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2017 CHERVOLET CRUZE Car Is Really Fit To Ride In Urban


Priced at over VND 600 million, this is a quite attractive model in the C-segment segment, but also need to say the 2017 number of Cruze, because the reason is that the 2nd generation of Chervolet Cruze was launched in. in 2016, and in Vietnam this is still the first generation but Chervolet has also had some changes in appearance as well as equipment to call the Chervolet Cruze the first generation is the 2017 version.


Regarding the appearance of the car, for a male user, the Chervolet Cruze is quite attractive when the car has a superficial appearance and the overall size is much larger than the competitors, besides it can also points to a number of modern Cruze such as daytime running lights, fog lamps with lenses, besides if talking about sports elements, the Cruze has a tail light designed in style. way of sports car model. From the standpoint of female users, the Cruze probably won't be attractive when it still has a hard design and a heavy car tail.

A weakness in appearance that can not be ignored is that a series of lights still use classical halogen technology, while competitors have switched to using LED lights for a long time. In addition, the overall of the Cruze is still the color of the Chervolet Cruze from the 2008 generation.

Interior space of Cruze

  1. Step into the car, spacious space, flat design surfaces and relatively modern colors. In terms of seating position, the Cruze provides a slightly low seating position for a person who is about 1m74 tall, providing uncomfortable front view. In addition, a slightly thick column A is a weak point to mention when you often move in the city. In addition, Cruze brings a sporty atmosphere thanks to the cambered steering wheel.
  2. A glance at the equipment technology on the car, the Cruze has automatic lights, the Cruze control system, rain-wipers are also automatic, and the system connects with the phone and voice commands, handbrake. It's still a traditional mechanical type, air-conditioning is automatic in one area and also has a sunroof.
  3. If talking about the modernity of the Cruze compared to competitors in the segment, this model lacks quite a lot of interesting equipment such as electronic handbrake, even electronic balancing systems are not equipped on the model. Fine this.
  4. In the second row, this is an advantage not to mention when it is possible to meet the seat down and connected to the trunk. For a person about 1m74 tall, sitting in the second row is comfortable because there is still space in the front row. Space on the head is also good and the middle of the second row is not too convex, which helps 3 people on the Cruze in the second row also comfortable.
  5. Another missing, is that the Cruze is not equipped with air-conditioning rear doors and if moving frequently in urban areas, on hot days, this will be a weakness that makes people in the back seat find it difficult bear.
  6. As for the trunk, the Cruze has a strange car trunk that doesn't open to the back of the trunk, so it's forced to open with the front row button. Space of luggage in the trunk of the Cruze is very large, can seat about 2 people, if you open the second row of seats down again, the storage space is really spacious.
  7. Overall, the Cruze is a pretty attractive model because of its lower price than rivals, the spacious space and a bit of modernity will often appeal to male users. But the weakness of Cruze can not help but mention is a series of technologies such as electronic balance or traction control, ...

With 600 million and the technology is equipped on the car, the Cruze will not be able to compete with rival cars.


Performance of the Chervolet Cruze

  1. Try to maintain the vehicle speed by setting up the Cruze control system at 40km / h and then going on a slalom challenge with the distance between the piles of 15m. With a speed of about 40km / h, the chassis as well as the Cruze's suspension responds quite well, hard to feel the tremor of the road. Because the car lacks an electronic balancing system, it makes the sharp turns quite dangerous. Running slalom is a way to test the flexibility of the vehicle when moving in the city, this is also a way to describe continuously when encountering a motorbike in front of you or a child running across the road. a flexible vehicle is needed to avoid these situations, and with the slalom test confirming that the Cruze can do that job well in the city, it must be taken into consideration that the car is lacking. a lot of safety technology and from there, continuous steering will be dangerous. However, the steering wheel style is a bit heavy thanks to the power and hydraulic system on the Chervolet Cruze. Cruze's 1.8 engine produces not that bad power, but it doesn't have very good real-world performance, because it often shifts the gearshift at 2000 rpm. Although the Cruze's soundproofing is good because the speed of 40km / h is not heard from the road clearly and almost no sound can be heard, but the sound of the engine echoed into the car quite clearly.
  2. About the steering wheel, hydraulic power of the Cruze, this can be a weakness when the target user is a woman because with the hydraulic steering wheel when operating in the city, there must often be a lot of steering. In the long run, women may feel a bit tired, but in return, men feel excited when operating at high speeds.
  3. With the speed of 60km / h, it can be said that the Cruze's soundproofing is good in the segment, at this time the noise from the road surface or the wind noise is still not a problem of the Cruze. At more than 2000 rpm, the machine sounds a bit loud and sounds quite clear if you do not turn on the sound system. With a fairly heavy dry weight and 1.8 engine without turbocharging, Cruze is reporting a fuel consumption that can be said to be quite much larger than the other 1.6 engines commonly used on existing models. Grade C, more than 10 liters for 100 km of mixed roads. The engine is not a Cruze's strength because the engine responds quite slowly compared to the accelerator and when you need to find a sense of acceleration, a sporty feel, the engine roars quite high about 6000 rev / min is new, but not quick and inflexible. That's why the male block doesn't like it in this 1.8 engine, although the fuel consumption is plenty but the power is not an impressive power level.
  4. About the steering wheel of the Cruze is heavy but not very accurate, it has a small fluctuation although the car is still straight but the steering wheel is still shaking, which is a big minus point for this American car.
  5. When cornering at 60km / h, the Cruze's chassis responds well but lacks a range of safety technologies that make cornering at high speeds not really a good option on the Cruze.
  6. The suspension of the car responds well to the weight of the car and the engine of the Cruze, if in the city when encountering speed humps or small bridges, the suspension of the Cruze is neither too hard nor too soft. Small plays sound a certain degree of certainty.
  7. Cruze is big, long, wide and actually has a turning radius that is not too different from the competitors, but one noticeable disadvantage is that the power and hydraulic steering is quite heavy, so that people who are not familiar with the car fall into a state of. turned slightly wide.
  8. The test accelerates from 0 to 60km / h, Cruze will bring the engine to about 6000 rpm and then change the gear, when pressing the accelerator pedal button and the engine at 6000 rpm is very noisy. When accelerating from 0 to 60 km / h, the car appears to lift the head, the car is higher than the rear because the car lacks safety technology. 80km / h and overpasses are still very solid. When the brake line reached full speed, the Chervolet Cruze had to roll about another 11m to stop.
  9. Chervolet Cruze is a model that is quite lazy to change in appearance for many years, and does not update the new technology as rivals, Chervolet Cruze is also a model that is not really suitable for urban areas like the Other models in the C-segment segment when the engine is not flexible and the steering is quite heavy and hydraulically difficult to suit women users. However, the Cruze is also praiseworthy for having a firmer chassis than other competitors and has a strong appearance suitable for male users.
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