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Hire Teacher & Car: Help Drive Cars Confidence in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (According To Vietnamese Law)

Car driver supplement program is a solution that helps to train the steering wheel for those who are not really confident about their steering control or training, supplementing the steering wheel for learners to go abroad and study abroad urgently.

More realistic then Complementary steering wheel helps you save a lot of money because avoid the errors fined by the police money (even driving license confiscation, vehicle seizure) when going on a field trip - this is what you are all young on the wheel Very often encountered.


Draft Amendment to Decree 46: Traffic Violation, Frame Drama

Draft Amendment to Decree 46: Traffic Violation, Frame Drama

Car Driver has an alcohol content of 80mg / 100ml of blood or in the body that contains drugs:

+ Old fine: A fine of from 16 to 18 million VND and stripping of the driving license for 4 to 6 months

+ New level of fine: A fine of 34 to 40 million VND and deprivation of the driving license from 22 to 24 months.

Penalties and penalties for violations on the Expressway:

+ Turn around

++ Old fine: fine of 800,000 VND to 1,200,000 VND million - That means a driving license for 1 to 3 months.

++ New level of fine: Fine of VND 5 to 7 million - Deprivation of a driving license for 2 to 4 months.

+ Back the car on the highway:

++ Old fine: Fine of 800 to 1.2 million VND - Deprivation of driving license from 2 to 4 months

++ New level of fine: A fine of from 16 to 18 million VND and stripping of the driving license for 5 to 7 months.

+ Going on the opposite direction on highways:

++ Old fine: Impose 2 to 3 million VND and revoke the driving license for 2 to 4 months

++ New level of fine: A fine of from 16 to 18 million VND and stripping of the driving license for 5 to 7 months.

Additional Steering Wheel for Women - Devoted, Enthusiastic, Fun


Video of Improving the Driving Skills for Women - Helping You Confidently Take Control On The Streets Of Vietnam:

The supplementary steering wheel program will include both the driver and the driver. 

Guide students Directly drive on the street, how to handle the steering wheel in each specific case:

+ When passing an actual vehicle, on a crowded street with many lanes.

+ Ride in rainy, muddy, sloping bridges, roundabouts.

+ Driving at night, getting in and out of car parks, turning safely.

+ Prepare for a long trip, on the highway.


+ Experience driving on winding mountain roads, downhill roads, narrow slopes, sharp turns.


+ Experience handling & avoiding penalties for traffic violations.


Guiding supplementation for students to practice 11 exam papers


 - Wishing to learn to drive to exit the country without a driver's license.

- Stronger steering when a driving license.

- Actual solving traffic situations on the road.


8h-10h / 10h-12h / 13h-15h / 15h-17h 

(from Monday to Sunday)


Range of vehicle:

  • 4 seater Vios 2020 cars NEW CAR 100%.
    • Fee of the week: 250,000 VND / 1h 
    • Weekend fee (Saturday & Sunday): VND 300,000 / hour


Range of vehicle:

  • KIA CERATO 2019 NEW CAR 100%
    • Fee of the week: VND 300,000 / 1h 
    • Weekend fee (T7 & CN): 350,000 VND / 1h
  • Toyota Innova 7 chỗ đời mới 2019: NEW CAR 100%
    • Phí trong tuần: 350.000đ/1h 
    • Phí cuối tuần (T7&CN): 400.000 đ/1h

Teachers can receive driving directions right from the student's own vehicle.



1 / Center commitment CHEAP PRICE CHEAP HCMC compared to the value that customers receive.

2 / Shuttle students at 30 locations throughout the Districts in Ho Chi Minh City

3 / Experienced, fun, enthusiastic teacher (1 teacher with 1 game) - be instructed by the teacher while driving and studying law on crowded roads.

4 / GUARANTEE WITHOUT LESSON, NO TIME OF STUDENTS - the fee of DONG TAM center may be higher than other centers but the quality is inferior and the vehicle is completely different

5/ JUST PHONE ONLY is to be arranged by the Center CAR + MASTER right away without having to run to the registration center - It does not waste your time and effort.

6 / Center attentive customer service from A to Z Even if you register is minimal 2 o'clock

7 / Just add the magnetic steering wheel 10h - 20h The center guarantees driving skills (going uphill, downhill, backing the car into the garage, joining horizontal, vertical transplant, driving on crowded streets ...) of students will be TRAINED in a thorough and fluent manner.

