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Experience Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG "Lightness" By Tu Thanh Da

Experience Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG "Lightness" By Tu Thanh Da

Ga go! Ok ok turn it off. Hello everyone, I have just arrived in Saigon and come to see my brother - Mr. Tu Thanh Da and immediately latch on his car. The key here is not buying, but borrowing. Why borrow? It was a car that I used to like, it was the A45 AMG, that Tu Thanh Da.

Mr. Tu Thanh Da sure everyone knows, is a famous auto dealer in Vietnam and even in foreign newspapers, he also posts photos, information about the motorcycles he builds, the motor large displacement. He also has a hobby of passionate about cars, his car is basically nothing special.

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But you told me earlier that you had some fun toys, such as Race Chip, like fuel catalysts, exhaust pipes, hanging things, we would I don't see it with the naked eye, but it's much better, it's better than that.

Experience Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG "Lightness" By Tu Thanh Da 1

I introduced a lot of this A45, this car is bought somewhere more than billion, used cars. This car has been repainted a number of the front bumper, then the steering wheel surface. This part has already peeled off the rubber here, there is a rubber here, peeled off for some reason.

There, let's go over here now! The barrier of A45 is very nice, that is it has wings. That looks better than the average A-Class. What I like about this AMG 2.0 is that it is small, compact, small engine but the power is very strong up to 360 codes, right? 7-speed gearbox.

This capacity with this whole body combined, it is only less than a sports car only. In other words, it is very close to a sports car, close to the Sportcer, run or extremely. Looking to the side, we will still see like the other A45, the same 19-inch AMG wheels that I am not mistaken, 18 inch AMG. Here, this car, Mr. Tu Thanh Da, advertises and has a big Tu Thanh Da logo.

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White, this color has been running for a long time and it is a bit ivory, not the original white anymore. This is because when I was washing the car, it was stained, with a special detergent, it did not stain. A little bit rambling.

Experience Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG "Lightness" By Tu Thanh Da 2

As for the rear end, we have carbon wings, carbon injection. This is the exhaust pipe Mr. Tu has changed, look at this. Thanks to Vy to get in the car to explode, I gave a shot so I could let 2 million of you listen to the exhaust. But asking him to step on the gas lightly, or break my mic, because this exhaust pipe was horrible.

Here you look closer to see then, this exhaust pipe is DIY, self-leveled. Ga go. Ok turn off okay. Terribly destroyed the village, destroying the neighborhood. This exhaust is very good, this is because I thought I made it, not buy it from any brand. The explosion that later runs on the road is very good, the sound of back fire or the sound of popcorn there, it sounds as good as any car company, famous exhaust company.


Extremely fascinating, extremely attractive. Here come into the car I will give you more, this one, the most interesting thing it is not to introduce what this car has, but this car how does it experience?

Experience Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG "Lightness" By Tu Thanh Da 3

There it is! Please come into the car with me, excuse me to sip water, Saigon is 40 degrees hot today. To temporarily here go to catch the eye. To blow it up to cool it, sitting in here listening to the explosion it was horrible. So here you can see that it is also a normal A45 only, this area is still the so-called soft fake material woven carbon fiber, bare carbon fiber is very beautiful always, touch us to see what et cetera here.

This is what you will probably realize is that it is a strange object on the car, it is the control system of Race Chip. This Race Chip will interfere with the throttle sensitivity, and there are a lot of driving modes here, from E, E + which means Economy is fuel efficient to N is normal mode, then to S, S + is Sport or Sport +. I am in R + Race mode, which means that it will be as strong as possible, the most sensitive, this mode is crazy.

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When you get in this car, it will be a bit hard and it will be a bit noisy. Please come in and close the door. Put on your seat belt always! This car is noisy, because you have to trade. To get the system, get the sound of a sports car, the sound of sports explosives, in return it will get into your cockpit relatively much, and it makes you feel called excitement.

If you love speed, love sports cars then you will find it excited, and if you like the smoothness, then you get on this car is no different from torture, it is like torturing because it is noisy , it's noisy tired and it's hard. This car, I've been running for quite a long time, I've had a long time to drive this car, driving a long time ago, and it's hard. This suspension is also hard, this suspension, Mr. Tu Thanh Da has already suspended, I'm putting it in C mode, meaning Comfort is going for it to be gentle, then later I change to Sport or to the gear. back hand.

Little crashes into the brothers. Then, this car, then just change to M always, I will enter the numbers manually, 7-speed gearbox. I wonder if you guys see the vibration when I accelerate? See, the sound of the exhaust exhaust is extremely attractive. Maybe this mic will be hard to pick up, and I'll record it later. Listen to the popcorn, the sound that when the gasoline is filled, it will explode, it pushes the exhaust pipe extremely attractive. Sports cars must be like that. Some motorcycles can do that, very nice.

