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Driving School B1 / B11 (automatic driving license), B2 4-9 seats - Quality No.1 HCM City





1/ GÓI 1 : 14 TRIỆU

2/ GÓI 2 : 17 TRIỆU


Training & Examination School: Study - Test of Driver's License for B1, B2 in HCMC 1


Đầu tiên – sự khác biệt lớn nhất giữa bằng lái (giấy phép lái xe) B1 và bằng B2 là gì?

+ Bằng lái B1 - Autos driving cars with up to 9 seats, trucks with automatic transmission, maximum payload of less than 3,500kg, not professional. Understand simply Do NOT engage in business transportation and may only drive automatic transmissions.

+ B2 license - Driving cars with up to 9 seats, trucks, tractors and tractors of a tonnage of under 3,500 kg and class B1 vehicles. Understand simply Can run (both business and home car) both floor and automatic transmission of cars from 9 seats or less.

Vậy các chị em phụ nữ nên học bằng B2 hay bằng B1? Cùng xét quá trình thi:

+Hạng B1 – đào tạo – sát hạch trên xe số tự động – với 11 bài sa hình liên hoàn.

+ Rank B2 - training - testing on manual transmission - with 11 consecutive sauces.

To make it easier to imagine:

+ Auto cars are similar to scooters like lead, sh or vision easy to run when there are only 2 parts GA or BRAKE - after setting the number, if you like, you can step on the gas pedal, if you want to stop, release the brake pedal.

+ Floor cars like some Exiter and winner or some big 800 motorcycles, Z900, ... - have more parts CUL - CÔ - AMBRAYA - before manipulating the number to cut taper, and many other miscellaneous things.

In response to women's relatively slow technical-related operations (This part is due to the female physiology - analyzed by science - not good or bad at all.), performing many operations at the same time is not small. In addition, most families now buy a car with automatic transmission.

==> So that - học và thi gplx B1 a lot easier study and test B2 gplx.

==> With the majority of women driving home: should learn to drive automatically B11 class - just easy to learn, easy to test, and use properly with actual needs.


1 / Clear tuition fee as on the website and phone consultation, including all: Graduation exam fees, testing, petrol, car - ESPECIALLY: COMMITMENTS NOT TO COLLECT ANY ANYWHERE FROM WHEN REGISTERING UNTIL RECEIVED BY.

2/ Chi phí được chia ra làm 2 lần đóng để học viên dễ dàng thu xếp học phí – lần đầu là 12 triệu – phí đi hồ sơ lên Sở để đúng lịch thi cho khách.

3/ Biết được tâm lý muốn thi sớm của học viên một số trung tâm đưa ra những lời tư vấn ngọt ngào 3 tháng thi nhưng hiện nay do số lượng hồ sơ B11, B2, C rất đông nên tháng thi thường bị dời lại khoảng 5 tháng mới được thi. Chúng tôi chọn cách trung thực với khách hàng về thời gian thi.

a / Make sure the exam schedule is right for you - don't miss your work.

b / Make sure the reputation of the center with you - Be right - Do it right - 1 is 1 - 2 is 2.

"Honesty is our top criterion"

4 / Shuttle students at 30 locations in the City.

5 / The car of the center is a new car, air-conditioned - absolutely no old cars, no air conditioning.

6 / Clear hours between the center and students - absolutely not vague - causing confusion for students. Students can choose to study 1 or 2 students on the bus at will. Commitment not to cram students 3 - 4 students in 1 car like other centers.

7 / One of the problems with learning to drive is that the busy learner does not follow the school schedule. As for our center, students are allowed to choose flexible study hours for both theory and practice.

8 / After being consulted carefully, students will be given tickets, including theoretical and practical lessons. Each time going to school, students only need to bring and be clicked on how many hours the teacher clicks on. It is very convenient for students to compare between teacher - student and center.

9 / Professional, cheerful, enthusiastic counselor providing sufficient and special information HONEST - This is very difficult to find in the competitive driving market.

10 / Enthusiastic teacher, with pedagogical skills, 10 years of driving experience and taught thousands of classes.

11/ Trung tâm luôn tiếp thu ý kiến của quý khách hàng để ngày một hoàn thiện dịch vụ của mình.


Above are the reasons students should choose the HCMC Driving Training Center and specifically contact Call Center: 1900 633670 or Hotline 090.243.0787 for the best support




1 / Students learn about cars, control buttons, engines, steering on the spot.

2 / Go straight, turn left, turn right, make a U-turn.

3 / Parking side by side, left alignment, right alignment like

4 / Skills climbing, climbing bridges.