8 / Regularly organize driving long distances (Vung Tau, Tien Giang, Da Lat, Bao Loc, Phan Thiet ....) at the request of students.

Account information:

Vietcombank - Tan Binh branch

Account holder: Huynh Thi Kim Vi 

Account number: 044 100 3782 543




1. Số 5 Nơ Trang Long, P.7, Q. Bình Thạnh

2. Số 256 - 258 Lý Thường Kiệt, Phường 14, District 10 - Phú Thọ Stadium 

3. 153 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh - Hang Xanh Intersection - Binh Thanh District

4. Le Quang Dinh Street, Ward 5, Binh Thanh District

5. Eastern Bus Station, Ward 26, Binh Thanh District

6. Ba Chieu Market, Binh Thanh District

7. Thanh Da Church, Binh Trieu Bridge, Kinh Thanh Da Bridge, Binh Thanh District

8. Big C Supermarket - Số 1 Nguyễn Kiệm, Phường 3, Quận Gò Vấp

9. Gia Dinh Park, Phu Nhuan District - Go Vap District

10. Số 20D Cộng Hòa, P. 13, Tân Bình District (Gate Graden Cộng Hòa).

See More Addresses Near You In Tp. Ho Chi Minh

See More Addresses Near You In Tp. Ho Chi Minh

11. Le Thi Rieng Park - CMT8 - Ward 7 - Tan Binh District

12. Binh Tan Supermarket, Street No. 19, Missile Zone, Binh Tan District

13. Phu Lam Park, Binh Tan District

14. Số 77 A Chế Lan Viên - Quận Tân Phú

15. Coop- Mart Tan Phu, 787 Luy Ban Bich, Tan Phu District

16. AEON Supermarket, Bo Bao Tan Thang, Tan Phu District

17. Lotte Mart Shopping Center - 469 Nguyen Huu Tho, P. Tan Hung, District 7

18. MerTro An Phu - District 2

19. Dam Sen Tourist Area, District 11

20. Hoc Mon Market, Hoc Mon District

21. An Suong Bus Station - District 12.

22. Tan Chanh Hiep Market, To Ky Street, District 12

23. Nga Tu Ga Bus Station, District 12

24. Coopmart Supermarket Rach Mieu, Phan Xich Long, Phu Nhuan District

25. Vinh Loc A and B industrial park gates - Binh Chanh district and the point on Nguyen Thi Tu street

26. Satra Pham Hung Supermarket, Bình Hưng Commune, Bình Chánh District.

27. Binh Phuoc Crossroads Bridge - Thu Duc Farmers' Market - Thu Duc District

28. Coop-Mart Thu Duc - Nga Thu Thu Duc - Thu Duc District

29. Coop- Mart Phu Lam, Phu Lam Roundabout, District 6

30. Ben Xe Mien Tay, District 6

31. 117 Ha Thi Kheo, Central My Tay, District 12

And some other locations (at the request of students) in the districts across the city. Ho Chi Minh

Contact Register

Call Center: 1900 633670

Ms Kim Vi - 090 243 0787

City Driving School HCM

         1/12 / 2G Cu Lao, Ward 2, Phu Nhuan District       - Opposite Linh Dan Hotel

        2/628 Phan Van Tri, Ward 10, Q. Go Vap     - Intersection of Nguyen Oanh + Phan Van Tri 

        3/480 Street 3 February, Ward 14, District 10        – Crossroads 3/2 + Thanh Thai





        4 of 61 Ngo Thoi Nhiem, Ward 7, District 3            - Ngo Thoi Nhiem crossroads + August Revolution



• Experienced teachers, professional pedagogy & professional ethics, dedicated.
• Always listen to feedback from students to bring appropriate adjustments to students at each session
• Ensure the students have enough time as registered, do not mutilate, do not mix the study time with other things.
• New car, quiet operation, full air conditioner.
• Commitment to the quality of service to bring efficiency and satisfaction to students
• No overtime surcharge, Saturday & Sunday.


