Toyota Innova 2016 Review

Toyota Innova 2016 Review

Toyota Innova 2016 Review 1

External design:

The new Innova has completely changed the design compared to the previous generation, no longer rounded lines, but instead is embossed straight lines that make the new Innova new, youthful and similar to the Toyota Highlander.

The headlight cluster is equipped with advanced Projector technology. Along with the modernity is the impressive Led strip. The borderless grille is the focal point of the entire design, with many spokes protruding and forming a floating shape.

Chassis designed thicker than the sturdier old design. The latest generation of Innova is expected to increase size boldly in all 3 lengths, width and height. The length increased by 150mm to 4,525mm, the width increased by 70m to 1,900mm, the height increased by 35mm to reach 1830mm. The wheelbase is kept at 2,750mm.

Toyota Innova 2016 Review 2

The boomerang tail light on the rear windshield is polished and looks very nice and is equipped with 2 reverse sensors but no reverse camera. When opening the trunk, the third row of seats fold up quite easily, when folded up, you will see a large space typical of Innova is wide and convenient.

Toyota equipped on Innova 2017 2.0L engine block capacity of 137 horsepower DOHC style with VVT-i technology. Equipped with 6-speed gearbox instead of 4 levels as the old version. As for the manual version, the 5-speed gearbox.

The inside of Innova's interior compartment is spacious and contains many storage compartments, glass, water and a refrigerator for water for long trips.

The interior design of the center display is quite nice but not luxurious but quite beautiful silver-plated borders, faux wood cladding has a bit of attrition like Lexus.

The steering wheel is covered by a lot of wood-covered leather, the control buttons do not require you to press the buttons on the center panel.

Table clock is designed 3D floating look gently beautiful but not detailed, but simple and elegant. In the middle is a display screen full of information, clear. The center console has a DVD screen, touch screen connected to many phone tools, applications, tools etc. Can also swipe just like the smartphone.

2016 Toyota Innova Review 3

The air conditioner on the most advanced version is the automatic air conditioner with buttons that look quite elegant. The bottom has the Eco mode and Power mode buttons and the next is the electronic balance mode off button, only on the V version, there is electronic balance mode and other versions do not have this mode.

Leather seats are on the high-end version quiet and hugging, all glass doors of the 4 doors are automatic glass, electric folding mirrors automatically adjusted, the same applies to 8-way power adjustment on the high-end version, but no the steering wheel is still a mechanical adjustment, above the glass holder and the lights look elegant with a large lamp panel, but the rearview mirror in the car is a mechanical mirror not an automatic light-touch mirror, on the most advanced version equipped with a light sensor, turning on auto when going through dark or dark roads, the lights will automatically light in the high-end session is equipped with 7 airbags and the regular version is 3 airbags. As a family car model, the second row of Innova is very wide, the ceiling is added 10mm knee height is very comfortable to touch, the side also has 2 air conditioning doors that are automatically adjusted and have a running border. Surrounding with integrated beautiful evening lights.

As an extremely important 7-seater 3-seater third-row car, Innova's 3-row seat fits the people under 1m80 tall to sit comfortably and foldable, all new Innova seats are available. headrest. In the third row, there is also an air conditioning door that is not afraid of being hot in the summer.

2016 Toyota Innova Review 4

Innova this session is the same as the previous version, using oil power instead of electric power, although oil power is adjusted more but oil power is still compact and a little heavy if moving in the city. A bit tired, but if running long distances or climbing steeps will create a sense of masculinity and certainty, due to being changed from a 4-speed gearbox to 6-speed so the shifting is also softer.

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Specifications of Toyota Innova 2016

  • Overall dimensions: D x R x C: 4735 x 1830 x 1795 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2750 mm; Transmission: 5-speed manual or 6-speed automatic
  • Turning radius: 5.4m; Wheels: Cast 16-inch alloys
  • Automatic air conditioning 2 climate zones; LED projector headlights
  • LED lighting system in the car; DVD touch screen with 6 speakers
  • 3-7 airbag system; The rear seats are flexible and the space in the car is more spacious than the old one
  • Engine: 2.0-liter, 16-valve DOHC Dual VVT-i, capacity of 139 horsepower
  • Average fuel consumption: 6.3L / 100km.

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