How to get a truck driving license in Vietnam (For Foreigners)

GRADUATE DRIVER LICENSE C (4-9 seats, load 10 tons)



(FROM 8:00 - 17.30)

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PACKAGE FEE 20,000,000 VND

1. Conditions of students Learn how to drive by C

- 21 years and over

- 10 3 × 4 photos (in blue background), 1 ID card photo

- As a citizen of Vietnam, if you are a foreigner, you must have a passport and a green card (Long-term temporary residence).

2. Class time and driving license C class

- No more than 6 months and 15 days

- Students are allowed to study from Monday to Sunday in accordance with each student's work

– Học thực hành ngay khi nộp hồ sơ; học 14 giờ thực hành / 1 học viên / 1 xe.

- Theoretical study: Morning - Afternoon - Evening depending on the student's ability to choose from Monday to Saturday

3. Tuition Package Tuition fees by c:

+++ TUITION FEES FOR VEHICLE DRIVING C (automatic cars and 4-9-seat manual cars and 10-ton trucks): Being Vietnamese citizens; age 21 and older; Training and examinations are conducted exactly 6 months and 15 days after the beginning of the school year; Học phí học lái xe trọn gói 20.000.000vnđ/ 1 khoá (The above tuition fee is inclusive of the whole package until the examination is taken: Including Petrol fee, Driving Practice fee, Exam fee, car rental fee, application fee, licensing fee, car rental fee, class fee practice, school tuition, disguised tuition, non-salary training teachers).
==> Nếu học viên biết chạy xe – Chỉ đăng ký thi Giảm còn 15.000.000vnđ/ 1 khoá.

4. Support for driver's license C:

  • - Consult and make records at home or company when students register.
  • - Tuition fees are divided into 2 to 3 times.
  • - Flexible study space from Monday to Sunday arranged by students; study 1 student or 2 students / 1 vehicle / 1 see.
  • - Commitment to pass the high pass, get the earliest degree convenient for students to work.
  • - There are a lot of papers and receipts + a full tuition receipt, students are assured when they come to the center to scare them.
  • – Lệ phí trọn gói đã bao gồm: sách đĩa và tài liệu hướng dẫn học lý thuyết và thực hành sa hinh; các lệ phí liên quan; dịch vụ và suất thi sát hạch bằng xe ô tô hạng C tại trung tâm.
  • - Included: practical lessons; petrol for practice yards, teachers' money; temperate image; learning theory; moderate car rental; exam review vehicles; exam cars and all the procedures that do not arise.
  • - Quick procedure; receive schedule as soon as registration is completed at the center.
  • - Committing learners to know how to drive is to pass the first exam, the difficult theory center will guide the exam immediately.
  • - Ho Chi Minh City Driver Training School is always prestigious and leading in the stage of training and organizing driving tests in Ho Chi Minh City. More than 2000 students register / take exam courses.



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23 Cu Lao, Ward 2, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC

Call Center: 1900 633670

Contact: Kim Vi 090.243.0787

Video tutorial for driving test grade C is very detailed:


Class C driving license granted to drivers: Trucks, tractors, trailers and vehicles specified for grade B1 and B2 gplx

Class C driving license granted to drivers: Trucks, tractors, trailers and vehicles specified for grade B1 and B2 gplx



Go to number 1, slow pedal, turn signal, turn turn signal on?

The next test tracks the car stopping in front of the pedestrian. When there is a signal, turn off the left turn signal, to turn off the signal, understand points, observe the mirror, stop 15-20 cm from the line, right

The next test: the test stops the car and starts going across the slope

This test no.3 20cm away from the limit line, observing the mirror, braking, right, releasing the clutch slowly, to the point of releasing the brake, right, that is, the operation must be done rhythmically, release the clutch to the point of releasing the brakes for the car to pass from the number 3, keep this number has not changed the plural, you have to pass this number 3 is under 30s, after 30s you are deprived of the right to test,

Next test: do not park your vehicle in a narrow perpendicular road

I noticed that when going down this slope, there is a position going through the slope going through number 3, we have an emergency stop position, I keep looking at the light from this ledge, when it blinks continuously, it is ahead. there will be an emergency stop position, so I have to pay attention, a few minutes huh, this one is ahead of the road and it is already there, this yard is a first class yard, so it has 5 emergency stopping positions, but in 1 round, it only happens once, the 4th you go as slow as possible, straighten your heart, the center of the steering wheel with the distance you define, you keep calm, you can walk, the slower good, take a little to the right, go again, watch the mirror, go to the benchmark point to get left, then, when the car is moving slowly, you take the car slowly, when you go fast, take the drive fast, come here, don't squeeze. come on, take a look at the rearview mirror on the right, yes, very good, when you drive slowly you have to drive slowly, you go fast and take the test fast

