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Review the imported Toyota Yaris 2018

Assessing imported cars - price 650 million

Hello everyone recently you have seen us introduce the details of the new Toyota and right next to me this is also a brother almost identical to the Vios that is the Toyota Yaris but it are imported complete units from Thailand with prices for Group G, full automatic number table is 650 million, yes 1 imported cars. Now let's find out if this Yaris is any different, so let's look at it as if it doesn't look any different from the Vios we introduced, it's almost completely unique. every rear end is instead of a wagon, it is a 5-door tail-end vehicle, so that's the biggest difference of this car left from all the headlights, led lights, The mirror and the lines are almost no different from the one, the engine is still using the engine waving the gearbox and the CVT gearbox so only it is an imported car and the price will be a bit higher.

Review imported Toyota Yaris 2018 1

With the launch of the Yaris 2019 Toyota Face lift version, Toyota Vietnam aims to sell 300 cars / month, which is about 3600 cars / year. In terms of overall dimensions, the Toyota Yaris 1.5G 2019 has a length of 4145 mm wide 1730 mm high 1500 mm wheelbase 2550 mm viewed from the front of the new generation Yaris clearly see the characteristics of the specific design language inlook head The car is upgraded with LED and halogen clusters with a sportier design, narrow headlights pushed to the sides attached to 2 small radiators and embracing the Toyota logo in the middle to create a more spacious feel for the front.

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The large steering wheel has the impression of elder Cambrige and the fog lamp socket is more impressive, for the 2019 facelift the body has G lines, the concave look more modern than its predecessor. Besides that, the 15-inch multi-spoke set is also more beautiful with two contrasting colors, which is currently the current trend. The body of the car is painted with a black cylinder, hovering in the middle of the air, this is a design mark that has appeared from the previous Yaris and many other Toyota high-ground vehicles, at the rear of the largest point is the largest of two lights. The brakes have a long and narrow design connected by a black plastic cover with the Toyota logo. Another worthwhile addition is the shark fin antenna on the hood that replaces the previous generation Yaris column-shaped antenna.

Review imported Toyota Yaris 2018 2The most different thing about the exterior of the Vios and this Yaris is probably the tail end. look at the tail end, it looks more youthful and youthful, especially with this Yaris it also adds a lot of striking colors, such as this banana green and orange red out there. You can see, there are so many outstanding colors for young people, it will be much more personal and youthful, to see if the trunk of the car is anything special. I think this boot is one of the empty B-segment cars Toyota. I can sit inside, I can go inside and close the door so you can't see me anywhere. this is a 5-door tail-end vehicle so I want to find out the second row, actually it's not much different from the Toyota Vios, maybe the ceiling at this end will be a little higher, Up but still not reach but Vios is also very wide already, so the difference is not too much, well, this seat in the middle of the second row of this car is really still very quiet, about very high up, with all the new up, still very smooth.

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With 3 people in the second row, this is still good, which is something extremely practical of Toyota we often see and Japanese cars in particular, the second row of seats is wide, the air conditioner is very cool. Well, the interior of the Yaris is clearly identical to the Toyota Vios, but I still want to point it to you, for example, the central control panel here. It's different than before, it looks nicer, it is nicer than it is only there is no USB port when plugged in, USB still have to pull out from the trunk, which is one thing that I do not like. the rest of the seats are super fine and look at this high-end seats, if they suck it has something better.

Of course, this cluster that makes the monolithic design a little bit more periodic, it will be more beautiful, the steering wheel is still so hard and the manual mirror all the time is no different than Toyota Vios both identical, all are leather imitation plastic. I don't know if this is made of cardboard anymore or not, I think it's made out of hard plastic. Yes, it is completely fixed, the steering wheel is still adjusted manually. There is no cris control and here it is still a mic clearly this is a standard mic of Toyota already, not Toyota Vietnam anymore but even in overseas markets there is a mic here. It's not too problematic, it's just not beautiful.

