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VMS 2018 - 2 F1 and Brio cars cause Honda booth fever

VMS 2018 - Details of F1 and Brio cars causing Honda booth fever

Ladies and gentlemen, maybe you just like me have a childhood dream to get a Red Bill F1, and right next to me I'm just sorry we can't touch it. But I will share about this F1 F1 Brio's F1 and will be equipped with Honda engines, so that is the first time after 2018 Honda provides engines for two teams at the same time Macredo and Brio and they Let's try Red Bill? And now I want you to go to the body of the car, really, when I look on TV, I can't imagine this car can be this long. Yes, the long race car I estimate is about 4.4 or 4.9 meters, and yes, a race car of such length can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 0.15 seconds and More interesting than standard F1 cars is the standard that can accelerate 0.15 seconds and decrease to 4 seconds. I'm sure you've never driven a car to accelerate the car to 100 km / h in 4 seconds.

VMS 2018 - 2 F1 and Brio cars fever Honda 1 booth

Talking about acceleration and deceleration so because of such terrible acceleration, F1 cars can bring up to 5J acceleration as J ie its acceleration when braking can be 5 times greater than gravity. For example, if I go, I weigh about 70 kg, that means when I step on the brake pedal, I have to bear a pressure of about 530 kg on my body, try to imagine that 530 kg called 4 beautiful girls pounce on people, so imagine I have already seen the statue. Let's look down here on a very nice detail and feeling that the first company has applied it on a commercial vehicle. This is the brake light here and the fog lamp type and the middle light on the rear of the car like this, as explained by feeling, this kind of light will make the car more visible in the thing. racing event. It has raining or foggy roads and also looks right here at a very striking detail of the car the specialized racing tire part.

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I tried to measure, tried to estimate, I did not touch I just about it. Its cross section must be around 400 VMS 2018 - 2 F1 and Brio cars cause Honda 2's fevermm. Well, the largest commercial tire made, as far as I know, is about 300 mm, and here it is, its only one tire is about 1,000 meters. Despite being so small, this tire is designed to run only 90 to 120 km and at the end of 100 km it will lose 0.5 kg of weight. Even more than I lost weight even though I had eaten less for its stomach to be bigger, the tires of ordinary cars can run from 6 to 7 lakh while racing tires only run about 100 km only that's why F1 is the most expensive sport in the world. We see the team and the participants who spent millions and hundreds of millions of dollars can only attend and win the prize, the stop sometimes they have to be 3 to 4 even more than the billion dollars we spin. Back to the front. I will show you how aerodynamics in the front of the car, can see a very complicated part that is the front wing.

You can see it is divided into layers and made entirely of carbon, this wing if we lift it with our hands only weighs less than 0.5 kg but very large it covers the entire length and length horizontal of the car but only weighs about 3 to 4 kg only. The wings are divided thus to direct the upper airflowVMS 2018 - 2 F1 and Brio cars cause Honda 3's booth fever the car, when traveling at a speed of several hundred km / h, passes through this tire and then runs through the wing of the appendage and to the end of the rear spoiler. I will explain after the complicated wing like this, you will see a racing car it must be smooth, not racing F1 car is one of the car with the most paradox in the world. We see the Mercedes S-Sclass proudly presenting that their car is the smoothest, the least stagnant with the wind resistance of 0.26 CDO as with this car, the wind resistance is about 0.8, 0.8 CD. that is, if compared happily, it is still, it is more windbreaking than the trucks we see. Cars that are bulky but with such wind resistance and many extremely powerful engines, it can also accelerate insanely, as I first introduced the engine of this Red Bill Honda has not announced yet. its parameters, and I think it would be similar to the 1.6-liter V6, M2 engine they are equipping this engine block with, with the engine system in the brakes and the electric motor it can give. the capacity somewhere around 650 horsepower sounds like a rough deal.

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Because the comparison is simple because the supercar it has about nine hundred horsepower but only how much on the car, 650 alone sounds not impressive. But when we combine the weight, plus the driver who weighs about 70 kg, this new car is about 720 kg. Yes, the power ratio and the weight of the car are so terrible it is about 1 1 for comparison so I will compare the ratio of power and weight of it is 0.5 / 1 which is a horsepower must bear 1 kg and this car only has 1 kg of horsepower, in addition to the tremendous acceleration, the car can reach Honda speed of about 360 km / h and on straight sections 360 km / H VMS 2018 - 2 F1 and Brio cars fever Honda 4 stallA figure that is truly unthinkable. That we have to put in the context that the straight race track is very short, it's just a few hundred meters, or a tree in which it speeds up over 300 km / h. It's so scary I'm explaining that the star on the rear of this car can be called an aerodynamic unit and the car is trying to see if this part is decorated with Red Bill's red logo, hybrid fish two, if there is a dragon, if you notice it, you can see the exhaust is located right behind the tail, so to make it clear what the exhaust is arranged to create the dragon car The bull is low at the bottom of the tail and above the swirling part.

