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Container driver - Communicating with a young 22-wheel driver

Container driver - Communicating with a young 22-wheel driver

Hi everyone and welcome to my Vlog channel! There are some of you who ask yourself, how much is this salary? Or do you ask, if I want to run this, what should I do? Or is the salary part and then how to get a driver's license like this. Or some other questions, today I made a video to talk about it and tell you about my career. First I'm going to talk about salary. Now my salary is running for Dat Thanh company, my salary is 15 million a month. That means 1 month I can't hold in my hands the 15 million that I have to pay, for example, I have to hire an extra companion, I have to pay the woman an additional 4 million or I hire the cheaper woman about 3 million and a half.

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Just now, I talked about eating because the camera was in the wrong direction, so I corrected it. So when we eat, when the car is moved, it means we have goods in our car, we move on the road, the owner will pay me 3 hundred thousand a day to eat. When I was at the wharf and did not move or was delivering something, my salary was only two hundred thousand. So sometimes when I went to that delivery place, my employer knew that I was in that industrial park and ate very little. Did you watch the videos that I uploaded, and I only ate lunchboxes or the food they gave me was very low, so I went to the canteens and the cafeteria sold it to the workers, but I didn't have one. How much money I also carefully calculated all. So on the street, you also know that when you go to a restaurant for 1 person, it is calculated according to the rate of 80,000 for 1 person. For example, if I go with 2 people, a meal is about one hundred and a half or more so it is a day to eat.I just go to that industrial park so that I can spare a little bit of myself to eat. And now, I have just finished cement delivery in Da Nang. Now I have to run down to Tien Sa port to load loading bran noodles to complete the construction.

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Some people ask me if running a tractor is difficult or not? I tell you if you love the job, if you follow the career, then you can either find out or tinkering with you to find out what it is related to tractors. It means that if you want to go to the top of the tractor, you must have a C. With a C, it must be 24 years old, 21 years old, but I am wrong, 21 years old. Must be 21 years old and I drive a C, C finished and then run within 3 years, they call it 3 years of experience. Or when people say when they apply at the driving school when they post to FC people often say that they have 3 years of experience or 20,000 km of safety. Which means that in those 20 thousand kilometers I ran without any negligence of any accident or anything I could post to FC. Or I see there are many friends like the difficulty of my FC, in 2015 my difficulty is FC, there are 15 people that currently equals FC running tractor, only about 3-4 people running first. pull it because when you pull it up there is a lot of trouble when you don't have enough confidence you will get discouraged and you will go down with C again. So if you love your career, then you're the same.

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But everything is suffering, there is suffering before happiness. Also running the tractor or calling it another way in the English sense that it is a container or a congtainer, I'm from the countryside, I often call my container in Vietnamese style, I also love ner. When I first posted the first video that I posted, I recorded it was a ner job, some people said I was stupid or something. I know the social network you interact with, you have to have this and that. There are people who praise people who scold people in general, I do not care about that. So the degree I talked about is my style by the ears ner ner when I have 3 years of experience of the C degree, when I got on this FC, it is also generally a matter of vehicles, the good I won't say it. I talk about the running style. The way he ran, it was exactly the same as the one with C. With C, I run it, it's shorter than it is shorter, it doesn't have a connection like this, I can pass or I cut my head more neatly and this degree, this tractor, I run over people I have to from from the moment I cup in or I have to go a little bit further out for me to cup in, it is a little different there. As for resistance, it is inversely equal to C, but the opposite, I back up a few times I de several times and get used to it. So in general, what I say is that if I don't know how to try it, how can I be good if I don't know it.

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I will talk about myself. I am from a C-run person, I have run for exactly 3 years and my experience in FC is not like you guys go to Hai Phong or something. I said I didn't mean bad things, but I mean I'm young so I can take the exam for myself. So I went into Quy Nhon. It is said that Quy Nhon is the driving license that is the most valuable because it is not as different as other places. Now, I think that by FC in Hai Phong is the most. And I am my exam in Quy Nhon. Then when they let me study, they learned that the public is a public labor, but the public is only 20 feet long, it is very short, it is different from what you usually do but it is de. If I talk hard, it's short when I'm de, it'll break quickly. Fracturing means that trophy, trophy to L, it is very fast, so in the exam, there are some who failed, some of them passed. So in general, everyone. At that, my ability to or to where it alone but I do not know that most of the time I see the ability is not de but the theory is much.