3 / Handling situations at bends. Especially the trick "Moving forward and backward clinging to the belly" of experienced teachers

4 / Handling situations in crowded places

5 / For students to learn to drive on a crowded street in a city after having firmly controlled the wheel (giving students a lot of physical conflict so they can confidently drive a car, not just a degree).

6 / Study sa picture with 11 tests


Training & Examination School: Study - Test for Driver's License for B1, B2 in HCMC 2

Latest 2020 Car Driving License Examination

7 / Exam review by vehicle with sensors before the test day to familiarize students with the test field and equipment - To ensure the best results for students.

8 / After finishing, if you want to run on highways - OILS, LONG THANH, TRUNG LUONG ... or go to DA LAT, VUNG TAU ... Students can register with the center to be confident than on his steering wheel.


Thủ Tục Đăng Ký Nhập Học Lái Xe Ô Tô Tại Trường Dạy Lái Xe Tp.HCM

  • 01 identity card photo 2 front of the back clearly.
  • 10 photo 3 × 4 card background with dark blue hair and neat ears.

If you are too busy, you do not have time to take photos and ID cards Just bring the original ID card to the center, we have photography and photo department in place convenient for you.


We would like to pledge our students to study at our center with the professional reputation that we are trying to build trust in a counseling center:





Trụ sở chính: 23 Cù Lao, Phường 2, Q. Phú Nhuận

Cơ sở 1: 30 Đường số 9, Phường Linh Tây, Q. Thủ Đức



Student Opinion At Dong Tam

Nguyen Thi Bich Thuy - Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City

Training & Examination School: Study - Test for Driver's License for Cars B1, B2 In HCM City 3Thuy's son has learned and earned an A2 degree here and taught very devotedly so Thuy & a friend and his son came to register 3 people (Thuy and classmate B1.1, son learned B2). The service here is very good, from the time of registration to the degree degree, all are clearly consulted, the theoretical & practical teachers teach with all their heart and not scolded like some other centers (the girls tell you). All questions in the learning process are answered correctly, quickly and enthusiastically by the center. In general, I give 5 stars to Dong Tam center and will introduce more people to register here.

Thank you Dong Tam center

Tang Thien An - Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City

Training & Examination School: Study - Test for Driver's License for Cars B1, B2 In HCMC 4I signed up to learn to drive after reading about the most prestigious driving centers in the city The consultation center has clear fees, flexible practice teaching according to my schedule, so even when I'm busy, I can still study. Also, after 1 week of registration, I can immediately check my exam schedule on the website so I don't fear being rescheduled in the middle like my friends (all year to take the exam). When taking the exam, the teachers take care and guide them carefully. Now I have my license and am happy to hold it in my hand.

Thank you very much, and wish you more and more.

Practitioner Nguyen Tien Hao Chia Se

Training & Monitoring School: Study - Test of Driver's License for B1, B2 in HCMC 5

I signed up and learned my B2 license at the website

The center has a variety of teaching packages for students to choose and in their opinion is the most practice hours in Ho Chi Minh City - 20 hours / 1 person / car so learning is very comfortable.

Studying at the center has a great pleasure is that the lesson time is flexible in both theory and practice.

The theory teacher teaches easy to understand, the practice teacher enthusiastically teaches. The center not only teaches students to learn to get a degree but also teaches students to drive steadily on crowded streets.

After obtaining a driver's license, I bought a motorbike on the street and traveled Ho Chi Minh City - Da Lat, Vung Tau. However, to be more secure about the steering wheel, you should go with the teacher first turn to be more solid on the techniques of pass passes.

I thank the center for giving me very good learning experiences.





Anh Kieu

Training & Examination School: Study - Test of Driver's License for B1 and B2 in HCMC 6

I have registered to learn how to drive a car at Dong Tam Center - website

I was consulted carefully by the center staff during the study periods and for the exact exam month, but did not promise to mess around like some of the centers I referenced. At school, you will be picked up at the location near your home and on weekends, the center will not charge extra. I have received a B2 degree in my hand and I am satisfied with the service of Dong Tam Center, soon there will be a few people in my family who want to study with me will recommend them to study at the center.

Thanks Center so much.

