VMS 2018 – Details of Audi Q8 officially available in Vietnam

VMS 2018 – Check details Audi Q8 is officially available in Vietnam. Fragrant price with many equipment Option

Hello friends, I am at the Audi booth within the framework of the VMS 2018 exhibition and standing right next to me, I assure you that a super product will be very hot in the Vietnamese market in the near future. Q8 car uses the same chassis as the Lamborghini urus. This car really has a very striking design, very cool, very sporty. Take a look at the front of the car the part of the steering wheel it has made completely different from previous Audi cars that is the border of the steering wheel of the grille that it has made thick, thick, thick It's a lot bigger than this, about 10 centimeters, more than 10 centimeters, depending on where there are places up to 15 parts, including chrome-plated edges. Then the border is thick like this, it will give the car a really strong and sporty feeling. And yet this part of the grille is also divided into a very large rectangle and there is something very strong, there is also a camera and radar system in charge of the function of keeping the distance and and so forth, that.VMS 2018 - Details of Audi Q8 officially available in Vietnam 9

This is a car that has been brought back to Vietnam and will run in the Vietnamese market unlike the car that I introduced to you and your friends at the last Paris Moto Show, this car as far as I know. From reliable sources, it will sell for a price somewhere around 4 and a half billion, but with a lot of equipment and options, this is a price that can be said to be too much to love, very soft compared to a luxury car imported from Germany, a German brand, but it is as beautiful as this, but it is young, it is so strong. Then what do I talk about next, I talk about Audi's lamp technology, Audi's lights are always generations of lights, the light systems that are at the forefront of the automotive industry, the Q8 and A7 stand beside them. next to it is no exception to that rule.

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The LEDs of the Q8's daytime navigation are not like old cars and other cars anymore. Now it is this type of vertical vertical bars, is it good, in addition to being a daytime navigation LED, it is also a fast poker, when it is a fast poker it will change to yellow, that's the light. The matrix led here also has two logicter bulbs and a turn-angle led, the matrix led is off the table, very standard. Well, besides that, the car also has surrounding sensors and sensors on the side, it will support automatic features, then that new audi car has a lot of automatic features, features automatic VMS 2018 - Details of Audi Q8 officially available in Vietnam 10The most advanced is called automatic level 3, it will automatically drive, but when I bring it to Vietnam, I think it can only stay at level two, which is the level of lane keeping to keep a distance from the car in front. automatic braking, automatic things thanks to the radars around the car and the radar above. That's it, I think that's too good, under this bonnet is a block of 3.0 V6 engine somewhere and the capacity falls to about 340 horsepower, I think it is too suitable for the Vietnamese market and Vietnamese roads like that are more than enough, there is no need for more.

Whoa! this set of wheels is so beautiful, this set of wheels to see 22 inches, yes please tell me and you why it is beautiful this is a set of 22 inch wheels why is it so big, I think this is The wheels are just showing off, but if they run normally, it will be a bit noisy but the 22-inch wheels are really nice, but if it costs about 4 and a half billion or less, I think the wheels are only It's only about 4 19 inches, but not 20, 22 inches, you will have to spend a couple of dollars more, no kidding.

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The side of the car, please look at it, it's beautiful, you let me close the trunk, you'll see it's beautiful, look at the side of the car, do you see how it looks like? it's just like the Lamborghini Urus right it's the new design of this Q8 I think it's beautiful from all angles and it's very young, very masculine, it doesn't have round claws but it's straight, it straight but it's not curved the problem is it's straight it's not curvy here there's even an S line badge it's that Sport version of Audi with Audi it's always straight lines like this and the road, the curvy road hey, it's not monotonous, but it also sags and stumbles, it makes the car more sturdy, this mirror is even used with the whole carVMS 2018 - Details of Audi Q8 officially available in Vietnam 11 Aventador's Urus, look, it's just that its paint is not standard, it's not carbon coated at all, it's all used, the same chassis, but in general, there's nothing to worry about. Come to think of it, this car is also equipped with a five-door touch sensor and a smart door lock button, this is good with those sports cars, it usually doesn't use the door trim, that's why it will be noisy. But in order to reduce that, Audi has equipped this glass door with two layers, two layers of glass and in the middle there is a layer of noise cancellation and they put together for some reason, what technology do they use, here you go. look at the two layers, there it is in the middle, it's soft here, I don't understand what technology they use, they put two layers of glass together, but it can be this clear, transparent and all these glasses are resistant to all UV rays and so on and so forth. cool!

