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Standard Sitting Posture No Fatigue

Standard Sitting Posture No Fatigue

The riding position of a motorbike seems to be a very small thing, so people pay little attention to it, but it affects quite a lot on safety when driving.

Sitting in the correct posture not only creates comfort during a long journey but also helps us to handle situations better when something unexpected happens.

Standard Sitting Posture With No Back Pain 1

The posture of sitting wrong as we often see.

  • Sit too close to the steering wheel, sit back behind the wheel or sit to one side.
  • These postures make the driver tired during the long run, in addition, when the unexpected situation occurs, the driver will not be able to handle the situation easily causing unfortunate incidents.
  • The right way to ride a car is to stand up the middle leg of the car upright on the footrest with the car, stand on the floor to lie with the scooter and slowly sit down this movement helps us to sit still. to the left or to the right.
  • Determine if you sit too far back or forward by turning the steering wheel all the way to the right and left if your elbows are pressed into your ribs, we will sit too close if your hands are stretched, then sit far away from the steering wheel too, it should be adjusted accordingly, when controlling the vehicle, the eyes must look straight ahead to have a broader view to better absorb and handle the situation.
  • Do not put your finger on the brake pedal to avoid the case that the hand shock line will be thrown out of the control bar, and when you put one or two fingers on the brake, the brake will be entangled in the hand, causing the braking effect will not be effective. the best .
  • As for the car, when the thighs are closed slightly into the saddle, they create 2 parallel lines for people and cars to form a unified block, 2 forefoots facing forward, 2 soles placed on the foot bar, nose The foot must be placed lightly on the brake lever, so that it is ready to step on the brake when an unexpected situation occurs.
  • The scooter has a reasonable position with two legs in parallel with the thigh and shin forming a 90-degree angle, the handlebars are comfortable without tension, the handlebars are bent at a 120-degree angle, the driver's arms do not pass straight, the knees right hand is too small not less than 90 degrees because these positions make the driver handle inflexibility.

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