Nguyen Xuan Ngoc - Bonjour Resto Restaurant Manager

Training & Examination School: Study - Test of Driver's License for B1, B2 in HCMC 7

I am a registered student of A1 driving school at Dong Tam Center - website:

Since I was served well by the center, I decided to continue to choose a place for me to learn a B2 car driver's license. And just like what the center did with its motorbike driver service, I was taught very good B2 driving. For learning to drive a car - 4 - 9 seats B2, I think that just learning a lot of practice is the best. VIP teaching center with up to 20 hours of practice + only 1 teacher / student / car + being picked up at the nearby location + just need to book a lesson 1 day in advance + home for only 7.9 million = ½ compared to other centers other mind.

I am very happy to have made the perfect choice from the start with a motorbike driver license to a car driver's license. I will definitely recommend it to many of my friends so that they will receive the same value as they have received.

Thank you very much at Dong Tam center. I wish the center more and more success.

Tran Van Son - Sales Manager of Danh Khoi Real Estate Company

Training & Examination School: Study - Test for Driver's License for Cars B1, B2 In HCMC 8

I have been a student of the A2 large motorbike driving test class of Dong Tam center since 2 years ago. Recently, I had intended to go to school to drive a B2 car, so I contacted the center again. The center did not disappoint me because I had been taught very well by the teachers and the lessons were flexible because my business was very busy. I just need to alo 1 day before the center can arrange car for me to study. Very simple. Dong Tam Center has provided a driving training service for busy people like me. Great. Holding a driver's license in my hand with the ability to drive the streets like this I am very reassuring.

Thank you very much at Dong Tam center

Video How to Take a 4-Wheeler Car Driving Test Part B2


You see the video TIPS TO TAKE THE PICTURE B2 above to know how to take the B2 exam the best way!

You see the video TIPS TO TAKE THE PICTURE B2 above to know how to take the B2 exam the best way!

Video subtitles for those who do not hear clearly


Cut taper slowly, new to not accustomed to taper, cut taper, cap cap rolled to win, now ready yet, seatbelt fastened. I have to tie on the street, right now I'm practicing. Then turn left, when the talking machine starts, then go home. This car is a bit slow but I keep remembering when I first started, there was no order to start, not yet, it did not say start, it just received the signal, then started to go. Listen to the signal that the chimp is off, turn signal. Then cut the clutch to slow down

Next test: The stop test gives way to pedestrians

We have to align our benchmark with the stop tree, then cut the stick to go slowly, just stick the stop number is the brake stand, far further, up again "stop the car is not the right position" he stopped too far. That's too much, he saw that it was not over the stop tree, right in the middle of my point, and then continued to go to the bridge, take the exam that these simple points I missed was never possible, it was 3 If the song wins stop, 1 song will lose 15 points

Next test: the test stops the car and starts off the slope

And then this test is a clutch, a winning foot, a defensive one, just keep going, it keeps crawling without throttle, when the door is locked, the benchmark on this car is 2 gangs, fast wins, then, pretty good, then now now keep the brake pedal tight, slowly look at the clock, put the needle down between the numbers 1, go down a little more, then let go of the brake pedal continuously. Keep throttle constantly

Next test: Test through wheel trails and narrow roads perpendicular

What was it just now, just now it had been slightly lowered, it was because he could not keep his left foot steady. When he let go, it was not stable, he had to hold, press his heel to the floor, open his nose, then hold his left leg steady, just like I said from freezing up, then the next exam. The trick is that you have to run side by side, the distance from here to there is very narrow, you have to run side by side, the point on the car is the vertical pillar, the brake, that iron pole, the electric pole, all drive to the left , then let go slowly, I say why I did so, and imagine that the second time will do it. Let go of the brakes before him, then let go slowly, the car slowly it swung over, then cut the clutch, pay back, pay slowly, then stopped to listen to me say this. Do you see the white and white buttons in front of you, the bottom of the table is overshooting, your task is to fly now to pay for the steering wheel, sit at that case and the heart of your shirt, my guard point straight on that black eyelid, let go of it slowly, have black eyelid eyelid, go straight in that direction, run right away then adjust. Adjust it, right away then get straight back, that my distance is 1 inch is beautiful, and awkwardly cut taper, right angle corner, taper the steering wheel, let go slowly, keep doing slowly, cutting the clutch , pay the steering wheel, slowly, horizontal glass, the corner glass will continue to drive the second time, then brake, steering, steering wheel, a little too much, I have the right to win here or back . Those who have the rights, just do it, then pay the driver. This is a dangerous situation for the first time. Knowing that there is a dangerous situation, cut the clutches on the handle, cut the clutches in, whenever the brake stops, press the priority, if not, then let go.