Student Comments:

Ly Thi Anh Thu - District 2, HCMC

Hire Master + Car: HANDLEBAR DRIVE AUTOMOTIVE FLOOR & AUTOMATIC NUMBER IN HCMC 9I currently have 2 cars with 4 seats and 7 seats, but I feel the steering wheel is weak and not confident enough to drive on crowded roads. When I searched Google, I found a lot of cheap steering wheel complementary centers. And also hired a number of places to teach, but actually when I found a Dong Tam center, I met a dedicated teacher like here, I just pointed at the error of steering wheel, how to adjust the chair, adjust the mirror, habits not right to drive ... very meticulous. 4-seater automatic car of the latest generation center 2019 Kia Cerato. I studied a total of 30 hours on both the center and my car and confidently drove on the Saigon road.

Thank Dong Tam Center and Mr. Ly very much. I will definitely recommend it to my friends.

Practitioner Le Mai Cam Truc - District 10, HCMC

Hire Master + Car: HANDLEBAR DRIVE AUTOMOTIVE FLOOR & AUTOMATIC NUMBER IN HCMC 10I just got a B2 license and bought an auto car to run. Recently, there have been many accidents by women holding the wrong foot Accelerator with foot brake and cause but very pitiful accident. That made me feel like I needed to supplement the steering wheel to stay steady before driving my car. In particular, the center after careful refresher on the center car and is well evaluated and then has hired a training teacher on my car. Currently, I am able to drive myself and steady after practicing. Thank Dong Tam Center very much if anyone needs to supplement the steering wheel, I will recommend it to the center immediately.

Practitioner Tô Hoàng Quân


I have learned to supplement the steering wheel at Truongdaotaolaixehcm.com, I just need to call and book a time with the information about the car & pick up location that I request and transfer to Dong Tam. On time, I studied with the teacher very professionally. Everything was very good and convenient for students, so when I registered to supplement the steering wheel here.

Thank you very much, Dong Tam center

Chu Hung - Binh Thanh District


I searched the internet and found the website truongdaotaolaixehcm.com have received supplementary instruction in driving in Ho Chi Minh City. I contacted and signed up for 20 hours. The class here is flexible, I only need to register 1 day in advance with the week's schedule and 2 days for the weekend schedule, and I will be assigned a shift immediately with a professional teacher, enthusiastic guidance for students. I completed 20 hours of school and drove very well on the street. I will study the highway with the service of Dong Tam center.

Thanks center Concentric I will definitely recommend to my friends to learn the steering wheel here.

Le Hoang Duc - Working at SMI Company


I have had a license for 1 year but have not been driving a lot, I have searched many websites and found one truongdaotaolaixehcm.com Rent a car driving practice very professional. I only need to pick up the phone to practice driving, flexible lessons, prepay money to the Center via bank transfer or pay money at the Center. I feel very satisfied with the service here.

Thank you so much, Dong Tam Center.

Additional video Class C driving test:

Some Other Additional Information:

Some Other Additional Information:

The skills needed when riding a mountain pass

In order to drive safely on a mountain pass that constantly rolls into a governor, drivers need to equip themselves with the necessary skills. Driving a mountain pass always brings you the feeling of flying and having fun, but it will be dangerous without the necessary skills.

