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Are Pickups really value for money and worth it?

Are Pickups really value for money and worth it?


In Vietnam, pickup trucks are very popular because why? Some of the following reasons are: the first is a reasonable price, the second is a strong engine, the third is a very versatile feature that can be used as a high-SUV SUV, but it can also carry and sit. not so much as a truck and it still has something that is a playable travel car and all of these factors have made a pickup truck trend and that's why Many people love pickups but they are new pickups and what about old pickups after a process of being used.

Are Pickups really value for money and worth it? first

So today you will be with XE OR to find out if a pickup truck after about 3 years of use with about 6 thousand kilometers it is okay or not whether we should buy a pickup or not? Now we will find out. Maybe we will first learn things that we can see with the naked eye, such as this lamp cluster for example when running for a long time. the lamp is tarnished and blurred and so on and so forth. In recent times, a lot of cars have just finished running and have been steamed and stained, so with this car after nearly 3 years of use, you can see it is still quite decent. What would it be like if it was raining but today it would be fine when it was sunny.

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Are Pickups really value for money and worth it? 2With our eyes alone, we don't even know if it works like that. The stainless steel clusters here look quite decent, but it has not been yellowed in summary, it seems that the car is pretty good but I see that the paint around the car seems to be pretty scratched. Of course then going to Vietnam without scratching the paint, you can just leave it in the garage all day long and you have to go to the street, the scratching is extremely difficult to avoid. What about the wheels, the wheels feel like the paint is a little ivory, but if this is still completely acceptable, the paints of the cars are completely acceptable. Now, painting on wheels or painting on them is very good. The problem of wheels is only a problem if you slip into the sidewalk and it is scratched, it will be bad, but it will not be preserved. Deflection can last up to a decade.

The light is on the bottom, this fog lamp is a bit polluted but actually not stain but a little opaque Are Pickups really value for money and worth it? 3no headlights okay this light is a bit opaque a bit but I think it's okay like this is still alright visually it is like that but wait we will steal the bonnet to see What is the motive inside of it. When you open the bonnet, perhaps the first thing you will see is that this battery has been replaced, the battery after about 2 years is over 2 years of luck, it's 3 years, can't use it for more than 3 years Well, it will roll itself out so that's why you only need to run for more than 2 years, so if you see the battery is weak then you should change it yourself because avoid letting us lie in the middle of the road where the car is It didn't work, it was very troublesome, and overall the engine compartment was quite dirty inside, of course, after a few years, but if we could see it from the sight, it could not be said that the land it clung to had not happened. Where the rust phenomenon I will focus on the snails is not yet here The snails that have rusted even the small parts but that this interior compartment is very dirty by going on Vietnamese roads Every male car is dirty, but it is also a pickup truck that goes into the roads but it is dirty, so if you check the car regularly, you should go to the guard every 6 months. give birth one time n at most once a year clean the engine compartment for it to clean because if it sticks to it, it will cause this rust and damage to the details in the car.

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Are Pickups really value for money and worth it? 4Turn to the body of the car, what you notice is what these rubber skin is when it encounters a lot of hot weather like this and rain it will be things that are easily oxidized the most easily broken, the most glass rims all that rubber so then on this car I see it is still not too bad it may take about 7 years to 10 years but 3 years maybe It is still delicious and this is a Japanese car again so it is very difficult to break fast, scratches also scratch a lot already. This mirror is still not dirty, still good, still good, try the doorknob, you hear it is still ok when closed, the mirror is not cracked, you see, it is still true. The pickup is different, the pickup obviously sounds like a lot of money but in fact the pickup it has to make sure slightly because it loads right? If unsure, it breaks down quickly.

Well, this step up and down is sure, jumping up and down doesn't matter. As I approached the tail, I saw that these two lights were different from one side to the next, but this was still very new, but this side was very dull, actually not due to the dull usage time, but I discovered there was a trace. stab here, the lamp cracked so that the lamp doesn't even look as good as the light on this side, this side sees that its original is really looking if washed clean like new , there is no such thing as dimmed. The lights are okay. Japanese cars are different from this part. We will open the trunk here. The open hand is a little bit wet. This place may be water. it rains a lot or something, it's a little bit less.

Are Pickups really value for money and worth it? 5As for our trunk, why would I jump on this place is very important because it is under the force of this lid if the two steel wires supporting it are weak, we will not be able to do it. this, it's still very strong, it's still very strong. Yes, on this floor, it can be said that it is still very good, there are some scratches due to storage, which are actually scratched rather than some, but this is like this. very good simply scratched and the antenna here is already broken already, I don't know where the impact is, this one is due to the impact, but in terms of durability, I think like this after nearly 3 The year is still good and still looks strong. In the interior compartment, you will see what the cars are priced. Are Pickups really value for money and worth it? 6does it mean that Japan uses a lot of plastic, doesn't it use all the plastic and like I said that plastic is durable now you look at it like new, it's extremely durable The car that uses genuine leather means it feels luxurious but after a year of use, no matter what type of leather, when you touch it, it will be worn and it will be shortened. It's no longer smooth, but this plastic wrap looks like it used to look like when I first bought a car, there's nothing to damage. It's not wrong to say about Japanese cars with average price range here. these areas look like new even though the felt chair is very dirty already, the chair doesn't say anything because the felt it catches so much dust and the rest are the plastic parts around it. it is not wrong to use a copper word of a stone.

