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Major mistakes when maintaining cars

Mistakes When Car Maintenance Should Be Avoided


Hello everyone today I would like to share with all of you who have been using cars, especially those who have just finished driving, after you buy a car and you use it, the mistakes after that how do you use the car to the maintenance period, how to standard.

Major mistakes when maintaining cars 1
I would like to share with you the experiences. Following, the common perceptions of more harmful than good that car users in Vietnam often suffer when maintaining the car:

1. Change the oil at the first 1000 km
Most people assume that the first 1000 km of oil change must be done because of fear of metal filings, but that is not entirely true, because today's modern car parts are very clean, technologically advanced. increasingly accurate fabrication and the kind of roaches are disappearing, but instead of glue or nothing. Therefore, as recommended by the automobile manufacturing companies, people should change the oil at 6000 km, diesel engine 5000 km, for gasoline engines.

2. Run after all new vehicles
Most car owners wonder about running their cars, that is, how smooth their new cars are.In fact, today's car manufacturing technology does not need to run at all, but car manufacturers. Only recommended to run at 80 % load, the maximum speed of the vehicle for the first 1000 km.

Major mistakes when maintaining cars 2

3. Keep the engine clean
Today's cars use a lot of electronic technology, for the control of the engine and the support equipment, so having water in the engine compartment is likely to cause equipment failures. Electronic above. Even in developed countries like the US, people still wash the engine compartment, but accompanied by a warning board that customers are not responsible for engine failure.

4. Request maintenance in parts of maintenance free
The drivers are often worried that when they come to the maintenance company, they see that the worker is done very quickly, so they often take them outside to do more to make sure, here are some parts of maintenance-free details, just checking for damage, instead of Bearings, straps, batteries, ABS brakes, AEFB, if deliberately maintained the ability of these items is quite high.

5. Pumping tires with high pressure like motorcycles
Many car users often think that a motorbike weighs more than 1 kg but also has to pump from 3 to 4 pounds per cm2. So, tons of cars have to pump at least equal to motorcycles, but the truth is that according to the majority of car manufacturers, the tire pressure of 2.0-2.5 kg / cm2 is enough. durable tire, running smoothly.

Major mistakes when maintaining cars 3

6. Using Xenion bulbs instead of Halogen bulbs will be brighter
Car lights are designed in accordance with the very small light point of the halogen lamp, which helps the light to focus well, minimizing excess light rays, causing glare for people going in the opposite direction, not changing Xenion bulbs. This lamp is many times larger than Halogen bulbs, so the light is not focused and excessive, light rays cause blinding. In many cases, the lighting ability is not equal to the original Halogen bulb and the car owner is easily fooled by the eye-catching color of the Xenion ball, not to mention the glare can be broken, caused by the temperature of the large Xenion bulb. effect, although the manufacturer always advertises that the Xenion bulbs are more energy efficient, cooler than Halogen bulbs.

7. Noise protection measures for cars are clearly effective
Noise canceling is only psychologically effective for car owners, but it is not ineffective at all, but certainly not worth the money you spend, every car manufacturer. towards good sound insulation criteria, of course, but you have to spend a lot of money for the entire interior and exterior assembly and details related to noise-proof work, and additional money for materials and wages.

8. Fuel-efficient devices and materials that work
According to the assessment, experimentally, some equipment materials can save fuel to a very small extent, and if compared with the cost that the car owner spent, it suffered a loss. Moreover, if it is really economical, then the firms will surely buy the copyright or research, develop and equip their cars, not let others have to do it, you should remember the criteria of saving naturally. whether today is one of the criteria for its survival.

9. Turn off the air conditioner before turning off the engine and turning it back on after starting the engine
This is only true for older cars or air-conditioned vehicles manufactured by non-professional mechanics, and it is word of mouth from experienced drivers who are experienced and familiar with broken cars. Air conditioning systems in cars today will not work during the boot process, but only work after the machine has booted a few seconds.

