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Hello everyone, look closely, do you see that the pot is full of smoke, and there is even water, there is still water in the po. Not only was it emitting smoke, it was also gathering water, and this was a brand new, brand new car. And this is also a new Vios, the engine also emits smoke. And the water comes down here.


Hi guys, this morning I want to share with you guys the topic as you see, between the car that you just drove and the car you just bought and it got water in the exhaust pipe, or it emits smoke when starting the engine, no know if your car is faulty or not. Never met this case.

Why Running a New Car Has Smoke 1

Attention, now it is about 7 am in the rainy season, last night it rained, you observe the phenomenon of my car is getting wet, the car parked in the rain, there is still plenty of water on the leaves. rain, you see.

And many people when they see their car has just bought or I am about to receive a car, such a situation is very worried, even anxious to return the car, but this is a very normal phenomenon in the rainy season. , and often happens in new cars, and only new cars are often like that, I call it drained pipe. Explaining this is because my car is new, the piston cylinder is still closed and in my air during the rainy season, there is a lot of moisture, the air component has a high humidity so the engine draws air into the combustion engine, so the The moisture that's sucked in is there, and it drains out of the muffler, so you see the exhaust, as you call it, but it's actually steam, not smoke.

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Why Smoke Runs New Cars 2

Explain this phenomenon first of all you have to understand this is steam, not smoke, the new car how to smoke especially Toyota anymore. The worst companies that new cars also difficult to smoke. So you do not worry. Firstly, this is steam, not smoke. The second water is accumulated from moisture, because the engine that wants to burn must have gasoline, air, fire. then the air content naturally has moisture, and the rainy season has a high humidity and leads to engine start, the humidity is still around and draining out the exhaust and you see smoke and flowing into the stream. It's a burning product, no problem. Please rest assured.

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Can you see how it flows, here it flows into a stream, I took the white paper inspired for you to see, this is the vios, flowing into the stream, patchy, can you see the smoke? So.

Have you explained this phenomenon then, if you notice, this phenomenon is very common in cars in the rainy season, you are assured this is not smoke but steam.

I wish you a safe driver!

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