Next test: The test through intersections has traffic control signals

Let go of the clutch, naturally go to number 1 but cut the clutch all the time, nothing heavy will drive you, I take the new number 2 to cut the clutch car fast, go to No. 1 cut the clutch for what, then now cut the clutch into the capo, hit the lane gold wins stand. Then look at this red light, cheating 2s. let 2s let go slowly then let go slowly. A narrow line is cut perpendicular to a wide road.

Next test: The winding road test

Then raise the head a little higher. What about this curve, the curve is moving back and back, right back to the belly. So now I cling to the back, the back is the right angle to me, and then squeeze close to this side in, right, give it a little bit closer, pass a little bit more, return the steering wheel, hit the right side again, for Go away, release the gas

Next test: The test through intersections has traffic control signals

Then won, and after a few seconds of walking, I could not stand, so I kept cheating 3s of the red light. When it counts down to 3 seconds, I let go of the brake, and 2 seconds for me to release the clutch slowly to prevent the engine from turning off, and then go, because I parked in front of the yellow lane so I cheated for 2 seconds, the purpose of cheating was to For the car does not turn off the engine, continue to observe, the garage 1 is empty, the garage 2 has people, I entered the garage 1

Next test: The test combines the car into the parking lot

Then he saw the letter B under the air, cut his shoulder at the shoulder, dropped the handle, passed the shoulder of the B under the road to stop, stopped a little more, then braided all the steering wheel, then let the car in. When the nose of the car is in the yellow corner, we have to pay the driver back, drive again, press the cone to press the car close to the side, parallel to the garage, the guard is the black and white spot first, the shoulder is also the lower eyelid. black across the garage, then beat all driving up, beat all driving, straight ahead to bow. The bow is between the black eyelid. Then, through the white eyelid, you will reach the black eyelid, then win, stand, drive all the way to the left, use the de number, look at the left glass, then de, when it is parallel, you will win standing, a little more, then brake, pay brake, continue, when the rear wheel is rolling on the yellow lane or there is a warning signal, then you stop, de go, continue, then win, go back to number 1, go straight to the shoulder I went to the front of the garage to hook the steering wheel, go away, let go of the brakes first, then quickly brake, let go of the clutch, I don't need to cut the clutch, the road is empty, I do it to save time space.

Next test: The test through intersections has traffic control signals

And just now was because I was too slow, but cut the steering wheel, the road is wide, cut the clutch, do not pay, drive away, push the throttle for this, rather than not in time, time of I'm now 10 minutes already, then steer no more tapered, the road is empty but I cut the taper, what do I do? Slowly, so what's the warning, under the locked road, I have to turn right, then park in front of the green light, cut the clutch, drop the car, the tip of the car will stop in the yellow lane. What this article has, turn on the turn signal, watch the lights, remember that there are 3 seconds to let go of the brake, and then 2 seconds then I release the clutch slowly from myself, the purpose of cheating 2 seconds is to keep the car from turning off the engine. Green, I can go to the car, note that the middle of the road is driving, do not drive the yellow lane on the side, the yellow side of the parking space, where the red car is parked, I must not handle it. , and pay the brake, dangerous situation No. 1 does not happen, dangerous situation No. 2 can occur, dangerous situation No. 2 right in front of the manhole see, to a little more, right at that manhole, cut off leisurely carelessly, the defender wins, sometimes wins, so there is no.

Next test: The test stops when a shortcut passes

But if not, then the dangerous situation No. 3 certainly happens, the dangerous situation No. 3 is when I accelerate to go back, and accelerate back into that corner. Then we put the brake on the right stop, the right side is a little bit closer to the edge, and then cut the stick smoothly, past the stand, stop, more, win, keep going

Next test: The exam changes the number in a straight line

How to say so, now close to cutting the clutch, the player will surely win, listen to the bouncing signal to stop, from the number 1 pressed close to the thigh, straight down is number 2, from No. 2 pressed close to the thigh pushed straight up is Go back to number 1, I just went back to 0 earlier, I have a lot of numbers. Then let go of the brakes, release the accelerator first, open the clutch slowly for the wheelchair, slowly guide the wheelchair, so that your shoulder falls into the first 20, cut the clutch, sweep the brakes, in front of the sea 20 let go of the hand, do not need to stand like this, as long as under 20 is okay, but winning is good to stand, remember that I speed up my shoulder to cross the sea 20 the first time the new machine scores, many people After increasing, I saw that it stopped, the car was not enough speed, and right at this corner is definitely a dangerous situation. If we know that, we will cut the clutch first, the steering wheel and the brake stop. When it says the brake is standing, emergency turn on, the indicator will count off 1 2 3 then turn off, do not turn off immediately, the machine here receives a bit slow, then goes, it gets a bit slow if I turn off early minus 10 points , then go.

