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Experience & instruction on how to transplant a car into a parking spot (class b1, b2)


Experience & instruction on how to pair a car in a parked position (class b1, b2) 1

Hello friends! Today I am going to share with you guys the tips for pairing a car into a parking spot, This is a new and difficult one, why is it difficult? Because it requires very high accuracy in both vertical and horizontal, before we can do this article well, we must also know the size of the car and the size of the garage. and points to note on the garage, now many test classes use Vios 2006 cars to test cars, I will take this size.

According to Vietnam's standards, the 40-2015 standard of the Ministry of Transport, the rule L is the length of the garage, will be counted as half the length of the car, we see that the length of the vehicle is about 4 , 34m, so the garage length is 6.6, similar to R is the width of the garage, the width of the garage is 5/4 the width of the car, the width of the car is 1.7m the width of the garage garage equivalent to 2.1m. Then there are some notes in the garage we need to note, we see a yellow line along the garage, this is the lane for me to know the limit can pass, which means when you want to finish this article, 2 rear wheels must simultaneously pass through this yellow lane, its size is about 1m, we see here there is a horizontal gold lane, it is parallel to the horizontal limit, this lane is 25 cm from the gold lane limit, according to the rules. when we assembled the car to the side, the farthest cake should not exceed 25cm. When we do this lesson, we must keep in mind the following points:

+ Must match for 2 wheels lying from this lane to the red line, we must not exceed

+ 2 rear wheels rolled over this lane

That means many friends have to come in when they see the back wheel has fallen into this lane, but when we pair the car is not parallel, the front wheel we lie farther away will never report very dangerous, so require we do high accuracy, another point of note is that we see with this horizontal puzzle car bow is located at an angle like this, this is the benchmark, this benchmark is how the front limit of the garage to 1m2.

We will have 5 steps to perform, we will be able to visualize this is the correct coupling position of the car, then the wheel is in the yellow lane, between the yellow and the red lane. And the back wheel is over this vertical yellow line. steps taken

  • + Step 1: proceed in parallel with the garage and stop at the benchmark, that is, when we sit down, we will cross the benchmarks, so we have completed step 1
  • + Step 2: we will drive all the way to the left and drive the car until we see the bow then we will win, then now we will steer to the left and we will go ahead, until we reach We just saw the bow and won
  • + Step 3: we pay the brakes, drive the car back to the bow, until the left wheel is about 20cm from the outside line, brake again.
  • + Step 4: we will drive all the way to the left and back the car until the car is parallel to the garage, there we drive all the way to the left, let the car back, and the car that has paralleled the garage will Stop standing
  • + Step 5: we pay the brakes, put the car back until the car hit the yellow line and we will win, that's the end of the card.

For this article there are a lot of mistakes in the process we make, then those mistakes, then we do practice on the field, I will show how to fix them. And now we will recall the steps we took, we need to remember 5 steps, I will rewind the tutorial again.

  • + Step 1: is the parallel to the garage, we need the parallel, the wide clearance between the wall and the garage really does not make much sense, because the third step will be adjusted relatively, advancing the car is parallel to the garage and stops at the benchmark
  • + Step 2: drive all the way to the left, drive the car until you see the bow, then brake, for this step we have to do slowly, so that when we look in the mirror to the left, we can see and show the bow is that we must stop standing
  • + Step 3: pay the brakes, drive the car back straight to the bow, when the left wheel is 20cm outside the line, the brake stops. this step must be done slowly, it requires a lot of precision, because when we go too deep, the outer bar will be rolled, meaning the right line will be rolled as well, but if our left wheel is far from this outer line too, then the right wheel is too far from the limit line. This step requires doing exactly
  • + Step 4: drive all the way to the left, back the car until the car is parallel to the garage, this is also a step that requires high precision, meaning that when the car back, you must go slowly and look at the right glass, this step we must look at the right glass to see the side of our vehicle and this limit, when in parallel we have to win, to avoid over-braking, we will press on the dangerous limit line, and if we de not parallel If you win, you will be slanted so the back wheel has unlimited lanes but the front wheel has not entered
  • + Step 5: straighten the car backward for 2 wheels behind the yellow line, this step should be noted. In the vertical card, we deject until we cross the yellow lane or hear the border signal, then we win again to announce that we have finished the article, and this article needs to be noted, when we go over the yellow line, the machine does not inform we still have to win again, a lot of cases through the yellow line the machine does not say continue to de, it will hit the limit later and we will be deducted points, within 5s we can not escape, we will continue to deduct points again , please note when we de that the back wheel has rolled gold even though the machine is not reported to win again to continue processing, do not continue de.

Now I will show you how, here I will practice in real life with the car, how will the faults be overcome, then in that practical part we will solve it

Set of 150 Questions for the A1 Driver's License Examination A1

Good luck!

