Review Toyota Hilux 2018

Review Toyota Hilux 2018

Well, now that we are on an off road track, the road today will be a test of the VOC 2018 I want to put into the test to see how this pickup is of course then I know for sure. As a result, it will pass.

On the first floor I will turn on the downhill support why do I say for sure it will pass because these tests are also designed for this kind of pickup, oh I'll drop slowly again it self-brakes it self-brakes then over a simple slope we will conquer this slope again I draw cam and then the first part seems a bit easy thanks to only this rough It's easy, of course, in the tournament test, they still count the time but today I want to go off the road in a simple and gentle way, we don't have to hurry, let's slow down and see how to go in the city. I think it's normal, isn't it? But when I come here, it went through many potholes, it vibrated, you will see that it is a bit hard, the shock absorber is a bit hard this may need to go four people enough to download or even load more items, it is soft but okay, often when going off road tests, people usually only go two people.Review Toyota Hilux 2018 1

This is it, this is a slippery road, I will turn off the electronic balancing system so that we can pass here easily, turn this off and even if I will go back to N then it's okay that's still simple. This is a slippery passage that I will go through without having to go too fast but I shouldn't go too slow because if we lose momentum we can very easily get stuck in here and there and still full of mud. If you don't come here without skill and don't have a car that is good enough, it is very easy for you to call an ambulance to save you! quite simple I am in power mode just in case I have a problem I still kick on the throttle and I always push this part of the hill up and the ramp up is simple but still quite rough.

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This article seems to be a bit easy, this article is like for cars with no degrees, no equipment like this car such as the card for the amater. is it just like normal roads? here and here and here and how to look down on the organizers? This part is the hard part that the cars that we have never tried off road have never tried before. This is an inclination song, but it is inclined to go with the extremely high incline, extremely high, now I will try it. If you can pass it, it will be too high. Now the car will tilt. This quote is this way oh! Don't tilt so much, leaning over 45 degrees, I might say it is too much, but oh! Be careful! oh now it will feel like a car overturned if it flipped here is really black, broken the whole sewing program is not flipping the design organizers are designed to let the car go rather than Designed to turn the car over, but also have to be very clever, but if you go quickly, you will turn over and then simply.Review Toyota Hilux 2018 2

It was a little easy to go over that nearly inclined tilt. Speed up a bit! It's about to arrive, it's too simple In short, this song is quite simple and now it goes downhill, this downhill section is very rugged and has been downhill and it is tired like this. Well, it's not that simple, if the low-priced cars come here, then they will be crushed, the cars will be crushed, but with these pickups, it will not stop at all. , simple, simple and then go through the slippery to get to the destination, this paragraph I think it is not difficult this car is full of all the features to be able to overcome this slippery passage very simple muddy like this, but aa is over then simple.

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Now I'm not going to go up this very high slope, but I'm going to go back and forth to see if the car is strong enough to cross this slope by going backward or not, going forward would be too easy now. back very slowly and then be ready to go up the slope, back then just go back slowly, there's no need to back quickly 450Nm but this plugged his head into the ground already, his head plugged into the ground ha ha! ok ok ok in short it is not difficult not difficult is not difficult at all it is too simple. In short, to say that a good pickup is a good car that is full of off-road features, Toyota has made a real change since this change is very remarkable.

Review Toyota Hilux 2018 3Then now we will run this Toyota Hilux 2018 in the inner city, I will switch back to Eco mode, why is Eco mode because if we run normally every day, it will need to save fuel, right? It doesn't need to accelerate suddenly or anything. Most importantly, it's smooth and frugal with so many pickups. I exclude the other half to buy off-road competitions to destroy the rest. the other half is actually the lightest daily commute is still the most because they take advantage of the pickup as a general purpose vehicle, but not many people use trucks to They still use a pickup truck to go to work to hang out like a pann before, the simple thing is that I just like the pickup style, so I'll go with that.