Rules when driving mountain roads

  1. Check the brake, water gauze, heating, air conditioning, exhaust pipes in good condition. Make sure brake fluid and oil for the drive system are adequate and last changed within the recommended time of safety. Brake fluid, over time loses moisture and impurities contaminates and reduces boiling. When braking regularly, boiling oil loses its braking effect. In addition, it is necessary to check the surface, tire pressure and pay attention to have spare tire.
  2. Do not go downhill faster when going uphill. Do not run too fast down the slope to use the brakes continuously. To do this note the principle of "up and down that number." For the number of floors, it can be 2 and 3 depending on the length and slope of the pass. With automatic transmission, return S, L or D1, D2, D3 or semi-automatic mode. The braking technique that experts recommend is the type of brake holding snubbing. At the start of the pass, set the speed and the gear level to suit the length and slope of the pass.
  3. When uphill, return to a low gear, observe the temperature levels on the dashboard, turn off the air conditioner if it starts to overheat. If you need to cool the engine, find a safe parking place on the road, keep the car idle, take care not to turn off the engine and never open the radiator cap. A faster way to cool the engine is to turn on the heating if there is, but it will cause some discomfort to the driver.
  4. Do not hug the dividing line. Most mountain passes are narrower than national highways in the plains. Some drivers tend to cling to the middle of the road to run, but this technique will not be safe if the road has many cars moving, causing discomfort to other vehicles, in bad cases leading to accidents without timely handling. , especially with oncoming vehicles when cornering. 
  5. Always give way to other vehicles. Especially for vehicles on an uphill that tend to overtake, give way in a safe condition and allow sufficient time for the vehicle to return to the right lane after passing.
  6. Slow down for any reason, whether for sightseeing or for a steep climb. If because of slow speed that affects, causing at least 3 vehicles behind to slow down, the driver can completely find a favorable place for the following vehicles to pass. Do not follow the car behind and drag with their speed if you are not familiar with the road or do not want to run so fast. 
  7. If you have to go on unpaved steep hill roads. These conditions are not ideal terrain, so if you have to drive on this type of road, need to master the 3 principles. Firstly, to monitor the weather situation in the coming place, if heavy rain and wind will affect the quality of the road surface. Secondly, unpaved roads have poor adhesion, so drive slower and be wider than paved roads. Third, always tell others where to go for help if something goes wrong or want to come back.
  8. In bad weather conditions like fog, rain and wind. At this time, you need to drive slowly, look more, turn on the fog lights and always remember to stick to the road mark. Bad weather can lead to loss of traction and can lead to landslides, so stay alert and stop if you feel it is dangerous. 
  9. Take frequent breaks. Going on the mountain pass requires a lot of concentration and the body of the body turns a lot so it is easy to lead to stress and fatigue. Drivers and passengers should stop and rest often, bringing drinking water and drinking water throughout the day. Vehicles also need to be alert by filling the fuel tank because the density of fuel station along the road is very small.

Safe road travel and how to handle situations

For those who use ordinary cars, most of us only go a lot in the inner city of the city, but there are times we will go to the countryside, picnic, go out and go away. How does it be safe and fun?

Advice: Prepare and handle situations before / during long trips

  1. A fire extinguisher
  2. Flashlight
  3. A set of Acqui fishing lines: can be purchased at car parts stores, or can be made.
  4. A pair of gloves
  5. A set of medical first aid
  6. A 12V electric pump plugs directly into the car's 12V charging port to guard against low tire pressure.
  7. Check the spare tire and lift the car.

For long journeys, we often have to run on long sections of roads, highways, and the first thing we should consider when running on those freeway sections is the speed limit. For some modern cars today, setting a level limit right on the steering wheel or setting an automatic throttle will help us somewhat when it comes to speed. But for cars that do not have those functions, keep in mind that highways are often 80km / h now, there are roads that have been raised to 100km / h and there are special roads. is up to 120km / h. And remember to always pay attention to that, because otherwise we are very easy to cool the gas and go to speeds higher than the allowable speed, you will be punished. And more importantly, you may be in danger of going at such a high speed. And when running on the highway, you need to pay attention to the fact that the distance is safe with the cars in front of us, we are absolutely that when traveling on the highway, we can never follow the car. You must keep a minimum distance ahead so that you can brake if the vehicle in front or obstacles in front of you appear suddenly. The provisional formula we can calculate so it's safe is to multiply your velocity by 3 and divide by 10 (safe distance = velocity * 3/10), which is the method 3 seconds to calculate a safe distance so that you can brake if the vehicle in front of you suddenly brakes. And of course, the further away you are, the better.

The next rule is the rule of yield and the rule of overtaking. When there is a vehicle that wants to pass you, turn on the right side, change lanes to the right slowly, look first, then look behind, then throttle to let the car on the left pass. the car on the left passes and you will continue to accelerate gradually and if you want to change lanes to the left lane as you went, look behind and gradually move into the left lane on the left. with turn signals to ensure safety. Along with that, if you want to pass you are required to signal on the left, flashing a signal to signal that we want to pass and only until the vehicle ahead gives way to you they will turn to the right, then you will observe and overtake, and of course when you pass you must not pull right into the front of the car in front of you, which is very dangerous, you must keep a safe distance, then you can be transferred. road lane.

When we first start moving into the freeway, if you have to stop the car to fix or anything that your car has to stop, when you re-enter the freeway lane you have to be very careful, turn signal on the left, observe the rear and front, if it is really safe then you will gradually come out, at this time the turn signal will turn on, accelerate gradually, next when the speed has increased steadily you must continue to move into the inner lane to ensure safety, at this time the eyes must always look ahead and look in the mirror to observe behind to absolutely not cross the road very quickly, so it will be extremely danger. And also with traveling on the freeway if you are about to reach your destination you have to keep in mind that we are nearing the destination, gradually we signal to move the lane to the right so that about 3 up to 5 minutes so we can merge into the right lane, then we will turn easier rather than we are going close to the left lane that you detect your turn right in front of you at that time you turn and strike, it is extremely dangerous so remember this.