Next test: the test goes through an intersection with traffic lights

When you go through that perpendicular line, you go as slow as possible, steer slowly, steer and observe, adjust the steering wheel so that you can pass through the card, slowly, stop, the brake clutch stop, no so I hurriedly went home, I got to number 1, my time was 20 minutes per hour, I didn't have to go to work like that, unfortunately I passed a red light, a red light had seconds, 9s had a green light Yes, once he has a car passing, I don't follow him anymore, and I wait for the second green light, your wheels have to go through the sensing track in front of you, don't go to the left much. Too, will fail the exam. a car passing an intersection must take less than 20 seconds, so I must pass through that intersection, more than 5 points will be deducted for 5 seconds. past 30 seconds, if you cannot go through the intersection, you will be tripped. You must pass the test No. 6

Next test: roundabout round test

I turn right to go, when turning left, the center of the steering wheel is in the middle of the road, dividing the road in half to the center of the steering wheel coinciding with the center of the road, observing which side mirror you go on, how does the wheel line? 30 cm limit, when the right turn of the steering wheel is on the left of the road and you observe the right mirror. how to control the cars behind the 30 cm limit line.

Next test: test through intersections with traffic control signals

You go from afar, you can come here, you can go through the intersection, remember to go through the intersection, you have to go through the touchpad, through the 2-way intersection in front of you, you can have an emergency stop position,

Next test: test to pair the car with parking

When I read the next article, there was no emergency stop anymore, I see, when I read the next test, the car was parked, there would be no emergency stop. But the important thing is that you keep looking at the point that goes by your hand, this is CG, if it blinks continuously, the front definitely has an emergency stop, and those stops in a yard can have a yard. 4 positions, but my yard is type 1 so there are 5 positions, I proceed to the car, so that the car on the left is parallel to the limit line, about 30-50 cm from the limit line. You go straight ahead, when observing the benchmark on the car and the benchmark under the image, look to the left, when the benchmark on the car is equal to the benchmark in the image, take the drive to the right, observe the bridge mirror so that the foot of the vehicle advances. to the line, when stopped by 25-30 cm from the limit line, stop, enter the reverse gear, take the left drive, release the clutch slowly, observe and control the vehicle so that the sides of the vehicle are parallel to the limit line, then return the steering wheel. pay drive to the right slowly, again, then, back to the left a little more, the car parallel to the other two limit lines, you keep backing away, when there is a signal, stop, then, move forward , take a look at the rearview mirror on the right when the wheel is over the right limit line, take the right drive, you can keep going like that

Next test: test through intersections with traffic control signals

There are many cars on this yard, so the driving safety is very important, in front of you is a red light, I noticed the left turn signal when stopping the car, when I take the test, on this yard 2 turn turn left turn, start, and to turn 3 times turn left turn signal, and turn turn turn right turn 2, is to go through the last intersection and finish. I just went through the 3rd intersection position, keep calm, no need to go fast

Next test: emergency stop exam

The last situation, if it could happen, could go to the test, to the places where it was likely to happen, we had to go slowly, the positions through the 3rd left turn intersection would be there, if there was a school in case of emergency stop, look at the bridge mirror, 15-20 cm from the line is stopped.

Next test: test of changing numbers on a flat line

When shifting, for example, change from 2 to 3 and the speed is over 30km / h, then increase the speed, increase the speed again, then, slowly, stop it, come to the sea to reduce the speed, the right sign to number 2 or maybe stop,

Next test: test through intersections with traffic control signals

I just need to note, when increasing the speed, the speed is over 20km / h and through the first sea is the number plate, behind the sea, the number is increased, and when the gear is forward, the speed limit sign is the sea. speed limit warning of 20km / h. reduce the throttle and turn right past the fourth intersection, then take the right halfway between the intersection. Now I get 100 points and go there for 12 minutes, before I finish, I turn on the turn signal.

Next test: test to finish

Remember to turn on the turn signal, if this is the exam, you'll pass.

Mr. Le Hoang Phuc Tho - Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City

Learn to test driving license for class C trucks 1 I registered a C-class driver license at Dong Tam center after being introduced by you. The Center teaches theory and practice very carefully so students can pass and get a degree. A devoted teacher, never scolding students. After 6 months I have a driver's license. Thank Dong Tam Center very much if any friends need to learn, I will recommend the center to best serve my friends and relatives.


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