How to get a Motorbike License (A2 Certificate) in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (For Foreigners)


Training: Studying & Examining the A2 Motorbike License (large displacement motorcycles> 175cc) 1 HAS TEACHING THEORY AND PRACTICE - VERY LOVE

HIGHEST RATIO IN HCMC - FROM 95-1001T1T Training: Studying & Examining the A2 Motorbike License (large displacement motorbike> 175cc) 2



LỊCH THI – THÁNG 05.2021

10.30 NGÀY 17/05/2021 – THỨ 2


8.30 – 17.30 GIỜ THỨ 2 đến CHỦ NHẬT

(Moto available for students to borrow and take exams)

(TEACHING 2 SESSIONS - 1 THEORY theory & 1 PRACTICE session)



Training: Studying & Examining the A2 Motorbike License (large displacement motorbike> 175cc) 3

LỆ PHÍ Đăng Ký 1.800.000 đ 

Khám sức khỏe 200.000 đ 

TỔNG LỆ PHÍ 2.000.000 đ


The school registers to take the a2 exam

Students take the A2 driving test at the Examination Council

Service registered with a2 bags at hcm

Students take the A2 driving test at the Examination Council 

The place to organize a2 driver license exam in tphcm

Registration Point An A2 motorbike driver license in Ho Chi Minh City 

(When you have an A2 driving license, you are free to use large motorcycles of Harley Davidson, Indian Chief, Triumph, Victory Hammer, KAWASAKI, Honda, Yamaha, Visitor Phoenix, Suzuki, Benelli, Hyosung Aquila, BMW, Spirit ...)

TỔNG LỆ PHÍ: 1.800.000 đ bao gồm tất cả chi phí (cam kết không phát sinh)


Thứ 2 đến CN: Từ 8.30 giờ – 17.30 giờ 


What Do Students Get Here?

1 / Clear Price - Package - No fees when you register

2/ Simple Procedure - Just Bring ID + 4 3 * 4 card photos (blue font) when going to register - Or the center supports free photo taking

3/ Fast online registration No need to go to the office and still can register by sending Picture and identity card by Zalo, Viber, Email - 0938 611 822 later transfer for center => creating favorable conditions for remote customers or urgent registration to timely record.

Account information:

Vietcombank - Tan Binh branch

Account holder: Huynh Thi Kim Vi 

Account number 044 100 3782 543

5 / Enthusiastic Counselor

6 / The 365 Theoretical and Video Tutorials have been posted fully on the websiste for students to study

7 / Exam schedule with both weekends and weeks to help students choose easily - 2 to 3 exams / week (students do not have to wait long to be tested)

8 / There are 2 registered locations at both ends of the city (convenient for students to register)

9 / Driver Training Center Ho Chi Minh City fully supports the theory - there is a lesson of theory and practice - there is a guide to drive with a sensor device. 

10 / A2 driving training service at the center is the most prestigious and the best in Ho Chi Minh City - The price is reasonable - Where is cheaper than the Center we return money to students

11/ When CHAT with student center Do not hesitate to leave the phone number - As soon as you see the phone number, the counselor will immediately contact you         GOOD CONSULTANCY SUPPORT BEST FOR STUDENTSCENTER OF COMMITMENT do not use STUDENT INFORMATION to provide to third parties and not to disturb students.

12 / Website always aim to serve students in the most thoughtful manner so that students can understand both the laws of the car and drive quickly and have a license in their hands to facilitate transportation.

Above are the reasons students should choose the Ho Chi Minh City Driving Training Center and Please contact Ms. Thu Van 0938 611 822 - 0938 440 665 Or Call Center 1900.633.670 for the best support

Above are the reasons students should choose Driver Training Center in Ho Chi Minh City and Special Contact Ms. Thu Van 0938 611 822 - 0938 440 665 for the best support.

The registration fee for the cheapest A2 driving test in Ho Chi Minh City:


1 / Registration fee: ONLY 1.800.000 đ

2 / Health certificate, Receipt of Hospital fee, Test slip. Students keep to submit in full because the school also reconfirms to the Hospital.

3 / Take pictures: Free

4/2 lessons - 1 theory session and 1 practice session are included in the package

4 / Document: Distribute Free of Charge to Students (Printed so that students can easily see, review, and remember)

5 / Exam tips: Free (Students follow this test tip ==> Make sure to pass 100%)

6 / Software: Free download.

7 / Someone instructors at the school exam carefully.

Training: Studying & Examining the A2 Motorbike License (large displacement motorbike> 175cc) 4

Driving license practice test model A2 

Training: Studying & Examining the A2 Motorbike License (large displacement motorbike> 175cc) 5

 ==> Tổng lệ phí: Chỉ có 1.800.000đ.

*** Students are completely assured of the fee as well as the date of issue because all the above information is truthful & accurate! The center guarantees the cheapest fees in Ho Chi Minh City.

Here, fully list the total fee for students to feel secure to register! By the time students get there, other centers will charge fees - that's how other websites do for students!

