that no car has, That's the problem, I won't need to explode, I'll just turn it on, that's right now I turn it on, here you see, where it is, this is a 360 camera VMS 2018 - Discovering details of Nissan Terra - SUV 7 10this is always 360 cam, below is always 360 cam though i'm talking about that definition, it is not as sharp as high-end cars but in the segment, no car has, no car Come on, that's something that's worth mentioning, including the top, which means you can look at the mirror at the back and look at the top, look here as well! its good, there is no motion alert, well that means there are many people in the back, there is a motion alert which means that the sensor is backward, the sensor is back there oh why is it closed down here , a trunk door behind it is open, and then this is always a front-facing camera and the screen is good, the screen is good, the screen is open, the cell is swell, the strokes are not like X Trail, X Trail is a bit dimmer, but this one is sharp, this one is the only thing that changes here, to above.

Oh! It was delicious, it was delicious, it was delicious like this, it was delicious, like this was delicious, this screen was there. Okay, for the time being. Then thank you, remember to watch more of XE HAY's videos and continue, remember to subscribe! And now goodbye and see you in the next videos.

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