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Technique Of Proper Car Driving

Technique Of Proper Car Driving


How to hold the steering wheel

  • Divide the steering wheel into a clock face, when learning to drive the instructors will usually show how to drive properly is usually in position 3 and 9 (left hand 9h, right hand 3h) and 2 fingers the one placed on the steering wheel.
  • However, you can also hold the steering wheel in position 2 and 10, No. 3 and No. 10 or No. 9 and No. 2.
  • But No. 3 and No. 9 still bring a sense of balance and flexibility for me to drive comfortably.

Proper Driving Technique 1


  • You can hold the steering wheel number 3 and 10 but when you drive to the right, you will lack the steering wheel
  • Similarly, holding the steering wheel 9 and 2 driving left and right is not enough hands to drive
  • So holding the steering wheel at position 9 and 3 is the most optimal method

There are 2 ways to steer


This is a common driving style that most people use


Drive by placing your hands alternately diagonally and pulling the steering wheel in the direction you need to move to facilitate moving in the city and help the driver steer a large angle in a short time to actively drive more. Default is when the driver is difficult to turn at high speed and easy to cause accidents for the driver

Push and pull

  • How to drive to the left hand direction 9, right hand direction 3 when the steering wheel steering 2 hands move to 12, want to move to the left then turn the steering wheel down to 180 degrees in the direction of 6 and the right hand half-open in position 6, turn your right hand and hold the steering wheel 180 degrees up and down 12 again
  • This type of steering helps us to drive smoothly, distribute force evenly and use less force while driving to avoid causing hand fatigue, good orientation while running at high speed.

Proper Driving Technique 2

See Other Instruction Materials HERE.

Steering should not be used

  • Do not steer with the palm of your hand. When you park the sweat, it is easy for water to become slippery, it will cause an accident due to lack of control.
  • Do not let your hands inside the steering wheel become restrictive and limit your ability to turn around at fast speeds
  • When reversing the vehicle, you can use one hand but it is advisable to use 2 hands in heavy steering fields (there are car manufacturers making the steering heavier than usual).

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