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See this car when you put Race Chip on it increases the throttle sensitivity, although if the original car is already very terrible, then this one will have the feeling of faster and smoother on the legs. Just a slight lift is almost instantaneous, it's like that kind of mechanical reaction, like you're stepping on the accelerator, it's connected by wire rather than electronically, and it has no latency. , it reduces almost all of the delay at the accelerator so it jumps away.

Many people confuse the delay of the accelerator with the power of the car, a little wrong, many vehicles are the one you pedal low, then it takes a little rest to start it and it will not go up that it will go up slowly little by little then people think that car is weak, that car is weak. But the reality is not, but the manufacturer they designed including sports cars like this, too, if it goes in normal mode, then it always has a foot delay. To ensure the first gear life is not broken quickly, the second is durability, the fuel economy it will be better, when entering the throttle smoothly it will be much more stable than the engine.

And when you reduce all the sensitivity of the accelerator pedal, the lag of that accelerator is a quick one to eat it, but with the cars that are healthy, you will find it easier, and the others. weak cars but too much I think that the smoothness of the engine will be less efficient. About the throttle sensitivity is also good, it will help you more excited, but this is only your preference, depending on your preferences and violence, do you dare to play or not?


Here, try to let you know! Startled, I ran in the street and running like this would be very tiring and harsh. But it is to show you that this A45 is already a baby tiger, very intense, a young tiger.

Experience Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG "Lightness" By Tu Thanh Da 4

The ability to accelerate if I remember is not mistaken it a little more than 4s, it is close to sports cars like the 911. Very fast and good driving, this driver is very good, it is neat, it is agile. Very reasonable always for a affordable sports car.

In the past, this new A45 price was somewhere over 2 billion, around there. Now there are versions of A35, A35 now back to Vietnam I remember not mistakenly looks like 2.7 billion 2.8 billion something, I do not remember exactly. However, there is one more terrible version is A45 and A45S, the A45S version I think is also probably 3 billion and 4 billion, do not know how much exactly how much has not been published, but that version of it Not only good for the ability to operate more than 400 9-speed gearbox, but it is better than this old version in that the loading is very loading, strong is very strong but it needs to be soft and quiet it's still flattering, it's not like this car.

This car that you go even without a little, you go every day there is a certain degree of fatigue because it is hard, and it is noisy. But even at this level, I'm tired and it has to be doubled. This car, of course, was designed by him himself, the suspension is pretty good, I don't remember the name anymore, exactly what the name is, I don't remember, from Taiwan. He gave me a set to fit in his car, I'll go back to try it out, after that time I will review for you, the price is very affordable, very affordable. I feel that this suspension is stable, it is not too soft to fit into a sports car like this.

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But I still feel that the so-called slight flattering in the butt, at the butt it does not make me kind of hunch like the original hanging. The original suspension of this one is stiffer, I go through the eels, the ridges reduce its speed, it is very hard. It is as hard as this, it will ensure the sportiness of the car, and when operating at high speed or especially when you bring it to Dai Nam racetrack or go at high speed with cornering. its body is extremely stable. This is forced to like that! Sports cars are to be.

So you do not think sports car is happy, sports ride just happy people look only, people will find beautiful, oh so beautiful, so fast, such posture. But sitting inside and going every day is hard, it's very noisy, people who love speed will love it. But it's still impossible to love it from dawn to dusk, so tired.

Well, this one, this one is more flattering, it's a little more flattering, it's a little less stressful in the butt and back. However, this car of Mr. Tu's exhaust level, so oh my God, I wonder if you can hear the noise, but behind me as an engine that jet, the engine of an airplane, sitting is no different from sitting behind an airplane engine, it buzzes, it keeps telling you to step on the gas, step on the gas. But it's good to step on the gas, look at this.

Experience Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG "Lightness" By Tu Thanh Da 5

To say a fair sentence, sports cars like this one are still something passionate, really very passionate. So happy, A45. Now, hunting these old A45s will be around billions, depending on the new age and the buyer's blood level. But to be passionate about speed and call budget is not much, the old A45 is something that is worth looking for, a lot of people are always looking for it, a lot of people are always looking for because it's cheap, say cheap is not true but cheap compared to what we get for a sports car, and it runs well, neatly in the city.

Like, still can carry 4 people widely, still carry 4 people widely, so love. That's all, Mr. Tu does not sell this car, he told me not to advertise selling this and that car, this car will not sell because it is very good. Today I went in and I borrowed from Mr. Tu Thanh Da to experience it, showing you the A45 after a long time and running it is still very good. And the addition of some toys, in short is like.

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