How to Share Toyota Fortuner 2017?

How to Share Toyota Fortuner 2017?

When approaching a vehicle, there is an Auto Alarm stamp on the glass of the car, which means that the vehicle is equipped with an anti-theft alarm system.In the case of locking the car door with a remote, after 30 seconds if someone breaks the glass, the car will The alarm goes off and the turn signals light up and there is a loud sound.

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When boarding, can adjust the position of the seat to suit the user. With this car, I have to pedal deeply to the floor to start the engine. The engine is a bit smoother than the gasoline one, but this car is already EURO 4-compliant and should be assured of this. Regarding noise, the FORTUNER diesel engine car imported from Indonesia should have a special soundproof design, so the noise is almost eliminated, especially when running at 30 40km / h or more, the noise is no longer feeling recognize as sitting on a gasoline engine car.

Numerous problems, the gear lever is equipped with 6 numbers, the number 6 is the position of the de for normal cars but for this car, the de number is on the left next to the number 1, the point The difference between the number 1 and the number de is the first when the gauze is light to the number 1 and the stronger gauze will come to the number de, the second is when the number of de gauges sound and the number 1 does not.

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In addition, the vehicle is equipped with 2 driving modes ECO MOD (fuel saving mode) and PWR MOD (strong running mode). When ECO is selected, lights with the word ECO light up, when turning off ECO or selecting PWR, the ECO light will turn off. With ECO mode, the engine will spray the oil with a lighter level than usual to run the car to save fuel. With PWR mode, the engine will spray the oil more boldly than usual to create a strong engine power, but for motorcycles, it does not have to run that mode, it is oil consumption.

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Air-conditioner: when the fan is turned on and the AC light is on, it means that the air-conditioner is available, but when you turn on the fan without turning on the AC, it will only function as a fan and can adjust the level of weak and weak as you like. yourself. When it is fully reduced but still cold, continue to adjust the "deep cold" button to the right of the fan control button (the button has 2 colors of blue and red, blue indicates the cold and red indicates heat level. ), so the exact name is air conditioner. And there is also a button to adjust the wind direction (the button to the left of the fan button) according to your wishes. Under the front glass, there is usually a slot for air conditioning to blow up, because in the wet season, the windshield will be closed fog and make it impossible to observe, it is very dangerous, if you open the wiper, the more fog, the more you mistaken.

Because the inside of the glass is closed fog, the fog is moisture and moisture is caused by the body, so if you want to fix it, you should adjust the air direction adjustment button to the right and combine with the air opening button. (turn off the internal wind) because we need to take the outside wind to balance the humidity inside and outside the car, when the wind blowing from the air conditioner is dry wind blowing out the windshield, it will dry out moisture, then the glass will not be blind. dew. The feature of heating the rear glass, the rear glass often has stripes and these are the heat wires, when you press the button to provide heat (the button is under the wind adjustment button in the outside wind) for those wires, it will be fast. quickly clear the fog and when I look in the inner mirror I will see that the glass is clear. Air-conditioned rear, people sitting behind can adjust their own air conditioning with adjustable position on the ceiling of the rear car, and there are air outlets to provide air conditioning to each seat position in the car.

The car is equipped with a CD oil, can listen to the disc, radio, FM and Bluetooth connectivity, has a USB port and especially has a sound adjustment button, adjust the listening mode on the steering wheel and even a button. Connect the phone when an incoming call. And we can equip a DVD screen, a reversing camera and a map.

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The buttons for adjusting the car windows and rearview mirrors are located on the way to the doors. You can adjust the rearview mirror to open, fold in, adjust the 4 directions as you like, so adjust the rearview mirror to see that the rear door handle is reasonable and has a view, for the rearview mirror in the car to enter At night, there are lights behind the blinding phase, we should adjust the glass to collapse to exploit the anti-glare feature of the glass. Adjust the car window glass, which button has the letter A means automatic up and down combined with anti-jamming feature. Buttons that have a "glass and cross" shape, when selected, will lock the remaining doors so very secure.

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