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Entering the interior drill, the center console of the Yaris has been redesigned with two Z-shaped borders running from the board to the gear lever area, creating a sense of luxury and visual elegance. The system of wind is designedReview imported Toyota Yaris 2018 3 new, spread evenly to the sides with a painted metal background that stands out on the background with a new interface, the air conditioning system is newly designed visually, while creating a more modern feel with Black closed face design and buttons with blue eyes are very soft. Toyota Yaris 1.5 G is equipped with a start top button with an opition clock with blue backlight and parameters are clearly displayed. The steering wheel is covered with urethane plastic and has buttons to increase and decrease the volume and change the display mode. In the middle of the table is a 7-inch touch screen with a byonear disc head combined with a 6-speaker sound system that provides a good audio experience in the B-sized black pack segment.The entire seat is covered in leather. relatively soft beige and both the seat backs and ventilation holes are the plus points of the Yaris compared to competitors in the segment.

The rear seat Yaris has been redesigned with the back of the seat falling 25 degrees by 2 degrees compared to the previous version, creating a more comfortable feeling for the occupants. About safety equipment Toyota Yaris is now confident with the best car in the segment, the hack pack up to 7 airbags, the active safety systems including the anti-ABS braking system, PA emergency braking assist system, EBD electronic brake force distribution, VESC electronic balance system, TCS traction control system, rear parking assist sensor. Under the bonnet Toyota Yaris 1.5 G 2019 is still a 2NR-FE petrol engine block with a 16-valve in-line cylinder with Viewal VTVI technology familiar electronic fuel injection, this 4-cylinder engine produces maximum power. maximum of 107 horsepower at 6000 rpm and maximum torque of 140 N / m at 4200 rpm. The average fuel consumption of the car as announced by the manufacturer is 5.9 liters per 100 km of mixed roads.

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Review imported Toyota Yaris 2018 4Now, I will test drive this Yaris to see if it is different from the Vios, which is not really not different from the import, it is no different but compared to the previous Yaris version, you will see completely different, Yaris It was noisy in the previous life, but it was really noisy but this car was very quiet, much quieter, soundproofed better than it was even better than the previous Vios, the rest was not much different. the Vios if not identical from the feeling of turning on the accelerator pedal, the brake pedal without steering wheel of this Yaris is lighter than that of the other Vios, Yaris is lighter than you, the Vios is smooth but it is compact, it is heavy, this Yaris is much lighter than many suspension I feel like it is very quiet do not know if there is anything different from the assembled Vios but it is really quiet, the Vios is also very quiet, maybe This is a common feeling of not only me but also Vietnamese people, whatever is imported, the feeling is always better, it goes through potholes very smoothly, and again the same as the gearbox goes, the only thing you will get the car it is more youthful especially in terms of more personality, beauty is actually the new Yaris it is more beautiful.

650 million for imported cars like this, if you put it on equipped with many other things that are just moderate rather than too dominant, but for those who like the kind of touching the steering wheel, you have It feels so pragmatic, it makes people feel extremely durable. Toyota always has that style even though it is improved a lot more youthfully Review imported Toyota Yaris 2018 5more equipment, electronic balance airbag display, etc. not missing anything compared to other cars but it still retains one Vietnamese likes and persists, even if it is a persistent addiction to the stone pot, people say Toyota nothing is broken is not wrong but Toyota still has what it takes so long to look at the diagram like this, it's still like this, it can't be broken if you've ever seen the Toyota Inova I've introduced 7 years of use is really unbelievable, a 7-year-old car that is the same, with hard models like this, 10 years will be new if not 7 years It is true that Toyota is different why Vietnamese people are so holy of Toyota, so Toyota can stick with Toyota to understand. My family used to run an Inova for 4 years and sold very little loss, but even compete to buy it, we have to know how popular the Toyota brand car is.

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All in all, this car is more beautiful with 5 younger doors, more colorful, more eye-catching, lighter than the lighter steering wheel, the rest are similar to Toyotang Vios from how to go to reduce sock, engine It's exactly like going to the road like this 80 and it's not bad at all, even though the smaller engine, the smaller capacity is fine for people who need nice, economical and practical cars, and it would be great. Great for those who love Toyota, those who have loved Toyota, there are so many things in this car that I previously dreamed of not having or lacking, now have them all, but it is still young and beautiful. Congratulations to those who love Toyota now have all that money to say this is not too expensive in the Vietnamese market 650 million to stabilize imports and persistence.

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