Next test: The test combines the car into a parked position

Now garage 1 and 2 are empty, priority will be on garage 2, if you want to get into the garage more easily, see if the stone is there, if the stone is cut, you will be tapering off, when your shoulder is at the same level as the benchmark then win, go a little bit more, then hit all the left to look at the left glass just stick the brakes, then win, return the steering wheel, then de, when the left rear wheel hub 1 gang of gold hands stop, de a little bit more, then win, take the drive to the left, de back, a little more, win, get the steering wheel straight, let the wheel rolling gold, and then win, run out, press the border already, the eyelids on the side of the gas pipe you know, because the bulge of the bulge, then took the steering wheel out.

Top 10 Must-Go Long-Range Driving Experiences (Click below to see)

For car owners, long-distance driving is inevitable. And you know, driving a car on long distances is more difficult and risky than driving around the living and working areas.

So, to get to the right place - to the right "destination" you need to have a few Important experience when driving long distances there. And what are those experiences? Let Ho Chi Minh Driving School Revealing it to you right now.

10 Safest Long-Distance Driving Experience
1. Be prepared to be physically and in the vehicle condition

Before a long drive, you need to ensure the health of both the person and the vehicle. Get enough sleep so that your brain can be lucid, ensuring high concentration throughout the journey. As a result, you can be alert in handling traffic situations encountered on the road.

long distance car driving experience

Check the tire pressure condition carefully

At the same time, do not forget to take care of and maintain your car carefully. This will ensure your car can operate well in unfavorable weather or road conditions.

2. Prepare some snacks and water

If your trip lasts 3 hours or more, you should prepare some food, soft drinks such as bread, fruit, water, ... It will help ensure your fitness throughout the journey. . Note that you should limit salt intake to avoid causing thirst.

3. Drive slowly and calmly

When in traffic, you should take the initiative to give way when necessary. Especially for roads with lots of passenger cars and large trucks.

long distance car driving experience

Drive slowly, pay close attention

For roads that do not have a 2-way divider, widen your view so that you can see vehicles on the opposite direction pass the lane suddenly. On a road with a median strip, you should not go too close to the median. Please maintain a distance of 0.5 - 1 meter in case there are pedestrians, vehicles crossing the street on open sections.

4. Pay attention when overtaking

You should not pass a vehicle in the following cases:

  • On a curve, there is a blind eye.
  • On the bridge.
  • In the road tunnel.
  • Where there is a solid separator.
  • On roads with no passing signs.

In addition, you need to maintain a reasonable distance with the vehicle ahead so that you can clearly see the situation before passing. At the same time, you must note one more thing: do not pass when there are signals ahead of another vehicle coming to pass. Because at this time, you will encounter a blind spot ahead and it is difficult to react promptly when something goes wrong.

5. Acceleration - decelerate at the right time

When you want to speed up, make sure that the road is unpopulated and the curb has a clear view. In a densely populated place, drive at low speed to ensure safety. Because in this area there will be many vehicles, children and animals crossing the street.

long distance car driving experience

Accelerate, slow down at the right time

6. Watch out for car lights

Another valuable experience for long-distance driving is: turn on your lights both front and back from dusk until dawn. This will give you a better view and also avoid being fined by the traffic police.

7. Use your headlights when driving in fog

When there is fog, your vision is limited while driving. It is therefore important that you use your headlights. It will help drivers in front of you to know your vehicle's existence. And don't forget to drive at a moderate speed for a closer look.

long distance car driving experience

Use your headlights when it's foggy to limit visibility

8. Do not check the brake continuously when going downhill

When driving downhill, it is very dangerous if you keep checking your brakes continuously. Because the heat generated at the brake pads is transmitted backwards, causing the brake heads to boil. Since then it is easy to cause brake loss at the end of the slope, which is very dangerous.

9. Limit calling, texting and using the screen function on the vehicle

This is what most car drivers encounter. And the consequences caused by the use of phones and recreational vehicles while driving are not small. You cannot concentrate 100% on driving in these cases. So, if you want to drive safely, quit this habit right away.

long distance car driving experience

Do not use your phone while driving

10. Do not run parallel to container trucks, trucks

On one-way roads with two or more lanes, do not drive parallel to a container truck or truck. Because this will limit your vision, and the chance of a collision is very high. Therefore, when the road is clear - pass the car to be safe.

The above are experience while driving long distance cars OK Ho Chi Minh Driving School introduce. Hope that this will be practical and useful information for you. Please note and apply to have a very safe ride.