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This steering wheel of this Hilux is still a bit conservative and it holds hydraulic power so it's a bit of a heavy daily routine, it will be a little heavy, of course, to my brothers. It's nothing if you drive one hand, yes, driving one hand is not too much of a problem but to be more leisurely is to feel like a high-end SUV. it might be better to be equipped with an electric power steering wheel but it will get better but this one will lose that one, and if it loses that one it will get this one again and this hydraulic power steering It feels so accurate and extremely sporty, especially when you need someone who likes a strong and athletic feel, this oil-powered grip makes it feel great. oppa, stabbing but still very smooth it is due to the way you choose and the way you like it but to say that this is good or this is not very good, so go in the city like this There is hardly anything to complain about and on this high-end version even you go into difficult places such as this you go back and forth down to the reverse gear you also have the reverse camera very sharp Compared to a pickup like this is too sharp then can not ask for anything more than that though compared to the genuine car is really very bad but with a pickup like this, this money , this segment also remains of Toyota like this is okay.Review Toyota Hilux 2018 4

Recently, around Hanoi has been flooded by storms and Saigon has many high tide, so the two-wheel drive pickup trucks are always a good choice when not going. If you travel across the water and you have to worry about your car, it is really a bit tiring if you are in a position where you often experience such floods.

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This car also has this voice command, calling on the steering wheel, very simple. Yes, and as usual, on a test drive of XE OR, there is always a part of the road whether it is a pickup truck or a farmer's car, so what kind of car should you take to the road? I always want to tell you so because when you go to the road you know if this car is really good or not sure or not, noisy, strong or not, it's here then with this Hilux when you just stepping on that road you will immediately see its speed up noisy yes the 2.8 engine motor i feel it is noisier than the engines of the Review Toyota Hilux 2018 5the opponents of course to say it's noisier aren't there, but it's clear that when it speeds up its roar is somewhat sharp, in short, it's a bit noisy and when the pedal is at a steady speed It's okay, yes, ladies and gentlemen, Toyota and I have changed this time and this time on a pickup truck when running at a steady speed, then you can install cruise control here, I'll give it to you. you see how quiet it will be you see, very smooth 10:11 the machine is under 1500 rpm now I will run up to 80 we only hear the sound of the wind echoes from the surface of the road, the engine sound from the engine compartment was extremely small, I was surprised to not understand why it should have been odd on this Thang Long Boulevard. More than this, especially from the road surface because this road is rough and friction, I run some even more noisy sedans.

However, the cruise control of this car I do not like very much because it does not show the number on the screen means that when you want to go the speed of 82km / h for example for example, then it is very difficult to adjust what you need. Cruise control is very difficult here. I don't know how much it is, how much, how much, how much I know of course we will look at the needle which is a point I don't like Very much about the cruise control. The vibrator of the oil machine should have shaken a lot, isn't it? I'm running at a speed of 90km / h but the vibration is very close to that it doesn't have, you guys only have this leg diu liu diu it is quieter than when it was slow, very smooth always sorry you guys why I have to drive all the cars it is good like this so I have to compliment, I compliment so much you think I'm PA too for a certain car company but not you have to sit on this car, you see that Toyota has changed a lot and it only matters when going to the road and going alone You mean, it feels a little bit bouncy, not really bouncing, but because the suspension is stiff, the road is supposed to be smooth, it reflects the road. this Thang Long boulevard is so rugged and continuous that you don't feel it is really soft if carrying enough people it will soften a lot so it will be better than just passing that The main thing is that it has vibration but it's so quiet it doesn't make a sound that can say one thing it's very solid, here and there you hear anything again? No, I didn't hear a sound. The car went up and down very smoothly. All the equipment and equipment installed on the car were solid, Review Toyota Hilux 2018 6Japanese cars are as strong as American cars but they are very economical, very conservative, very practical, Japanese style. Now if you like to go strong in the US but you still wear Japanese style clothes, this is the main thing. is that Hilux has one thing that when I was traveling in the inner city I mean that it is not good, it is not an advantage, it is a temporary disadvantage for it to be a disadvantage to go to the school, but it is in this thing. This oil-powered steering wheel means it's nice, yes, but it's still very smooth, very accurate.

Together with a pickup that can be said to be usable even in the inner city, go to Vietnam to travel long distances and even plunge into the most difficult off road roads of the off road tests. the Hilux can be conquered and with a price somewhere around 878 million for the most advanced version, this is a price that can be said to be acceptable because why surely with many people the ability to operate. Operating comfort is one of the priority points but is not the main priority all right but the majority of Vietnamese consumers always prefer what it says thanks to something that is Japanese, yes whatever comes from Japan sounds like I like it, I don't need to prove that I don't need to argue that it is Japanese and it's Toyota, but I have to prove it will be persistent, durable, durable and economical. price and so on and so, plus the advantages that have been changed today such as running off the road right away, the sound is really good, it will be a good pickup. In the near future I am confident that the sales of this car will change.

Please tell us your opinion of the Hilux car and the pickup trucks in general you will choose which car please comment below the video and do not forget to subscribe XE HAY's youtube channel now. Goodbye and see you again!

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