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Review "National Cars" Toyota Vios 2018 Price From 531 Million

Hello everyone, maybe the car next to me is a car that many people are interested in. Therefore, people just gave it a lovely name that is "National car". Yes, ladies and gentlemen. New Toyota Vios 2019 version G with the price of 603 million. Right now we will find out what this car is so special that many people love it so much.

Vios is probably a car that many people love in Vietnam market but also a lot of people do not love. Yes. Perhaps because of some of the following things they don't love. The first is that it looks monotonous. The second is that it does not have enough safety features. The third is that it is said to be portable corrugated iron. Yes yes and yes But on this new version whether it has changed or not, look at the front of the car, is it still monotonous or hip. Please answer that not monotonous one. If you look at the previous version, from the previous versions, it looks a little vote, round, simple. It looks like: oh, a taxi; Oh, a grab car, a service car, this one, no, it's very cool.

Review "National Cars" Toyota Vios 2018 Price From 531 Million 12

The face of the calang looked iron, pointed and the veins on the cap it completely erased what it called simple monotonous, it was very picky. The bottom of the radiator is also big and also very sharp. In a nutshell, looking at the face of the new generation vios we can also see it dashing looking beautiful it does not have the same service as the previous generation toyota vios is also black but it is not too much difference where. Look at it smaller and look it claws iron more still the logic lights in a bit more black led daytime lights here look also more stylish than the fog lights are also very large led lights below the summary look bright barking and something more advanced than the previous version.

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On this high-end G version, the door handle is opened chrome and integrated the button here to lock the door and open the smart key door when you lock it, the mirror will not fold itself like other cars. If you fold it yourself, you will understand that it is already locked, it will be more convenient. There. Xinhan is also integrated on the mirror on the high-end version. The butt is a 15 mic butt, not too big but with a body like this I think it's OK. The rear wheel is equipped with visual disc brakes instead of drum brakes look ... quite nice.

Review "National Cars" Toyota Vios 2018 Price From 531 Million 13

As for the overall, you look at the body of this car especially this black, it is also quite simple. It doesn't have something that really stands out for the vios, nor is it much different from the previous version, which is a bit simple even when you look at the embossed veins here. Whenever you choose a bright color or a color that stands out white, silver, red, I think this line will make the body of the car completely different, it will stand out. than. But this black you will see these lines slightly blurred compared to the overall, look it is still very simple.

At the rear, the taillights have also been equipped with a series of led lights, it will help the car more sophisticated, plus the form of the lamp, it also bends very very nicely placed into the overall tail. Like this, it also helps the car less boring as the previous version. The car is also equipped with reverse sensors, but on this G version there is still no reverse camera, unfortunately I think the reversing camera should be something it's standard especially for the high-end version it will help make it safer. The trunk of the toyota vios is probably not discussed much, a car with a trunk can be said to be extremely wide.

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Review "National Cars" Toyota Vios 2018 Price From 531 Million 14

Officially launched in August 2003 in Vietnam as a military vehicle vios, constantly maintaining its leading position in the medium-sized passenger car segment. Maintain the leading position in the list of best-selling cars in the market with cumulative sales of more than 114 thousand units. As of July 2018, the new toyota vios has been relatively upgraded in terms of exterior, specifically the front end to equip with a more sporty design of led and halogen coils.

The large calong face bears the impression of the kabri elder and the more impressive fog lamp socket. The rear end also looks modern thanks to a redesigned headlight roll. Toyota also equipped the new vios with some modern highlights, including shark fins.

With probably not too much different from what the toyota vios brings. Previously, only the center console had a perania screen and the buttons changed it to look more premium, it looked more historical, mysterious with a black one and made On a flat surface with a very nice croch button, it looks a lot more advanced than it used to be, it's not that simple.

As for the volang, it is still hard and it still seems like that kind of thing, it is very rough and it has a pragmatic, extreme style, it prioritizes the durability rather than the priority. The rapture isn't it. Like me, I prefer it to being happy than holding it happy, it has to be as smooth as holding a girlfriend's hand, but holding it here is a bit rough but it will be very durable and it will be very durable.