8 Tips for Driving Safe at Night (Click below to view)

Job driving at night always poses many risks and is quite stressful and complicated job, whether you are new or experienced. Reality shows that car accidents that happen at night are many. The reason is that in the dark, the visibility is limited and the driver's ability to perceive and handle situations also decreases. To be confident and drive safely at night Please refer to the following notes immediately.

Risks of driving at night

Many drivers are still unaware of the particular risks of driving at sunset or do not know how to effectively deal with the situation. According to many current surveys shows the death rate caused by the accidents driving at night 3 times higher than daytime.

care to help drive cars safely at night

Note when driving at night

Because at night, drivers face many potential risks such as: limited visibility, unexpected situations arising from other vehicles, from wild or free animals appearing on sugar, sleepy or even drunkenness, ...

Notes to help drive safely at night
1. Vehicle maintenance

Regular vehicle maintenance is always something that many car owners should not ignore. If you often have to drive at night, check the lights, the headlights & headlights must be adjusted in the right direction and the lighting system must be in good working order. Glass doors are always clean outside and inside, so wash them with a special glass cleaner to ensure the best visibility.

care to help drive cars safely at night

Vehicles need periodic maintenance

Besides, the brake system must also be in the best state to ensure that it can be controlled in the worst cases happening.

2. Reduce the light source inside the car

Reducing the light source will help drivers have better visibility. Because if the inside light is too bright, the driver will have difficulty seeing around because the outside is very dark.

Therefore, keep the light low, decrease the panel brightness, turn off the interior lights completely or leave a shadow. Thus, the driver will focus on observing more and not be affected, distracted.

3. Be careful of your headlights and reverse light sources

Surely many people have encountered a situation where the lights on the opposite direction are shining in the eyes and it is difficult to see ahead, right? Therefore, drivers should be careful not to look at the headlights or overexposed areas of the opposite vehicle or the lights on the road. Doing this will cause your vision to significantly reduce the effect on your observation. To avoid this situation, adjust the headlight projection angle accordingly to avoid dazzling the drivers going in the opposite direction, causing harm or risk.

Training & Examination School: Study - Test of Driver's License for B1, B2 in HCMC 9

Be careful with your headlights on the opposite side

4. Pay special attention to the rearview mirror and be hard to observe

One of the important parts that drivers should pay attention to is the rearview mirror. This is considered a powerful assistant of the driver's wing, especially in the dark. However, the rearview mirror also has blind spots, which is even more difficult when driving at night, so it is often difficult for drivers to see a motorbike or bicycle in the dark. Therefore, the driver needs to carefully observe the rearview mirror, turn on the signal light if he wants to change direction, change lanes to avoid surprise to other vehicles on the road.

care to help drive cars safely at night

Always watch your rearview mirror

5. Fully equipped with accessories to assist driving at night

Fully equipped with accessories such as fog lights, headlights will be very helpful for drivers who often have to move on foggy roads or obstacles. In this case, the driver can equip the driver with anti-glare glasses, which is also very necessary, it will help limit the backlight from the opposite vehicle and help the driver still see well at night.

6. Beware of animal signs

While driving, drivers should also pay attention to places with signs that frequently cross the street with animals. Try to go slow to observe on these roads, as there may be many more lurks and prepare to rush into the street as soon as one has passed in front of your vehicle.

Training & Monitoring School: Study - Test of Driver's License for B1, B2 in HCMC 10

Watch out for animal signs on the road

7. Ensure the best body condition when driving at night

Driving at night to ensure safety, drivers need to be highly focused and have the best body state, without being drowsy, tired. If you are sleepy, stop and take a nap. In addition, drivers must never drink alcohol or drugs before and while operating a vehicle. Besides, the suction is also quite dangerous, so lowering the glass or the smoke will blur the driver's vision, causing danger while driving.

