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In fact Vinfast Fadil - the first car manufactured in Vietnam

Actual car Vinfast Fadil

Vinfast Fadil

 This is the first car of Vinfast Fadil, please explore the details of this model. This Vinfast Fadil model is in the same segment as Hyundai i10, Kia Morning and the newly launched model is the Honda Brio. The common feature of Vinfast is the beautiful V-shaped logo in the front of the car, the black grille, the side is halogen lamps and the LED position lights and the bottom is a black plastic fog lamp.

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Vinfast Fadil

Part of the wheel is 15 inches in size, the spokes are very beautiful, the wheels are in general peaceful design. The car has a top bar, but I should only load a little bit because in Vietnamese law there is no permission to carry things on the roof.

Door handles and petrol color are quite large, relatively thick corrugated iron. The rear light is quite gentle, with a rear-facing camera, and the trunk is relatively spacious to accommodate two large suitcases. The key of the car is quite compact, foldable. 

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Vinfast Fadil

The interior of the car, the clock in front of the steering wheel with a chrome frame is relatively good, the display is black and white information. For vehicles with a design similar to the chevrolet camaro or chevrolet cruze, just press the menu key to display the information on the clock, water indicator, gasoline indicator are the only mechanical lines.

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An overall review of the interior of this car, which is GM's design, XE Opel is a GM brand in Europe, equipped with smart screens, air conditioners with 2 knobs below the screen however this is is automatic air conditioner, the design is quite good. The leather seats are a bit dark, but overall everything is nice. This Fadil is equipped with a CVT gearbox similar to the Honda brio.

Actual Vinfast Fadil - the first car manufactured in VN 1

With the rear seats, quite okay with the E-class car sitting like this is the only thing is a little standing chair, but it's okay this car only goes in the street, go alone. The 1.4 engine has a capacity of 98 hp, so in this segment it has the largest capacity and capacity. The frame is very solid, imported from Europe by VINFAST. Overview of this Fadil car is completed with a good product.

In fact, when observing all these details, most of them are GM's. Vinfast only works on painting, stamping and assembling. This car is Opel, a sub-brand of GM in the European market. Hopefully this car is researched and tropical by Vinfast, without minor errors like the previous GM car.

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