Video Practicing Gathering Your Car Into the Place

Video Practicing Gathering Your Car Into the Place

I'm going to learn the townhouse lesson, this is my crossbar, it's limited from the limit line, and the upper limit line, I have to imagine like a car parked from here after and a car parked here from here, I only have a space here to put the car in, the requirement of this article is that I have to make two wheels of my car from this lane. ie a distance of about 25cm. Both the front and rear wheels are in the yellow line, but not on the upper limit line, and the two wheels simultaneously pass through the line, which satisfies two conditions. number one, the two pies are here, and the two pies must be in here, within the yellow line and inside the line, there are points for me to remember, first is the ribbon in the corner, then my soup right here, this is the yellow lane outside, this is the outer limit lane, this is the inner limit lane, so there are 4 steps to remember, the first step is to run the car you run parallel to garage, shoulder level with the guard.

Step 1 is to ask that your car is slow to parallel with the garage, does not require width or narrow, relatively okay, the shoulder is equal to the soup, to a little more, then, shoulder to shoulder, straight on, stand here, you see, the front of the car is relatively above the upper limit line, then you steer to the right, then look to the left when your vehicle is straight, the bow will stop, which means was just here my car was here, when I ran up and crossed the bow so I won and stood, so I completed the 2nd step.

The third step is to pay the brake, the driver observes the wheel and then comes in. The left foot of the left wheel is limited to how much the right wheel will be from that lane when I hit it, so I will run close to it. delimitation.

Step 4 turn left when the brake is in the circle, then drive the car over the first limit line and then brake, pull up the handbrake, this is already wider, already violated the standard, then I have the right to handle it, and there are two ways to handle it. The simplest way is to run here and then I stand to handle, but the previous way has a rough guide, the process is too wide open, then I drove to the right a bit, it will be automatically presses on, but that is a bit difficult. So I did the simple way first, when the case is too wide, the way to handle it will be like this, I will let the driver run straight to the 2m range to win back, I said why you did that, did it the first time yet accustomed to do the next time as long as it is accurate, run straight up to 2m to win standing, now because it is wide open, I will take the steering to the right for it to come in, eyes looking down on the cake, but in case of those who can not see the foot of the wheel vision of people, those who win the engine, then I look at the door handle, press the foot into the lane of gold, back in, a little more, and then stand still, the next step I took for the car straight in parallel, so we have to take all the left drive, 1-2-1 principle, hit the right 1 time, hit the left 2 times, when it is parallel, take the driver back, then, put the steering wheel straight, then de When rolling over the first lane standing wins, to 0, get off the car.

That's okay, just satisfied 2 wheels simultaneously pass this line and at the same time 2 wheels in the yellow line and the limit line inside.

This song just now, I was wrong in the 3rd step, I left, the left wheel is too much compared to the outer limit lane too much, next time I will come a little closer, in here, I have a lot. Cheating, when I open this much, the right cake is the same with the yellow line, it is already 25cm, now my third step will be a little bit unsuspecting, and then I will roll the car over again, understand? If the case when the third step is too close to the lane, the wheel will be later explained.

For this article I just need to be careful, handle it. It should be noted that when the 2 wheels rolled over this line without reporting, I also had to stop going, just like the other one I was comfortable to report when I got out, I won, and my home This car is absolutely not like that, when rolling over this line already, whether newspaper or not, I have to win again to continue handling, not the knife will continue to handle here.

And then the first step, shoulder level is equal to the soup, then, the second step is to drive all the left, look in the left mirror, look into the trunk of the car, when the bow appears, the brakes stop the car, the third step straight Then de, look at the foot of the wheel when approaching the limit line, step 4 hit the left drive, this time looking into the mirror on the right, watch the door handle fall into the yellow line, right, and win back, straight to the steering wheel, too, for rolling over the line always. Now it's still wide open, fix it yourself, read it to him to fix it, I have to run to, win again, I ran again, rolled the upper limit line, then drove back to de, wheel will come in, then win to stop, good, do it again. The first step is to run slowly parallel to the garage, shoulder to shoulder, then the second step is stars, steer to the left until it shows the bow point, then brake, I will stand here looking easy to observe, step 3 straight drive Come in, do everything there is a difference in it, so do it when you feel right, go in, a little bit more then win, hit all the left, put the wheels on, cross the line, then Mr. Hieu up try it, the first one is slowly doing, I imagine, I read to him filial drive, read step by step for Hieu to do.

What steps do I need to slow down, slow down, those that need to be fast, then do it fast, for example, the second step he drove up, just came out of the bow is the winning, right, if he ran too fast it was too much , the 2nd step is the fourth step, now you see the front wheel is narrower than the right one, the reason is that you run so fast that you miss it, you have to run slowly.