8. Slow down

A good rule of thumb when driving at night is: "Drive slower than the speed allowed on the signs". Keeping a pace moderate enough to give you time to deal with unexpected dangerous situations is essential. Risks on the road are uncontrollable, but you can control your driving, allowing more time to react to any problems you encounter.

care to help drive cars safely at night

Should drive slowly at night

Hope with the share of Driving School HCM about be careful to drive safely at night The above will help drivers have more useful knowledge for their night journeys. Wish you always ensure safety and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

12 Experiences Of Using A Car To Always Be Durable and Beautiful (Click below to see)

Besides owning a good car, running smoothly, any car owner will surely want take care and keep for your beloved driver always beautiful huh? To do that, you should equip yourself with a lot of necessary knowledge about cars. If you don't know, don't worry too much. Driving School HCM will bring you these experience in using and taking care of cars in accordance with scientific standards, making it both durable and beautiful in the article below. Please read it.

the experience of using a car is always durable

Experience of using a car is always durable

Experience When Using A Car To Always Be Durable, Beautiful Over Time
1. Read the user manual and the maintenance schedule

Please read carefully the instructions for use from the manufacturer and take the vehicle for regular service as specified. Regular maintenance will help avoid costly troubles related to the cooling system, powertrain, suspension and other components. And above all, the car is always durable and beautiful for longer.

2. Do not try to run when the fuel meter is running low

Note when the fuel indicator is about to run out, quickly refuel the car. Because if trying to run an empty fuel tank, air easily enters the fuel pipe, causing the combustion mixture to fail to meet the requirements, making the vehicle unstable. After a while, the engine and many other things are at risk of failure.

the experience of using a car is always durable

Do not run when the fuel is running low

3. Use oil and change the oil properly

Regularly check and change the oil for the car, not to change the oil regularly makes the engine work harder and harder. From there, it consumes more fuel and reduces vehicle life. Especially, it is advisable to change the specialized oil suitable for each vehicle to achieve the best quality.

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Periodically change the engine oil

4. Allow the vehicle to warm up properly before moving

When the car is not in use for a long time or in cold weather, you should start the engine so that the engine runs for a few minutes to warm up the engine before starting to move. Because lubricating oil will not maximize its use if it is too cold.

5. Avoid going too short

Frequently traveling too short distances will cause the machine to not heat up enough, causing damage to the engine, fuel consumption and the environment. Furthermore, it also reduces silencer life.

6. Check the brake system and battery

The brake system and battery in your car are extremely important parts that need to be checked regularly and replaced if necessary. If you feel that there is a problem with the brake, take the driver to a maintenance / repair center to fix it immediately because it can endanger the user's life.

the experience of using a car is always durable

Regularly check the battery

7. Always arrange and clean the car

The neat and tidy arrangement of items on the car not only serves to find things when needed, but also provides an open space, positive new energy, very good for the atmosphere inside the car. . This is also a great feng shui car tip for the driver.

8. Decelerate when you see "potholes"

When you encounter "potholes" or speed edges on the road, to avoid strong shocks affecting the car parts, especially under the car, slow down. If you do not slow down, all parts of the vehicle will be affected (loose, damaged, ...) due to the shock.

9. Check tire pressure and reposition the tire

One of the most important parts that affect the life of the user is the tires. Check the pressure and change the tires regularly to help protect the safety of the occupants as well as save fuel. Keeping the tire tight enough is simple but contributes to fuel economy and prolongs the service life of the tire. You should check the tire pressure each time you refuel and pay attention to tire wear.

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Pay attention to tire pressure

10. Wash your car regularly

Stains such as dust, pollen, resin, bird droppings, salt ... if staying for a long time will damage the paint layer, making the car look old and significantly reduce quality. Therefore, it is advisable to wash the car regularly to remove dirt, dirt, and dirt adhering to the car, helping the car to be more beautiful and longer using life.

the experience of using a car is always durable

Wash your car regularly

11. Check cooling water

Do not forget to regularly check the coolant for the car to help the car operate stably and durable. Especially in hot weather, the car is very active, the heat generated by the engine is very large. If there is no cooling water, when affected by heat, the metal parts inside the engine will expand.

12. Limit sudden acceleration / braking

When driving a car, if you constantly accelerate or suddenly brake suddenly, it will adversely affect the performance of the engine and transmission as well as the brake system components. Not to mention that the sudden acceleration / braking is also easy to cause accidents by those around them who cannot handle the situation in time.

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Limit sudden acceleration and braking

The above are experience helps to use a car that is durable and beautiful but Driving School HCM just shared for readers. Please refer to and apply to protect your beloved driver to help it have the highest life expectancy. If you see a meaningful article, please share it for friends and relatives to know.

Top 10 Common New Wealth Mistakes When Using A Car (Click below to view)

Before being allowed to drive cars on the road, the new drivers had to go through a rigorous course and exam. However, when holding the plate Car driving licenseNew drivers still cannot avoid mistakes due to their inexperience in using the car.

To help new drivers protect their vehicles and drive safely, the following Driving School HCM Please review these Mistakes that new drivers often make when using cars. Along follow the article offline.

