How Important Are Car Airbags And Belts

Car airbag explosion test and the importance of seat belts

Hello friends, seat belts and airbags today on newer models seem to be indispensable safety components. However, in recent times, we have also received a lot of comments asking if the seat belts and not the seat belts will cause the airbag to explode or not. Then in today's program I invited to the program is Mr. Vinh.

We will have discussions about how seat belts work and have airbag tests to give us a better understanding of how seat belts and airbags work in today's new cars.

Car airbag
Car airbag

And friends, we have prepared an airbag on today's new car model. This airbag model is installed on the passenger side of the driver's side and today Vinh will activate it to see how it works. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, to try or not or how much effort is a very interesting issue on the air bags on today's car models.

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For example, in the last KOK tournament, for example, I saw that there are models like the Ranger, for example, when it falls on high, it explodes and the airbag also explodes. There are cars like Colorado that also fall like that and it doesn't work, I don't understand why it is so different. Same road, same condition, same speed. According to him, is there a car or not and Hung is talking about that.

This morning I was just researching Google when Google said that the airbag is activated by an filament connected to 1V and this filament burns a dynamite that looks like a grenade with a fuse for it to try. like a boom. I think now I just try to see if it gives 12V current, it will try again later, I will discuss it again. Now we have an airbag like this and Mr. Vinh will be a technical expert who will try to make that effort. Ok here I have already connected 1m of wire so that in case the airbag inflates, we stand far away. And I prepared some items over there so that I could put them on the airbag in which there might be a bucket of water about 12 kg so I could see how the force of the airbag was. With the hope that the bucket of water it reduces what happens when it tries.

How Important Are Car Airbags And Belts 4

Ok yes I will try it later. Leave it like this so it doesn't push around and then put the bucket of water up. Here it can be seen that about 2 thirds of water. Let's see which way it flies. Hopefully it will fly to the sky and not return to where I stand. There are 3m cords to trigger. And now without making you wait much longer, we will activate the airbag placed on the other side. Very suspenseful. Actually, I have never crashed and had an airbag inflated and I don't expect that to happen. However, today we will test this problem. Beat in 12 3 2. It really sounds like a boom.

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You can see that the airbag has been ripped open and the smoke is still coming out and the bucket of water we put on it has shattered into pieces. One piece flew out there about 1 meters, one piece flew out here about 5 meters and even the iron tray we put it on to keep it safe is completely deformed here, you can see the pocket of the bag. The air it hits is right in this area. Just imagine the force it would have on us if we didn't get out of the seat belt. After trying, this will turn into an unflattering pillow. This is the remnant that the stimulant it exerts inside the airbag. And this is the bag that we can throw away after the effort.

How Important Are Car Airbags And Belts 5

Boom, as soon as we hit the trigger, the airbag inflates like a boom. And I can imagine the part that if this airbag were to be in a car drill, a small car cabin, it would be like. In fact, later cars have dozens of mechanical airbags. There are cars advertised as 1, it will have 1 crashes like last time there is a smaller case and a bigger one but it will have 13. And if the airbag it inflates in the car I'm in, it won't be comfortable, then I think the best way is to not give it a reason to try. First of all, don't give it any effort because it's annoying to try.

Airbags help ensure safety in the event of an accident
Airbags help ensure safety in the event of an accident

So how closely does the seat belt have to do with this airbag because actually I get a lot of questions about not wearing a seat belt the airbag works or not? Actually, this question is always a difficult question and most people do not get a clear answer. However, depending on the events I follow, there are cars that work hard but there are cars that don't work, the sensitivity is different, but the airbag, its nature is that I keep applying 1V electricity. then it tries to infer its control is different I can understand that. And the thing that fastening it is related to the airbag deployment or not, to answer that question, I just looked at the bag it tried.

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If it weren't for the belt, I would have put my face on the steering wheel but the airbag it inflated like that the air was inflated at 300km / h with the force that it was like a bucket it flew up 15 meters here and broke the force. it goes to my chest for example if the airbag is on the steering wheel, I will definitely break a rib. If I don't wear a belt, but the airbag deploys, the possibility of injury is probably even greater. The possibility of being injured in a collision The possibility of being injured by the airbag itself is also a great possibility. In the past, in the early years of the airbag, people only let it push when the seat belt was fastened.