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As for the rear glass door, it is equipped with a dark glass door to block the sun, that double-glazed door is very smooth, the border of this one, of the glass above it, it's not. it's chrome, shiny white chrome but it has a bit of a spray, this color is also very luxurious, it's a bit sporty but still retains the luxury and it has something impressive. statue. Then, the new tail is the beautiful part, come here, come here, the new tail is this beautiful part. Audi's recent design language all uses led lights that run from left to right or from right to left, don't you think it's beautiful, why is it so beautiful? In the past, that led light was not as sharp as this. Recently, the led technology it developed and it designed the led wires that it was sharp, it was like a bar. molten metal is put in here and it's bright, it's very beautiful and the same language of the headlights is that it has led lights running along the side.

VMS 2018 - Details of Audi Q8 officially available in Vietnam 12Beautiful!Indescribable! Honestly, to say how beautiful it is, you guys should spend about 4 and a half billion to own, if I had money, I would also beat this one. UMBRELLA! This car is a 50 TDI car which means it will use the engine oh! I also haven't found out maybe it's the diesel engine and it will use the diesel engine system and the cylinder volume will be different, I don't have time to learn about this version either, I will spend Time to find out in the following video guys, when this car is officially available in Vietnam, I will review it in detail later. We will only explore the details here for now because the car stops too. Guys look at the part, this is not an exhaust pipe, the fake exhaust manifold is the real one, it's underneath, a lot of car manufacturers recently specialize in making this kind of fake exhaust, there, but it still looks very nice, it doesn't have holes, it's even more beautiful guys, very beautiful, it's the surrounding sensor, the surrounding camera.

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Now let's go to the interior, this beautiful new interior.Please, please, please, please come inside, the interior is very beautiful inside, when you open the door, the chair will naturally retract. Then, the door is indented on both sides of the chair, that's this chair, it's also a trick, it's all electric, don't joke and say it frankly, do you like it? and the interior doesn't want to come out and the interior of this Q8 doesn't want to come out! it's beautiful, it's beautiful, it has two screens here, and these two screens are touch-sensitive, and when you touch it, it responds, it zooms in, it responds, great!

VMS 2018 - Details of Audi Q8 officially available in Vietnam 13That's, the screen below, adjust all the things, cooling, seats, it's too hot, cool it down, turn on the air conditioner, cool the A/C up, then when you touch it, it will zoom up hey, massage I haven't found it anywhere, I think there is a massage if I remember correctly but cooling the chair and heating it for the winter, this plastic cover is very nice, very very, very shiny but only this it will be a common problem of cars that have this kind of shine, that piano-like gloss looks very noble and classy, ​​aristocratic but it will have fingerprints, that, a fingerprint, two fingerprints, three fingerprints, four fingerprints, of course when it comes time to use, I don't play like that, but whoever has a lot of sweat, it will be like this, of course there will be a solution for Guys it's your choice, the option of carbon or wood paneling, it will be better than this case, then I have a solution, that's okay, this place to put this cup, and just charge it here. You don't have to open it because it looks normal but the hand is This car is also covered with leather, so big is a car for men, it's different, masculine is different, big and majestic, but sometimes women also like it, right? It's nice to hold it, yeah, this area is really beautiful and impressive but to say the most impressive to me, it's this watch, Audi calls it 9:55 which means what?

That means a very nice screen that can change what's displayed on the inside. This change this change can show this map, which can show a lot of things and hopefully the cars of the past. new of VMS 2018 - Details of Audi Q8 officially available in Vietnam 14Audi brought back to Vietnam in the near future will all use 10:17, but if you buy a luxury car, please also buy luxury ones that have a lot of options, look at it, it's new, but buy a few options to look at it. it's not very luxurious, look at it like a brother in the car lover world or call it sorry if I touch it a bit or use those guys or use words called dirty, I hope you guys don't buy these If you have a car with too few options, it's okay to add a little option, it's always better, of course, there are people who also like to have the logo, that's fine, but if you buy it for a short time, you'll be bored right away. I'm telling the truth, if you buy it, you should buy it with a little option, it's very happy, it's very happy because the car it serves for me, but if I buy the logo without it, it only serves the guys it looks at me right No?

