Review Toyota Hilux 2018- Change

Toyota Hilux 2018 review - POSITIVE changes (Part 1)

If the recent mention of the change of Vietnamese automakers, positive changes, it is impossible not to mention the first Toyota brand that is probably Toyota Altis and more recently Toyota Vios and Yaris but Just finished and right next to me this is the 2018 Toyota Hilux with extremely positive changes. So how positive is it right now that we'll find out.

First, we will learn the positive changes that are from the appearance of this car, the appearance let's check the front of the car from the first part that is the grille if the Toyota Hilux has something gentle about it, it doesn't seem to be masculine while the rivals look cool, now thank Toyota because it was really very bear to use the word bear is more standard, very cool because of this grille it has used very thick, square bars with a hexagon of a very hexagonal shape which is very bear, not all the contour of this steering wheel face if you look directly at it create a road connected to this headlight cluster it looks very strong and it has something to learn from the design of European car manufacturers the type of headlights attached to the grilleReview Toyota Hilux 2018- Change 1 This is very nice, not all headlights have been changed if in the previous cars, the lights are yellow, but now the daytime LED strip is very bright at the top, not all the 1:46 headlights. is the white light that's the led light, of course there's still a steering light, it's yellow inside this 1:56 light it can adjust the low and low automatically to match the car's slope The blind on the bottom is also an LED for white light. Of course, if a pickup truck and all the lights are white, it might not be good if we go on the foggy road or the mountain road. If you go to the mountain road, then the yellow light will be more suitable. In the first part, you can see a lot of folds, what are these folds to do to make the car look cooler and more pink? stronger and it looks bigger than the previous model, obviously this is a very positive design change of this Toyota Hilux 2018.

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Under the bonnet is a engine that can be said not too new, still the 2.8 engine is the most advanced version, the 2.8 174 horsepower engine and torque somewhere in the range of 450Nm is not yet a capacity Review Toyota Hilux 2018- Change 2the strongest in the segment but with this strength I think it is not weak and soon we will try to go on the road or off road to see what it will look like. On this pickup, we will also see a lot of chrome contour on the body, for example, even in the bonnet on the body also has a border that at first it may not seem very relevant but it is also obviously a noticeable highlight plus this gill, this gill has no purpose, combined with this chrome trim it only aims to be beautiful, including The light border on the side is also very chrome plated, in short, look at something it looks healthier.

Mirrors are also clad in chrome, the word Hilux is very large, the door handles are chrome plated and of course the car has been improved so the door is a smart door that opens and closes, the key is click and click and open Even the key of the new Hilux has changed to look better rather than make it look very kind and have a proper design, behind the car image and the Hilux logo look very nice. There is one more device on the car that I really, really like, is this pair of wheels, this pair of wheels looks extremely bear looking like it is a very beautiful Transformer robot, 18 inch wheels fit for such a car this. The rear end is probably not much different from the previous versionReview Toyota Hilux 2018- Change 3 taillights like this is a platinum version it seems the version that has changed a bit has a reversing camera but one thing that I am not very satisfied with is that this pickup does not have a front sensor and a rear sensor will help the car back or forward the tight spots it is a lot better, chrome appears a lot in the handle to open the trunk, I will open the trunk.

If the other pickup trucks come from the US, it often has a cable to connect the trunk here with the body, Toyota Hilux uses the two steel bars here in terms of rigidity, so let's try it. One person, two people, three people are still very good, maybe they need some more? Shrug! Very good, this seems pretty sure of you. Step into this cockpit of this Hilux and you'll see it has a lot more advanced than the previous version, yes when it explodes right on the screen in front of it. there is also a car that looks very nice, the competitors of Toyota Hilux in Vietnam are already very good and Hilux today has chased when the best selling pickup truck in Vietnam has been cut down on a lot of features, then Hilux to see if it can surpass it.

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Let's first look at the instrument cluster, the new Hilux instrument cluster asks permission from my friends to say one thing that is beautiful, very nice, it has been redesigned in the inside of the very large gears. like the gears in extremely large machines that look so strong, this is the design of a real pickup, it has to be this beautiful. In the middle, there is a very sharp color screen and signals all the indicators you can transfer to choose, many parameters here, very good in summary that this clock cluster is impeccable. Normally, the instrument cluster will be sensitive, it will only look bright and bright, but to be as beautiful as this, the first time I saw on a Japanese car it was a sensitive pickup. Thank Toyota for the change.

Review Toyota Hilux 2018- Change 4Moving on to the cluster on this side of the screen, it was different from looking at it clearly, it was a designed screen rather than a piece of stuff, it was obvious that they had invested time to make the curtain. This image is better in this area, even though it's still just square, but this square is a lot different and it's a touch screen. All of these buttons are touch, it's a The blue one looks very soft. The bottom is the aircondition but the air conditioner is only one area, the air conditioner of Toyota and Japanese automakers do not need to say then cool deeply and the air conditioner of this car is really very deep and cool with the Start Stop Engine button. right here. There is also a knob below to install the bridge, a quick bridge, two fast bridges and two slow bridges, and when you move, you can also switch a bridge and two bridges, the bottom of it will be a lock button. 7:52 neck later, this downhill support is also a must-have feature on the pickup and turn off this electronic leveling system, these 12V charging ports, these two ports, the USB port. .