Seat belts in cars
Seat belts in cars

In the beginning, but later, as I understood, the technology of the car was quite high, which can be said to be very high, then people began to separate the levels of the collision, for example, in that case, not wearing a belt. but if it's a light collision, it doesn't make an effort, but if a collision at a higher speed is stronger, for example, it should try. If you picture yourself running 100km/h and you hit something then if you don't wear your seat belt your car will stop and your self will fly out of the car and your life will be over. stop. That air needs an airbag to try to stop you from staying in the car.

It's not pleasant, but it's also a very useful one. Stay and it creates an air cushion between the person and the surrounding hard objects in the car, but what Hung said earlier in the terrain racing series, there are different cars with the same cars. The same position, the same conditions and the same ups and downs, but whether the car starts or not, it is due to the opinion about the level of stimulation of the airbag of each car company.

Seat belts have such a great effect on protecting us, but in reality, I see a lot of cars that often go on the street, for example, do not wear seat belts. We look right through the mirror to see that there are even models that I sit next to the driver sitting next to plug one in to trick the seat belt system.

How Important Are Car Airbags And Belts 6

We can plug in a hook or we can squeeze it behind us like this, then plug it in to trick the seat belt system, how do you think that problem affects the effect? protect. Because seat belts are so important to all the car manufacturers in this day and age, they put in place a chimpanzee warning system that if you don't wear a seat belt, everyone tries to keep it safe. get over that but just like I just discussed whether the airbag works or doesn't work when not wearing a seat belt, when I trick the system like that and I don't wear it, I activate the bag system gas at an earlier explosive potential that makes us look more like a bucket. That means it's in the ready state 1 1 3, right?

Yes and actually doing that is very harmful to us and even in fact the fact that walking in the street at 5 - 10 km / h does not need a seat belt. However, if I go like that every day, I can leave a lot to form a very bad habit that I don't use. And if my number is black, I can pay the price for that habit. And friends, when the airbag inflates, it will destroy the entire front plastic plate, right? The plastic banner in front can also blow the windshield, so if you have a habit of leaving your legs like this in the passenger seat, please leave them because you will break your legs just like the bucket and the bucket. the aluminum face we have embraced on this one.

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And Mr. Vinh in the past time, I have also heard about new cars today, such as the new Mercedes E-Class and then the S for example. In order to limit the impact of sound when the airbag affects the eardrum, it has something to reduce that sound because as you know, there was a cameraman standing slightly earlier. Almost a little bit, he was a bit stunned and there must be a car that we sit at the wheel like, if there is a flare, the possibility of a broken screen can happen, right? The possibility is very high because when the sound is loud for a short time it can stun us.

Always fasten your seat belt while driving
Always fasten your seat belt while driving

Back to the stun thing, I'll say this if I didn't wear my seatbelt, the airbag would push up I'm sure I'd be stunned standing outside and I'd be covered up I'd be stunned because in that few seconds I was After all, I can't control the car. Causing danger to life. It is possible to cause a series of accidents just because of the seat belt so that when the airbag is deployed, it always has the ability to stun. It's best to have the seat belt earlier, it minimizes the chance of stun. Back to Hung's question about the new technology to combat noise, like the E-Class E-Class and the later S-Class Mecerdes, it added a package called a sound package called sound activation. The bar aimed for its eardrum to be fiercely protected.

The bag automatically expands when the car has a problem
The bag automatically expands when the car has a problem

This works very funny, but the structure of my ear is that it gives a sound frequency when it collides ie when given a range of sounds, my ear will reflect with that frequency. That sound it shrinks it shrinks the eardrum to help me cover my ears. In fact, it gives me the reflex that I close my ears instead of covering it like this, it covers itself inside, so I'm less shocked. And friends, after the tests as well as the explanation of Mr. Vinh just like this, instead of us asking if the airbag is not wearing a seat belt, let's take action. when driving.

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