And buying these things, besides me, I'm happy for myself, it's better, right? That, then the steering wheel, the steering wheel in the S line version, it is cut below, sports cars are cut like this, the steering wheel has control keys but no keys. Touch is not just mechanical keys, that's it, this steering wheel is very nice and it's not round, it's very close to the grip and very nice, true to the sporty style right from the stitching. Sporty way, very thick stitching, this gearshift, Cruise Control, in general, it's full, not to mention the features of this car. Full full full with you buying in Vietnam you will also get it's full, I think except for the rims, the rims are just for the sake of it.

B&O speakers are always loud, B&O speakers are a very luxurious Swedish speaker brand, the two N brand can be said to be Europe's first extremely luxurious, that is, the air conditioner cluster is hidden in the horizontal bars in These bars are designed according to the style of the interior language in the car, it is horizontal, horizontal, horizontal, it makes the interior wider, it's very beautiful! The armrest with wireless charging here is standard, in addition, there is also a place to plug in a sim card and then an SD card and a USB port many, many, many. And then I'm going to move up a little bit to sit in the right position where I'm driving so I'm in the back, I want to sit in the back to let you guys know if this car has a headache. VMS 2018 - Details of Audi Q8 officially available in Vietnam 15Sitting in the front, it's really impossible to resist her loving look, she's just too cute! Just waiting for his car to come back, if you have the money, you can whip this Q8 right away, it's beautiful, it's both luxurious, it's both youthful and it has a sporty style, it's almost like like the Lamborghini Urus, the Urus is a bit too sticky, this car is too small, luxurious, both sporty, going to work, going to coffee, and off-road terrain with four-wheel drive. Audi's Quatrro doesn't need to be discussed anymore.

That's all the door, this door when you flip it, it's an electric door, not a mechanical one, it will automatically open and the part that covers it is suede and scratched aluminum, the aluminum color is milled aluminum. scratched, the colored part you are seeing is suede, isn't it monumental? Let's go to the back seat to see how it is. Here, guys, the back seat is like this. If you say it's not wide, please think again, one more person can sit here. I don't know what to do here, it's like this. Now I'm going to make a bad pose, sitting up like this, if it's like this, it's too wide, adding a pillow here to sleep always lies like a bed, let me see how wide it is and it can slide up and down hey, slide it all the way up and it's still this wide so that the compartment behind it is wide more and of course this chair can also fall somewhere the fall button it's not found and that sort of thing, something like that. Okay, here is this armrest, but looking at the air conditioner cluster, does it look cute? Hey, there's a touch screen here, do you see the plus and minus here? This is reducing this wind, adjust to the cool direction above, cool below, cool on the buttocks or cool on the face, warm the seats, cool the seats, nothing is missing.

VMS 2018 - Details of Audi Q8 officially available in Vietnam 10Hey head, it's still wide you might think this tail is a bit beveled to make it sporty, then the head will be tight but for me 1m8 is extremely fine really to say that recently in the analysis. In that sport SUV segment, this one is my favorite and it is a car that is probably a luxury sports luxury SUV and you are most accessible and easy to buy because of its price I am sure. that the price is very reasonable and it is also very luxurious with the Audi brand. Go around to see how beautiful this car is again, don't forget to subscribe to XEHAY's youtube channel. Then beautiful tail not yet? Well, maybe I'll open the engine cover to have a look once to see what this 50 TDI is, you guys take a look at it a little more, a little bit more, this has not been found out yet It's very tight so I haven't found out yet that this 50 TDI engine seems to have to be met twice so I can see it.

There, ooh! V6 TDI I will ask a friend over here, you guys wait for me for a minute, just a minute, that's okay, we'll learn more in the next video when this car I will be the direct driver and I will experience it all but now say goodbye and see you again, don't forget to subscribe to the youtube channel and click the bell! bye bye. The model is so pretty, can you look over to the other side to see the model? Yes thank you.

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