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Advantages of Kia New Sorento 2016

Assessing pros and cons of Kia New Sorento 2016 through user sharing

Launched in the Vietnam market in 2011 very quickly Kia Sorento a 7-seater SUV quickly confirms the trust of customers and in today's program let's find out why Kia Sorento is popular with customers. Trust goods choose that way. And of course today is not Le Hung introducing the evaluation, but right next to me this is Huy the owner of the 2016 Kia Sorento and Huy will share his views on the reviews. comment after one and a half thousand use it is very new. A model is still very new.

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Yes, hello Huy, first of all a familiar question why did you choose this Kia Sorento model? Hello, Mr. Hung to all of you, actually, when I accepted the invitation of the Hero to participate in the program, I thought for myself how to say that I can speak well about the car. I can list all its advantages because I chose it and I bought it so I have to love it but actually when I go to buy a car as the first user My first concern is what this car has disadvantages and can I accept that drawback with a price I pay? And then we can discuss a bit with each other whether we are satisfied that we agree with the disadvantages or not?

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The first thing you see is a very strong headlight cluster, but the point I am not satisfied with is the quality of the brightness that is not desired, especially when you go to the dark. For example, the poster is reinforced and the halogen ball phase is not bright enough, so this is easy to fix. You can if you are not satisfied you can replace it. The second is a rearview mirror with a model that is very robust like Sorento, I wish my rearview mirror was a bit bigger. Firstly, it will make the car more protective, the second side of the mirror will be wide enough for me to observe, but this point is one of the points I am not satisfied because the mirror area is still limited.

The fourth drawback of Sorento 2016 you can easily recognize by visual observation. If you look at the rear wheels as compared to the front and rear wheels, the rear wheels look more saggy, it makes the car feel like it's weaker than it is heavier such as the tail is stretched down (yes exactly). This is more obvious if carrying more people behind. Exactly if carrying a load frame it drops relatively low and it weakens its vehicle.

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The next point is the one in the Sorento's glove compartment, the layer here is called the round of it made of felt to reduce the noise from the class compartment in the car compartment but on the contrary, it It is also easy to get diapers quickly, especially when you go on rainy days, this thing over the years can break the snail here so it can droop this crushed heart down and have to replace it, there is a solution. which is relatively good that people who use Sorento or often overcome is that you spray a layer of young rubber on to make it feel hard.

It would be impervious to it and it would keep it intact like this, but my Sorento was only able to run one and a half thousand times, so there is no problem right now. The next downside is to tell you, do you see this is a crab pie?

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This profile is located under the car but with a distance that I think is not very safe. Because when you go down the bad road, it's very easy to scratch this crab pie and kick it. The last drawback I can accept is that the quality of the camera in normal daylight conditions seems to be ok, but in the evening the quality of the light is not very good, ie in For a while I used fennel but the camera screen in the car had pink red points I could not see clearly so I think the minus for Sorento 2016.

Sorento has extremely comfortable rear seats. As you can see, but in order to get into the third row, one of the disadvantages of the Sorento is that the second row does not slip, but instead has a pin up here for folding the second row. Two down and lift the second row up like this. The seat in the third row is also comfortable enough for anyone with a tall body to enter. Oh well, but the second row's lever is very easy to get stuck, so I think this is the quality of a Korean model and mid-range model. Well, that doesn't work either. So much for my use.

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But sometimes it still makes me (a little inconvenient) some a few inconveniences but to overcome that, the brothers have to say that he put his hand on the row of this thing at the same time Picking up the lever to pick up a bit means you have to adapt to the disadvantages that the car itself. My opinion about the product, we do not care whether it is Korea or Japan but interested in what concerns the issue of design. Yes, Mr. Huy, during the daily usage, what do you like most about the New Sorento?

Today was the first time I was allowed to sit in the extra seat and have a driver so it was also the time I reflected on it and the time I thought about the New Sorento that I decided to spend some money in general. is within my reach. That day when I was sitting on the side seat, it was the first thing I felt about my car that was the same as the first time I saw him in Seoul. Uh, generally getting in the car is a good feeling. Comfortable why from the moment you get in the car, even though you are in the driver's seat, but an open space, opened in front of you is very airy in the car. Is it because you see above? The Paronama sunroof pulls from the front to the back of the car, and the light is enough in the car. In addition, when I entered the car, I found the space in the car was extremely large. Very large. The heart is very wide. It's different, I've actually been driving for 10 years now and I've been through a few cars for a while, actually Sorento gives me a sense of comfort right from the start. That is to say like I say love at first sight.

Advantages of Kia New Sorento 2016 6

Is that right? Right. As today we are traveling on a highway like this, my feeling. You see me running this 100km / h. Well, and it doesn't feel that way too much, and actually this vehicle is a tonnage of 1.7 tons and only the two of us sit. Is that right? But the feeling is not too floating. However, to say that it is a feeling of floating or not floating, the Sorento has a drawback that users often refer to as the hard fork for me, that is the biggest drawback of Sorento. When I move the streets in the street, for example, simply passing through the ledges, I have the feeling that it is suddenly swinging, it is possible that I drive alone and this car. It's a seven-seater car that doesn't have enough payload to jump right now but when I'm carrying the whole family. If the frame loads, for example, it will not make it feel smooth. Please also Hero and all of you, let's talk about the disadvantages first. Then let's say the following. So it is more charming. Right. Is that right?