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In the part where this gear is needed, there is not too much to say where the other two Eco Mode and Power mode buttons remain. On the side of the air-conditioning door, on the top, there is a clock that looks pretty good, and all the materials around to the steering wheel are all plastic. It's called the plastic that won't break, yes, the Japanese plastic, even if it's been used for 10 years, it's still like that, it's definitely horribly stocky and it's almostReview Toyota Hilux 2018- Change 5 It cannot be broken. The trunk has two trunks, a trunk that opens up, a trunk that opens and down is quite convenient, that the leather on this car, the leather upholstery is a very high-grade leather that sits well, the seat is quiet. I like leather better, especially on the high-end version, but if there are some of the highest-end pickup trucks it mixes a bit hard, also sports style but I like it is high Once it is leveled up, the skin will give it a more luxurious look.

The front seat is in addition to the leather, the driver's seat is an electrically adjustable seat, but the seat of the next person is still a mechanical adjustment.Another advantage on this Hilux is the all-glass windows of Hilux. Being open and close automatically means that we just push the button down or up instead of just the driver's glasses, many Japanese and even European SUVs do not have this. for drivers only and Toyota has improved all four automatic doors.

However, in the interior compartment of the first row I have some unsatisfied points for example if you look at this part why I am not satisfied because of the reflection of the Chrome plated in the interior will be on the left hand side and it will reflect it so it will reflect so when you walk in the street you look in this side mirror and you will feel like there is a knife, a sword of some sort. is a chrome-plated picture running across this side mirror looking at the mirror it's not obvious looking it's a bit uncomfortable it's Review Toyota Hilux 2018- Change 6a point I was not satisfied, the second point I was not satisfied was this ceiling, this ceiling is rusted though this panel is very slippery but feel like touching it still is not high-end for much if it is rusty, it is better than this it is like a porous type, that is the second, the third thing is that without the electric mirror this is not too clever, the fourth thing is probably very many Japanese automakers do not own Toyota which is the wait button here and then the left has 6 black squares without any feature at all, these are the ones that are not really funny. I love it because it would be better if it doesn't have this button than it does naturally. There is no feature here. It doesn't look like it has the option cut off, so I won't like it. Now we'll go to the back row to see if it's spacious or if it's tight.

The common point of the pickup trucks in Vietnam and Toyota Hilux is no exception that the second row it is slightly sloped.That it sits a bit upright like this so that goes the long way. If sitting upright like this, it doesn't seem very comfortable, but this part of the knee has not touched the upper row yet, the upper row has adjusted to my posture. one leftg so you can stretch out a little and add a backrest pillow like thisIt seems that it has overcome a little bit, but also has an advantage that is the air-conditioned rear door is the new cool thing here. rather than just g

I don't know, there are plenty of seven-seater cars that don't even have a second air-con but Toyota Hilux has it, yes thank you Toyota for changing Vietnamese people who love Toyota so much and now Toyota has changed perhaps. More love.

Review Toyota Hilux 2018- Change 7
I tried sitting in the middle of the box to see that the middle cushion was not hard but only for me, the back was a bit stiff and the head was almost touching the ceiling, the knees had touched the two front seats. so I'm not going to sit here just for kids or for people with a 60 meter drop down okay. Yes, now I want to go into the safety test first as you all know for a long time Then there was a video of the Hilux trying Ziczac that defended the wheel for a long time and then Toyota fixed the error and tried again, the Hilux car didn't get hit when hitting Ziczac but nevertheless day
 I still want to try it again today to see what it is like to be on a Vietnamese road with a Vietnamese car, and now I will split it into three different speeds, first we will try 50km / h ago, 50km / h is a bit easy to accelerate. roar big, single Simple, simple and gentle. 50km / h then maybe any car can do, very very very simple simply did not hear a slight squeak of tires or the noise of electronic balancing systems.

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Yes and now I will accelerate to 60km / h see how accelerate! 60 years old, and then the tire squeak. Yes, it is alright although there is a slight squeak but it is okay, still as good as you know when we drove and drove suddenly and the car had a phenomenon if slippery or slippery, the electronic leveling system will intervene with each wheel to brake each wheel so that the vehicle does not slip out of the driver's orbit so when your vehicle slips. you can't keep up the speed to drive the ziczac, which means that when I drive 60km / h and assume that this car is likely to be thrown, slipped, the car will be slowed down by the weighing system. electronically it intervened and now you'll see the best at 70km / h, I'll push up to 70km / h you can see that just through a two-pole pile it will hold about 70 alone and the third pile is the speed at which it starts to decrease gradually because the vehicle it is having is fluttering to its sides to keep its trajectory, forcing it to interfere with the ABS system. tuber speed A single wheel to reduce now increases Review Toyota Hilux 2018- Change 8speed, I'm running in very strong Power Mode, 70 and there it sounds waoo! alright alright alright though you can see the noise of the tires cries very loud very loudly but obviously 70km / h of course we go on that normal road then we never drive like crazy like crazy but here we put in the really difficult test to show you that with a car if it's unluckyIf this is the case then it will still be safe and today, Hilux will not let us down and this is a real test, not we do something too, and you have We can see that the Hilux is okay, though the changes in engine and chassis are almost no different.

Yes, the previous version was as good as it was and the version it kept was the same. Next I would like to try in Power Mode to see how many seconds it takes to accelerate to 100km / h and to brake at 100km / h, how many meters will it stop? Then now we begin, in Power Mode accelerated! The engine is too big to be 4500 rounds, it goes to 4500 numbers shift to nearly 100 already, 100 already! Oh my god! Watching the rider stole the shoes to see if from 0 to 90km / h is 38.2m for the bike to stop and takes 9.96s to accelerate from 0-90km / h because this road is relatively short I will not accelerate to 100km / h.

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