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Who is better than Toyota Innova 2.0E and Toyota Innova 2.0G?

Welcome customers and welcome back to the chanel of Dat Toyota. Continuing the series comparing the differences between versions in the same car line. Today, Dat will compare the difference between Innova 2.0G and Innova 2.0E. Invite customers and friends to follow Dat to find out what the two versions are different, guys. Please.

This is the front design of the two versions Innova 2.0G and Innova 2.0E. Both versions have the front design, the front of the car is completely the same. From headlights, to fog lamps, bumper lights, to the front grille assembly. Both designs are exactly the same, so when looking from the front, it is difficult to distinguish between version 2.0 E and version 2.0G. Now, let's go see the side of the car to see if there is anything different.

This is the side of the car versions of Toyota Innova 2.0G and 2.0E. Then the design of the side of the car between the two versions, you can see it is similar to the same from the design of 16-inch wheels painted in yellow, to the design of the rearview mirror painted with the body color integrated newspaper turn, to the handle, paint the car body color always you ha. The design on the side of these two versions also has a completely similar trait. The only difference is that in the rearview mirror on the 2.0E version, there is no welcome light like the 2.0G version. So you can see at the bottom of the rearview mirror, it's got a welcome light here, so when you open the car door at night, there's a spotlight here.

And there's a relatively small part here too guys. It is the Auto Lamp logo, a small part of the logo on the windshield, which is the anti-theft system. Then for the 2.0G, it is equipped with anti-theft system. As for 2.0E vehicles, this feature has been omitted, everyone.

Okie, next you look at the key here. Then it will have a button, a red picture, a whistle here. That's the car-searching system and anti-theft system. Then for the 2.0G version is equipped, but 2.0E does not have you guys.

Okie guys, this is the back of the 2.0G version. So the design between the versions of Innova 2.0E and 2.0G is completely the same, there is only one point for you to be able to distinguish between 2.0G version and 2.0E version. That is here. Then I have the logo is 2.0G. And E is the E logo. It's very simple. Otherwise everything is exactly the same to you guys.

And the biggest difference in these two versions is the interior. Apart from the gearbox, the interior is the biggest difference between these two versions. Well, now, please come along Dat to find out what your interior is all about.

This is the interior of the Toyota Innova 2.0G. So in a clip, Dat showed it carefully, but today I just compare it for you to see. The first is on the door handle, the door handle for the 2.0G version, the inside door handle is chrome again. And the bottom part is silver plated. So as you can see in the picture above is version 2.0E, it will be completely black plastic all. And in this 2.0G version you may notice, it will feature an electric folding rearview mirror, next to the rearview mirror control key. So here I have the vertical key here, hey, when you press it, the mirror will rearrange you.

This is the steering wheel part of Innova version 2.0G. Then you can see that both of the steering wheel are urethane, synthetic, are the same. However, there is a difference in version 2.0G and version 2.0E, as you can see here, on version 2.0G, it has a control panel that displays information, on the side. on the right hand side of the steering wheel. Dat will turn it on for you to see. And the reason for the difference on the steering wheel part is this central information display. And the multi-information display in the middle is the color screen, so on the steering wheel part of the new 2.0G version there is a control key cluster. And you can see, the dashboard clock shows the engine speed and the speed of the car, the 2.0G version is also more beautiful, more sophisticated and more elaborate than the 2.0 version. E you guys ha.

Okie guys, this is the dashboard of version 2.0E, there is a multi-information display in the middle of it, but this type of screen is a monochrome screen, guys. black and white screen. And between the engine speedometer and the car speedometer, it has a simpler design, as well as it is not as sharp, sophisticated as the 2.0G version. And on this steering wheel, this side will not have a key cluster that controls the multi-information screen system. However, it also has a small key to change the parameters displayed, which is the tip key here you guys, the small key here.

Next is the entertainment system, the car on the 2.0G is equipped with JVC DVD screen, the original car always. As for the 2.0E, it's a CD screen, just a CD, guys, there's no screen. And next to that below is the air-conditioning system, you can see on these 2.0Gs it is equipped with an automatic air-conditioning system, so I will have a monitor in in the middle. It displays wind direction, fan speed, temperature etc. and it will be controlled by two key chains here, a series of keys here. Well, for a 2.0E car it's a mechanical conditioner, so it'll have three key chains. You can see on that picture. That is the difference in the air-conditioning system. And both of these air conditioning systems are air conditioners of both indoor units. That is, behind and in the front, there are two indoor units. And on this dashboard, the next part, that's the panel. So on this 2.0G version, there's this wooden panel, very nice, guys. And on version 2.0E, it's the black plastic part.

Below this is the shortcut for the electronic balance system VSC, TRC you ha, eco mode, power mode, both versions 2.0G and 2.0E are the same.

Next up, that's the biggest difference, of course, guys, that's the gearbox. On the 2.0G version is an automatic and is equipped with a 6-speed automatic transmission. With sports modes, S +, S- here. And on 2.0E is the traditional 5-level floor version of all of you.

Another difference is the ceiling light system. For the 2.0G car, equipped with a very large, large ceiling light here, there is a green LED. As well as the ceiling lights above you can see, it's a very nice blue led light. I can adjust the brightness and darkness with this key. If you click, you can see on the picture the lamp is turning green, going out at night is very beautiful. And another feature, that is the 2.0G car is equipped with a table at the back. And the 2.0E car doesn't have you all.

As for the car seats, both versions are equipped with felt seats. However, there is one difference, that is on the 2.0G version is high-end felt seats. So you can see the part of chair material is more advanced. And in the back seat, there's a middle armrest here. You can click, so I have a cup on the middle. And on version 2.0E, it is not equipped with this palm rest. And you can see, the seats on the 2.0G automatic version, it is somewhat larger, and sitting it is also quieter than the 2.0E version. However, on the 2.0G version, the seat color it only has one option. That is brown. As for version 2.0E, you can see in the picture, I also have one more choice, which is the black interior of the chair, you guys.

Dear customers and friends. In addition to the differences in the interior, as well as the biggest difference is in the gearbox, on safety systems, such as electronic balancing, or anti-slip at departure, warning system emergency brake light. Both versions 2.0E and 2.0G are completely the same. Just like the engine, it is a gasoline engine, with a capacity of 2.0l of you. Absolutely the same, everyone.

However, in terms of fuel consumption, between the two versions, it has a slight difference. In the manual version, the fuel consumption is a little more, about 9.7L / 10 km. In the automatic version, thanks to the superiority of the 6-speed automatic transmission, the fuel consumption level is 9.1 L / 100 km of mixed roads. And this metric, is the data from the standard roads. The level of fuel consumption, it depends a lot on the driver of you.

So Dat just presented through the differences between the two versions Innova 2.0E and Innova 2.0G. Version 2.0E has a selling price of 743 million excluding registration tax and registration fees. Version 2.0G, the price is 817 million, excluding registration tax and registration fees. Between the two versions, it's separated by 74 million, guys. It also depends on the needs of use, depending on preferences and depending on the economic conditions of each customer, then I will also have different choices. If you have detailed information about discount programs and promotions, please contact Dat and contact Dat's phone number in the upper left corner of the screen. We hope to receive the support of our customers and friends. Please call Dat directly to Dat will serve you when you buy Dat's car, guys. Sincerely thank you and see you again.

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