When we are traveling on highways or road sections, stopping in the middle of the road is absolutely not advisable, but if it is in an impossible situation, for example, your car is punctured. tires, you have to find a certain safe route to have a place to stop then turn signals gradually, slow down gradually parked into that safe road, turn on the danger light (triangle button inside car) and quickly perform rear tire changes: first you will have to remove the spare tire from the trunk, followed by taking out the jack, screw the screws on the tire on the car, put the right click position, then click for the car to lift up, after removing the last screw you easily remove the tire, the next thing is to put the new tire in the position of the screws just removed, then attach the screws, when the tire has reached the end of the step, use the tool to tighten the screw a little more, to make sure the tire is all inside, at this time, we still can not tighten immediately because the wheels vehicle is q uay so we will move to lower the downhill, after disassembling the next thing is to tighten the screws, should tighten the screws in a diagonal order to ensure the tire is attached to the shaft wheel. And also note that on the wheel with the word Max 80km / h, that is you must not run more than 80km / h when using this spare tire, even you have to run at a slower speed. and how to get to the nearest garage so you can patch the original tire to replace this spare tire.

Fuel-saving driving skills

Fuel-efficient driving not only gives you economic benefits but also protects your vehicle. There are 11 notes to memorize to be able to drive safely and economically that you need to know:

  1. Tires must always be airtight, keeping the tire in a state of sufficient steam is one of the best ways to save fuel, and it is a way to ensure safety for car users. Pumps for tires reach the maximum threshold as recommended by the manufacturer. Drivers should check their tires at least once a month. If there is a phenomenon of weak air, they should pump immediately without hesitation. Before rolling on the road, you need to use a digital pressure gauge to check the tension, enough tire will help the car run smoothly and operate optimally.
  2. Driving at a moderate speed, drivers should pay attention to avoid high speed driving on rough and bumpy roads. On the highway, the fuel consumption when the car goes at speeds below 100km / h and over 100km / h is very different, can vary 10% or depending on the type of vehicle. Instead of stopping and accelerating suddenly, especially in traffic lights, drivers should estimate the distance with the red light and the amount of traffic in front of the vehicle to keep the vehicle running at a steady speed, however. Still not every low speed is saving gasoline, according to car experts, the speed down to 50km / h costs an additional 10% fuel so drive at the right speed, keep the throttle, avoid speeding cases. or suddenly braking, abruptly accelerating action, and sudden braking can cause an additional 40% of fuel consumption.
  3. Turn off the engine when not in use. When not needed, there is no need to start the engine in the case of red lights for longer than 30 seconds. Today, with modern technology, long engine start will increase emissions and waste fuel rather than restart the engine.
  4. Limiting the use of air conditioners, if the weather is comfortable, the user should turn off the air conditioner, this will save energy for the car, air conditioning can consume 10% of fuel, but at speed degrees above 80km / h use air conditioning better for opening a window, opening the window when the car runs at high speed will increase the resistance of the vehicle.
  5. Using the Cruise Control system, this is an automatic velocity control system that has appeared in many modern cars today. For example, when setting at 112km / h on a highway, the computer will calculate and adjust the throttle. For example, when setting at a speed of 100km / h on a highway, the computer will calculate and adjust the throttle to maintain that speed, saving fuel for the car, more effectively the system. Adaptip Cruise uses Radar to keep distance from the car in front and behind.
  6. Clean the air filter regularly. The condition of blocked air filter in the car will cause fuel consumption, according to experts' calculations, if the filter is turned off, it will cost 10% fuel, the air filter is easy to disassemble, so please clean and exposure in the sun. If the sun does not see the light through it, it means that the filter needs to be replaced. If the filter is clogged many times, it is necessary to replace the filter to ensure the air filtration process is smooth and economical.
  7. Slowly pressing the gas, many people still have the habit of stepping on the accelerator to suddenly accelerate the car and before parking, keep at high speed and suddenly brake. This can bring thrills to the driver, but it is also the culprit out of your pocket a small amount, so try to press the gas slowly from the start and before stopping the car needs to be maintained. maintain a safe distance between vehicles and judge traffic conditions to keep up the throttle and keep the brakes steady.
  8. Plan a schedule in advance, before starting where to drive, so calculate in advance the schedule will go, time to avoid going around, aiming or getting lost, causing many annoyances or wasting fuel. .
  9. Do not bring too much furniture, if not necessary in the process should not bring too much furniture, should only bring the necessary things, unnecessary things should not be in the car, because every 50kg of luggage will consume more 2% fuel and the driver wasted fuel unnecessarily.
  10. Should buy gasoline early in the morning or evening, this is the time when the gasoline is thickest, do not overfill, causing gasoline to leak out dangerous, and choose the right fuel for your vehicle according to the notice of producer.
  11. Maintain the vehicle regularly according to the milestone and time as recommended by the manufacturer, change engine oil, transmission system in accordance with regulations to ensure the best lubrication of transmission parts. Check the air filter and water cleaning regularly for the engine. With the old models, after a period of use should bring to the prestigious garage to adjust the song, fire, wind accordingly.