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Review "National Cars" Toyota Vios 2018 Price From 531 Million 15

On the volang, there is only the volume rocker and some display features, there is no trail control and controls on the screen and there is one thing that is easy to see in this car, no USB port. neither here nor here, but here it is, yes, like this this is a minus point, of course this is not a big detail it should not be here, here It's a bit inconvenient to open, if it's on the cord it's better to have one more thing. This is the microphone. This is the mic of this car so that when you talk to this screen, the car. this via bluetooth it will record it somewhat cumbersome here.

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If it were hidden, it would be some beauty that I was not very satisfied with in some interiors. The rest overall look pretty good all are plastic, all are plastic but look very premium, but look it has something it is very durable, it is true that people say not wrong: durable toyos vios wrong, just look alone is durable, not to mention touch than use, yes, certainly all are plastic, it does not look too monotonous.

Review "National Cars" Toyota Vios 2018 Price From 531 Million 16

The watch is also big and bright and has a screen in it that is okay here is also equipped with automatic headlights again, meaning that when it gets dark, we will not have to touch. come here again, it will automatically light up, then the chair alone sums up the old toyota vios but also upgraded some more things in the interior, we have seven more airbags, yes, because pocket when giving toyata vios one thing that when consumers heard about it was startled: oh, why vios has so many airbags? Yes, now there are seven airbags and there are electronic balances so many safety technologies that consumers have not been very satisfied with the Toyota vios before, now the new vios has fully complemented. nothing.

HThe backseat of Japanese cars in general and the Toyota Vios in particular is something we probably don't need to discuss: why is that? Because it's so spacious. Japanese cars in general, the second row is extremely large and the toyota vios is no exception to that. Look at how vast I was in the front row and it's still like this down here, yes, if you close your eyes and imagine you're sitting on a cambri, yes cambri is a bit of an overstatement but it is really wide and flat like this so there's no need to argue on the second row of Japanese cars anymore.

Review "National Cars" Toyota Vios 2018 Price From 531 Million 17

In the cabin compartment, toyota has upgraded in equipment and design by taplo as well as sportier volang. However, the car still uses a naturally aspirated four-cylinder four-cylinder engine with a capacity of 1.5 liters for a maximum output of 107 hp combined with a CVT gearbox or manual transmission. Safety equipment is also available for the upgraded vios including ABS hard disk, EBD electronic brake top allocation, VSC electronic balancing system, seven airbags, etc. Yes, as you know, the new 2019 Toyota vios has been equipped with almost all safety features, electronic balance now has yes and yes, seven airbags. At three o'clock I wanted to test the sly lam ziczac test, see if this car is as stable as any tehes. Begin.

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Screech… wao .. yes, really, this car is delicious and nice. Wow, I've been zig zac continuously for a long time but still find it very good, very very good, high speed, squeaking the tire to the general, but that is okay, electronic equalization system makes Very good work, and the car is still very stable, the frame is extremely solid, wao, this is a different toyota vios, very different, yes guys.

Yes and now as always, we will test drive the new version of Vios in the inner city. The inner city certainly won't have too many differences, because we can't go fast, we can't steer it too hard, slow down and let it go, see how it looks. At first, you will immediately see that the CVT gearbox is also a worth mentioning, exactly like that, in the inner city, going to CVT is quieter.

The steering wheel of the vios is always a lagoon-like steering wheel, it is not as light as Korean cars but it is heavy, still very smooth but heavy and heavy, the feeling of holding like this, it does not bring the feeling of like like holding on to a good skin. It is a bit rough and rough, but it feels like a solid stone pot, like that, very durable. Operating inside the inner city on small roads like this is also quite simple, turning, turning into crowded places, and so on and so on, in short is simple.

Review "National Cars" Toyota Vios 2018 Price From 531 Million 18

Here I will turn your head for you, there, turning your head is easy, but if anyone likes to drive in an extremely leisurely manner, he will not like it, because this car the steering wheel is not very light like the cars. Where are Korean cars, there is still something very tedious. Driving alone is fine but it is not a big deal. Going in the inner city, it can be said that a car is quite smooth, I don't know what it is like to go out to the highway but it is quiet in the inner city like this. The frame is probably not tried much because we walk slowly like this, we have not commented at all, if it is good to go like this, there is nothing to complain about the new vios this.