Advantages of Kia New Sorento 2016 7

Then the second drawback that caught my eye was the interior of the car, the interior material in the car. the interior of the car from the dashboard to the two doors, when you see, look at the eyes are all plastic. Lots of plastic, possibly on other models such as the recently released CR-V 7-seat CR-V is also made of plastic, but people are carefully attacked to trick their eyes. Ie the skin on the upper layer, I feel skin. But for Sorento, getting into your eyes is plastic.

So there are a lot of users who say that this plastic goes for a while, then it will crack it, it will make a cry but for my car, it will only run for about ten and a half thousand. ten and a half thousand. all as Hung saw, going from now on to go through everything was very certain. even with these plastics over time it can also fade, in my opinion it is user-only. If you take good care of yourself. Careful grooming. It is beautiful. Yes. Just like my wife. It's like I'm taking care of her getting more beautiful and or at least retaining her beauty.

Generally a continuous spa. Is that right? In fact, my friends, Mr. Huy also shared about the problem of plastic creaking with Korean cars, in fact, with a current Korean model with the market, especially with Kia models, it There is a reasonable price and it doesn't lack anything. It has a lot of features and the problem of creaking where is it possible that in the course of using it you take out and disassemble the problem of insertion and removal on the issue of the pins it will be difficult to match the substance Details compared to Japanese models, of course Japanese cars have higher prices, uniform quality it is still better. Yes, I do.

Advantages of Kia New Sorento 2016 8

In general, you guys will tell me what you pay for. Exactly. Exactly what your money. That is, with the range of money I spend I'm totally up to this point I'm completely satisfied with the amount of money I spend. Can't expect anything more, right? If this car were equipped with leather and everything was smooth, it wouldn't have that price.

Let me tell you the functions that Sorento has and I think Huy also likes it. That is, it does not lack any buttons, the audio control system, tail control and hands-free conversation on the sunroof steering wheel are wide. Huy shared with me that when his mother first got in the car. Compared to the previous four-seater car that used the first thing, he said, "Why is the car so airy and it helps him not to get car sick. with the old 4-seater model used by Mr. Huy, he was very susceptible to motion sickness, but when he sat on this model, he was not drunk, which is something he loves. In fact, Mr. Hung, when his family had children and old people, people who got drunk were almost psychologically.

The car sickness is the right mentality. That's right psychologically. When my father stepped into the car, I used to drive a 4-seat Sedan, the first time he stepped into the car, he felt drunk. And he told me to open the glasses and open them all. Open all glasses. Ie feeling that I have not run. Is that right? Right. But when I stepped on the Sorento, the first feeling was that the person sitting behind it felt very airy and since then people just sat and had no problem.

Advantages of Kia New Sorento 2016 9

And the next thing that I can mention is the 10-way power driver's seat. Remember the 2-position seats when we approach the car in the dark, the light illuminates the way for us. Open the door and the chair pulls back. Remember the position of the test chair to see if position 1 is my position and position 2 is my friend, my wife, my boyfriend, for example when needed. Very handy is one of the very convenient things that we have enjoyed on the Sorento which I think is very convenient, giving me a sense of satisfaction. The second thing is when we set the reverse gear, for example, the mirror also drove down.

Self-down. The utility it must say is very convenient. Then the camera reverses the sensor to turn the car back and forth. We can turn on and off right here the driving function has 2 modes Eco and Remote. This model also would like to share with you that the synthetic fuel consumption according to Mr. Huy's daily running, for this mixed-run condition, it is around 11 liters. And if it is in the street, it will be about 14-15 liters everywhere. Yes. That's right, the 2.4 motor is quite heavy. Its load is about 1 ton 7. The capacity is 177cc. But the maximum torque is 224. The rpm is a bit high at 3750. That affects the Sorento's acceleration a little even when we are running 2 people, the acceleration code at the stage. At first, Sorento wasn't really good. Moreover, the Sorento that Huy uses is also part of the first half of 2016 because of that, this steering wheel is also an oil support. Not electric power support as follows.


Service of receiving and receiving manual and automatic steering in HCM


And please also tell the Hero that at the time I bought this Sorento I still chose the oil-powered steering wheel for its reason. In other words, in my previous car models, I was too familiar with the oil-powered steering wheel and more when the hero as he felt when running on the highway, for example, on the steering wheel. power steering wheel Italy then it gives us the feeling of reassuring rider quite real hand than electric steering wheel. So, the feeling of the steering wheel is that depending on each person who likes softness, people choose electric power steering.