Understanding these 11 rules, you can be assured that you know how to protect your 4-wheeler friend, while saving significant vehicle operating costs.


Top 10 essential driving experience

Top 10 essential driving experience

+ First: When driving into flooded roads

If the water level in the driveway is more than halfway up the best thing to do is wait for the water to withdraw before you continue, or back the car and find another way to continue moving.

If you accidentally drive into a flooded road and your vehicle has been turned off, never try to mount the engine to go but should call for help. Avoid the situation when you try to start the engine because it is easy to break the engine and break the arm.

+ Second: When driving into quicksand

Determining when driving into the sand, you should not dump the flat tires but the toilet and leave only about 12Psi pressure is the most stable, and now your car goes on the sand extremely light and easy.

If your car is still sinking, keep calm, do not rush, you should pour a lot of water into the sand

where the wheels sink, let the water recede, harden the sand and make it easy to escape.

+ Tuesday: Experience driving in the fog

If so or not, you absolutely should not drive into the foggy area, unless there is an urgent problem, definitely must go.

Must go, remember to turn on the glass to avoid blurring, the type of checking the condition of the smoothness of the road surface, using lights in the most reasonable way, notably that is to turn off the music in the car and go slowly, keep a certain distance for with the front car, rear car, and both sides of the safety border.

+ Wednesday: Drive at night

Remember to check the light system and headlights, do not run at high speed

Do not look at the headlights of vehicles facing across, and there should be anti-reflective signs in the vehicle in case your vehicle suddenly breaks down in the middle of the road.

+ Thursday: How to handle animals on the way to move

For each different animal, the way they move is different, like cattle, they continue to run straight and crash into your vehicle directly, cats and dogs will run and run in the opposite way so depending on the species encountered which will dispose of the vehicle dodging its head or tail appropriately.

+ Friday: Avoid having to slip down when driving a manual transmission

First you need to pull the parking brake quickly to keep your car standing still, then release the clutch and stomp the gas gradually, if the engine emits howls you do not need to worry, worry. Next, release the parking brake slowly and move the vehicle slowly up the slope and avoid backward drift.

+ Saturday: Parking on the ferry:

Parking on a ferry is a skill that every driver has a different way, with the car itself to P and the handbrake, similarly to a manual transmission, the gear should be set and the handbrake

+ 8th: Enter the gear without starting the engine

Car manufacturers have made a small pin so you can change gears without starting the car and this button is called Shiftlock. Doing this helps you change the vehicle when not starting the machine easily

+ 9th: Avoid cramps right leg

After about 1.5 hours of continuous driving, you should rest for 10 to 15 minutes so that the muscles can be stretched in the best way. It is advisable to use the automatic throttle mode to have the foot rested for a few seconds, however, it should not be pulled too long because there may be an unexpected accident on the road that we could not handle when bringing the foot. .

+ 10th: Adjust the low seat

When sitting high, your vision will be hidden behind the rearview mirror in the car, causing danger of observation. Therefore, you need to adjust the low and medium seat to be able to observe the unexpected danger from the right.


Pha đỗ xe “cồng kềnh” của tài xế và cái kết không khỏi ngao ngán (Nguồn: Báo Dân Trí)

Hướng dẫn ghép ngang ô tô. Nguồn: ParkingTutorial


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