Training: Studying & Examining the A2 Motorbike License (large displacement motorbike> 175cc) 6Especially: If students have [need to pass 100%, you can contact Ms Kim Vi directly at the center for advice!

Register for a motorcycle license test in HCMC

  • Enrollment Office: Building No. 23 Cu Lao, Ward 2, Phu Nhuan District
  • Hotline support: 1900 633670 – 0938 611 822 – 0938 440 665
  • Note: You when coming to the registration center motorbike driving license test in Ho Chi Minh City please phone to meet Ms. Thu Van in advance to make sure the necessary paper information avoids time-consuming travel.

Procedures for registering for a motorcycle license: JUST ID ONLY WHEN TO REGISTER

Information about A2 motorbike driving license exam at Tp.Hu Driver Training Center HCM:

  • Exam address: District 10.
  • The procedure is quick, simple.
  • Receiving records continuously from Monday - Sunday every week.
  • Exam on the day 4th weekly.
  • Register this week, the next week to test immediately.
  • Studying is simple, Pass rate of 99%.
  • Books for free theory theory.
  • Time received by: 21 to 30 days after the test (in accordance with Department of Transportation)
  • There is an enrollment officer at home if registering as a group.
  • Get profile nationwide.

Regulations on granting driving licenses class A2

  • Grade A2 is granted to drivers of motorized two-wheelers of 175cm3 or higher.
  • A A2 driving license is an indefinite license (used indefinitely).
  • Issued to people aged 18 and over.

I wish you good study, good exam!

Video of the Driver's License Test A2 

Let us bring you the most authentic value for you!

Training: Studying & Examining the A2 Motorbike License (large displacement motorcycles> 175cc) 7

Be confident learn to drive and receive a large A2 driving license


Driving school the most prestigious Ho Chi Minh City; tuition learn to drive the shortest

Driver training center standard; Teach driving parked 100%

Training: Studying & Examining the A2 Motorbike License (large displacement motorcycles> 175cc) 8

We are always committed to bringing you: peace of mind, reputation - registration is passing 100% - Running safely and securely.


Call Center: 1900 633670 – 0938 611 822

23 Cu Lao, Ward 2, Phu Nhuan District

EMAIL: [email protected]


Rose Crossroads + Phan Xich Long


PROFESSIONAL DEPARTMENT Y Independence - Freedom - Happiness
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(updated to June 4, 2019)
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1 Gia Dinh People's Hospital BV BV 1A No Trang Long, Ward 7 Binh Thanh x x x
2 Cu Chi Regional General Hospital BV BV Nguyen Van Hoai Street, Bau Tre Hamlet, Tan An Hoi Commune Cu Chi x x
3 Thu Duc District Hospital QH QH Hospital 29 Phu Chau, Tam Phu Ward Thu Duc x x x
4 District 1 Hospital QH QH Hospital 388 Hai Ba Trung, Tan Dinh Ward
29A Cao Ba Nha, Nguyen Cu Trinh Ward
1 x x
5 District 2 Hospital QH QH Hospital 130 Le Van Thinh, Binh Trung Tay Ward 2 x x
6 District 4 Hospital QH QH Hospital 63-65 Ben Van Don, ward 12 4 x x
7 District 5 Hospital QH QH Hospital 642 A Nguyen Trai, Ward 11 5 x x
8 District 6 Hospital QH QH Hospital 02D Cho Lon, Ward 11 6 x x
9 District 10 Hospital QH QH Hospital 571 Su Van Hanh Street, Ward 13 10 x x
10 District 11 Hospital QH QH Hospital 72 Street 5, Cuu Binh Binh Thoi, Ward 8 11 x x
11 District 12 Hospital QH QH Hospital 111 TCH 21 Street, Tan Chanh Hiep Ward 12 x x
12 Binh Thanh District Hospital QH QH Hospital 112 AB Dinh Tien Hoang, Ward 1 Binh Thanh x x
13 Go Vap District Hospital QH QH Hospital 212 Le Duc Tho, Ward 15 Go Vap x x
14 Hospital Phu Nhuan District QH QH Hospital 274 Nguyen Trong Tuyen Street, Ward 8 Phu Nhuan x x
15 Tan Binh District Hospital QH QH Hospital 605 Hoang Van Thu, Ward 4 Tan Binh x x
16 Tan Phu District Hospital QH QH Hospital No. 609-611 Au Co Street, Phu Trung Ward Tan Phu x x
17 Pan Asia Hospital TN Hospital No. 42, Highway 22, Ap Hamlet, Tan Phu Trung Commune Cu Chi x x x
18 An Sinh General Hospital TN Hospital 10 Tran Huy Lieu, Ward 12 Phu Nhuan x x x
19 Hoan My Saigon Hospital TN Hospital No. 60-60A, Phan Xích Long, Phường 1 Phu Nhuan x x x
20 Satellite hospitals (of Thu Duc district hospital) 43 Binh Chieu Street, Binh Chieu Ward, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City Thu Duc x
21 Clinic of Vigor Anbis Japan Joint Stock Company PKKK 00142 / SYT-GPHĐ 20/06/2013 2nd Floor, Miss Ao Dai Building, No. 21 Nguyen Trung Ngan, Ben Nghe Ward 1 x x x
22 The polyclinic belongs to Lab Group International Vietnam Co., Ltd. PKKK 00128 / HCM-GPHĐ 8/08/2018 75 Pham Viet Chanh, Nguyen Cu Trinh Ward 1 x x
23 The polyclinic belongs to Sai Gon General Clinic Co., Ltd. - Medical examination center No. 2 PKKK 00034 / HCM-GPHĐ 31/07/2017 132 Ly Thai To, Ward 2 3 x x
24 The polyclinic belongs to Hoang Khang Medical Center Co. Ltd. PKKK 00794 / SYT-GPHĐ 3/12/2013 285 Ba Hom, Ward 13 6 x x x
25 The polyclinic belongs to Sky Polyclinic Co., Ltd. PKKK 156-158 Lam Van Ben St., Tan Quy Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City. 7 x x
26 The polyclinic belongs to Nhan Hau International Clinic Co., Ltd. PKKK 03484 / HCM-GPHĐ 6/07/2018 522-524 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Ward 7 10 x x x
27 The polyclinic belongs to Ngoc Tam Medical Co., Ltd. PKKK 00056 / SYT-GPHĐ 17/09/2015 320 Dien Bien Phu Street, Ward 11 10 x x
28 The polyclinic belongs to North Saigon Clinic Co., Ltd. - VN Clinic PKKK 03265 / HCM-GPHĐ 5/07/2017 189 Nguyen Oanh, Ward 10 Go Vap x x
29 Hoan My Sai Gon General Clinic belongs to Branch of Hoan My Saigon General Hospital Joint Stock Company PKKK 00207 / SYT-GPHĐ 7/09/2016 4 A Hoang Viet, Ward 4 Tan Binh x x x
30 The polyclinic belongs to Tan Binh Medical Service - Trading Company Limited PKKK 00135 / HCM-GPHĐ 4/10/2017 Lot II-6, Cluster 2, Le Trong Tan, Tay Thanh Ward Tan Phu x x
TOTAL 29 9 30