Another mistake of the user is to think that the air conditioner like a home air conditioner, the car conditioner only runs when the engine is running and its capacity is many times larger than the average air conditioner at home. The wrong gasoline engine is melted out of the machine, the wrong gasoline engine is okay, the fuel still does not burn, the gasoline only needs a small amount of fire to burn violently. So if a motorbike spills the wrong gasoline, it explodes like a bomb based on the fire and self-igniting ability of these two fuels and based on the facts, the opposite is true. If the gasoline motorbike has mistakenly poured gasoline, you might have to run a few dozen kilometers to rest assured, just adding fuel to travel is delicious. However, it is not harmless but the damage is negligible, but be careful when using gasoline. In fact, it is proved that gasoline engines running DIEZEN without early detection can damage the whole machine and many other auxiliary equipment.

Anti-rust secrets for cars
Rust is inevitable when using a car for a long time, because every car has at least some metal parts that you can do is to extend the life of metal parts by means of measures. Simple but effective with small spots, you only need to scrub with sandpaper with a brush, then primer and repaint to match the overall color, without spending too much time and effort. You have prevented the corrosion from spreading on the vehicle, the larger rust spot will require more investment depending on the severity, if any holes appear on the body of the vehicle this is the real problem. In this case, after removing the red spots, you need to fill the hole with plastic fillers or glue, after this step you need to wait for the seal to dry and polish with sand, so that the edge of the hole fits. around the body of the car, then you paint primer to dry and then paint the appropriate color, more complicated but you need to follow the correct steps to complete the repair work.

Ways to prevent it
Electroplating, also known as galvanizing, involves the frontal coating of the car's shell in a molten zinc pedestal, when the zinc coating dries out to protect the metal from rust attack. If you have a garage to pay attention to humidity control to keep at a minimum to prevent oxidation, you can use a dehumidifier regularly in a garage, there are many special anti-rust devices for For cars is usually applied with a pressure sprayer like the car wash.
Paint the entire car to prevent forming rust because the paint layer is the physical barrier between metal and external moisture.

When driving in hot weather, drivers should pay attention to tires, batteries, water cooling systems, air conditioning systems are the most vulnerable parts of the car in the summer. The weather is hot and fierce, the temperature rising in the summer directly affects some parts of cars such as cooling systems or air conditioners, in addition, the hot sun also affects directly. tire pressure and cockpit.

Due to the high temperature, the cooling system will have to work more, cooling water loss faster, moreover the cooling system is one of the important parts to help cool down, release heat, engine temperature. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check the cooling water, inspect the pipes, tanks, rubber parts if cracking is detected, it should be repaired or replaced. In addition, pay attention to motor oil, gear oil, hot weather makes the cabin temperature rise up to 60 degrees in the sun, so the demand for air conditioning system also increases, before entering. In the hot season, you should take the car to check the cooling system to clean the outer surface of the tank, and the hot rig, check whether the air conditioner is sufficient or lacking and the operation status of the hot rig.

In case the air conditioner operates normally, no loss of gas, loss of cold in the summer should clean hot rig thoroughly. Hot frame will help deepen the cold, when you need to open all the doors in the sun, start the engine for a while to let the heat burn out, help the car cool faster, paste anti-hot glass is also a solution to the process of giving Efficient heat exchange. In particular, it is also necessary to check the hygiene or replacement of air conditioning filters according to the standards of some car manufacturers, new air conditioners will be replaced every 15000 km, hygiene tests will be performed every 5000 km, and the tires will be set. Direct parts, exposed to the road also need to take care. Regularly check the tire surface, tire pressure.

Note : Check the tire pressure, it should be done when the tire is cool or according to the instruction manual. Turn the tire every 10,000 km according to the manufacturer's standards, so that the tire is about 0.1 kg smaller than the standard.

For example: 16-seat tourist tires, standard 2.2 kg / cm3 should leave the tire pressure at 2.1 kg / cm3. Because sunlight contains ultraviolet rays that are harmful to a car's paintwork, the exterior of the car is also affected, by the sun. Moreover, dust mixed in the air, salt, acid rain to protect car paint must also be regularly cleaned, limiting parking in the sun and not covering the car.

High temperatures increase the speed of chemical reactions inside the battery leading to overload and shorten life. In addition, hot temperatures also evaporate the liquid inside the battery, for efficient and durable battery operation should check the electrical system, if the battery is the type of water to be checked regularly, especially in prolonged hot weather and adding water if necessary, keeping hygiene between the ends extremely clean.


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