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This pillar here is the same, this plastic that it looks like it can't break, it's just old Are Pickups really value for money and worth it? 7It can't be helped that the Japanese people calculated that it was not wrong to use materials like this, it didn't feel luxurious but it was 8:11 blocks. For those who like to practice and economical and what features to use, how about the air conditioner turn on now and the wind is strong, guys, can you hear the sound of the wind? It's cool, it's cool, the glass is good and good, the lights are fine, the clock is working fine, in short, what we consider to be the most perishable, is the electrical appliances or the air conditioners. is it cold, then on this pickup is still very good after 3 years but like this, it's okay to choose the mid-range pickups like this is okay this is the EL Navara version is a It can be said that it can be used in the city, it is used in comparison rather than using tweezers and the price is quite affordable. 1 that is very durable. It is true that other plastics can not be worn and damaged. Now we go to the back row watching like that.

It's true that on the rear seat it's really tight, the pickup trucks are always seated like this, it's wide but it's wide, it's okay to stretch out, it's okay to talk about degrees It's still durable, but these are plastic, this is a little bit vibrating, look at it. Are Pickups really value for money and worth it? 8nhá but still okay but slightly vibration is not where the plastic is endurable, not broken it is only old. Tran still has no problem, it's just dirty, this grip is still very solid, this glass is still coming down here and there, these parts are very easy to wear and tear, but it looks only old. If it's dirty, it's okay, this doorknob is always naughty. In short, we just checked these electrical appliances, this air conditioner, this air conditioner is still cool, and the furniture in This inside might be fine, now I want to run and check to see if it's still loaded, how the engine is and the suspension is still smooth or not. See if it's worth buying after about 3 years if you buy this car, is it still good or not?

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Now we will try it out. Well first maybe we will try this car's acceleration and braking distance to see how it works and I have the device here Jtech pro it will measure now i will accelerate wao! safed safes wao! acceleration time from 0-90km / h is 10.85s braking distance from 90km / h to 0 is 38m yes a number that can be said is not too bad.

The engine after three years of use of this oil pickup is still very good, but even I think it could be even better if you take regular maintenance because it is nonetheless Vietnamese. not very sure, so it is a regular cleaning and regular maintenance and maintenance, your car is very durable, the engine is relatively called engine oil but this can not be avoided especially after 3 years of use but if compared to those new cars it's like this is okay why do I say that because this pickup, this EL Navara has been running for 3 years now on the market now The selling price ranges from 530-560 even a little more for a car like this running somewhere around 6 lakh more than 6 lakh then compared to a new car it's only about 100 million more holes. about 100 million losses after 3 years of use Are Pickups really value for money and worth it? 9Using means that you lose somewhere a year more than 30 million a year and you lose more than 30 million to use a pickup truck that can be used for many purposes: going out, going off road, going to the countryside I can go to work everyday, I think that is too cheap to expect it to be in the city, the Navara EL version will be better than other pickup trucks because it has a suspension system. its quieter but of course in return, if this vehicle needs to be heavy, it will not be able to carry very heavy somewhere this car I remember a friend of mine who carried about 600-700 pounds is still ok to load. to 1 ton then force you to use the car using tweezers, the steering wheel, the oil support is not discussed then so it is very durable at first how heavy it is now 3 years later it is still heavy same, still so smooth, no difference at all.

There, the number is still very smooth, the number is very good or so, but the number is still very smooth without a bit called jerking at all, countless still very good despite looking at that appearance. It looks a bit old, it's a bit dirty, right? As for running, it's honestly still delicious, why does this car keep the price so running for 3 years but only takes more than 100 million, says it is not a gift but keeps the price than the price of Vietnam, more than red or real sedans, but again and again because the pickup doesn't have any real damage, so it's persistent this way but why does it keep its price even though there's only one The thing is that pickups have a shelf life in Vietnam of only 25 years so that's an obstacle but 25 years a car is really too much, this car despite running through about 3 generations every owner for 3 years 4 years, he still has not finished 25 years but that is already okay then it is too good to change cars.

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Speed up the road wao! The acceleration is still very good, in short, an old car like this, the price is about 530 to 560 million for a car like this, you will not have to freak out too much, even though I am I still want to be it costs more than I would like to buy it cheaper than that but running the car is as good as this, the furniture is still like this it is hard to lower the price because it is very good except for the cars sold If you download it or use it to take the off road test to get into the difficult roads or run to break it to run to enjoy it, then maybe we have to consider carefully when buying. If the price is the same, then you should consider it based on the damage and the replacement level. Are Pickups really value for money and worth it? tenthe car that goes every day like this is so good you will save more than 100 million even if this car goes into difficult roads, the off road is still very good simply because it is strong, something The other is that its chassis is extremely high and its chassis is not about rigidity anymore, but only if going to the off road to take those difficult, slippery tests to trap the cars. That bridge is hard to overcome, but the rest is normal and we run to use a normal user without having to compete even when going on difficult roads, such trucks. This is still 16:40.

Yes, so after today we know that pickups are cars that are extremely valuable, I say the cars are original and really durable. when it was a bit humble it would be more stable to say that because when we often say nothing is broken, it's true that cars like this have nothing to damage and if the audience If you are a truck user, you can comment below the video to see if your cars are durable and have problems after the time I use even the off cars. road it will be like or how durable it is. Please leave your comments below for a discussion and note, and now the show will end here, so don't forget to subscribe to the XE HAY youtube channel goodbye and see you again in the next shows.      

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