10 Common New Wealth Mistakes When Using A Car
1. Replace lubricant before term

Car maintenance centers often advise drivers to change lubricant every 4,800km / time. However, you need to change the lubricant in accordance with the period in the manual of your car. Because each type of car will have a different time.

Common new driver mistakes

Oil change before term

The lubricant change before the vehicle's service date practically does not affect the vehicle. However, this makes you unreasonably expensive, isn't it?

2. Using gasoline inconsistent with the engine compression factor

There are 3 types of gasoline used for cars: regular - medium - high grade gasoline with the melt value of 87 - 89 - 92.

Common new driver mistakes

Inappropriate fuel use

Which type of gasoline to use in a car will depend on the compression factor of the engine.

  • Compression coefficient <8.1: using regular gasoline
  • Compression coefficient> 8.1: medium gasoline
  • Compression coefficient> 9.1: using high-grade gasoline

If the vehicle has a high compression ratio but uses regular gasoline, it will be easy to encounter early detonation, affecting engine power. At the same time, using premium gasoline for a vehicle with a low compression ratio will not increase efficiency, but only cost you in vain.

3. Regularly use tire polishing wax, dashboard

After a period of use, the tires will be less glossy, the dashboard of the car will also be dusty. However, if you abuse the polishing wax too, it will cause no small consequences.

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Regularly use tire polish

According to auto experts, the polishing wax will make the dashboard shiny, causing blinding for the driver while driving. In addition, the panel will also deteriorate quickly if you wipe it with polishing wax regularly.

Also with car tires, the tire rubber protector will be removed by the chemicals in the polishing wax. From there, it can easily cause the tire to crack and cause danger while driving.

Therefore, you should only wipe these parts with a wet cloth, a soft brush with clean water or mild detergent.

4. Returns the number "N" when the red light stops (with AT number).

Many drivers often think that leaving the car in "D" (drive) with the brake pedal will waste gas and wear the transmission. However, the reality shows that if the car regularly changes from N to D every time the traffic light turns green, it will cause the gearbox to be worn out.

5. Use your headset to talk on the phone while driving

One of the causes of traffic accidents when driving a car is distraction by the driver. Many drivers believe that using a headset to talk while driving will ensure safety (because two hands are still used to drive). However, this will distract your brain from doing other things (on the phone) rather than focusing on driving.

Common new driver mistakes

Use a headset while driving

6. Assume that not locking the door will be easy to rescue in an accident

If you think that unlocking your car door will make it easier for lifeguards to reach out in case of a traffic accident, you are wrong. In fact, the driver can be thrown out of the car in a collision if the door is not locked.

Besides, even if you don't lock the door, many cars will automatically lock when the airbag is activated. And even if the door is locked, the lifeguards will break the door easily to rescue you thanks to their skill. Therefore, please lock the car door to protect you and those sitting inside.

7. Put your hands at 10am - 2pm on the steering wheel

Perhaps many new drivers driving cars still do not know that the hand position on the steering wheel is really important. Many drivers have a habit of placing the steering wheel at 2 o'clock and 10 o'clock at the steering wheel, this is a very dangerous habit.

If there is a collision and the airbag on the vehicle breaks, the force of the explosion will injure your fingers. Therefore, the correct position for the fingers on the steering wheel would be 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock.

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Put your hands at 10am - 2pm

8. You can see your face in the rearview mirror

This is a fairly common mistake among new drivers of cars. If you do not adjust your rearview mirror properly, you will encounter a lot of blind spots while driving, which can lead to a traffic accident.

And the correct way to check that there are no more blind spots when driving a car is: the driver cannot see his face in any of the rearview mirrors. Therefore, if you see your face in the rearview mirror - understand that you are making a serious mistake.

9. Just stare at the car ahead

If you only focus on looking ahead when driving a car, then you are wrong. Because problems with driving a car come not only from the front, but also from the sides of the road and behind.

So, instead of just looking ahead, scan the full width of the road, and observe the rearview mirror to see the situation behind the car.

10. Use your headlights in foggy weather

Do not mistakenly believe that using car headlights in foggy weather will make the road easier to see. In fact, the light from the headlights will be refracted by tiny droplets of water, making the view even more limited.

Common new driver mistakes

Use your headlights in foggy weather

Therefore, you should not turn on your headlights, but use low beam or fog lights. That is enough to see the road and for drivers on the opposite side to know your vehicle's presence.

Information about 10 mistakes that new car drivers often make OK Driving School HCM The above presentation is very important. Please pay attention to avoid making these unnecessary mistakes. Wish new drivers have safe rides.

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