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Then I summarized 1 sentence is very easy exam by FC. When you have experience from C then you go to you to run by FC it is very easy. But anything like that is easy. I call it that I get experience from the school only but also called it according to a principle. That means for example if I go to the exam place then I de the teachers he will only be the first you head over the other bonsai or something that will start as I will steer the propeller. The propeller is number 1 here and steers under the propeller. After that, you just follow that book, you de de it will be ok. There is nothing difficult that even if I go, then I will go to the road when I run the car I will be able to contact the street that I handle well even with a C certificate. This video I made a piece I confided to you. You are for example the elderly or those who do not like me, then you do not see what to do.

In general, I just posted for fun, I do not mean anything, please do not curse. I also do not want to bother much when I read the comments that you guys curse at me, I'm also very sad. But I just called it when I uploaded a video, I saw a lot of viewers that I found that morning happy. Call me motivated to make other videos. If you ask anything else, you will gather all the questions every day and I'll answer them for you. Oh, and you guys ask me about yourself, how old are you so young? It is true that I am very young because I was born in 92 but I ran this tractor, I only ran for 2 years. 2 years of experience because of my youth. Young people are searching for much, so it is hard to call it, so I learn a lot, it is simple. It turns from hard it to simple. I have many times when he runs a lot of places in the company, but he is hard but I find it is not difficult at all, but in my opinion, I will not say you guys are bad or something. That means, just think of it, it's easy but not difficult at all. Because first and then only after acquaintance.

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Talking about myself was the time I finished the 9th grade. At that time, I took an entrance exam for a specialized school called a private school. At that time, I failed the entrance exam at a private school, so I felt nervous, so I called me to drop out and stop studying. I went to assist with my car, I had to help for one year, I felt that it was a very difficult job. At that time, I thought in my mind that only studying can solve everything. When I finished, I went right back for 1 year. When I finished school, I then went back to study at that time. In general, everything I learn is very good, so when I get to class 2 in the second semester of the 10th grade, I get elected by my classmates because I am more gentle with my teacher who is the class president. The next I went to grade 11, when in a soccer match I fell down, I broke my arm bone, at that time I had to be admitted to Quy Nhon hospital for over half a month for treatment at Quy Nhon. Then when treating you know then the study will be neglected. In general, when the time of maturity is the high school level and you cannot grasp anything at high school level, how do you go to college? When I went back to study again, my 11th grade math course then went to the second semester. The subject that I studied spatial geometry that you think you go into yourself I do not know what a numb tissue is, how can I go to school so from that time I was very discouraged. From that moment on I started to have a way of playing around without studying, but I skipped class and the classmate. But if you think that if you go to class and go to school, then after a while, I realize that I'm an unsuccessful learner. When I told my parents that I couldn't study anymore, my parents still pressed. But at that time I couldn't force myself anymore at that time I thought that much.

At that time I followed the assistant. You know, back then, back then it used to be a car full of overloaded cars, but it was behind. The moment now, that assistant is happy but it is not happy at all. In the past, the assistant car was overloaded. You know that the car that was carrying like before and that fruit truck is so tall that it pulls. It's simple that when I went outside of Hanoi in that cold country, the canvas was cold and it was as hard as something that I pulled on both ends, my fingers started to swell and it was red as if it was suffering something. I am more miserable than now the children who are now helping me do not do that. I started to go side by side. Back then when I was in 11, I started to go back in 2010. No, before going to extra jobs, I went to work. I went to Sài Gòn, so I remembered that I was a pub. When I went to Sài Gòn when I went to work as a pub, I felt that I was paid 1 million 2 in that year. That's not enough to spend anymore. It was called food and drink at first, but at 1 million 2 VND then it was very difficult at that time. I work for about half a month what I think. I started to work as a security guard, then I did something about it because I was a security guard in that I saw that it was part of a factional faction in general, which made me depressed. I went to meet people and I felt tired and then I rested. Back then, I worked for 1 month, then I moved to the lake. The assistant who works, you know the assistant and then do it called effort to get money. Working there after a while, but I found it a lot of work, youth. Next I switched to being a restaurant. I don't feel good at a restaurant. After that, I came to Sài Gòn, and after a year, I started to move, not because I moved to work but I went back to my hometown.

