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Review of old Toyota Vios 2008 E model

Evaluation of old Toyota Vios 2008 E version - Is it about 300 million worth the price to buy?

Hi, my friends and my friend Tuan Ngoc are from Xe dar channel - a car lovers like wife.

Review of old Toyota Vios 2008 E model 1

And today in the first episode of the program, we invite you all to meet with a 9-year-old friend from Japan the legendary Toyota Vios about car sales in Vietnam.

The Vios that Tuan Ngoc experienced was painted red and the car owner repainted it. Details from headlights to taillights have been upgraded to the 2011 version. And it can be said that this is a car owner who cares for his car. From the steering glass to the outer plastic parts, as far as I'm concerned, is still quite new.

Large rearview mirror with integrated turn indicator is easy to observe. The tires are still good, but I find it a bit thin. Chromed parts are not worn over the years. And I'm going to open this car's cato cover.

Review of old Toyota Vios 2008 E model 2

What you're seeing is details like the fan radiator showing signs of age. The rubber leather, the trigger pin is still quite new and is in line with the car but has not been replaced, hearing the engine directly is still quite quiet. Immediately after that I will take out my phone to test and the result I measured nearly 70 decibels as a normal conversation.

Stepping inside the Toyota Vios interior is really poor. Vehicles are only equipped with a CD player with AUX and USB connection of 14 speakers. But the owner of this car has replaced a new disc player as well as cams and reverse sensors to make our car more modern.

Review of the old Toyota Vios 2008 E version 3

Felt seats of the car are also covered with leather, looking still quite new and also very comfortable to sit. And the leather up to each facility varies from 3 to 5 million in my opinion is quite good. The air-conditioning hoses are still quite sensitive, so I probably won't be broken for 10 years. However, the air conditioning of the car is quite slow, it takes more than 1 minute for the front seat to be relatively cool, while the back seat must have more time.

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Above the main entertainment area, the watch has a very sharp and eye-catching option displaying full parameters. I only regret that it lacks a cool water temperature alarm, instead Vios will alert lights. And placing the center meter in the middle will help drive a wider view, but it seems a bit monotonous. The plastic part of the dashboard is made of imitation leather. The car has less storage space, as well as only a 12 V. charging port. The electric glass door, the mirror also fold the power quite well, only unfortunately when the mirror lock does not automatically fold. Somehow Toyota, like many Japanese automakers, doesn't care about this small detail.

Review of old Toyota Vios 2008 E model 4

Even the 2015-2016 Madaz cars, with Smart keys, but there is no automatic mirror folding makes it difficult to check whether the door is locked or not. And I see many car owners have retrofitted this small but very useful function. The rubber positions, the guide hinge panels have been a little degraded.

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I first operated this Vios in the inner city. And the forte of this compact car is the crowded narrow streets of Hanoi. At low speeds, the steering wheel of the car is very light, even I can use two fingers can drive the car easily. Perhaps the intention of the Toyota Vios when designing is to use this car for women so I personally find that the steering wheel is a bit small compared to me. And now I'm going to take this car out of town to experience the high speed roads to see if this car is stable or not?

Review of old Toyota Vios 2008 E version 5

At 90 km / h, the noise level in the cabin is quite obvious. The car is quite flying maybe it will be more stable if we carry enough people on the car. Yes, the steering wheel has become tougher and the car is accelerating quite steadily. Yes, and I will ask my colleague to turn up the air conditioner fan to the maximum to measure the noise level. Yes 69 decibels, a bit noisy but still at an acceptable level.

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And the EPS technology on this steering wheel is really a point I really like. And now I will try to overtake cars on the road. Yes, it's not too difficult for this 1.5-liter 4-cylinder engine to pass in the same way. And at this speed the car doesn't ask for a gear, I can still drive the number 4, but maybe the number 5 should go smoothly. And this is the difference compared to the speed range of less than 60 km / h in the inner city that I mentioned above. And the fact that the car is floating with the old suspension probably doesn't swallow such fast and strong maneuvers.

Review of the old Toyota Vios 2008 E version 6

Crossing the beautiful roads and we came to Doc Son to go to Thanh Giong monument, a road with many bends along with long slopes. I and my colleagues like you are seeing four people sitting in a car to see how the 107 horsepower of this car will show.

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Yes, it must be said that despite carrying 4 adults, all positions in the car are very comfortable. Vios' trunk is nearly 500 liters wide so that we can carry all the equipment for the program, only unfortunately the boot of Vios cannot be synchronized with the door but must be flipped under the driver's seat or the key must be inserted. The newly opened trunk is quite an inconvenience. But the manufacturer explained that preventing outsiders can open the trunk when the inside door is not locked when the vehicle is operating or the engine is running.

The steep ramps on 10 % and the sharp and winding bends of the car in turn are quite easy. And even I think that if there's enough momentum just go to No. 3 can overcome the road like this.

Review of old Toyota Vios 2008 E version 7

With a full weight of about 1 and a half tons and with the power of the Vios engine, it is difficult to demand this car faster and more powerful. After reaching the top, I will turn my head down. The brakes with assistive technologies help prevent the car from going too fast as well as only the 2nd and 3rd gear makes the engine stop, so the vehicle does not rush forward.

The steering wheel shows the accuracy needed to make sure the driver is not excessively beaten or lacking steering. After 9 years, things are still pretty good overall. Except for the air conditioning and the clutch that have been downgraded, this is still a car that is durable and delicate, durable and economical. So with the amount of about 300 million whether you want to own this Toyota Vios 2018 or you will choose another car, please leave a comment below to let us know your answer.

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