It runs through the shark in the area you can see it going down there can go down so the part of the exhaust it emits, it discharges it releases the great pressure that makes the car can apply such pressure and not yet at the side of the two wings next to the wing. We've got two more half-touches, half-touches that make its aerodynamic performance much better, and as you see below under those brake lights there's more of the wings. small. The floor of this car is completely flat so that it activates the aerodynamics and as we have learned in physics, the air that moves quickly at low pressure when the air moves. When moving slowly, the high pressure air under the floor of the car runs under such a small space. It will be accelerated many times more than the floor and the floor is soared to the surface than I heard people share that when running 360 km / h it can be like the gunmen. Because of the high pressure of the gun and no one has ever tried to run this $ 10 million car on the road or on the road, it is theoretically possible to run it on the wall or any surface. Come comfortably.

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If we try to look at this body, we will share some very interesting things, and I will show us a huge air intake for the engine below the center, and also made the cow logo and we can see the name of the lamp holder here Acronis. Yes, and I remember correctly, Halli and this is a show car with a disputed part removed. It is Hollabincas it is responsible for protecting the head of the rider. Many people say that it looks like the waterpipe that we wear in Vietnam. I wonder if we can ignore it, but many of them look like bikini slits, yes, there's a good part about the fight.

VMS 2018 - 2 F1 and Brio cars fever Honda 5 stall

This car is the helmet part of the F1 handlebars, the helmet looks like that, it only weighs about 1 kg, made entirely from carbon fiber, an extremely terrible carbon fiber at 850 degrees Celsius in about 45 seconds without distortion, and that means that the temperature is equivalent to the lava, volcano when it melts. The heat could melt, the ice would melt, the water wouldn't always melt the driver's helmet.

Of course, people's shirts are also made of fire-proof materials and when, for example, in the most unlikely case the vehicle catches fire, the driver can step out completely comfortably. Although, not burnt when you hit the fire, it is quite interesting information with the F1 that this car is really a bit far away why we do not try to test the car itself clearly. As many Vietnamese can buy a cheap car like the Kia Morning, let's go over here. I can see the Honda Brio attracts the whole car, just look around and look around me a lot of people are interested in this car. Even the organizers do not allow them to access the Hoanda Brio car, you can see this is a version that is just a display, not sold in Vietnam. Take a look at my first impression. quite like a Honda ZA. Of course, my father is a Hachback Combay and I can see this as my junior Honda. Take a look at the first part that is still the scene of Honda Waves a body kids version of RS is very interesting and has personal highlights. I find the angular design like this one more attractive than the Kia Morning we are so familiar with, let's try to see that bodywork if you follow the media, then you can see Honda BRV and HRV both have this type of design.

VMS 2018 - 2 F1 and Brio cars fever Honda 6 stall

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The square line design is a little bit up and has many vertical creases, yes it did Honda just talk about the creases both the tail and the car and the C-shaped lamp is quite cool and this laza must be called great. . If compared with Honda compared with Kia Morning, it is clear that this car is just visible in appearance, it is much more attractive than Honda, they have arranged all black glass we can not see the interior. Perhaps just waiting to introduce the car, but underneath the pampoo cap we have a 4-cylinder engine that seems impossible to vitech. Because vitech is like its seniors vitech what is it? Sir, we have two dozen cams for intake and exhaust valves at each camshaft having two systems of one different cam. Pay attention to the way we step on the throttle and the engine each small cam will replace each other, every small cam it will make the engine extremely fuel efficient according to the published mol parameters. This car only needs about 5 liters of gasoline to run only about 100 km only, very impressive and what about the big orange? That's the configuration when you need to drive a little bit of the accelerator pedal a little cool, that when you need to drive excitedly, the big cam will go into operation the VT principle is very simple.

VMS 2018 - 2 F1 and Brio cars caused Honda 7 stallIt has been developed by Honda for a long time, when you are in such a good configuration, the car reaches about 90 horsepower, which sounds like it is not very quiet, but 90 horsepower combined with a weight of about need about 900 kg Well, obviously that is quite an optimal ratio compared to the Morning, this car is only 4 horsepower stronger. Yes, it's only 4 horsepower, but with the vitech technology and the CVT gearbox optimized for the 4-speed gearbox of Morning is clearly not driving, but I can guess it will bring a more exciting experience, and to compare. Funny, this car has a rate of 90 horsepower for 940 kg which one very familiar to us Toyota, Innova has 102 horsepower and has to carry up to 1700 kg. It is clear that Innova has just loaded and the people why we worry that cars like this can run smoothly, smoothly and powerfully apart from the engine and the gearbox clearly eat off the opponent, and they We care if this car is wide enough?

In terms of wheelbase the car reaches about 2 m somewhere around 2.8 m a bit more. That is, about 20 mm more than Kia Morning, compared to Kia Morning we go with a family why don't we choose. Here VMS 2018 - 2 F1 and Brio cars fever Honda 8 stallIt is clear that the car is better in both performance and convenience. Inside and more powerful when we drive, obviously the car like that, you do not think the car is expensive. But in my opinion, in Indonesia, it has a value of about Rs 190 million, or about VND 290 million. If comparing the price it will be better than Kia Morning SI of course about Vietnam the price will change, and the decorations will change, and if this car is made good by Honda Vietnam about 300 million, it will certainly sold out, and even competed with Toyota Rio sold out in Vietnam.

Now we do not have access so I just share with you the above information, let's wait and see who can access the car and drive on the road. At that time, we can evaluate that Honda Brio can eat well compared to Kia Morning with Toyota. Yes, please click the C2 channel bell so we can share more interesting stories and the right test cars only we can reach and hello and see you again.

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