Advantages of Kia New Sorento 2016 10

As for me, the oil-powered steering wheel is ok. I also ran a familiar oil-powered steering wheel, and when I jumped over the car my wife ran the electric-powered steering wheel at first at low speeds and I didn't feel anything. Right. This Sorento is equipped with air conditioning system is 2 independent areas, right? 2 independent regions. Is there a Clean Air system? Air doors are 3 rows of seats. As 3 rows of Sorento seats, there are 2 indoor units, guys in the rear seats are arranged on UB rather than storage drawers. Transportation capacities and issues such as placing items such as books in the car and a water bottle prove to be more convenient.

In fact, for me, the vehicle inside is as wide as this means that the manufacturer must have arranged compartments for the storage so that it is relatively reasonable and it should be comfortable enough for The user on the car like you saw my car did not install anything. There are a lot of cars people can install a phone rack for a phone and a storage box for things but for me I feel enough. The drawer in the middle is very wide. 2 compartments are very wide. Then the trunk at the side still gave him enough paperwork and other necessary personal belongings.

Utilities like this modulator system and this audio system, how do you rate after one use? Well, the first thing about air conditioning is the reason I decided to come to Sorento with a 7-seater like this, the air conditioner is very cool. Cool the car behind the vehicle, neither feel nor feel too cold. Air conditioner, I feel very satisfied.

As for the sound, the sound is also many users say that the Sorento's sound system has not been very satisfactory yet, has not satisfied the ears of the people in the car. But for a person like me, buffalo ears like me, for example, it's quite ok. And if you want to upgrade the audio system, actually on the market it is very simple that you can replace a head, with only a few 3 million, we have a sound system that can be called A little bit better. What is the quality of this screen? The quality of the sensor is actually that it is still a bit slow and the time when turning on the car to turn on the engine and then when receiving the songs, it is not as fast as the modern heads like now. But when I drove a long time, it became a habit. It is all due to the habit of how I feel.

In my opinion, it is a minor disadvantage. Acceptable in the acceptable range. And in the process of daily use, I will definitely take this wife and children sometimes make sure they take both their grandparents out or somewhere, in the 2nd row and the 3rd row, the idea What's everyone's like? And how about you personally?

Actually, in the first resolute conditions I chose Sorento to serve the family, the children and the elderly, so from the first time I went to see Sorento, for example, I stepped right into the second row. 2 then, and then the 3rd row and like this: the 2nd row with a person as tall as me 1m7 or even 1m8 is still comfortable as usual. Like my children, for example, before I used to drive a Sedan, they could do nothing when they sat in one of the seats. Generally there is no space for them to play, children are hyperactive, there is no space however for this Sorento when they enter them they can stand in the middle of the two rows and they can be comfortable, limbs are comfortable, so are adults. As for the third row, the third row is before I have a thought that the vehicle is 502, the third row always limits first is the distance between the legs and the second seat is the distance from Head to earth but in my opinion, the Sorento is one of the models that is actually 7 seats. The 7 seats in the third row are really tidying up the third row seats with headrests, although they do not slide up and down the second row does not slide up and down, but it is also large enough for people sitting around 1m7 as My wife, for example, 1m65, for example, could take a long distance in the third row.

Going to be long. Although he had set up the third row, the trunk behind was rather limited, but the Sorento had a bar on the top that could be placed on top of the lid. Right. There is a tie on the right? Yes, there is a tie on the top, you can put things, which is very good during use. But if you go 5 people, this trunk will make this car comfortable. Going with 5 people is extremely comfortable, Mr. Hung. I have carried 2 families and all 6 suitcases behind.

Yes, Huy, guys, for Korean models, I also hear users say it again and again, after a long period of 2, 3, 4 years of use, it often generates faulty errors. Classified sensor v ... v ... so before you buy this model, you have to consult that information or not? And your views like? If you encounter such an error? In fact, it is said to be broken, in my opinion, every car has its own, depending on the level.

For example, the German car line will also have a fault, but it is at a limited level, but Korea, as well as you say it is often broken, such as the Sorento, for example. at a certain time, its ABS sensor will also have an error then the system installed the error door may be battery damaged before the time is not as expected. But for my Sorento up to now, I could only run one and a half thousand, everything is perfect now and nothing has to be that big, but I already have a predestined determination if it is broken. everything I handle is also very quick. Just change. Rather, there is no problem.

Korean car parts are now flooded in the market even imported from Korea, I can, if I do not want to change in the company, I change it outside, there is no problem. In general, it costs money to change clothes, but for Korean cars, I think I can get back at my fingertips and the quality of using things depends on the user. It is possible that there were thousands of cars it rolled out it fell ill already. As for the cars that had to be 50,000 and 50,000 to fall ill. It depends on the road conditions and things, detailed conditions for the owner's care, right?

Yes. That is inevitable. That's mostly the whole brother. The whole. Based on the value that it brings to me. I feel satisfied is okay. And also share with you that Mr. Huy will also plan a trip to Vietnam in the near future with this New Sorento. A 7-seater model really brings a very large space, to say this is a huge advantage on the Sorento and especially as I drive here from highways to the provincial road then small, in general, to be true. The thing to say to drive is not that happy but to please I think very ok in the price of the 7-seat model.

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