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One more thing to say is that the air conditioner of Toyota Vios is really cool, really very cool, this probably will not have to say much more because surely everyone who rides Toyota knows that, only that because the air is so cool so sometimes, I have to adjust the air-conditioning door so that it is facing away because there is no closed air in this place, there, I am not looking for How to close it, but if the wind is pointed straight at you it is very cold, even if I pointed it away and it is still cold, I want it to be a little less windy here is not there, and the wind door on the left side, setting on this side of the door would be better, but if I were to adjust to this side, someone sitting next to me would be very cold.

Review "National Cars" Toyota Vios 2018 Price From 531 Million 19

In short, for those who really love Toyota and are still pragmatic in thinking that a car is durable, keep the price, economical and replacement, reasonable cost, it is difficult to have a car that can overcome. through this Toyota Vios, because it satisfies all the toughest, Japanese brand, durable, economical, standard warranty maintenance, high value resale, spacious car, go it is too good, going like this is too good, difficult, it is really very difficult to find a car that is more practical than Toyota Vios in Vietnam, perhaps the same thing that people call Toyota Vios a national car. people in Vietnam, that is so, it is so common because the usage habits of Vietnamese people are like that, and it has also improved a lot of things that in the old days used to say, people haven't really Satisfied, Toyota has added almost completely. Not really satisfied Toyota has added almost the whole airbag with enough rigid frame, electronic balance with electronic balance all devices. court n already had, the new Vios' suspension when I went through the pothole was really alright. In here and with what people think about Vios, this is too good, going in the city will not be much criticized with this car is very difficult.

Yes and now we will go to the high speed track to see if this 2019 Toyota Vios can meet its power, the engine seems very small. Yes, people often think that, regardless of whether a car with a engine of more than 100 horsepower a bit, the engine is weak, but here I will accelerate, shrank the noise pretty loud 80 and then the engine up to more than 4000 revolutions / minutes, the roar from the engine and the steering is pretty much, the velocity is okay CVT did not expect it to accelerate like that, unfortunately only it does not have the shift lever here if you want to change fast then you can Switch to open here.

Review "National Cars" Toyota Vios 2018 Price From 531 Million 20

That up the 7-speed acceleration without any submission at all with 107 horsepower if you go like this on the road, it is still very simple you just need to shift the gear lever that you want to overtake which car to overtake, quite praising Toyota Vios for doing that, only that you go fast in this car with red control only, red control will help save more gasoline than idle. When I was driving on the inner city road, I went down different roads, there were roads I felt it was a bit oh, but at this speed, it did not really disappoint me with the noise coming into the car. Although if compared really well at the same price where but like this, I think it is okay. I will pass, yes it is quite easy yes yes 5000 r / min and go this way I did not hear the noise from outside but the noise from the roar is quite loud, the car overtakes quite okay then this asphalt road is quiet already.

The sudden change of lanes is obviously a lot reassuring, the safety system technology is already in this car and the airbags are up to 7, which is really surprising for Toyota. The surprise at the launch of this car when Toyota announced its safety features and the 7th airbag was all over, Toyota really changed not like the old days anymore.

Review "National Cars" Toyota Vios 2018 Price From 531 Million 21

One thing that really has to be confirmed once again is that it is not natural that Toyota Vios is naturally a national vehicle once again what today the car claims today to me in the inner city road. , evaluating the chassis and safety range is really to criticize a car you spend money like this and the value you get back and after the purchase maintained how and the money you maintain how it is a very problematic problem especially in Vietnam market when the car is still a huge asset then there is no reason Toyota Vios can criticize it, really is so things like red control, the mix I think that probably cost about 10 million more to overcome, we can even buy toys for mounting on cars even better. but overall, the value of the Toyota Vios, the value of the resale value is something that makes a brand like this and it's hard to get a car to create it. To be favored as this car of consumers for Toyota Vios

Review "National Cars" Toyota Vios 2018 Price From 531 Million 22

The Toyota Vios 2018 has a suggested retail price of 606 million VND for the 1.5GVT version and the selling price of 569 million for 1.5ECVT, the Vios 1.5E number of screens has the lowest price of 531 million VND.

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