Student Comments Corner

 Brother Nguyen Viet Cuong Share:
Training: Studying & Examining the A2 Motorbike License (large displacement motorcycles> 175cc) 9

I have registered for the A2 driver's license at

The center distributes theoretical materials and about the practical part, there is a A2 teacher who guides 2 sessions very enthusiastically.

Before the exam and get a degree, the message center is very thoughtful. If there are friends who study in A2, I will continue to introduce to my friends and relatives to continue to receive the same values as I received.

Sister Bui Thi Thanh Tam Share:
Training: Studying & Examining the A2 Motorbike License (large displacement motorbike> 175cc) 10

Tam is a girl but she loves big motorcycles. Recently, Tam has come to register and pass the A2 driver's license exam at

The service of the center is quite good, from fast registration procedures, happy counselors, dedicated practice instructors, up to 2 practice sessions for students to practice the car.

Tam was very pleased with his choice when registering at the HCMC Driving Training School.

Sister Vu Phuong Thuy Share: Training: Studying & Examining the A2 Motorbike License (large displacement motorcycles> 175cc) 11

I have registered for the A2 driver's license at and I am satisfied with the service of the center because of the enthusiastic counselor, fun, simple procedure just need to prove that the original is finished, 1 Another plus point is that the center also has a car guide for students to pass the exam. In addition, when distributing with the center, it was very thoughtful and put in beautiful envelopes for students. Everything is prepared in detail so I give 5 stars for the service of, will definitely recommend for you guys love Big Motorcycle.

Tran Tuan Anh - currently working as a Mechanical Engineer in Malaysia

Training: Studying & Examining the A2 Motorbike License (large displacement motorcycles> 175cc) 12

October Tuan Anh stays Malaysia, I want to take the A2 test immediately and find information on the internet, when I see the Dong Tam center has online registration for students. The center has sent a set of online books and instructions to Tuan Anh on how to study and the exam process very clearly. One day before the exam, Tuan Anh returned to Vietnam and was instructed very carefully by the driving instructors, I passed the theory and practice exam of A2. After I finished the exam, I went back to Malaysia and asked you to get your driver license. I'm glad I chose the right service, the right place to register.

Thank you very much at Dong Tam center

Mr. Pham Phu Cuong - works at Vietcombank

Training: Studying & Examining the A2 Motorbike License (large displacement motorcycles> 175cc) 13

I registered to take the test for a large motorbike driver license - A2 at Dong Tam driving training center. I was very well guided by counselors, theoretical teachers, hands-on teachers, so I passed my license. I currently hold a driver's license and bought a new car to play Tet. I will definitely recommend my friends to the center to get a driver's license as easily as I do.

Thank you very much, Dong Tam center.



This is a shared document for viewing online.

Students who register at the center will be provided with a complete set of study materials designed specifically for each exam course.









Video of gplx practice test for large class motorcycles A2


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