When I came back to my hometown, I was looking for a way to help me, at that time I was inspired to help myself to the car. Call me pursuing my passion, start following my car. Just now, I said it was miserable at the time. If you are your age or a few years older than you then you can watch this video and you can understand that at that time, the women were very miserable. If I was discouraged at that time, I wouldn't be what I am today. So if you guys, some of the young people ask me if I want to accompany me or let me learn an apprenticeship, then you should look for acquaintances and acquaintances. people are more likely to show you guys. Or if you have the C degree you want to upgrade to FC, you can follow the experience you post to FC. But if you do not have a C, then you will call me after I know the profession, but you can never run. Where no one dared to assign a person without a license to run the car but then accidentally happened what that person will hug all, even me too. I wanted to help me before, I didn't dare to let go, I just said basic things to that person. That's why a part of you going away from the house your sub-friends could not bear. Secondly, I was told why I am not only a profession, but how can I teach. If I go to the street, I will drop it if something happens and then I will hug, right? Sit and think if you're right. Or I go to loading and loading, I'll let you go to the car to help me, or back up or something I just drop it, in general, it is only a container to get the salary, no one dares to drop it for you. run.

Some of you call him a long-distance driver for a year using rocks or something I don't understand at all. It is up to you as well as in the society with this type of people and that kind of career as a driver. Like a driver's job will have this and that, but not everyone like that person is just called society. It's not like everyone is addicted to people or who plays rock and all. Simply tell me that I will run from Dong Nai, I will run out to Hai Phong exactly 3 nights and 2 days right. It means that I slept at that time but my sleep time was not much, for example when I was running around 2:00 am I was tired and I covered myself with a blanket, I pulled myself to my side to sleep.

I sleep about 3 to 4 hours. When I slept around 3 o'clock, I went to around 6 o'clock So when the so-called stimulations didn't help me sleep, I would use the drug to crawl. I'm the only one that sucks, JET. That's because my sweetheart told me to quit smoking so I could never get rid of those things I used to stay up late, I didn't sleep. That bullock is often called in the south. If a cow has a night, sometimes I can make 2 cans, sometimes I can make 3 cans to stay awake all night when I stay up from night to morning. Then, the next morning, I was so tired, I had to sleep about 3 hours to 4 hours to make up for the energy but the time to make up for it was when I entered the line. When I went in to give up, the time I was allowed to fall asleep was that time. When I drop in, I tell the person I check for myself, the person at that company. If you check carefully for the goods that are missing, then you will have to pay me the compensation. Besides, at that time, I asked people to help me and then I went to sleep. I slept at that time. So it's not just me running. If you say that, it is not true that I follow my thoughts if I drive from the year I went to the assistant until now, it has been 8 years but I only heard the radio report saying the driver was addicted to injecting drugs but I told myself I haven't seen anyone who has injected. I haven't seen you yet. I haven't seen anyone suck or use stones at all just listen to the radio or the narrators still have but there is only one part. So many of you when you comment on the call to run north and south use rocks to use this stone or other think they are embarrassed for the driver but why are you saying that. Please tell us what you think for us. It's not like I use rocks to run north and south. If I kicked it, I would risk it if I used it dangerously, but I would still be young, but I also thought that I was positive, not negative. I don't have to use that to kill my future, not everyone. That is, I say the thinking common to all young people. Only those people who call it boring or something will use that stimulus, but who will use it? I'm in love with life like this but naturally I use that to make myself ruin my life.

I have a nephew now, my nephew calls me by my uncle. It follows me but it only follows me, but it doesn't go much. Sometimes when he gets a job, he stays at home, so he lets him stay at home. I still pay for him now. I pay him for my nephew's money right now at VND3.5. For every one trip, I give him some coffee and coffee. If you like my video, please like and subscribe for the channel to watch the next videos. And if you have any questions that you want to ask me, you can ask me, I will gather all the questions I answer to you once and make a vlog like this.

I repeat I made this video just for fun. If you guys don't like or don't like to watch then don't come see it. You came in to see and then you cursed at me and things, I was very frustrated. I know the interactive social network has to have this and that. It doesn't matter that you guys like dislike or likes, if you like you like like you guys like them you don't like dislikes you can click on them and don't comment on me I'm so sad. Alright guys. See you next video story appointment.

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