First he had to run in parallel and he did not handle the garage, now he rolled the garage and how to watch, the clearance should be relatively not absolutely necessary, then he can run it without rolling but rolling How to do it, do it again

This means that the accuracy of this part of the distance between the wall of the vehicle and the garage is not accurate, the second step drives up, the mirror sees the bow, the third step is de, this step is slow to win. okay, then the wheel is very close to the line, drive through the car into the garage, then straight to drive when the two wheels cross the line.

Sharing with me this experience, when I saw the car was too close, but here I still see it, why, because I do not see the wheels, I only see the trunk of the car, but not the bulky trunk. It's big, so when I saw that it was narrow, I thought it was parallel, I thought the opening was good, but when it came down wide, how could I put it in more, then I'll fix this post. All the corrections on the car are the most important, for example, if I have not done it, then I have to know how to fix, that is the most important, the requirement is that within 2 minutes I can do the lesson, so I have time to edit, remember that over 2 minutes is not a drop, over 2 minutes only deduct 5 points, I just calmly guess and do it.

I share for you this experience, he runs the front wheel is always narrower than the rear wheel, when looking through the rearview mirror, he runs the rear wheel a bit narrower, the purpose of this article is to go out there with 2 Cars parked like that, the fact that there is a car will pair another way. And now here I accept to do this way, this is the easiest way, the simplest, keep in mind the principle is to run across the soup, win again, drive until the bow appears, de outside the way the outside line how much bread in the way that guy so much, keep on doing so. There are a lot of people flipping, not imagining where to drive, I have to imagine this song is done in 4 steps, for example, if you want to be in this corner, you have to run up, slowly, dentist, that's 20cm left like That's a lot of openings, de a little more, win again, release right hand brake all home, then go to zero, pull back the handbrake, see not do it slowly, is the first time it has done, now Ask these 2 conditions, 2 wheels simultaneously rolled on the bar, at the same time 2 wheels are also close to the yellow line and the limit line, then de to do it again, he kept doing slowly like that.

Go up a little more, then win, this song will be slower and slower, the steps are clear, the distance is like that,

The previous step is wrong, when the de wheel is rolled to the limit already, the risk of the inner wheel is very high, so how to handle it, in this case, if you continue to de, the wheel will be rolled. this position. First, countless people will run up for the cake that has just crossed the yellow line, then win, look in the mirror, run lightly, when it reaches the golden lane to win again, hit all driving rui de, de parallel head, then The way to fix it is to calm down to steer the car, look at the door handle or wheel foot when you just rolled over the yellow line, then win again, but if you run far away again then you know, running to the yellow line is winning again. Yes, at that time the car was not straight, steering it into it would just pass the yellow line, then it had 2 ways to fix it. One way to fix it while still outside is the case, when I was in the fourth step and saw that it was too wide, I hit the steering wheel all the time.I found it was too wide, I paid a light pass, I looked through the door handle and did not touch the limit line. , the wheel did not touch, saw the door handle was open far from the gold, I had to steer to the right. Then Vũ de tried it

Then step 2, hit the driver all the left, move forward, look in the trunk, when the bow is the instant brake. and then step 3, straight drive de in, this step my eyes have to look down at the foot of the cake, look at the left foot of the cake, when the foot is about an inch away from the wheel, win a little more, my dear, then win, the fourth step will beat all driving on the left, looking at the right mirror, then stepping in, then straight, unintentionally when you push the steering wheel, it has already passed, this distance is beautiful already. Do it again and change people

Watch me, watch it too deep already, if it is too deep want to handle margins, then what to do, then beautiful. next person

On the day of the Vios, it was nearly an inch wider than this one, so I asked for it to be used an inch away, so it should be beautiful to run on the outside lane, but I have to practicing that habit, it is important that I fix, and the 7 seats, the distance of 2 wheels is a bit far so I left a little exposed. In general, I learned to know how to fix, to get on any car that is the same principle, but if I learn to do it once, it can't be accurate, each steering wheel is a bit different, so I have to go to the test several times to get it right. You go so fast, remember that when you go too fast, you will fall behind, so you should drive slowly. How can you be a little slower to do it better?

Time is running too deep, right now, repair this, read it for you, pay the driver first, calm down, run just a bit, look at the door handle and the yellow line, it is to steer left, win, win, Now you look at the mirror, how is the distance from the cake to the wider, right, I have a paragraph to adjust. Drive to the right to drive in.

This step is really slow, look at the bottom of the wheel, see the foot of the cake, look at the foot of the wheel, look at the door handle, press on, push the steering wheel to get in, it's beautiful, you can slow down like that

The trick of the last step is to go slowly, slow to catch it, you have the right to win why you don't win, slow down, people until 2 minutes.

A small tip is that on the Vios test, I adjusted the left glass first, the right glass after, many people who adjusted it too high saw the bow but could not see the foot of the wheel, so I just clicked it up and down, comfortable to do.

So this has not rolled, but a little bit more rolled, very dangerous.


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